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Latest Business News from Croatia

10 Apr 17

Croatia Names Ramljak as Agrokor's 'Extraordinary Manager'

Croatia's government on Monday named an experienced business figure, Ante Ramljak, as the state's 'extraordinary manager' of the financially challenged private company Agrokor.

07 Apr 17

Agrokor Owner Hands Over Control of Troubled Company

Ivica Todorovic, the main owner of Croatia's troubled giant, Agrokor, on Friday activated the process of 'extraordinary management', giving the state a determining role in the company’s restructuring process.

03 Apr 17

Alvarez Likely to Head Restructuring of Croatia's Agrokor

Media reports have revealed that Antonio Alvarez III of Alvarez and Marsal will be in charge of restructuring Croatia's troubled economic giant Agrokor.

31 Mar 17

Emergency Deal Announced to Keep Croatia's Agrokor Solvent

Amid fears that Croatia's biggest private company could sink under its debts, Erste bank on Friday announced a 'standstill agreement' designed to keep the failing giant solvent during a restructuring process.

20 Mar 17

Croatia's Agrokor Must ‘Resolve Complex Issues at Once’

The troubled biggest private company in Croatia, Agrokor, needs to resolve its multiple financial woes all at once, the head researcher at global fixed income specialist Debtwire told BIRN.

17 Mar 17

Russians May Take Over Croatia's Agrokor, Economist Says

A partial takeover by Russian state banks of the biggest private company in Croatia would have momentous consequences but 'cannot be ruled out', an economist has suggested.

15 Mar 17

Croatia Govt Admits Secret Meetings With Agrokor

The Croatian government has admitted holding secret meetings with the owner of the biggest private company in the country, Agrokor, over its worsening financial troubles.

09 Mar 17

Merits of Canada-EU Trade Deal Divide Croatia

Experts, politicians and activists are still at loggerheads over whether the EU-Canada trade agreement, CETA, will help - or harm - Croatia.

28 Feb 17

Croatian Coastal Town Seeks Land for Marina

The coastal town of Ploce has urged Croatia's government not to use its port as a training centre for military special units as this would threaten its plans to build a marina and hotels.

24 Feb 17

Balkan Retail Giant Agrokor Faces New Troubles

The biggest retail company in Croatia, with a strong presence in the region, faces fresh financial trouble, as its bond prices drop again.

06 Feb 17

Croatia Shoppers Not Benefitting From Big Food Chains

Big foreign food retail chains continuing to enlarge their share of the market in Croatia will not result in consumers finding cheaper products on the shelves, an expert has warned.

03 Feb 17

Stats Show Fewer Workers - and Fewer Jobless - in Croatia

New EU and national statistics for December show the unemployment rate has fallen sharply in Croatia - but, less cheeringly, the number of people in work has also dropped.

01 Feb 17

Croatia’s Industrial Growth Leap Divides Economists

Croatia’s announcement that industrial production grew by a staggering 14.9 per cent year-on-year - the biggest rise in 16 years - drew conflicting assessments from economic analysts.

13 Jan 17

Croatian Plan to Regain Syrian Oil Fields Queried

Top Croatian energy expert expresses doubt about claims that the energy company INA can retake control over its abandoned oil and gas fields in war-torn Syria.

11 Jan 17

Croatia Bank’s Hope of Introducing Euro Questioned

The Croatian National Bank wants to introduce the euro, but an economics expert warned that the public debt and current state budget are not favourable for such a move at the moment.


18 Apr 17

Agrokor Crisis Threatens Croatia's Small Farmers With Ruin

While the crisis facing Croatia's giant retailer remains in the focus of attention, the disastrous potential effects of this crisis on Agrokor's suppliers have mostly been ignored.

09 Mar 17

Merits of Canada-EU Trade Deal Divide Croatia

Politics and Society

07 Jan 13

Serbian Orthodox Graves Vandalised in Croatia

Attackers have damaged several graves, crosses and tombstones at a Serbian Orthodox cemetery in the Croatian town of Knin.


16 Jul 13

Mines Kill Over 500 in Croatia Since 1991

02 Mar 12

Wikileaks: The IMF’s Fault for Balkan Wars

09 Oct 12

Montenegro's Parties Argue Over Border Dispute