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Latest Business News from Croatia

08 Oct 14

IMF Revises Balkan Growth Prospects Downwards

Growth in Southeast Europe is likely to worse in 2014 than was anticipated, a new IMF report says.

30 Sep 14

Croatia Govt Debt Rises to 30 Billion Euro

Croatia's National Bank said government debt has reached a new peak over the past 12 months, rising by 13.6 per cent amid a continuing recession in the country.

29 Sep 14

Croatian State Property Sale Interests Russians

A Russian-owned and financed real estate company is eyeing no less than 23 of the 100 properties that the Croatian state is selling off to raise cash.

26 Sep 14

Croatia's State Companies Boost Profit Margins

Croatia's main state-owned companies earned bigger profits in the first half of 2014 compared to last year, but some experts say their dominant position in the economy is unhealthy.

24 Sep 14

Croatian Tobacco Giant Goes on Sale

Croatian Adris Group plans to sell its tobacco plant in Rovinj after several years of declining production.

19 Sep 14

Croatia to Sell Off Ailing State Airline

Croatia's government plans to end the years-long financial agony of the state owned-airline company by putting it up for sale.

19 Sep 14

Croatia Woos America's Silicon Valley Giants

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic is to meet heads of some of the biggest IT companies in the US - all part of his ambition to create Croatia's own version of Silicon Valley.

12 Sep 14

Croatia and MOL Resume Battle in Washington

Croatia and the Hungarian energy company MOL have taken their dispute over the fate of the Croatian energy company INA to Washington for arbitration.

10 Sep 14

Croatia Tourism Booms Despite Uneven Weather

In spite of the poor weather seen in much of the western Balkans this year, the latest figures for Croatian tourism for 2014 showed a healthy upward trend compared to 2013.

03 Sep 14

Balkan Economic Competitiveness Makes Uneven Progress

The latest World Economic Forum report on global competitiveness ranks Bulgaria as the best in the Balkans and Albania as the worst, just behind Serbia.

29 Aug 14

Croatia to Slap Taxes on Savings and Property

Croatia's centre-left government has decided to tax people's savings and property in the latest measure aimed at cutting the yawning budget deficit.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders in Berlin Pledge to Work Together

Balkan economy and finance ministers meeting in Berlin have agreed that their countries must jointly resolve economic issues that trouble the region.

28 Aug 14

Croatia Cuts Civil Servants' Pay Supplements

Citing the need to cut expenditure, the government is cutting the supplements given to salaries in the public sector - though some economists say more comprehensive cuts are needed.

12 Aug 14

Arbitration Hearings Start Over Control of INA

The arbitration process to resolve the dispute between Croatia and MOL over control of the energy company INA has started in Paris.

11 Aug 14

Croats Eye Using Serbia to Skirt Russian Ban

As Croatian exporters ponder repackaging goods in Serbia to evade Russia’s import ban, Serbia says it won’t let itself be used for sanctions-busting.


09 Jul 14

Croatia Eyes Oil Bonanza in the Adriatic

Dream of becoming the ‘new Norway’ are driving Croatia to explore the potential oil and gas deposits in the Adriatic – but environmentalists and tourist experts are concerned about the possible effects.

Politics and Society

07 Jan 13

Serbian Orthodox Graves Vandalised in Croatia

Attackers have damaged several graves, crosses and tombstones at a Serbian Orthodox cemetery in the Croatian town of Knin.