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Latest News from Bulgaria

15 Nov 17

Commission Challenges Bulgaria, Romania on Judicial Reform

While Bulgaria and Romania have chosen to welcome the latest European Commission reports on their judicial reforms and moves to combat corruption, the reports contain much criticisms of the results the two countries achieved in 2017. 

15 Nov 17

Orthodox Losing Race With Other Christians – Pew Center

New report shows that the Orthodox share of the world’s Christian population has fallen by almost half in the last century.

14 Nov 17

Balkan EU States Move Towards Common European Defence

Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania signed a declaration of intent to join the EU Permanent Structured Cooperation, PESCO defence project, a move towards a common European defence system.

10 Nov 17

Bulgaria Marks 28 Years Since Fall of Communism

On November 10, Bulgaria marks the anniversary of the ousting of communist dictator Todor Zhivkov, which led to the fall of the one-party regime and Bulgaria’s transition to democracy. 

06 Nov 17

Hunt for Missing UK Child Moves to Bulgaria

One of the longest running and most expensive police hunts in British history, for lost child Madeleine McCann, has reportedly moved to Bulgaria.

03 Nov 17

Sofia Rejects Russia's Claims About Saving Bulgarian Jews

Bulgaria’s foreign ministry has accused a Kremlin spokeswoman of distorting history, after she claimed that the Soviet Red Army saved thousands of Bulgarian Jews in World War II. 

31 Oct 17

Bulgaria Named EU’s Largest Pumpkin Producer on Halloween

The EU’s statistical agency said that the union’s largest grower of pumpkins and squash is Bulgaria, where Halloween is growing in popularity among younger people despite disapproval from religious traditionalists.

31 Oct 17

Monuments to Bulgarian Hero Sprout Around Globe

A new statue of the 19th century Bulgarian freedom fighter Vasil Levski has just been unveiled in Canada, as the fashion for putting up statues to him shows no sign of abating.

30 Oct 17

Bulgaria Minister Resigns in Procurement Scandal

Health Minister Nikolay Petrov resigned on Monday, following a TV report which revealed that while head of a hospital, he granted public procurements to a firm owned by his daughter's partner. 

25 Oct 17

Balkan States’ Passports Rank as Average in Global Survey

An online index that ranks states' passports based on how many countries people can enter with them has placed most Balkan states somewhere in the middle - with the exception of Kosovo.

23 Oct 17

Huge Sculpture to Replace Communist’s Mausoleum in Sofia

A huge bronze sculpture to celebrate Bulgaria’s EU presidency will be installed on the site of former Communist International leader Georgi Dimitrov’s demolished mausoleum – a plan which has caused controversy.

19 Oct 17

Gas Drilling Plans Cause Uproar in Northeast Bulgaria

Locals and farmers in northeast Bulgaria are protesting against plans to extract gas in the General Toshevo municipality, fearing it could wreck the environment and livelihoods based on farming.

18 Oct 17

EU Benefits Our Countries, Balkan People Tell Survey

Most Bulgarians, Croatians and Romanians see the European Union as beneficial to their countries, a survey released on Wednesday by the European Parliament said.

12 Oct 17

Facebook Celebrity-Turned-Fraudster Shocks Bulgaria

Dozens of Bulgarians have been cheated by Alexander Nikolov, a high-profile Facebook user with thousands of followers – who turned out to be a fake character, interested in robbing people’s savings.

11 Oct 17

Number of Romanians, Bulgarians Working in UK Soars

New figures show the number of workers from the two Balkan countries in the UK has risen by 80 per cent since 2014.


19 Jan 18

EU Green Leader Condemns Threat to Bulgarian National Park

The European Greens co-president Ska Keller tells BIRN of her grave concerns for the future of the UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park, after Bulgaria's government approved plans to expand the ski resort there.

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?

26 Dec 17

Balkans in 2017: Two Cheers for the Economy


16 Jan 18

UK Holiday Bargain-Hunters Urged to Try Bulgaria

Survey pronounces Bulgarian Black Sea resort the best-value vacation destination in Europe.

15 Jan 18

Bulgaria’s Move to Join the Euro Welcomed

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans

Culture and Lifestyle

01 Jan 18

Gallery: New Year’s Eve, the Balkan Way

New Year’s Eve was celebrated in true Balkan style across the region, with cities from Zagreb to Tirana putting on extravagant firework displays and open-air events, which saw regional and international stars performing to the swathes of jubilant crowds that came out to mark the beginning of 2018.

27 Dec 17

Balkan Cities to Party Their Way Into 2018