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25 Aug 16

Croatia Ex-PM’s Leaked ‘Insults’ Anger Bosnia, Serbia

Bosnian and Serbian officials reacted angrily after audio was leaked of Croatian Social Democratic Party leader Zoran Milanovic saying Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a state and the Serbian government is arrogant and nationalist.

25 Aug 16

Croatia Ex-PM’s ‘Chaotic Bosnia’ Comments Spark Debate

Heated debate erupted on social media after audio was leaked of Croatian Social Democratic Party leader Zoran Milanovic saying that Bosnia and Herzegovina was a chaotic state.

16 Aug 16

Bosnia Denies Investigating Croatian General Gotovina

The Bosnian state prosecution has denied media reports that it has opened an investigation into former Croatian Army commander Ante Gotovina for alleged war crimes.

15 Aug 16

Dispute Over Cyrillic Raises Tensions Between Croatia, Serbia

The announcement by Croatia’s interior minister that ‘false Serb residents’ of the town of Vukovar will be deleted from its population list, thus enabling the Serbian language and Cyrillic script to be abolished as one of its official languages, has sparked yet another rise in tensions between Belgrade and Zagreb. 

11 Aug 16

Serbia to Highlight Croatia Concentration Camp at UN

Serbia plans to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day next year by organising an exhibition at the United Nations about the Jasenovac concentration camp run by Croatia’s WWII Nazi-allied regime.

09 Aug 16

BIRN Investigation Fuels Arms Export Debate in Germany

Following an investigation that showed how Central and Eastern European weapons are flooding Syria's battlefields, the opposition in Germany has again questioned Berlin’s role in the Middle East arms trade.

08 Aug 16

Croatian Statue of Diplomat’s Killer Given Bloody Hand

The recently-inaugurated statue of Miro Baresic, who killed a Yugoslav ambassador in 1971 and died fighting in the Croatian war for independence, was partly painted red in an act of protest.

06 Aug 16

Serbia’s Jeremic Second in Poll for UN Top Job

While Portugal’s Antonio Guterres maintained his lead on Friday in the race to become UN Secretary General, Serbia's Vuk Jeremic came second.

05 Aug 16

Croatian Politicians Celebrate Operation Storm Victory

Croatian politicians at the annual Victory Day commemoration in the southern town of Knin were united in praising their army’s defeat of rebel Serb forces in Operation Storm in 1995.

05 Aug 16

Serbia Mourns Victims of Croatia’s Operation Storm

PM Aleksandar Vucic strongly criticised Croatia’s celebration of its victory in 1995’s Operation Storm as Serbian officials commemorated the Serb victims of the military offensive.

05 Aug 16

EU 'Tracking' Balkan Arms Flow Revealed by BIRN

The EU’s diplomatic service said it was looking into the findings of a BIRN and OCCRP investigation that showed how Central and Eastern European weapons are flooding Syria's battlefields.

04 Aug 16

Croatia's Pusic Quits UN Race Before Friday's Vote

The UN Security Council is set for second straw poll for the next Secretary General, as Croatia's Vesna Pusic quits, reducing the number of Balkan candidates to six.

04 Aug 16

Croatia Prepares to Celebrate ‘Operation Storm’ Victory

Croatia will stage its annual showpiece celebration of victory in 1995’s Operation Storm on Friday in the town of Knin, where there will also be a concert by nationalist singer Marko Perkovic Thompson.

04 Aug 16

Serb War Crimes Suspect Arrested in Croatia

A man was arrested in a village in southern Croatia on suspicion of physically abusing two elderly Croat civilians when he was working for rebel Serb police forces in 1992.

03 Aug 16

Croatia Urged to Commemorate Operation Storm Victims

Ahead of the anniversary of Croatia’s 1995 Operation Storm campaign, a human rights group urged the authorities to pay respects to the civilian victims as well as celebrating the military victory.


23 Aug 16

Croatian Church Urges Right-Wing Election Win

The Croatian Catholic Church in Croatia is getting involved in the upcoming elections because it fears that the main centre-right party - the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ - could lose.


22 Jul 16

Cruise Liners' Terminal 'Not Needed' in Dubrovnik

After the project to build a special cruise-liner terminal in Dubrovnik foundered on Wednesday, some analysts say the world-famous Croatian maritime resort would not have gained much from it.