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27 Jul 16

Arms Exports to Middle East: A Question of Legality

Human rights and arms experts believe some of Central and Eastern Europe’s weapons trade with Saudi Arabia, the region’s principal supplier of weapons to Syria, is likely breaking international law. 

27 Jul 16

Bulgaria MPs Give Judiciary More Independence

Bulgarian MPs have pushed through legal changes designed to radically reform the judicial system and cut the power of political lobbies - but some experts question their significance.

27 Jul 16

Fraud Left Ansbach Bomber Homeless in Bulgaria

Syrian Mohammad Daleel, who blew himself up near a music festival in Germany, complained of living on the streets with no money as a refugee in Bulgaria on national television in 2013.

25 Jul 16

Syrian in Ansbach Attack Faced Deportation to Bulgaria

The Syrian who blew himself up near a music festival in Ansbach on Sunday had been facing deportation to Bulgaria, according to the German authorities.

25 Jul 16

Bulgaria Faces Challenge of Early EU Presidency

Britain's decision to pull out of the EU presidency in the second half of 2017 leaves Bulgaria with the challenge of leading the European Council for the first time at short notice and in a turbulent time.

22 Jul 16

Bulgaria MPs Seek Ban on Foreign Preachers

The nationalist Patriotic Front has opened a new legal offensive against Muslims with new amendments ostensibly aimed at protecting Bulgarian religious communities from 'foreign influence'.

20 Jul 16

Hundreds of Migrants Arrested in Bulgaria

Deputy Interior Ministry says round-up of illegal migrants is intended to 'send a signal' that instability in Turkey will not lead to fresh migration pressure on Bulgaria.

19 Jul 16

Bulgarians Mock Socialist Party’s Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign by the Bulgarian Socialist Party has provoked hundreds of posts mocking the party’s totalitarian past and sharing tragic stories from the communist era.

18 Jul 16

Serbia, Macedonia, Boost Controls to Stop Migrants

Serbia is sending a joint military and police force to its border with Bulgaria and Macedonia to help curb migrant flows while Macedonia has tightened security on its southern border with Greece.

16 Jul 16

Balkan Leaders Praise Erdogan for Defeating Coup

Balkan leaders have expressed support for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after he defeated an attempted military coup.

12 Jul 16

Iran Invites Bulgaria to Join New Transport Route

Bulgaria's Prime Minister, on a visit to Iran, said Tehran had asked Bulgaria to join a new transport route running from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea, bypassing Turkey.

05 Jul 16

Experts Say Corruption has 'Captured' Bulgaria

Over 22 per cent of Bulgarians took part in corrupt practices in 2015, a new report published on Monday said.

01 Jul 16

Bulgaria Freed Alleged Istanbul Terrorist Mastermind

A Bulgarian judge said that a Bulgarian court five years ago refused to extradite the suspected brains behind the terrorist attack at Istanbul airport to Russia because he had obtained refugee status in Austria.

30 Jun 16

Russian 'Wolves' Ride Into Trouble in Bulgaria

Pro-Russian nationalists clashed with anti-Putin protesters before the arrival of the Russian bikers, the Night Wolves, in the city of Burgas.

29 Jun 16

EU Balkan States Call for Change in Light of Brexit

As European leaders mulled the conditions for Britain to leave the EU at their Brussels meeting on June 28, EU Balkan states used the 'Brexit' drama as an opportunity to call for change in the way the EU works. 


27 Jul 16

Making a Killing: The 1.2 Billion Euro Arms Pipeline to Middle East

An unprecedented flow of weapons from Central and Eastern Europe is flooding the battlefields of the Middle East.

05 Jul 16

Eastern Europe Must Grasp Its UN Moment


15 Jul 16

Bulgarian Court Blocks Alleged Fraudster's Extradition

A Bulgarian court has blocked the extradition of Nedko Nedev, wanted in the US for market manipulation and insider trading, on the grounds that he has schizophrenia.

21 Jun 16

Bulgaria Seeks Buyers for Nuclear Reactor

Culture and Lifestyle

14 Jul 16

Bulgarians Doubt Stars will Show up for Charity Concert

A Bulgarian foundation has promised to bring a galaxy of stars including Mick Jagger to Sofia for a big charity concert – but many suspect it is all a big hoax.

14 Jun 16

Festival Trio Set to Draw Crowds in Bulgaria