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Latest News from Bulgaria

22 Feb 17

Amnesty Report Raps Balkans Countries for Rights Abuses

Amnesty International's new global report takes Balkan countries to task mainly for disrespecting the rights of minorities, migrants and journalists.

22 Feb 17

Bulgarians Warned Against Believing ‘Suicide Game’ Stories

Stories about a Russian online game called ‘Blue Whale’, which unsubstantiated rumours have claimed coerces teenagers into suicide, have flooded Bulgarian social networks, causing hysteria among parents.

21 Feb 17

Bulgaria's Old Parties Hope New Faces Will Win Votes

Ahead of the early general election in March, both of Bulgaria’s main parties, GERB and the Socialists, are relying on newcomers to revive people's fading trust in the political class.

17 Feb 17

Bulgarian Government Probe Accuses Ministries of Fraud

A probe of suspected legal violations of public procurement procedures by the former government has identified a series of issues within the ministries of defence, regional development and agriculture.

10 Feb 17

Soros Foundation Blames Attacks on 'Illiberal Governments'

As campaigns targeting NGOs linked to US philanthropist George Soros continue in the Balkans, Laura Silber - of Open Society Foundations - said illiberal governments were trying to divert the public from the real issues.

09 Feb 17

Bulgarian Monks Red-faced Over Illegal Hooch Finds

About 2,000 litres of illegal fruit brandy have been discovered during regular check-ups by the Bulgarian customs agency in the monasteries of Troyan and Bachkovo.

09 Feb 17

Sofia's MEPs Push for Bulgarian Rights in Albania

Bulgarian MEPs want Europe to pressurise Albania to recognise the existence of a Bulgarian community - although whether this community does actually exist remains controversial.

08 Feb 17

US Congressman Slammed for Proposing New Balkan Borders

Politicians in the Balkans condemned Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for suggesting that Serbia and Kosovo swap territory and for claiming that Macedonia is not a state.

08 Feb 17

Balkan Video Satirists Poke Fun at Trump

Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia are the latest to join a craze for YouTube videos in which countries ask US President Donald Trump to put them ‘second’ - a satirical swipe at his ‘America first’ slogan.

07 Feb 17

Bulgaria Nationalists Accuse Rivals of Stealing Ideas

Less than two months ahead of Bulgaria’s early parliamentary elections, the main political players are all hoping to win over the voters by matching each others' promises. 

07 Feb 17

Romanian Protests Inspire Activists Across Balkans

The echo of the huge anti-graft protests in Romania is being heard all over the Balkans, where opposition politicians and civic activists hope to capture a similar spirit of defiance.

03 Feb 17

Bulgaria Experts Slate Electronic Voting Ruling

Experts say a court decision obliging Bulgaria to introduce voting machines in every polling station by the time of the early elections on March 26 could pose problems for the electoral process.

01 Feb 17

Freedom House Highlights Threats to Balkan Democracies

A new report from watchdog Freedom House warned that deterioration in the rule of law, rising nationalism and continued corruption is worsening the democratic outlook in some Balkan countries.

30 Jan 17

Green Protesters Seek Bulgarian President's Support

Bulgarian environmental groups are staging a protest in front of the Presidency on Monday, calling on President Radev to veto recent legal changes that they say will harm the country's national parks.

27 Jan 17

Caretaker Government Takes Reins in Bulgaria

The new cabinet led by Ognyan Gerdjikov, the former speaker of parliament, will be in charge of organising early elections and preparing Bulgaria’s 2018 EU Presidency.


08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans

If the West now has to compete with Russia for influence in the Balkans, that might not be a bad thing.

25 Jan 17

Patrolling with Impunity in Eastern Europe

20 Jan 17

Birth of Trump Era Divides Balkan Countries

20 Jan 17

Balkan States Eye Their Prospects in Trump Era


09 Feb 17

Heating Failures Leave Bulgarian Capital Cold

Failures in the central heating supply have left around of half of the population of the capital, Sofia, in the cold – without knowing when the problem will be resolved.

26 Oct 16

Bulgaria, Russia Agree to Cut Belene Debt Bill

Culture and Lifestyle

15 Feb 17

Shutdown Rumours Repopularise Sofia’s Oldest Cinema

False rumours that the oldest cinema in the Bulgarian capital was about to be shut down have brought it hundreds of new visitors, sparking hopes of a revival of its glory days.