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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

23 Jul 14

Bosnia to Decide Fate of 'Negligent' Spy Chief

Goran Zubac, head of Bosnia's State Investigative and Protection Agency, faces possible sacking on Wednesday in relation to his conduct in the February protests - after being denied access to secret data.

21 Jul 14

Bosnia Buries 284 Bodies from Wartime Mass Grave

Thousands of people gathered to mourn as the remains of 284 people recently found in Tomasica at the biggest mass grave discovered since the 1992-95 war were buried.

18 Jul 14

Sarajevans Protest Over Bombing of Gaza

Several hundred people marched through the Bosnian capital, calling for an end to the killings in Gaza and comparing its plights to that of Sarajevo during the 1992-95 siege.

18 Jul 14

Bosnia Vows to Spending Flood Aid Transparently

Bosnian officials have promised to act transparently in spending the 800 million euro pledged for post-flood reconstruction at Wednesday's donors' conference in Brussels.

17 Jul 14

Strasbourg Rules Against Ljubljana Bank and Slovenia

Ruling holds important implications for several hundred thousand former clients of the defunct bank in former Yugoslavia who lost millions in savings.

16 Jul 14

Donors Raise 1.8 Billion Euro For Bosnia, Serbia

An international donors' conference in Brussels held to raise funds for May's disastrous floods in the region has offered a total of 1.8 billion euro for Bosnia and Serbia.

16 Jul 14

Bosnia's Radoncic Shrugs Off Kelmendi Row

Fahrudin Radoncic's ambitions to run for the Bosnian Presidency have been dented by reports that he was named in person on Monday, during the reading of the indictment of alleged drugs boss Naser Kelmendi in court in Kosovo.

16 Jul 14

Netherlands Declared Liable for 300 Srebrenica Deaths

A Dutch court has ruled that the Netherlands was responsible for the deaths of more than 300 Bosniaks from Srebrenica in 1995 because its peacekeeping troops failed to protect them.

15 Jul 14

Bosnia Hopeful Ahead of Donors Conference

Ahead of the donors conference in Brussels on gathering aid to help Bosnia and Serbia repair flood damage, Bosnia's Foreign Minister said he was optimistic that money would be forthcoming.

15 Jul 14

Serbia Sends ‘Sima’s Chetniks’ Paramilitaries for Retrial

Six former members of the paramilitary group Sima’s Chetniks, previously convicted of killing 28 civilians including children during the Bosnian war, were sent for retrial.

14 Jul 14

Serbia Rattled by Turkish PM’s Bosnia ‘Threat’

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said he "wants to believe" that Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not say that anyone who dares upset Bosniaks will have to face 100 million Turks.

14 Jul 14

Bosnia Sums Up Flood Needs Before Donors Conference

Ahead of an international donors conference this week in Brussels, Bosnia said it had raised only a fraction of 2 billion euro worth of damage caused by the floods in May.

11 Jul 14

Serbian Activists Honour Srebrenica Massacre Victims

Amid heavy police presence, and despite threats, Serbian anti-war activists, led by the NGO Women in Black, honoured Bosniak victims of the 1995 slaughter in Srebrenica.

11 Jul 14

Srebrenica Marks Genocide Anniversary with Mass Burial

Mourners gathered to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres with a ceremony at which the bodies of 175 victims who were identified over the past year were buried.

08 Jul 14

Bosnia, Serbia Ready Flood Damage Bills For Donors

Representatives of EU member states, Bosnia and Serbia are gathering in Paris to discuss the damage assessments of the two countries hit by heavy floods in mid-May.


24 Jul 14

Divisive Memorials Are Holding Back Bosnia

As people in Prijedor mark the anniversary of their relatives' wartime deaths, are ethnically exclusive memorials - designed to fit one narrative only - hampering reconciliation in Bosnia?


21 Jul 14

Bosnia to Vote on Biggest Post-War Energy Project

Lawmakers of Bosnia's Federation Parliament are set to vote on a project to construct the Bloc 7 of the Tuzla power plant, described as Bosnia's most important energy investment in decades.

Culture and Lifestyle

17 Jul 14

Sarajevo's Restored City Hall Opens its Doors

Twenty-two years since Bosnian Serb shelling virtually destroyed this symbol of the lost splendour of the Austro-Hungarian era, the City Hall, the Vijecnica, is set to reopen at last.