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26 May 16

‘Patriot’ Parties Hold Cards in Divided Bulgaria

Nationalist parties are emerging as the big winners - as tensions escalate inside the country’s fragmented ruling coalition. 

10 May 16

Korneliya Ninova, the Bulgarian Socialists’ First Woman Chief

The outspoken and combative critic of the centre-right Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has promised to give him ‘hard times’ as new head of the opposition Socialist Party.

02 May 16

Bulgarians Eye Way to Revive Empty Villages

An online initiative run by two women volunteers is encouraging Bulgarians to breathe new life into abandoned rural communities. 

25 Apr 16

Bulgaria Makes Stars of Vigilante Migrant Hunters

Videos of their actions have caused outrage abroad, but at home the groups of self-appointed migrant ‘hunters’ who patrol Bulgaria’s border with Turkey enjoy broad support.

04 Apr 16

Brussels Attacks Fuel Religious Tensions in Bulgaria

The terrorist attacks in Brussels and the Balkan refugee crisis have added to Bulgaria’s religious tensions, sparked by fears of the radicalization of Bulgaria’s Muslim minority.


15 Mar 16

Bulgaria Gains from Drive to Woo Investors

Efforts to make Bulgaria’s business climate more attractive for foreign investors are paying off as FDI levels bounce back, but corruption and judicial reform remain key challenges.

04 Mar 16

Balkans Brace for Migrant Crisis Shifts

As northern Europe changes it policies towards migrants, Balkan countries cooperate and prepare for new challenges.

29 Feb 16

Rowdy Bulgarian Resort Considers Crackdown on Drunks

Tour operators at Bulgaria’s largest Black Sea resort, Sunny Beach, want to impose penalties on drunken holidaymakers in a bid to clean up its boozy image for the summer season. 

26 Feb 16

Turkey’s 'Soft Power' Risks Backfiring in Balkans

Turkey has long sought to strengthen its position in the Balkans through political, economic and cultural means, but the strategy has limits and is attracting growing criticism.

18 Feb 16

Bulgaria Turns on its Golden Boy, Peevski

After 15 years of scaling the political and economic heights, the controversial Bulgarian politician and businessman is under fire.

16 Feb 16

Balkan Politicians Jostle For UN Hot Seat

While several high-profile Balkan politicians want to step into Ban Ki-moon’s shoes, there is no guarantee that the next UN chief will come from Eastern Europe.

11 Feb 16

Bulgaria’s Fraying Coalition Faces Disarray

As his key partner party fragments and as some deputies quit the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov faces a growing crisis.

09 Feb 16

Fashion Victims: Even in EU, Garment Workers Face Tough Conditions

Women in Romania and Bulgaria endure low pay, long hours and gruelling work to make clothes for luxury Western brands.

18 Jan 16

Decision Time for Bulgaria on Top UN Job

PM Boyko Borisov must choose who to nominate as Bulgaria’s candidate for the next UN Secretary-General soon or risk losing the chance of securing the position and splitting his ruling coalition.

14 Jan 16

Regional Strife Threatens to Squeeze Bulgaria

Amid Russia-Turkish tensions, a refugee crisis that threatens European unity and a series of domestic scandals, Bulgaria faces a testing 2016.