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Latest News from Bulgaria

18 Jan 17

Political Turmoil Imperils Bulgaria’s 2018 EU Presidency

Bulgaria’s outgoing deputy prime minister sees the country’s EU presidency in 2018 as an opportunity, but experts fear that the country is falling behind with its preparations to lead the European bloc.

17 Jan 17

Iranian in Hijab Joins Bulgarian Volleyball Team

The Bulgarian volleyball team YEB Shumen 05 has made history by attracting the first-ever Iranian female player, Maedeh Borhani Esfahani, to play for a team outside Iran.

09 Jan 17

Blizzards and Flu Epidemics Grip Balkans

Heavy snow has left many villages and roads snowed in across the Balkans, while schools are on a prolonged winter break as the authorities try to contain outbreaks of flu.

09 Jan 17

New Bulgarian Party Vows to 'Break System'

Would-be members queued up in Sofia to join former Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov's new party, 'Yes, Bulgaria!', which has vowed to take on Bulgaria's 'corrupt oligarchy'.

06 Jan 17

Bulgarians See Funny Side of Drug-Laden Spread

After a consumers' organisation warned that a popular tomato spread, lutenitsa, may contain a substance whose effects are like those of cannabis, predictable jokes have flooded social networks.

05 Jan 17

Balkan Weapons Flowing to Iraqi Militias, Amnesty Warns

Arms from at least 16 countries have flowed to paramilitary militias allied to the Iraqi government who have used them to commit serious human rights violations, rights group Amnesty International says.

29 Dec 16

Bulgaria Probes Arms Company Linked to Syria

Prosecutors are investigating whether a local arms company broke the embargo on exporting weapons to Syria, following Russian claims that Bulgaria-made arms were found in Aleppo.

29 Dec 16

Bulgaria Sets Aside Day to Honour Anti-Nazis

The outgoing government has designated February 21 as a day of thanks to the people who resisted Nazism in Bulgaria during the Second World War - partly in order to strengthen 'democratic values'.

22 Dec 16

Terror Map Reveals Unresolved Cases in Balkans

Global Terrorist Data, GTD, records a large number of terror attacks in the Balkans between 1970 and 2015, and carries reminder of how many cases remain unresolved.

19 Dec 16

Bulgarian Parties to Make Last Bid to Form Govt

Outing Prime Minister Boyko Borissov wants a fast-track parliamentary vote for a majoritarian electoral system in return for forming a government with the right-wing Reformist Bloc party and the nationalist Patriotic Front. 

16 Dec 16

Bulgaria Anti-Terror Bill Raises Concerns

Bulgarian MPs have adopted a new anti-terror bill, giving sweeping powers to law-enforcement authorities, despite criticism from opponents and human rights groups. 

15 Dec 16

Bulgaria Searches for Berlin Subway Thug

While the Bulgarian police refuse to publicly discuss the case, they are reportedly still searching for the suspect filmed kicking a woman down the stairs in the Berlin U-Bahn.

12 Dec 16

Bulgaria Mourns Victims of Freight Train Explosion

The death toll in the northeast Bulgarian village of Hitrino reached seven as on Sunday the authorities declared a state of emergency over gas exposure for an undefined period.

10 Dec 16

Five Die as Freight Train Explodes in Bulgaria

A train carrying liquefied gas derailed and exploded in the village of Hitrino in northeast Bulgaria, killing five people and injuring at least 29 on Saturday morning. 

09 Dec 16

Bulgaria President Faces Struggle to Form Govt

As Bulgaria’s main parties appear unable to form a new government within the current parliament, the President faces the difficult task of assembling a temporary caretaker administration before his mandate expires in January.


17 Jan 17

Balkan States ‘Could Emulate Slovenian Law Curbing Refugees’

Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights, warns that Slovenia’s proposed new Aliens Act will likely cause an unwelcome 'domino effect' along the Balkan refugee route.


06 Dec 16

Bulgaria’s Industrial Hub Appeals to Foreign Workers

Major industrial enterprises in the region of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city, want to hire at least 5,000 workers but lack qualified candidates and plan to recruit ethnic Bulgarians from abroad.

26 Oct 16

Bulgaria, Russia Agree to Cut Belene Debt Bill

Culture and Lifestyle

05 Jan 17

Bulgarians Listen to Classics Thanks to Copyright War

A bitter dispute over fees with the Bulgarian copyright society has forced the national radio to play only music produced before 1945 – and some listeners are quite happy about it.

28 Dec 16

Ringing in 2017, Balkan-style

27 Dec 16

Crafty Ideas for Holidays Around the Region