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Uber's Advent Angers Croatian Taxi Drivers

The taxi application Uber's announced arrival in Zagreb is alarming local taxi drivers, drawing complaints about unfair competition in an already over-saturated market.

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The ICJ Verdict: The Genocide Case That Wasn’t

While the judgement is unsurprising, as the problems between Croatia and Serbia were essentially political, it should invite discussion on what states are obligated to do for crime victims.


Croatia to Charge Tourists for Mountain Rescues

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service plans to start charging tourists for saving them when they are stranded on mountains or in other remote places.

Croatia Press Review – April 21, 2015

Head of agency for protection of environment changed his opinion on moving the ministry through years. Zagreb deserves its military parade for ‘Storm’ anniversary. Croatian finance minister presents austerity measures in Brussels.

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Film Festival of Tolerance Opens in Zagreb

The annual Festival of Tolerance, dedicated to film and education, starts in Zagreb on Sunday, commemorating the anniversaries of the liberation of Auschwitz and the Srebrenica massacre.