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18 Jun 15

A UN Chief From Eastern Europe at Last?

The countries of Eastern and South Eastern Europe should be careful not to squander an historic opportunity for the region in 2016.

13 Jan 15

Bulgaria 2015: Make or Break for Borisov

Prime Minister faces a testing year, dealing with the fallout of last year’s bank crisis, energy problems and a fractious coalition.

09 Jan 15

The Balkan Muslim ‘Threat’ has Never Materialised

Paradoxically, the Islamist danger is not coming from where once it was most expected - from among Muslims in the Balkans.

23 Dec 14

Bulgaria: Fragile Stability Restored

Return of Boiko Borisov brought some sense of political stability back to the country – but the new government was undermined by a bank crisis and growing tension between East and West

08 Dec 14

Entrepreneurs Strive to Make Balkans Buzz With Tech Startups

Can a new generation of technology pioneers realise their dreams of Silicon Valley-style success?

28 Nov 14

Syrian Refugees Leave Bulgaria for German Limbo

Many Syrians use Bulgaria as a stepping stone to the heart of Europe - although EU rules say asylum-seekers are meant to stay put.

11 Nov 14

Borisov Faces Challenge, Ending Bulgaria’s Turmoil

The new-old Prime Minister, sworn in last Friday, was credited with stabilizing Bulgaria once in the past - but can he repeat this performance again?

04 Oct 14

Election Unlikely to End Bulgaria’s Turmoil

While the centre-right GERB is likely to win the October 5 elections, it is far from clear whether this will end the country years of political instability.

01 Sep 14

New Bulgaria Bank Crisis Threatens Confidence

Failure to resolve the fate of the country’s fourth-largest lender could undermine recently strengthened investor trust and turn Bulgaria into ‘Europe’s Argentina’, experts warn.

09 Jul 14

Bulgaria Bank Panic Blamed on Oligarchs’ Feud

The mysterious recent run on banks may be linked to a conflict between rival businessmen, boding ill for the country’s prospects of stability, experts maintain.

30 Apr 14

Press Freedom in Europe is in Great Danger

A dramatic turnabout is needed if press freedom in Europe is not to succumb to the twin pressures of overt violence and defamation lawsuits.

23 Apr 14

Balkan Gems Surface in British Video Archive

Among the rare old video clips published recently by British Pathé are many recording key moments in Balkan 20th-century history.

04 Apr 14

Ukraine Crisis Leaves Country’s Minorities Torn

In Ukraine’s deep southwest, where Bulgarians, Albanians, Ukrainians and Russians all live intermingled, allegiances are becoming divided.

21 Mar 14

West's Russian Crisis Leaves Bulgaria in Dilemma

As the EU and US mull targeting Russia for its annexation of Crimea, Bulgarians are nervously calculating the likely impact on them.

07 Feb 14

Syrian Refugees Face Chilly Reception in Bulgaria

Thousands of fleeing Syrians are being held in dilapidated refugee camps while right-wingers demand their expulsion and the authorities build a huge border fence to keep new asylum-seekers out.