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Latest Business News from Bulgaria

01 Sep 14

New Bulgaria Bank Crisis Threatens Confidence

Failure to resolve the fate of the country’s fourth-largest lender could undermine recently strengthened investor trust and turn Bulgaria into ‘Europe’s Argentina’, experts warn.

27 Aug 14

Russians Lose Interest in Bulgarian Property

Sales of seaside property in Bulgaria to Russians have slumped by 30 per cent since the end of July - a fall-off ascribed in part to frayed political relations between the two countries.

11 Aug 14

Bulgaria Demands EU Meeting on Russian Food Ban

Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister, Vasil Grudev, has asked Brussels to call an emergency meeting to discuss compensation for farmers for the Russian ban on EU food imports.

11 Jul 14

Bulgaria Scraps Commercial Bank’s License

National bank says it is to withdraw the license of one of the banks hit by a recent run on its savings - after uncovering that money is missing.

30 Jun 14

Six Arrested for Bulgaria Bank Rumours

Six people have been arrested in Bulgaria for spreading false information about the country’s banking system.

09 Jun 14

Bulgaria Halts Russian Gas Pipeline Construction

Bulgaria has suspended all construction on the South Stream gas pipeline after US and EU complaints that it would tighten Russia’s grip on Europe’s energy supplies.

05 Jun 14

Romania, Bulgaria Not Ready to Adopt Euro

Seven EU member states, Romania and Bulgaria included, do not meet the requirements to join the eurozone, a new European Commission report says.

07 Apr 14

Drop in Russian, Ukrainian Visitors Worries Bulgaria

Ukraine crisis and fall in value of Russian and Ukrainian currencies is causing concern to Bulgarian tourist operators.

11 Mar 14

Bulgarian President Floats Gas Plan to Qatar

President Rosen Plevneliev is to propose construction of a south-north gas corridor at a meeting with the ruler of Qatar on Tuesday.

07 Mar 14

New Bridge Boosts Bulgaria-Romania Trade

The New Europe Bridge, previously known as the Danube Bridge 2, has increased trade between Bulgaria and Romania.

18 Feb 14

Telecoms Giants Gather in Belgrade

The most successful business people and innovators in the telecommunications sector in South-East Europe meet in Belgrade for the annual SEE Telecoms Forum.

30 Jan 14

Bulgaria Court Allows Land Sales to Foreigners

Bulgaria's top court has revoked a ban on selling arable land to investors from the European Union.

15 Jan 14

Macedonia Tops Balkan Economic Freedom List

The latest Index of Economic Freedom has put Macedonia at the top of the Balkan region in terms of economic freedom.

31 Dec 13

Bumper Year for Tourism Lifts Bulgaria's Gloom

The past year saw a rise in both visitor numbers and profits for Bulgaria's tourism industry, which had a successful 2013 amid the country’s other woes.

21 Nov 13

Macedonia to Start Work on Rail Link to Bulgaria

Construction of a long-awaited rail line to Bulgaria will start in February, and should be complete by 2022, Macedonia says.


09 Jul 14

Bulgaria Bank Panic Blamed on Oligarchs’ Feud

The mysterious recent run on banks may be linked to a conflict between rival businessmen, boding ill for the country’s prospects of stability, experts maintain.

Politics and Society

29 Aug 14

Bulgaria Accuses Russia of Waging 'Information War'

Defence Ministry report says Bulgaria is in an information war with Russia, as the Kremlin strives to regain its lost influence in the former Soviet bloc.

Culture and Lifestyle

30 May 14

European Obesity Congress Winds up in Sofia

Health care professionals and medical experts from all over Europe have been meeting in Bulgaria to mull the growing problem of spreading waistlines.