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Latest Business News from Croatia

29 Aug 14

Croatia to Slap Taxes on Savings and Property

Croatia's centre-left government has decided to tax people's savings and property in the latest measure aimed at cutting the yawning budget deficit.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders in Berlin Pledge to Work Together

Balkan economy and finance ministers meeting in Berlin have agreed that their countries must jointly resolve economic issues that trouble the region.

28 Aug 14

Croatia Cuts Civil Servants' Pay Supplements

Citing the need to cut expenditure, the government is cutting the supplements given to salaries in the public sector - though some economists say more comprehensive cuts are needed.

12 Aug 14

Arbitration Hearings Start Over Control of INA

The arbitration process to resolve the dispute between Croatia and MOL over control of the energy company INA has started in Paris.

11 Aug 14

Croats Eye Using Serbia to Skirt Russian Ban

As Croatian exporters ponder repackaging goods in Serbia to evade Russia’s import ban, Serbia says it won’t let itself be used for sanctions-busting.

11 Aug 14

Fitch Drops Credit Rating for Croatia

Another top credit rating agency lowers its rankings for Croatia, citing concerns over growth in public debt.

11 Aug 14

Croatian Tourism Shines Despite Poor Weather

Lousy spring weather has not put off foreign visitors to Croatia, although the July figures saw a marginal dip on those from 2013.

07 Aug 14

Croatian Labour Law Curbs Employees’ Rights

New Labour Law aims to make jobs market more flexible, giving employers a freer hand when it comes to managing workforce.

30 Jul 14

Croatia External Debts Hits All-time High

Debt level now exceeds country’s GDP, and the upward trend looks set to continue.

29 Jul 14

IKEA Opens its Doors in Croatia

New furniture megastore is expected to serve as a regional hub, drawing customers from Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as Croatia.

28 Jul 14

Croatia Fails to Clinch INA Deal with Hungarians

Croatia’s hopes of buying back shares owned by Hungary’s MOL in the energy company INA received a setback last week.

23 Jul 14

EU to Back Croatian Gas Project on Krk

The Ukraine crisis has given new impetus to plans to build a gas terminal on the island of Krk, which Brussels has said it will help pay for.

21 Jul 14

Croatia Launches Onshore Oil and Gas Tender

Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak has opened an international tender for onshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation rights in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia.

14 Jul 14

Ex-Yugoslav Leaders Gather at Croatia Economic Summit

The presidents of all ex-Yugoslav countries are joining business leaders at the summit in Cavtat near Dubrovnik, aimed at boosting the economic potential of the region.

26 Jun 14

Croatia’s Agrokor Takes Over Slovenian Rival

Agrokor, Croatia’s largest retail company, has bought a majority share in its rival Mercator, Slovenia's best-known food retail brand, in a deal reportedly worth 550 million euro.


09 Jul 14

Croatia Eyes Oil Bonanza in the Adriatic

Dream of becoming the ‘new Norway’ are driving Croatia to explore the potential oil and gas deposits in the Adriatic – but environmentalists and tourist experts are concerned about the possible effects.

Politics and Society

23 Feb 12

NGOs: War Crimes Victims in Croatia "Forgotten"

War crimes victims in Croatia have been "forgotten and marginalised", Croatian human rights NGOs claimed today.