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15 Feb 18

Mogul Puts Pressure on Bulgaria's Independent Media

Bulgaria's few remaining independent media organizations are facing fresh pressure as a controversial media baron pushes for a new law, exposing their external funding.

13 Feb 18

Bulgaria’s South-North Economic Divide Continues to Widen

With its poor infrastructure, brain drain and population loss, the north of Bulgaria is falling ever further behind the booming south, creating new social tensions in the country.

08 Feb 18

Maverick Historian Dreams of Making Bulgaria ‘Great’

As frustration with the political system grows, controversial former politician and historian Bozhidar Dimitrov is launching a new ‘national renewal’ movement.

26 Jan 18

Pressure Mounts in Bulgaria to Stop ‘Fascist’ Rallies

Government officials, Jewish associations and civic activists say it is time to put an end to the infamous annual parade of ultra-nationalists that they say brings shame to Bulgaria.

25 Jan 18

Bulgarian National Park Eco-Protests Spread Across Europe

From Skopje to Glasgow, activists are joining protests against construction in Bulgaria’s Pirin National Park, spurred on by anger about corruption. 

19 Jan 18

EU Green Leader Condemns Threat to Bulgarian National Park

The European Greens co-president Ska Keller tells BIRN of her grave concerns for the future of the UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park, after Bulgaria's government approved plans to expand the ski resort there.

18 Jan 18

Don’t Expect Much From Bulgaria EU’s Presidency

It seem unlikely that a country known mainly for poverty, corruption and a shaky respect for the rule of law can provide Europe, or the Western Balkans, with much guidance during its six-month presidency. 

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

Senior politicians in the region may earn far more than the average citizen – but the biggest earners are rarely those occupying the highest state posts. 

11 Jan 18

Protesters Plan Noisy Start to Bulgaria’s EU Presidency

An array of demonstrations will cast their shadow over the opening ceremony of Bulgaria’s EU presidency – but beyond embarrassing the government, it is unclear what they will achieve.

10 Jan 18

Corruption Rows Blight Start to Bulgaria’s EU Presidency

While Bulgaria sees the EU Presidency as a chance to transform the country’s image, a wave of critical foreign media reports – focusing on corruption – suggests this will be much harder than Sofia expected.

09 Jan 18

Balkan Terror Trials Reveal Links to Western Europe

Terrorism trials involving Balkan Islamists show that many of these individuals were either indoctrinated by – or had close links to – radicalised communities in Germany, Austria and Italy. 

03 Jan 18

‘Architect’ of EU-Turkey Deal Looks to Bulgaria

Gerald Knaus, the man who came up with the plan to stem the migrant influx through the Aegean, tells BIRN that Bulgaria could use its EU presidency to make the refugee deal with Turkey work.

26 Dec 17

Balkans in 2017: Two Cheers for the Economy

Balkan economies made real progress in 2017 but media freedom ebbed in some countries, and the region remained hostage to East-West rivalry for influence.

25 Dec 17

Balkans Heroes – People Who Saved 2017

As the Balkans readies for a new year, we bring you a list of ‘Balkan heroes’ – men and women who acted selflessly in tough times, or when no one else was brave enough to do so.

20 Dec 17

Bulgarians Hail Discovery of Oldest National History

The discovery in Italy of a lost 17th-century history of Bulgaria – believed to be the first-ever written history of Bulgaria – has thrilled historians and academics who are hoping to translate and publish it shortly.