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30 Jan 15

Syriza Win Lifts Hopes of Croatian Leftists

Leftist and other 'anti-system' parties in Croatia have drawn confidence from Syriza’s election victory in Greece and are trying to present themselves as Croatia's own versions.

29 Jan 15

Report Raps Balkan States’ Human Rights Failings

Governments in the Western Balkans should step up their efforts to improve human rights protection to further their European integration, Human Rights Watch said.

29 Jan 15

Zagreb Mayor Hints at Rapid Political Comeback

While under investigation for corruption, and banned from acting as Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic has reminded his supporters that he is not banned from running in elections.

27 Jan 15

Croatia Drops Warrant for Branimir Glavas Arrest

Zagreb county court revoked an international warrant for wartime general Branimir Glavas, who could now return to Croatia without being detained after the quashing of his war crimes conviction.

23 Jan 15

Islamist Terror Threat Draws EU, Balkans Together

New internal security strategy for Europe will involve ever-closer links to security structures in the Western Balkans.

22 Jan 15

Converting Franc Loans Will Cost Croatia, Bank Says

Converting loans connected to Swiss franc and other foreign currency loans into kuna loans would cost Croatia 73 per cent of its current foreign currency reserves, bank chief warns.

21 Jan 15

Hague Prosecutors Appeal Again for Seselj’s Detention

Prosecutors at the international war crimes court have again asked for Serbian nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, who was released for cancer treatment, to be returned to custody.

21 Jan 15

Croatia Medics Back Legalizing Medical Marijuana

A medical expert commission has advised the Croatian government to change the law in order to enable marijuana to be used for medical purposes.

20 Jan 15

Bosnia Frees Croatian Wartime Commander Glavas

Wartime general and former right-wing Croatian politician Branimir Glavas was released from jail in Bosnia, where he was serving his sentence, after Zagreb overturned his war crimes conviction.

20 Jan 15

Croatia Freezes Swiss Franc Exchange Rate

Worried by the plight of tens of thousands of borrowers with loans in Swiss francs, Croatia has decided to fix the exchange rate to the kuna at last week's value for a year.

19 Jan 15

Croatian Leader Appeals to UN Over Seselj

Newly-elected Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic urged the UN secretary-general to push for Serbian nationalist war crimes suspect Vojislav Seselj to be returned to custody in The Hague.

15 Jan 15

Croatia PM Finally Greets New Rightist President

After holding back for days from congratulating Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic on her victory in the presidential election, the Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, has given in, under pressure.

14 Jan 15

Croatian Spy Official ‘Blocked Assassination Probes’

A witness accused former Yugoslav intelligence official Josip Perkovic, on trial over the murder of a Croatian émigré, of obstructing a 1990s investigation into killings by the secret service.

14 Jan 15

Croatia Election Result ‘Will Affect Ties to Serbia’

A Croatian Serb leader, Milorad Pupovac, said Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic’s win in the presidential elections will do further damage to strained relations between the two neighbouring countries.

13 Jan 15

Spoiled Ballots Partly Blamed For Josipovic Defeat

A large number of invalid ballots, a loss of support in the capital, Zagreb and unclear political positions cost Ivo Josipovic his second term as Croatian President, experts say.


28 Jan 15

Branimir Glavas: A Murky Saga of Croatian Justice

The convoluted case of Glavas, a Croatian military commander and once-powerful politician released after his war crimes sentence was quashed, has revived questions about atrocities committed in 1991.


19 Jan 15

Zagreb in Winter Becomes Hot Tourist Destination

Tourism in Croatia used to mean the coast and nothing but the coast, but the long-neglected capital of Zagreb is finally discovering its true potential.