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Latest Business News from Croatia

14 Sep 16

Croatia, Bosnia to Discuss Key Bridge Project

Croatian and Bosnian officials will meet to discuss the construction of a long-delayed new bridge linking the two countries which is important for the development of Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska.

22 Jul 16

Cruise Liners' Terminal 'Not Needed' in Dubrovnik

After the project to build a special cruise-liner terminal in Dubrovnik foundered on Wednesday, some analysts say the world-famous Croatian maritime resort would not have gained much from it.

03 Jun 16

Croatia Experts Fear Elections Will Slow Reforms

No-confidence motion in Croatian Vice-Prime Minister has potential to provoke early elections, which will also delay key reforms dealing with the budget deficit, experts warn.

30 May 16

Major Chinese Business Summit Opens in Croatia

More than 50 companies from the Chinese region of Zhejiang are to meet with around 60 Croatian companies in Zagreb to 'explore new business activities'.

26 Apr 16

Erdogan Visits Croatia to Bolster Turkey's EU Role

The Turkish President’s visit to Croatia this week will shore up Turkey's position in Europe, while raising hopes of benefits for Turkish exporters and tourism industry.

22 Apr 16

Oil and Gas Exploitation in Croatia Put on Hold

Croatia's Hydrocarbon Agency said the exploitation of gas and oil reserves in the country was being delayed until the new government completes a number of procedures prior to signing the deals with the energy companies.

18 Apr 16

Croatia's INA Weighs Call to Return to Syria

After the governor of Homs province urged the Croatian energy company INA to restart its oil and gas operations in Syria, the company says it is 'monitoring' the situation.

23 Feb 16

Balkan Leaders Discuss Energy, Transport at Summit

Transport links and energy projects were high on the agenda as Balkan premiers met at an investment summit in London organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

15 Feb 16

Star Wars Adds Shine to Croatian 'Pearl' Dubrovnik

The new Star Wars movie will be part-filmed in the Croatian resort of Dubrovnik in March, bringing the city additional prestige among film fans and marketing potential.

09 Feb 16

Croatia Gas Terminal May Lose 'Strategic' Status

According to media speculation, the construction of a gas terminal in northern Croatia could be removed from the official list of planned strategic projects, to experts' surprise.

27 Jan 16

Croatia Plans New Tax on Second Homes

Plans to impose taxes on second homes or unused real estate announced by Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic are dividing the experts.

15 Jan 16

Air Serbia Threatened with Croatia Flight Ban

Despite charges of unfair competition filed by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Air Serbia keeps operating routes to and from Croatia to global destinations via Belgrade, risking a ban from the country.

14 Jan 16

Disney Litigation Warning Angers Croatian Cake Shops

Croatian cake shops have been warned against using characters like Mickey Mouse by a company that says it has the sole right to decorate cakes with Disney designs.

21 Sep 15

Serbia Says Border Closures Are Hitting Economy

Serbian leaders have urged neighbouring states not to close their borders against the influx of refugees, saying that their country is suffering significant economic damage.

01 Sep 15

New Bankruptcy Law Takes Effect in Croatia

Under a new law, designed to streamline procedures, all companies whose assets have been frozen for more than 120 days will now be declared bankrupt.


12 Jul 16

Croatia’s ‘Salami King’ Accuses Authorities of Persecution

The Gavrilovic family said accusations of wartime embezzlement are just the latest weapon being turned on them by supporters of the ‘old regime’ in communist Yugoslavia.

25 Jun 15

Balkan Economies Brace for Impact of Grexit

09 Jul 14

Croatia Eyes Oil Bonanza in the Adriatic

Politics and Society

07 Jan 13

Serbian Orthodox Graves Vandalised in Croatia

Attackers have damaged several graves, crosses and tombstones at a Serbian Orthodox cemetery in the Croatian town of Knin.


16 Jul 13

Mines Kill Over 500 in Croatia Since 1991

02 Mar 12

Wikileaks: The IMF’s Fault for Balkan Wars

09 Oct 12

Montenegro's Parties Argue Over Border Dispute