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22 Oct 14

Zagreb Mayor Remanded in Custody Over Graft Claims

A Croatian judge remanded Zagreb’s mayor Milan Bandic and 11 others in custody for a month after they were arrested for alleged involvement in corrupt dealings in the city administration.

21 Oct 14

Croatian Corruption Team Swoops on Zagreb Mayor

Milan Bandic is facing an interrogation at the hands of Croatia's Office for Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime, USKOK, concering a number of corruption allegations.

20 Oct 14

Police Searches Continue After Zagreb Mayor Arrested

Croatian police have been searching homes and offices after Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic was detained in a major operation over alleged corruption and abuse of office, alongside 18 other suspects.

20 Oct 14

Yugoslav Spy Trial Told of ‘Double Agent Assassin’

The trial of Zdravko Mustac and Josip Perkovic, former Yugoslav intelligence chiefs accused of killing a Croat émigré, heard claims that a key prosecution witness was an assassin and a German spy.

20 Oct 14

Zagreb Mayor Arrested for Suspected Corruption

Mayor Milan Bandic, who has run the Croatian capital for over a decade, was arrested for alleged corruption, abuse of office and influence peddling.

17 Oct 14

Hearings Start in Munich of Yugoslav Spy Chiefs

The first hearing for Zdravko Mustac and Josip Perkovic, two former Yugoslav Intelligence officers accused of killing a Croat emigre, started on Friday in Munich.

17 Oct 14

Croatia Cracks Down on Major Tax Dodgers

New office for fighting tax evasion is starting its probe into companies and persons suspected of having avoided payment of their taxes in Croatia.

17 Oct 14

Yugoslav Spy Chiefs' Trial Opens in Germany

Senior Yugoslav intelligence service ex-officials Zvonko Mustac and Josip Perkovic are being tried in Munich for involvement in plotting the murder of a Croatian émigré in 1983.

17 Oct 14

Croatian Doctors Saying 'No' to Abortions

A growing number of Croatian hospitals are refusing to perform abortions, even though they are legal, because doctors refuse to conduct them for reasons of conscience.

15 Oct 14

Croatia Probe's Minister's Costly New Offices

The State Attorneys Office, DORH, is investigating the Environment Minister, Mihael Zmajlovic, over his decision to move his office to an expensive privately owned skyscraper.

13 Oct 14

US Offers Mediation in Croatia-Hungary Dispute

US officials offered to help resolve the row between Zagreb and the Hungarian energy company MOL, fearing that Russia could gain a foothold in the Croatian energy system.

10 Oct 14

Row Over Axed Adviser Reveals Croatian Divide

Presidential adviser's attack on 1991 independence referendum - which led to him being sacked - continues to reverberate in Croatia.

07 Oct 14

Referendum Sought Over Croatia Highway Privatisation

A coalition of trade unions and campaigning groups has launched a petition opposing plans to sell off concessions to run Croatia’s highways.

06 Oct 14

Disabled Croatians ‘Locked Up and Neglected’

Croatia must do more to protect the rights of disabled people who are still being removed from society and put into institutions, Human Rights Watch said in a new report.

06 Oct 14

WWII Children’s Concentration Camp Remembered in Croatia

Survivors joined a memorial ceremony for victims of the concentration camp in Sisak where Serb, Jewish and Roma children were imprisoned by the Nazis and Croatia’s wartime Ustasa regime.


01 Oct 14

Croatia Stifles Green Power’s Growth with Red Tape

While other EU countries race to meet EU renewable energy standards, Croatia is slowing its development with unrealistic quotas and bureaucratic obstacles.


08 Oct 14

IMF Revises Balkan Growth Prospects Downwards

Growth in Southeast Europe is likely to worse in 2014 than was anticipated, a new IMF report says.