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The ‘Bosnian Spring’ Starts With a Bang

The Bosnian protests are the result of years of corruption, economic decay and in-fighting among ethno-political elites, but it is far from certain that they can bring real change.


Whatever Happened to the Plenums in Bosnia?

The protest movement that swept Bosnia earlier this year may have faded, but its principal legacy - a new sense of empowerment among the people – will endure.

By Soeren Keil

Bosnia Needs the Right Strategy for Change

The urgent need to take action in Bosnia should not sacrifice the importance of doing it properly, or the need for a constitution that guarantees political accountability.

Raluca Raduta

Bosnia’s Only Starting on Road to Democracy

Lack of agreement on whether Bosnia’s root problem is the Dayton structures, corruption, inequality - or something else - is a reminder of the challenges facing the protest movement.

By Soeren Keil

Bosnians Are Hungry in Three Languages

Bosnia must escape from its dead end through complete reform of its failed political system - with the aid of a new EU Marshall Plan.

By Wolfgang Petritsch

Five Reasons to Act Urgently on Bosnia

Don’t let Bosnia’s leaders – or the international community – off the hook with delay.

Edward P. Joseph

Bosnia Must be Rebuilt in Sarajevo, Not Brussels

The protests have shown clearly that Bosnians want to decide their own future, not have solutions handed down from elsewhere.

By Soeren Keil

Listen First Before Intervening in Bosnia

The US and EU should listen to the concerns of protesters on the streets before getting involved in order to avoid further entrenching Bosnia’s discredited political elites in power.

Florian Bieber

Only Outside Intervention Can Break Bosnia's Deadlock

If Bosnians want reform, they should look to the EU-led Kosovo-Serbia process - in which citizens and NGOs have played little or no part.

By Edward P Joseph responds to Valery Perry