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Latest News from Bulgaria

01 Jul 16

Bulgaria Freed Alleged Istanbul Terrorist Mastermind

A Bulgarian judge said that a Bulgarian court five years ago refused to extradite the suspected brains behind the terrorist attack at Istanbul airport to Russia because he had obtained refugee status in Austria.

30 Jun 16

Russian 'Wolves' Ride Into Trouble in Bulgaria

Pro-Russian nationalists clashed with anti-Putin protesters before the arrival of the Russian bikers, the Night Wolves, in the city of Burgas.

29 Jun 16

EU Balkan States Call for Change in Light of Brexit

As European leaders mulled the conditions for Britain to leave the EU at their Brussels meeting on June 28, EU Balkan states used the 'Brexit' drama as an opportunity to call for change in the way the EU works. 

24 Jun 16

Balkans Shaken as UK Chooses EU Exit

Initial reactions from the Balkan region to the negative vote on the EU in Britain are gloomy - but concerns about the effects of a 'Brexit' on Southeastern Europe's economies are less dramatic. 

24 Jun 16

Bulgaria Moves to Make Radical Islam a Crime

Preachers of radical Islam could face financial penalties and up to five years in prison in Bulgaria under changes to the penal code backed by MPs.

22 Jun 16

Putin's Bikers to Start Slavic Balkan Tour

Vladimir Putin’s favourite bike club, the Night Wolves, will ride across 12 countries, aiming to strengthen connections between the Eastern European Orthodox peoples and Russia.

16 Jun 16

Bulgaria Pulls out of Joint Black Sea Patrol

Bowing to Russian pressure, Sofia has abandoned plans to join a Black Sea flotilla with Romania and Turkey.


16 Jun 16

Bulgaria MPs Back Nationwide Burqa Ban

Parliamentarians have given overwhelmingly support for a draft law banning the wearing of veils in public places, with only ethnic Turkish MPs voting against.

15 Jun 16

Orthodox Feuds Dampen Hopes of Historic Council

Days before the start of the Great and Holy Council in Crete, aimed at uniting the world's Orthodox Christians, rows between the various churches have escalated - and several churches will not now be coming.

09 Jun 16

Drug Lord Shot at Bulgarian Beach Resort

A gun battle at Bulgaria’s largest seaside resort, Sunny Beach, left notorious gangster Dimitar Zhelyazkov seriously wounded and one of his associates dead.

07 Jun 16

Bulgarian Boycott Threatens Historic Orthodox Summit

The Bulgarian Patriarchate’s last-moment decision not to attend the Holy Great Council of the Orthodox Church in Greece has raised questions about its independence from Moscow.

03 Jun 16

US Queries Balkan States' Capacity to Fight Terrorism

US State Department report says Balkan states showed mixed results in countering terrorism in 2015, most of the problems being down to a lack of resources and overlapping jurisdictions.

02 Jun 16

Bulgaria MPs Reject Call to End Russia Sanctions

Bulgaria's parliament on Wednesday rejected a proposed resolution encouraging dialogue between the EU and Russia and calling for an end to EU sanctions.

01 Jun 16

Swiss Scrap Work Limits on Bulgarians, Romanians

Workers from Bulgaria and Romania from Wednesday have equal access to Swiss jobs, like nationals from other EU member states, but Croatia remains under transitional restrictions. 

31 May 16

Delayed EU Audit of Bulgaria Prosecution Raises Concern

A last-minute decision by the European Commission to delay a belated external audit of Bulgaria’s powerful prosecution had posed questions about the country's progress in judicial reform.


28 Jun 16

Bulgarians, Romanians Face Uncertainty after Brexit

Bulgarian and Romanian economists and politicians are downplaying concerns over the effects of UK’s decision to quit the EU - while many migrants from the countries say they are determined to stay in Britain.

22 Jun 16

Balkan Countries Brace for British Vote on EU


21 Jun 16

Bulgaria Seeks Buyers for Nuclear Reactor

Bulgaria's Prime Minister said selling the existing equipment of the incompleted new nuclear power plant at Belene was the best option for the country.

26 May 16

Bulgaria Bails Out its Indebted Municipalities

11 Apr 16

Bulgaria Socialists Oppose Sale of Arms Firms

Culture and Lifestyle

14 Jun 16

Festival Trio Set to Draw Crowds in Bulgaria

June is one of the richest months for lovers of alternative arts, ethno culture and good food in Bulgaria. 

14 May 16

Three Balkan Singers Bid for Eurovision Crown