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Croatia’s Ruling Coalition Experiment Turns Dysfunctional

The Croatian government, a diverse coalition with a non-party technocrat prime minister, is struggling to function properly, with parties tussling for power and threatening early elections.

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Croatia Unveils Reforms to Boost Economy

Croatian is raising the retirement age from 65 to 67, introducing rewards for public officials and a real estate tax - and adopting other reforms designed to boost growth and lure investors.

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How Seselj’s Verdict Got History Terribly Wrong

In acquitting Vojislav Seselj of all charges, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia applied flawed logic, a bad understanding of history, and a stunning lack of decency and common sense.

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Erdogan Visits Croatia to Bolster Turkey's EU Role

The Turkish President’s visit to Croatia this week will shore up Turkey's position in Europe, while raising hopes of benefits for Turkish exporters and tourism industry.

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Threatened Croatian Theatre Director Slams Police Inaction

Croatian theatre director Oliver Frljic said he has lost hope that police will find out who made death threats against him, which he blamed on hysteria incited by right-wing politicians.