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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

01 Oct 14

Bosnia Politicians Getting Richer, Report Shows

Data compiled by the Sarajevo Center for Investigative Reporting shows politicians property portfolios have continued to grow while the population as a whole gets poorer.

01 Oct 14

Karadzic Proclaims Innocence in Trial’s Closing Arguments

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic began his closing arguments at his war crimes trial in The Hague by insisting he was not guilty of masterminding atrocities including genocide.

01 Oct 14

Balkan Countries Exploiting Planet, WWF Says

New WWF report takes Balkan countries to task about their impact on the world's ecological system and environment.

30 Sep 14

Radovan Karadzic ‘Masterminded Terror’ in Sarajevo

On the second day of closing arguments at Karadzic’s trial, the former Bosnian Serb leader was accused of leading a reign of terror over Sarajevo’s besieged population during wartime.

29 Sep 14

Bosnians Say Farewell to Sulejman Tihic

At services held in Sarajevo and Samac, supporters, relatives and political colleagues of the veteran Bosniak politician and statesman Sulejman Tihic said goodbye.

29 Sep 14

Radovan Karadzic Trial Enters Final Phase

Prosecutors demanded a life sentence for Karadzic as closing arguments began in the war crimes trial of the former Bosnian Serb political leader at the Hague Tribunal.

29 Sep 14

NGO Report Gives Bosnia Govt Low Marks

A new report castigates Bosnia's state-level government and parliament as almost hopelessly inefficient.

26 Sep 14

Bosnians Pay Tribute as Sulejman Tihic Dies

After years of battling with cancer, the president of the largest Bosniak Party of Democratic Action, SDA, Sulejman Tihic, died in Sarajevo aged 63.

25 Sep 14

Bosnia Federation 'Wasted' Four Years, Report Says

The government of Bosnia's Federation entity lost most of the last four years in a series of political crises, with little focus on improving matters, a report by an NGO says.

24 Sep 14

Macedonia at Bottom of Regional Wage Table

Slovenes and Croats earn the biggest average wages in the former Yugoslavia, while Macedonians earn the least, according to Turkey's Anadolu Agency.

24 Sep 14

Bosnia Leaders Trade Accusations with US Diplomats

Days after two US officials accused Bosnia's ruling politicians of neglect and corruption, the Foreign Minister has hit back, accusing diplomats of misinformation and favouritism.

23 Sep 14

Croatia Joins Balkan Anti-IS Coalition

Alongside the other Balkan states, Croatia has joined the US-led coalition against the Islamic State militants, although its obligations remain unclear.

22 Sep 14

Bosnian Serbs Erect Huge Cross Above Sarajevo

The unauthorised installation of the cross on a hill above the Muslim-majority city besieged by Serb forces in wartime caused outrage, with reports that some people tried to pull it down.

22 Sep 14

Genocide Trial Archive Opens at Srebrenica Memorial

The Sense news agency, which covers war crimes trials, opened the new archive of case documents, witness testimonies and forensic evidence at the Srebrenica genocide memorial centre in Potocari.

19 Sep 14

US Officials Slate Bosnian Politicians Over Floods

Two top US officials in Bosnia have torn strips off Bosnia's political class, saying they did little or nothing to help victims of the May floods.


01 Oct 14

Martin Raguz: A Croat Who Looks to Bosnia

While stressing his determination to fight for Croatian rights if he wins a seat on the presidency, Martin Raguz emphasizes that Croats must look on Bosnia – not on Croatia – as their homeland.


29 Sep 14

Balkan States to Cut Mobile Roaming Charges

Following the EU's example, regulators in four Balkan countries have finally agreed to reduce mobile phone roaming charges, which are much higher than in western Europe.

Culture and Lifestyle

20 Aug 14

Same-Sex Comedy Tickles Sarajevo Festival-Goers

‘Love Island’, by Jasmila Zbanic and Aleksandar Hemon - which tackles the thorny issue of same-sex love from a comic angle - got a warm reception at the Sarajevo Film Festival.