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Latest News from Bulgaria

21 Mar 17

Balkan States Linked to Russian Money-Laundering Scheme

Media reports of an alleged global financial scheme to launder over $20 billion of suspect money from Russian banks have linked Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia to some of the dubious transactions.

21 Mar 17

Nationalists Block Bulgaria’s Border Checkpoints with Turkey

The nationalist United Patriots coalition blocked key checkpoints at the Bulgarian-Turkish border to prevent what it called ‘electoral tourism’ by Bulgarian Turks loyal to Ankara ahead of Sunday’s polls.

20 Mar 17

Socialist Chief's Attack on Democracy Angers Bulgarians

Social boss Korneliya Ninova’s statement that democracy has taken away a lot from Bulgarians has provoked a social media storm ahead of the upcoming general election. 

20 Mar 17

Balkan States Look Gloomy on World Happiness Table

The peoples of the Balkans have little to smile about according to a new ranking released in time with UN’s World happiness Day.

14 Mar 17

Bulgarian Activists, Journalists Named ‘Foreign Mercenaries’

A new book distributed for free at newsstands accuses a number of activists, analysts, journalists and students of working for US billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

10 Mar 17

Catholic Priest Attacked for Hosting Refugees Quits Bulgaria

The Catholic Church is withdrawing Fr Paolo Cortezi from the northern Bulgarian town of Belene after his decision to shelter a Syrian refugee family in his parish caused uproar. 

10 Mar 17

Bulgaria Holocaust Commemoration Sparks Controversy

While Bulgaria marks the 74th anniversary since it prevented the deportation of its Jews to Nazi death camps, the country's failure to save over 11,000 Jews from territories it occupied in Greece and Macedonia continues to cause tension.

09 Mar 17

Romania’s Kovesi to Visit Bulgaria Despite Opposition

Romania's top anti-corruption prosecutor will speak before Bulgaria’s Supreme Court of Cassation just months after the Supreme Judicial Council refused to invite her to Bulgaria.

07 Mar 17

'Bulgaria's Charlie Hebdo' Blocked From News Stands

After complaining that their satirical new newspaper, Pras Press, had been blocked from reaching news stands, the cartoonists and writers behind it have decided to sell copies directly on the streets.

02 Mar 17

Balkan EU States Reject a ‘Multi-Speed’ Union

After France and Germany expressed support for a ‘two-speed’ European Union, officials in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia said they wanted more integration and joint policies, fearing they could be sidelined.

02 Mar 17

MEPs Want Visas Reimposed on US Citizens

The European Parliament has urged the Commission to take reciprocal measures against US nationals over America's failure to lift visa requirements on citizens of Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Poland and Cyprus.

01 Mar 17

Ukraine to Probe Defaced Bulgarian Monument

Ukraine officials have blamed the vandalization of a monument to Bulgarian volunteer fighters in the Russo-Turkish war of the 1870s on provocateurs.

23 Feb 17

Bulgarian, Romanian Migration to UK Hits Record High

While immigration overall to the UK dropped to its lowest for the past two years in 2016, the number of Romanians and Bulgarian migrants to Britain reached an all-time high of 74,000 people. 

22 Feb 17

Amnesty Report Raps Balkans Countries for Rights Abuses

Amnesty International's new global report takes Balkan countries to task mainly for disrespecting the rights of minorities, migrants and journalists.

22 Feb 17

Bulgarians Warned Against Believing ‘Suicide Game’ Stories

Stories about a Russian online game called ‘Blue Whale’, which unsubstantiated rumours have claimed coerces teenagers into suicide, have flooded Bulgarian social networks, causing hysteria among parents.


22 Mar 17

Europe is not Going to Solve Balkan Dramas

The idea that the EU is going to speed up the accession process in the Balkans to prevent states from collapsing or fighting each other is a complete fantasy.

08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans

25 Jan 17

Patrolling with Impunity in Eastern Europe

20 Jan 17

Birth of Trump Era Divides Balkan Countries


08 Mar 17

'Double Standards' in Food Products Alarms Bulgaria, Romania

Bulgaria and Romania have joined an outcry against multinational food companies, accused of selling lower quality products in Eastern Europe compared to those offered in the Western supermarkets.

09 Feb 17

Heating Failures Leave Bulgarian Capital Cold

Culture and Lifestyle

15 Feb 17

Shutdown Rumours Repopularise Sofia’s Oldest Cinema

False rumours that the oldest cinema in the Bulgarian capital was about to be shut down have brought it hundreds of new visitors, sparking hopes of a revival of its glory days.