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Latest News from Bulgaria

21 Jul 14

Romania, Bulgaria Near Top of EU Fraud Report

A new EU report ranks the two Balkan states in second and third places, behind Italy, when it comes to the attempted fraudulent use of EU funds.

16 Jul 14

Floods Cause Havoc in Bulgarian Resort

A state of emergency was declared on Wednesday in the Black Sea municipality of Primorsko after torrential rain caused massive flooding.

09 Jul 14

One Dead, Over 40 Injured in Bulgaria Storm

One person died under a falling tree and more than 40 were injured after a violent hail storm hit Bulgaria’s capital Tuesday.

07 Jul 14

Bulgaria Vows to Build Russian Gas Pipeline

Bulgarian officials told Russia’s visiting foreign minister that Sofia was committed to building its section of the South Stream pipeline despite the suspension of work due to EU complaints.

27 Jun 14

Bulgaria Says Banking System Under Attack

The Bulgarian National Bank said on Friday that there have been deliberate attempts to destabilize the state with an organized attack against various Bulgarian banks.

27 Jun 14

Bulgaria to Hold Snap Polls on October 5

The leaders of the country's main political parties agreed to call an early parliamentary vote after the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party polled poorly at the recent European elections.

24 Jun 14

Bulgaria Socialist Leader May Take Seat in European Parliament

Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, Sergey Stanishev, submitted his request to be relieved of his duties as a member of parliament,  as he decides to take his seat as a member of the European Parliament.

23 Jun 14

Bulgaria Holds Mourning for Flood Casualties

Bulgaria is holding an official day of mourning to commemorate 14 people, including two children, who died in last week’s severe floods.

20 Jun 14

Ten Dead in Bulgaria Floods

At least ten people have been killed and others are missing after torrential rain and heavy floods hit Varna in eastern Bulgaria, officials said.

19 Jun 14

Bulgaria's Embattled Govt Goes For Snap Election

After the ruling party's poor showing in the European elections - and amid an ongoing dispute over the future of the Russian-led South Stream gas pipeline - Bulgaria has scheduled fresh elections.

12 Jun 14

Balkan ‘Dysfunctional' Govts Blamed For Democratic Failings

Dysfunctional governments in Balkan countries continue to drive down democracy ratings in the region, according to Freedom Houses's latest study, 'Nations in Transit 2014'.

11 Jun 14

Bulgaria to Open Trade Missions in 20 Countries

Bulgarian said plans to open trade missions in more 20 countries by the end of 2014, reflecting recognition of the growing importance of Asian economies.

09 Jun 14

Bulgaria Halts Russian Gas Pipeline Construction

Bulgaria has suspended all construction on the South Stream gas pipeline after US and EU complaints that it would tighten Russia’s grip on Europe’s energy supplies.

05 Jun 14

Bulgarian Splits Widen Over Russian Pipeline

Junior coalition part calls for early elections, after opposing the government’s policy to continue construction of the Russian-backed South Stream gas pipeline.

03 Jun 14

Obama Reassures Jittery East Europe Allies

Amid concerns over Russia’s role in violence in Ukraine, US president in Poland says Washington remains committed to regional security.



11 Jul 14

Bulgaria Scraps Commercial Bank’s License

National bank says it is to withdraw the license of one of the banks hit by a recent run on its savings - after uncovering that money is missing.

Culture and Lifestyle

30 May 14

European Obesity Congress Winds up in Sofia

Health care professionals and medical experts from all over Europe have been meeting in Bulgaria to mull the growing problem of spreading waistlines.