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26 Nov 14

Hague Tribunal Reveals Conditions for Seselj Release

The Hague Tribunal finally published the conditions for the temporary release of Serbian war crimes defendant Vojislav Seselj, while Croatia’s parliament called for him to be incarcerated again.

26 Nov 14

Serbia Jails Fighter for Massacre in Croatia

The Belgrade appeals court jailed ex-fighter Petar Ciric for 15 years over a mass killing at Ovcara Farm near Vukovar in Croatia after the town fell to Serbian troops in 1991.

25 Nov 14

Croatia Threatens Serbia EU Bid Over War Crimes

Croatia’s justice minister warned that Zagreb will block Serbia’s EU accession talks if Belgrade does not prosecute war criminals and outlaw support for the nationalist Chetnik movement.

25 Nov 14

Key Witness Changes Story in Yugoslav Spy Trial

An ex-intelligence agent said he lied in testimony which prosecutors hoped would help convict former Yugoslav spy chiefs Zdravko Mustac and Josip Perkovic of killing a Croatian émigré.

25 Nov 14

Journalists Welcome Takeover of Croatia Media Giant

The chief editor of Jutarnji list newspaper expressed optimism about the publication’s future after its owner, Croatia’s biggest media company, was taken over in a bid to avoid bankruptcy.

24 Nov 14

Hague Tribunal Defends Vojislav Seselj Release

The president of the UN-backed court, Theodor Meron, defended the temporary release of war crimes defendant Seselj after the Croatian leadership called it a setback for international justice.

24 Nov 14

Croatia Presidential Hopefuls Muster Support

Preparations for the presidential elections start on Monday, as all the candidates begin gathering signatures supporting their candidacy for the presidency.

21 Nov 14

Croat MEP Wants Strasbourg to Denounce Seselj

A Croatian European Parliamentarian, Andrej Plenkovic, has tabled a critical resolution on the Serbian nationalist Vojislav Seselj, which he wants fellow MEPS to back next week.

20 Nov 14

Croatia Sets Presidential Polls For December 28

A government spokesman has confirmed that the first round of the presidential elections in Croatia will be held over the Christmas holidays.

19 Nov 14

Zagreb Court Confirms Mayor Bandic's Release

A Zagreb court has confirmed an earlier decision to release Mayor Milan Bandic from custody on a 2-million-euro bail pledge.

19 Nov 14

Seselj Inflames Croatia With Vukovar Jibe

Croatian politicians have voiced outrage over comments by Vojislav Seselj, mocking the fall of Vukovar in 1991, demanding his speedy return to The Hague.

18 Nov 14

100,000 Croats Remember Fall of Vukovar

Around 100,000 citizens along with entire Croatian political leadership took part this year in commemorations of the fall of the eastern town of Vukovar in 1991 to the Yugoslav Army.

18 Nov 14

Regional Truth Commision One Step Closer To Establishment

The coalition of groups working to establish a fact-finding commission into the Yugoslav wars, known as RECOM, amended its statute ahead of the hoped-for formation of the commission next year.

18 Nov 14

Seselj Release Alarms Croatian Leaders

President and Foreign Minister say early temporary release of Vojislav Seselj is both worrying and destablising for the region - and represents a setback for the idea of international justice.

14 Nov 14

Zagreb Mayor Released on Bail For 2 Million Euro

The Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic, has been released from custody after posting bail worth 2 million euro.


12 Nov 14

Islands Seek Direction in Seas of Change

Islanders in Croatia and Greece enjoy an enchanting way of life but face challenges posed by isolation and ageing populations.


20 Nov 14

US Company Interested in MOL's INA Shares

Klesch Group has expressed interest in buying the shares of Hungary energy giant MOL in the Croatian energy company INA, potentially bringing US capital into Croatia's power sector.