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Latest News from Bulgaria

26 Nov 15

Balkan States Woo Chinese Investors at Summit

At the '16 + 1' summit, which opened on Tuesday, China is deepening its interest in Southeastern Europe, investing in trade, finance, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

27 Oct 15

Serbia, Croatia Score Well in Transparency Survey

Serbia and Croatia scored highly among 54 countries in a survey of the transparency of finances in politics conducted by the NGO Global Integrity.

26 Oct 15

Balkans to Accommodate 100,000 Refugees

Balkan and Central European leaders agreed in Brussels that 50,000 refugees will be accommodated in camps in Greece with another 50,000 in Western Balkan states.

07 Oct 15

Romania Withdraws Bid to Join Schengen Area

Romania has abandoned hope of being invited to join the passport-free Schengen zone on Thursday, as it became clear that Bulgarian and Romanian admission is on hold.

11 Sep 15

Romania Leads Balkans on Open Budget Index

Romania has the most transparent state budget process in the Balkans, according to a new ranking table, while Macedonia and Albania came lowest.

09 Sep 15

Balkan States Told to Take in More Refugees

The European Commission chief has presented a new plan for national quotas for refugees, proposing also that the Western Balkan states be put on the list of 'safe' countries from which people may not claim asylum.

09 Sep 15

Hungarian Reporter Fired For Tripping Refugees

A Hungarian camerawoman has been fired after videos showed her tripping up and kicking refugees trying to escape police at a refugee camp near the border with Serbia.

03 Sep 15

Bulgaria Detains Hungary-Bound Migrants

Police have detained 125 migrants as Sofia authorities persevere in taking a tougher line on the issue than the country’s Balkan neighbours.

28 Aug 15

Spike in Romanians, Bulgarians, Creates Heat in UK

Britain’s right-wing government faces political storm over the sharp rising in immigration from the EU and the Balkans.

20 Aug 15

Bulgarian Population May Slump to 5 Million

Statistics agency warns population could tumble from 7.3 million to only 5 million towards the end of the century.

28 Jul 15

US Criticises Balkans over Human Trafficking

All Balkan countries except Macedonia do not meet minimum standards in combatting human trafficking and some fail to punish the perpetrators adequately, the US State Department said.

10 Jul 15

Beer is a Bargain in the Balkans, Study Shows

A study by a price comparison website suggests that thirsty  - and thrifty - beer drinkers might like to head for the Balkans where - in Belgrade especially - the drinking is cheap.

07 Jul 15

Balkan Countries Bake in July Heat Wave

After much of Western Europe baked last week in an unusually scorching heat wave, countries in the Balkan region face their own blast of hot weather.

28 May 15

Balkans Features Low on Global Terrorism Map

The Balkan states are among the safest countries in the world in terms of the risk of terrorism, a new global risk map intended for investors says.  

27 May 15

Balkans Told to Take Share of Asylum Seekers

Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are being urged to accept a total of 3,000 new asylum seekers as part of an EU 'relocation' plan - which some EU states oppose.

Culture and Lifestyle

29 Jan 15

Winter Thrills in the Balkans’ Best Mountain Resorts

Snowy fun on offer in the region’s three best resorts: Kopaonik, Jahorina and Bansko.