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11 Sep 07

Evaluating Our Efforts

A review of recent media-development work in the Balkans yields valuable lessons.
11 Sep 07

Media Donors - Partly Guilty

Some money was wasted, but it's also thanks to donors' aid that some of the best independent media in the Balkans are alive today.
11 Sep 07

Bettering Balkans Journalism

Foreign aid donors have made a valuable, if somewhat flawed, contribution to media-development in the Balkans.
11 Sep 07

Balkan States Wrestle With EU Visa Regime

Sofia, Belgrade and Skopje keen to maintain free movement across their borders, but citizens and tourist agencies are pessimistic.

11 Sep 07

FOCUS: Chomsky Interview Controversy

British newspaper finds itself at the heart of a bitter dispute about Balkans war crimes following interview with high-profile intellectual.
11 Sep 07

Sofia Gambles On A Macho Mayor

Bulgaria's capital takes a leaf out of California’s book, electing a man who looks more than a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
11 Sep 07

On the Record: Enlargement Benefits Europe as a Whole

An interview with Jeremy Hill, British ambassador to Bulgaria

11 Sep 07

Powerful Investigators Resist Change

Investigative branches of the judiciary are said to have too much power, with little political or civic control over their operations.

11 Sep 07

Turkey's EU Integration Stirs Controversy in Bulgaria

While politicians broadly support Ankara's aims, some fear little Bulgaria may be sucked back into Turkey's orbit.
11 Sep 07

In Pursuit of Justice: An Overview of Progress in the Transitional Justice System of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Conference Outline

A major conference hosted by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, in Sarajevo this month addressed the daunting task of transferring responsibility for prosecuting war crimes committed in the early Nineties to Bosnia's own domestic justice system.
11 Sep 07

Address by Meddzida Kreso, President of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Esteemed gentlemen, colleagues and respected guests,

Before anything else I wish to express my pleasure at having the honour to attend this event with all of you today and having the opportunity to present to you all the achievements in the work of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this relatively short period of its existence.
11 Sep 07

Public broadcasting faces battle for survival in the Balkans

Survey shows public broadcasters are under-financed, too close to the political elites and are locked into mutually destructive ratings wars with commercial rivals.

20 Apr 06

Flash Floods Bring More Misery to Balkans

As the second flood in a year hits the region, experts say planners must wake up to implications of climate change .
20 Apr 06

IN DEPTH: Ice Melts Between Greeks and Bulgarians

Longstanding stereotypes and rivalries between the two peoples are beginning to fade.