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26 Nov 15

Balkan States Woo Chinese Investors at Summit

At the '16 + 1' summit, which opened on Tuesday, China is deepening its interest in Southeastern Europe, investing in trade, finance, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

25 Nov 15

Court Frees Former Croatian PM Sanader

Zagreb County Court has ordered Ivo Sanader's release following an earlier ruling of the constitutonal court, although Croatia's anti-graft body, USKOK, has said it will appeal.

25 Nov 15

Biden Visit to Croatia Confirms US Engagement

US Vice-President Joe Biden's presence in Croatia at a regional summit on security is seen as confirmation of continuing US commitment to the Balkan region.

23 Nov 15

Croatia Stalemate Makes New Elections More Likely

With negotiations on forming a working majority of MPs in Croatia's parliament getting nowhere, new parliamentary elections look increasingly likely.

18 Nov 15

Belgrade Peace Activists Mark Vukovar Anniversary

Human rights campaigners called on the government to place memorials at detention camps in Serbia where Croatian prisoners from Vukovar were imprisoned after it fell to Yugoslav troops in 1991.

18 Nov 15

50,000 Croatians Commemorate Fall of Vukovar

Around 50,000 people from all over Croatia and abroad gathered to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the fall of the town of Vukovar to Yugoslav troops and Serb paramilitaries.

18 Nov 15

Dinamo Zagreb Chief Arrested Again in Croatia

Police arrested Dinamo Zagreb football club executive president Zdravko Mamic on a warrant from the Croatian anti-corruption agency, after his release from custody in July.

16 Nov 15

Balkan Leaders Condemn Xenophobia After Paris Attacks

Political leaders in Serbia and Croatia warned against any xenophobic backlash against refugees, while Macedonia prepared for the possible building of a barbed-wire fence on its border.

16 Nov 15

Croatia's Leftists Seek Allies to Stay in Power

Following post-election deadlock in Croatia between the two main political options, the governing centre-left coalition hopes to cobble together a majority in parliament.

13 Nov 15

Croatia Demands Action on EU Refugee Plan

Croatia's Interior Minister has demanded an urgent meeting of EU interior ministers after Germany warned that it would start returning refugees to Croatia and Slovenia.

12 Nov 15

Croatian Experts Dismiss National Unity Govt

A number of political experts said the call to form a government of national unity - proposed by the Bridge of Independent Candidates, MOST - would not work in Croatia.

11 Nov 15

Slovenia Starts Building Fence on Croatia Border

The Slovenian military started to erect a barbed wire fence on the border with Croatia on Wednesday, to stop refugees from entering the country using informal border crossings.

10 Nov 15

Croatia Independent Alliance Sets Coalition Terms

The Bridge of Independent Lists, MOST, which holds the balance of power after Croatia’s elections, says it won’t join any coalition to form a new government unless its reform agenda is adopted.

09 Nov 15

Bosnian Croats Back HDZ in Croatia Elections

Around 20,000 Bosnian Croats voted in the parliamentary elections in Croatia, with most votes going to the right-wing coalition led by the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ.

09 Nov 15

Independent Alliance Becomes Kingmaker After Croatia Polls

After the centre-left and centre-right blocs failed to win a governing majority at parliamentary elections, newcomer MOST, the Bridge of Independent Lists, can decide which will form Croatia’s next government.


29 Nov 15

Barring Refugees From Balkans is Discriminatory

The new policy of barring people on the basis of nationality violates refugees’ and asylum seekers’ basic rights.


21 Sep 15

Serbia Says Border Closures Are Hitting Economy

Serbian leaders have urged neighbouring states not to close their borders against the influx of refugees, saying that their country is suffering significant economic damage.