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25 Oct 16

US-Russian Tensions Expose Divide Inside Bulgaria

Worsening conflict between the US and Russia is adding to confusion over Bulgaria's foreign policy, and highlighting a historic divide between fans and foes of ‘Grandfather Ivan’.

14 Oct 16

Turkish Deal Fails to Dim Bulgaria’s Gas Ambitions

Bulgaria remains convinced it can become the gas distribution hub for the Balkans - despite Turkey’s own, more advanced, plans. 

11 Oct 16

Jokers Dream of Becoming Bulgaria’s Next President

While the main left and right-wing candidates battle it out to become head of state, a number of less serious candidates have their eyes on the post.

10 Oct 16

Ahmed Dogan: From Informer to Dissident to Political Elite

Despite stepping down as leader of Bulgaria’s powerful ethnic-Turkish MRF party, many say the highly controversial Dogan still calls the shots behind the scenes.

06 Oct 16

EU’s Crisis Will Slow Balkan Accession, Expert Says

Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, says the EU is likely to slow accession talks with the Balkan countries in the context of ‘huge resistance’ to enlargement.

04 Oct 16

Tsetska Tsacheva, The Bulgarian Nation’s Would-Be ‘Mother’

Parliament chief Tsetska Tsacheva could be become the first female president of Bulgaria after being nominated by PM Boyko Borissov, who said she should be the ‘mother’ of the nation.

20 Sep 16

Bulgaria’s IT Boom Offers Syrian Refugee New Life

When one 33-year-old Syrian reached Bulgaria, his only goal was to get to Western Europe – but Bulgaria’s ambitious software and outsourcing companies made him change his mind.

13 Sep 16

Eastern Europe Risks Losing UN Top Job Race

The four Eastern European candidates for the post of UN Secretary-General face serious problems - three could be voted down because they are male, while Bulgaria’s Irina Bokova could become a casualty to politics.

02 Sep 16

Battle in Refugee Camp Leaves Bulgarian Town Nervous

Bulgaria’s biggest refugee camp has brought benefits for locals in Harmanli – but divisions are growing between refugees and locals since a recent fight in the camp.

30 Aug 16

Bulgaria’s Impossible Balancing Act

Fear rather than ambition is driving Bulgaria’s juggling act between Turkey, Russia and the EU.

22 Aug 16

Bulgaria Pays the Price for Friendship with Turkey

Bulgaria complied with demands for extraditions of opponents of the Turkish government, hoping to prevent Ankara unleashing a new refugee influx, but Sofia is risking its relationships with Western allies, experts warn. 

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

Visiting the Balkans this summer? Get off the beaten track and visit some of the region’s lesser-known beauty spots.

05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio

Ahead of the 2016 Olympics Parade of Nations set for August 5, Balkan athletes are getting ready for the ceremonial opening march when they will proudly carry their countries’ colours.

03 Aug 16

Hopes Run High For Balkan Nations in Rio

As the region’s top sportsmen and women head for Brazil, hopes of glory are running high throughout the troubled region.

02 Aug 16

Bulgarians at Odds Over Mass Dolphin Deaths

Politicians, fishermen and environmentalists are all quarreling about why so many dolphins have died off the Black Sea coast this year.