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Latest News from Bulgaria

28 Apr 16

Bulgarian Town Pioneers Total Ban on Burqa

The new ban imposed on the public use of the burqa in Pazardjik, in southeast Bulgaria, sets the stage for a debate in parliament on banning face-coverings nationally.

27 Apr 16

Bulgarian President Urged to Veto Voting Changes

The four parties that form Bulgaria's coalition government on Tuesday abandoned some proposed amendments to the electoral code - but failed to ease public anger over the changes.

27 Apr 16

Balkan Press Liberty Declining, Freedom House Says

Freedom House report says media freedom in the Balkan region is in decline - with the fast decline noted in Serbia and Macedonia.

26 Apr 16

Bulgarians Protest Over New Voting Rules

Recently approved changes to the electoral code have angered many Bulgarians, especially those in the diaspora who will now find it more difficult to vote in elections back home.

22 Apr 16

Bulgarian Children's Fund Bosses Face Corruption Charges

Following a massive - and controversial - police action, the managers of the children's fund, which allocates cash to treat sick children abroad, have been arrested and charged with corruption. 

15 Apr 16

Bulgaria Puts Migrant ‘Hunter’ Under House Arrest

A court has placed Petar Nizamov, whose video of ‘citizen's arrest’ of three migrants caused an international outcry, under house arrest as his trial continues. 

14 Apr 16

US Rights Report Highlights Corruption in Balkans

The US State Department's annual report on human rights worldwide, presented on Wednesday, described corruption as an endemic problem all over the Balkans.

12 Apr 16

New Bulgarian Party Denies Being Turkey's 'Trojan Horse'

New ethnic Turkish DOST party rejects claim that it is the long arm of Ankara - after Bulgarian nationalists urged the courts to block its registration.

11 Apr 16

EC Calls for Visa Removal for Bulgaria, Romania

As some eastern EU member states still need visa for North America, the European Commission is to debate wheter to retaliate for this restrictions

08 Apr 16

Bulgaria Awards Vigilante Migrant-Hunters

Police have given an award to one of the voluntary ‘border patrols’ which have been gaining popularity in Bulgaria, with groups of ordinary people detaining migrants and handing them to the authorities.

05 Apr 16

Panama Papers Reveal Offshore Accounts of Balkan Figures

The massive leak of documents from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, which has embarrassed leaders around the world, also names people and companies across the Balkans.

04 Apr 16

New US Army Brigade in Eastern Europe Alarms Russia

Washington’s plans to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe have been welcomed by experts in Bulgaria and Romania as strengthening NATO’s eastern flank.

31 Mar 16

Bulgaria, Romania, Top EU Road Death Statistics

The two Balkan states had the worst road-related death toll in Europe in 2015, according to a new report by the European Commission.

30 Mar 16

Bulgaria Approves Major Military Overhaul

The government has given a green light to significant investments in Bulgaria’s air force and navy worth over 1.2 billion euros.

30 Mar 16

Incomplete Analysis Hinders Anti-Extremism in the Balkans

Experts warn Balkan states need to fully investigate violent Islamic extremism and urgently implement strategies to counter radicalisation during BIRN’s regional jihadism conference in Sarajevo.


25 Apr 16

Bulgaria Makes Stars of Vigilante Migrant Hunters

Videos of their actions have caused outrage abroad, but at home the groups of self-appointed migrant ‘hunters’ who patrol Bulgaria’s border with Turkey enjoy broad support.

04 Mar 16

Balkans Brace for Migrant Crisis Shifts

18 Feb 16

Bulgaria Turns on its Golden Boy, Peevski

16 Feb 16

Balkan Politicians Jostle For UN Hot Seat

11 Feb 16

Bulgaria’s Fraying Coalition Faces Disarray


11 Apr 16

Bulgaria Socialists Oppose Sale of Arms Firms

Bulgaria's opposition Socialist Party has condemned the planned privatization of two major arms firms on the grounds of their strategic importance to the country. 

06 Apr 16

Bulgaria Eyes Key Role on China's 'Silk Road'

15 Mar 16

Bulgaria Gains from Drive to Woo Investors

Culture and Lifestyle

02 May 16

Bulgarians Eye Way to Revive Empty Villages

An online initiative run by two women volunteers is encouraging Bulgarians to breathe new life into abandoned rural communities. 

21 Apr 16

Bulgaria Unveils Lost Roman City in Sofia

21 Mar 16

Launch of .eu Domain in Cyrillic Set for June

08 Mar 16

Bulgarians Form Human Chain to Halt Demolition