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24 Jul 14

‘Shame’ Crime Draws Protests From Croatian Journalists

Union says planned new crime code, which still defines shaming as an offence, will encourage self-censorship and curb free speech generally.

21 Jul 14

Germany to Try Top Yugoslav Spy for Murder

The start of the trial of former intelligence agent Josip Perkovic for his alleged involvement in a political assassination in 1983 has been scheduled for October.

17 Jul 14

Strasbourg Rules Against Ljubljana Bank and Slovenia

Ruling holds important implications for several hundred thousand former clients of the defunct bank in former Yugoslavia who lost millions in savings.

17 Jul 14

Croatia Unions Push For Referendum on Outsourcing

On the back of the success of right-wing groups in forcing a referendum on gay marriage, unions in Croatia are bent on forcing a referendum of their own, on outsourcing services in the public sector.

16 Jul 14

Merkel Hails Balkans’ EU Progress in Dubrovnik

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, attending a summit in Dubrovnik, said the countries of Southeast Europe have a strong ally in Berlin.

15 Jul 14

Gay Campaigners Celebrate Victory in Croatia

New law adopted on Tuesday grants same-sex couples most of the rights that married couples enjoy, except in the field of adoption.

14 Jul 14

130,000 Join Party at Croatia Dance Festival

The third annual Ultra electronic dance music festival drew tens of thousands of ravers to Split and will continue on the Adriatic island of Hvar.

14 Jul 14

Serbia Spends €800,000 on Croatia Genocide Suit

Serbia has spent over 800,000 euro so far on the country’s genocide lawsuit against Croatia at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, BIRN can reveal.

14 Jul 14

Zagreb Demands Wartime Croatian Serb Leader’s Extradition

A European arrest warrant has been issued for former Croatian Serb leader Milan Martic, who is serving a war crimes sentence in Estonia, accusing him of bombing two Croatian towns.

11 Jul 14

Croatia Exempts Church From Financial Checks

Some NGOs are unhappy after the centre-left government exempted the Church from new rules checking the finances of not-for-profit organisations.

07 Jul 14

‘Fascist’ Croatian Flag ‘Sparked Clashes with Serbs’

Former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic, on trial for war crimes, said that attempts by the Zagreb authorities to get rid of the Yugoslav flag sparked armed conflict in 1991.

07 Jul 14

Croatian Presidential Campaign Hit by ‘Barbie Doll’ Spoof

A spoof plan codenamed ‘Barbie Doll’, purportedly showing how Croatian President Ivo Josipovic would mount a dirty tricks campaign against his right-wing opponent, has caused rows among politicians.

04 Jul 14

Croatian Government Authenticates Anti-Cyrillic Petition

The authorities confirmed that a petition for a referendum to end official use of Serbian Cyrillic script in parts of Croatia has over 526,000 signatures – enough to trigger a vote.

03 Jul 14

Croatian Serb Leader Opens War Crimes Defence

Former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic appeared as the first witness in his own defence at the Hague Tribunal, insisting that he only ever tried to protect the Serb minority in Croatia in wartime.

02 Jul 14

Intelligence Leak Reveals US Surveillance in Balkans

The US gave its National Security Agency the authority to spy on every Balkan country, according to a leaked government document published by the Washington Post.


03 Jul 14

Why Balkan Countries are Wrong About Gay Marriage

Authorities in the region should realise that defining marriage in the constitution as a union between a man and a woman is not only pointless, but actually harmful.


23 Jul 14

EU to Back Croatian Gas Project on Krk

The Ukraine crisis has given new impetus to plans to build a gas terminal on the island of Krk, which Brussels has said it will help pay for.