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Latest Business News from Croatia

21 May 15

Croatia Underwrites New Loans for Indebted Highways

The government has pledged to guarantee new loans taken out by the state-owned highway company, which are needed to cover its existing loans.

05 May 15

Croatia Struggling to Exit Recession, Commission

Latest European Commission prognosis says Croatia's economy is slowly exiting recession after six years - still battling a large budget deficit and a debt mountain.

30 Apr 15

Croatia Outlines Plan to Tame Deficit by 2018

Croatia's government has released its economic agenda for the 2015-2018 period - designed to extricate the country from economic crisis - which it hopes Brussels will approve.

24 Apr 15

Croatia to Offer Shares in Highways to Citizens

Croatia is dumping its unpopular plan to lease the country's cash-strapped highways to foreign investors - and will instead offer shares in them to Croatian citizens and pension funds.

21 Apr 15

Uber's Advent Angers Croatian Taxi Drivers

The taxi application Uber's announced arrival in Zagreb is alarming local taxi drivers, drawing complaints about unfair competition in an already over-saturated market.

17 Apr 15

Croatia to Charge Tourists for Mountain Rescues

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service plans to start charging tourists for saving them when they are stranded on mountains or in other remote places.

16 Apr 15

Croatia Raises Tax on Tobacco and Petrol

In order to cut the budget deficit and avoid punitive measures being imposed by Brussels, the Croatian government is introducing higher taxes on tobacco, petrol and diesel.

13 Apr 15

Graft and Grey Economy Hindering Balkan Business, EBRD

A new survey from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, shows that corruption, competition with the informal sector, complex taxes and lack of access to bank loans are the chief complaints of business leaders in the Balkans.

02 Apr 15

Sun Continues to Shine on Croatian Tourism

Croatia on Wednesday said it earned almost a record 7.4 billion euro from tourism in 2014, which was up on the figures from 2013 - and not far from the all-time high of 2008.

31 Mar 15

Croats Hit by Soaring Swiss Franc Call Protest

A lobby group for Croats hit by the sharp rise in the value of the franc has scheduled a street protest in April, demanding that the governor of the national bank, HNB, step down.

24 Mar 15

Croatian PM Vows to Keep Big Loss-Maker Going

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said the country must not let one of the biggest state-owned employers in the continental part of the country go under in spite of its losses.

18 Mar 15

Croatia Puts Adriatic Oil, Gas Probes on Hold

The start of oil and gas exploration in the Adriatic will be pushed back by several months owing to concerns raised by Croatia's maritime neighbours.

11 Mar 15

Balkan Economies Falling Behind, IMF Warns

The Western Balkan are lagging behind other former Communist transitional countries and need to complete the transformation process that began two decades ago, an IMF report says.  

26 Feb 15

Croatia Plans to Raise Billion Euro From Bonds

The Croatian government is to raise around one billion euro from a fresh issue of state bonds, having unveiled the plan back in December.

19 Feb 15

Croatia Mulls Bids for Slavonia Oilfields

A committee headed by the economy minister will review seven bids for on-shore oil and gas tenders in eastern Croatia in the coming two months.


09 Jul 14

Croatia Eyes Oil Bonanza in the Adriatic

Dream of becoming the ‘new Norway’ are driving Croatia to explore the potential oil and gas deposits in the Adriatic – but environmentalists and tourist experts are concerned about the possible effects.

Politics and Society

07 Jan 13

Serbian Orthodox Graves Vandalised in Croatia

Attackers have damaged several graves, crosses and tombstones at a Serbian Orthodox cemetery in the Croatian town of Knin.