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Latest News from Bulgaria

01 Dec 16

EU-Funded Border Projects in Bulgaria at Risk

Bulgaria’s absorption of 160 million euros of EU funds for management of the refugee crisis is endangered by the country's political instability and by issues to do with public procurements, a deputy minister warned.

01 Dec 16

GERB Stymies 'Patriots'' Hopes of Ruling Bulgaria

GERB’s sudden withdrawal of support from its former coalition partner has dampened the hopes of the nationalist Patriotic Front of forming the next government.

30 Nov 16

Bulgarian Ministries Targeted in Mismanagement Prosecutions

Defence ministry employees have been accused of being responsible for criminal negligence that cost the state a million euros in the latest in a series of charges raised by prosecutors against officials and ministers.

29 Nov 16

Croatia Joins Regional ‘Special Operations’ Air Force

Croatia has started setting up a joint special air force with Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria, which could be used for fighting terrorism in northern Africa or the Mediterranean.

29 Nov 16

Bulgarian President Holds Talks to Avert Cabinet Crisis

If no new cabinet can be agreed after the last government resigned, President Rosen Plevneliev will have to appoint an interim administration to govern the country until elections in the spring.

18 Nov 16

EU Balkan States Score Poorly on Social Justice

Bulgaria and Romania ranked last in several categories in a new report on social justice compiled by the Bertelsman Foundation.

16 Nov 16

Kosovo, Bosnia, Most Worried by Corruption, Report Shows

New research by the watchdog organisation Transparency International shows that perceptions of corruption as a major problem in society vary widely in the Balkans.

14 Nov 16

Bulgaria PM Quits Ater Presidential Poll Debacle

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has resigned after his party's candidate for the presidency lost heavily to a Socialist-backed rival seen as friendly to the Kremlin.

13 Nov 16

Bulgarian PM to Resign After Presidential Election Defeat

Bulgarian premier Boyko Borissov will quit next week, he said after his favoured candidate for president lost to a pro-Russia rival.

13 Nov 16

Leftist Leads as Bulgarian Presidential Race Closes

Ahead of the presidential runoff on Sunday, polls have given Socialist-backed candidate, Rumen Radev, a marked leader over his centre-right rival, Tsetska Tsacheva.

07 Nov 16

Pro-Western Bulgarians Urged to Unite Behind Tsacheva

Bulgaria's embattled centre-right presidential candidate, Tsetska Tsacheva, who came second in the first round of the elections on Sunday, has warned voters that they face a stark choice in the run-off.

07 Nov 16

Bulgaria PM Threatens to Quit After Presidential Setback

Prime Minister threatens an early election if Tsetska Tsacheva, the candidate of his party, does not wins the second round of Bulgaria's presidential election on November 13. 

02 Nov 16

Referendum on Political System Confuses Bulgarians

Most Bulgarians back holding a referendum on changing the political system together with presidential elections on November 6 - but many also seem confused about what they are being asked to support.

01 Nov 16

Divers Recover Fake €12 Million from Bulgarian Dam

Three men have been arrested during a special police operation which recovered one of the largest amounts of counterfeit money in Bulgaria’s history.

31 Oct 16

Bulgaria Heads for Knife-Edge Presidential Race

With only a few percentage points' difference between the two frontrunners, Tsetska Tsacheva, the candidate of GERB, and Rumen Radev, nominated by the Socialist Party, the Bulgarian presidential contest is hard to call.


28 Nov 16

Job-Seeking Romanians End as “Slaves’ in West

Large numbers of Romanians seeking work in the rich western half of the EU find themselves as the mercy of unscrupulous traffickers.


26 Oct 16

Bulgaria, Russia Agree to Cut Belene Debt Bill

Russia's Atomstroyexport has agreed to write off the interest that Bulgaria owes on its debt for the Belene project - if Bulgaria pays off its obligations in full by December 15.

Culture and Lifestyle

04 Nov 16

Actress's Role in 'Trainspotting' Sequel Stuns Bulgaria

The appearance of Bulgarian actress Anjela Nedyalkova in the trailer for the sequel to the cult 1990s movie 'Trainspotting' has startled people in Bulgaria - who had no idea she had a part.

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio