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/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/EU Flag  Bobby Hiddy Flikr 660.jpg EU Benefits Our Countries, Balkan People Tell Survey

Most Bulgarians, Croatians and Romanians see the European Union as beneficial to their countries, a survey released on Wednesday by the European Parliament said.

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Number of Romanians, Bulgarians Working in UK Soars

New figures show the number of workers from the two Balkan countries in the UK has risen by 80 per cent since 2014.

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Bulgaria Courts NATO’s Ire by Cutting Defence Spending

Strapped for cash and keen not to irritate Russia, Bulgaria not only shows no sign of increasing its defence budget in line with NATO demands but is heading in the other direction.


Bulgaria Pushes EU Over Food 'Double Standards'

Bulgaria's Ombudsman and NGOs have petitioned the European Parliament, demanding urgent against companies that sell lower quality products under the same labels in different parts of Europe.