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Croatia PM Addresses Nation on Clashes With Veterans

After veterans clashed with police in the heart of Zagreb, the embattled PM has offered talks but says he will not surrender to force.

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The ICJ Verdict: The Genocide Case That Wasn’t

While the judgement is unsurprising, as the problems between Croatia and Serbia were essentially political, it should invite discussion on what states are obligated to do for crime victims.


Croatia Underwrites New Loans for Indebted Highways

The government has pledged to guarantee new loans taken out by the state-owned highway company, which are needed to cover its existing loans.

Croatia Press Review – May 28, 2015

In three years 2,427 less employees in state administration. Croatian defence minister lays wreaths for the Day of armed forces of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb mayor removes city company’s management for severance packages.

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Rovinj, Croatia, Braces for Red Bull Air Race

Some 35,000 fans from across the world are converging on the picturesque Istrian town of Rovinj for two days of spectacular stunts and competitions in the air.