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22 Sep 16

Prosecutors at BIRN War Crimes Conference Urge Cooperation

Prosecutors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, as well as the Hague Tribunal and the EU’s Kosovo mission, told a BIRN conference that states must work together to prosecute war crimes.

22 Sep 16

BIRN Launches Interactive War Crimes Verdict Map

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has launched a unique database of the publicly-available final verdicts delivered in 348 war crimes cases by courts in the former Yugoslavia and by the UN tribunal in The Hague.

21 Sep 16

BIRN Hosts Conference on War Crimes Prosecution

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network will host a regional conference on Thursday at which prosecutors and experts will discuss progress and difficulties in prosecuting war crimes in former Yugoslav countries.

20 Sep 16

Bulgaria to Host New EU Border Agency Launch

The new EU Border and Coast Guard agency will be launched on October 6 in Bulgaria as part of European states’ attempt to deal with the refugee crisis.

20 Sep 16

Serb Paramilitary Captain Dragan: ‘I Defended Yugoslavia’

Former Serbian paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, known as ‘Captain Dragan’, pleaded not guilty to war crimes as his trial started in Croatia, claiming he was only defending his homeland Yugoslavia.

19 Sep 16

Croatia's Falling Turnout Sends Warning, Expert Says

That a million fewer Croatian voters cast ballots in the latest elections than they did in 2000 shows that people increasingly feel ‘real power’ has moved out of politics, a political sciences professor told BIRN.

16 Sep 16

Croatia Serbs Set Terms For Backing HDZ Govt

Croatian Serb leader says minority MPs are ready to back a government led by the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, as long as extreme rightwingers are excluded.

15 Sep 16

Serb Paramilitary Complains to UN of ‘Illegal’ Extradition

Wartime Serb paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, known as ‘Captain Dragan’, sent a complaint to the UN claiming he was illegally detained in Australia for years and unlawfully extradited to Croatia.

15 Sep 16

HDZ Pushes Far-Rightists Into Croatia Parliament

Despite the leader's claims to have moved the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, to the centre ground, a few far-right candidates have still entered the new parliament under its auspices.

13 Sep 16

Leadership Hopefuls Seek Croatian Social Democrats’ Revival

Social Democratic Party veterans Tonino Picula and Ranko Ostojic have announced their leadership candidacies, hoping to stop the party's decline after its recent poll defeat by turning it to the left.

12 Sep 16

Milanovic to Quit as Leader of Croatian Leftists

Following his party's defeat in the Croatian general election, Zoran Milanovic on Monday said he will not stand again for the leadership of the centre-left Social Democratic Party, SDP.

12 Sep 16

HDZ Looks to Form Croatia Govt After Surprise Win

Croatia's main centre-right party, the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, has won most seats in the parliamentary elections and looks set to form a new government with the centre-right MOST [Bridge] party.

12 Sep 16

HDZ Wins Croatia Elections, First Results Show

The centre-right Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, is in the lead in Croatia's general elections with 61 seats, followed by their main opponents, the centre-left Social Democratic Party, SDP, with 54 seats, according to the first preliminary results.

11 Sep 16

Croatia Votes Again in Parliamentary Elections

Just under than 3.8 million voters have the potential right to decide a new government for Croatia in parliamentary elections on Sunday, only ten months after the last ones.

09 Sep 16

Election Stalemate Likely in Croatia, Polls Suggest

Croatia's parliamentary elections on Sunday are unlikely to result in a clear win by either of the two main centre-left and centre-right blocs, the latest surveys suggest.


12 Sep 16

Right’s Win in Croatia Adds to Left’s Woes in Europe

The success of the main conservative party in the Croatian general elections confirms a continent-wide trend towards the right.

05 Sep 16

Croatia Election Result May Resemble Last One


14 Sep 16

Croatia, Bosnia to Discuss Key Bridge Project

Croatian and Bosnian officials will meet to discuss the construction of a long-delayed new bridge linking the two countries which is important for the development of Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska.