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Latest News from Bulgaria

05 Feb 16

Serbia Urges Unified Solution to Refugee Crisis

At the London donor conference, Serbia's Prime Minister has called for unified international solution to the refugee crisis - which is affecting the Balkan region's stability.

28 Jan 16

Hungary PM Backs Bulgaria on Refugee Crisis

Hungarian leader Victor Orban and Bulgaria's Boyko Borissov are meeting on Friday in Sofia to discuss strengthening protection of the EU's external borders.

27 Jan 16

EU Seeks Results From Bulgaria on Corruption

Bulgaria has to turn the strategies on judicial reform and the fight against corruption into action and deliver concrete results, a European Commission report says. 

26 Jan 16

Investors Urge Bulgaria to Reform Judiciary

In an open letter to state institutions, foreign investors call on the Bulgarian authorities to carry out an effective reform of the judiciary.

22 Jan 16

Bulgaria MPs Back Change to Online Voting

Bulgarians may be able to vote for a new president on the internet if a draft proposal backed by a majority of MPs passes into law.

21 Jan 16

Human Rights Watch Says Bulgaria Abuses Migrants

Rights group says refugees are often beaten or robbed while crossing from Turkey – and forced back there.

14 Dec 15

Bulgaria Cracks Customs Officers’ Bribe Scam

Police have nabbed 22 customs officers who allegedly ran a scam on the border with Turkey, taking bribes from drivers.

14 Dec 15

Balkan States Hit by Illegal Cash Outflow

Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria have serious problems with money being moved abroad illegally, according to a new report by a US financial research group.

03 Dec 15

Balkan Personalities Named as European High-Flyers

A lawyer, a young politician and a science prodigy from the Balkans have been named on a list of some of the most influential public personalities in the European Union.

26 Nov 15

Balkan States Woo Chinese Investors at Summit

At the '16 + 1' summit, which opened on Tuesday, China is deepening its interest in Southeastern Europe, investing in trade, finance, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

27 Oct 15

Serbia, Croatia Score Well in Transparency Survey

Serbia and Croatia scored highly among 54 countries in a survey of the transparency of finances in politics conducted by the NGO Global Integrity.

26 Oct 15

Balkans to Accommodate 100,000 Refugees

Balkan and Central European leaders agreed in Brussels that 50,000 refugees will be accommodated in camps in Greece with another 50,000 in Western Balkan states.

07 Oct 15

Romania Withdraws Bid to Join Schengen Area

Romania has abandoned hope of being invited to join the passport-free Schengen zone on Thursday, as it became clear that Bulgarian and Romanian admission is on hold.

11 Sep 15

Romania Leads Balkans on Open Budget Index

Romania has the most transparent state budget process in the Balkans, according to a new ranking table, while Macedonia and Albania came lowest.

09 Sep 15

Balkan States Told to Take in More Refugees

The European Commission chief has presented a new plan for national quotas for refugees, proposing also that the Western Balkan states be put on the list of 'safe' countries from which people may not claim asylum.


05 Feb 16

Bulgaria's Growth to Fall in 2016, EU Says

Economic growth will fall to 1.5 per cent in 2016 due to a slowdown in EU funds absorption but will pick up in 2017, the European Commission has said in its latest forecast. 

Culture and Lifestyle

31 Dec 15

Ring in the New Year Balkan Style

New Year’s Eve in the Balkans means music, fireworks, food, and more music in city squares under the stars.