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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

27 Nov 15

Bosnia Authorities Investigate Jihadist Website

Authorities in Bosnia are investigating an Islamist website that supports ISIS, calls for holy war in the Balkans - and praises the mass killings that recently rocked Paris.

26 Nov 15

Bosnian MPs Hail Blocking of Serb Nationalist’s Promotion

The lower house of the Bosnian parliament decided not to promote right-wing ‘Chetnik duke’ Nikola Poplasen to the board of the national agency responsible for higher education standards.

26 Nov 15

Balkan States Woo Chinese Investors at Summit

At the '16 + 1' summit, which opened on Tuesday, China is deepening its interest in Southeastern Europe, investing in trade, finance, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

25 Nov 15

Russia Repeats Call for Closure of Bosnia's OHR

The recent anniversary of Dayton Agreement redrew attention to the High Representative's future in Bosnia, with Russia and Bosnian Serb parties calling for the office to be closed.

24 Nov 15

Serbian Fighter Acquitted of Bosnia War Rapes

A Belgrade court acquitted former Serbian volunteer fighter Miodrag Zivkovic of raping two Bosniak women in the Bosnian town of Bijeljina during the war in 1992.

24 Nov 15

US-Published Documents Show West’s Srebrenica Failure

The US National Security Archive published documents detailing how the UN and international community failed to take action to prevent the Srebrenica massacres in July 1995.

24 Nov 15

Bosnia Investigates Police Station Blast

The Bosnian prosecution is investigating after an explosive device was thrown at a police station in Zavidovici overnight, with local police saying they suspect it could have been a terror attack.

24 Nov 15

Srebrenica Commander Oric’s War Crimes Case Delayed

Former Bosnian Army general Naser Oric’s trial will only begin after the UN court in The Hague decides whether the case should be dropped because he has already been acquitted of the charges.

23 Nov 15

Bosniak Fighter Jailed for Kozarac Killings

Former Bosniak fighter Muhamed Kusuran was sentenced to 12 years in prison for killing two civilians and attempting to kill two more in Kozarac near Prijedor in the summer of 1992.

20 Nov 15

Bill Clinton Celebrates Bosnia Peace Deal Anniversary

Former US President Clinton, who helped broker the agreement that ended the 1992-95 war, returned to Dayton where the deal was signed and said it was an achievement that should be celebrated.

20 Nov 15

Bosnia Urged to Intensify Hunt for Wartime Missing

Twenty years after the Dayton peace agreement ended the war, the International Committee of the Red Cross urged the authorities to intensify the search for around 7,000 people who are still missing.

19 Nov 15

Sarajevo Gunman's Identity and Suicide Confirmed

Bosnian police have confirmed the identity and suicide of the man who gunned down two soldiers in Sarajevo on Wednesday night - but the motives for his act remain unknown.

18 Nov 15

Two Soldiers Shot Dead in Bosnian Capital

A man shot dead two Bosnian army soldiers in a suburb of Sarajevo on Wednesday night and wounded several others. The reasons for the attack are unknown.

18 Nov 15

Bosnian Police Raid Bank Linked to Dodik

Bosnian police raided a bank in Bijeljina on Wednesday, as the opposition in Republika Srpska accused the bank of having illegally transferred €750,000 to President Milorad Dodik.

18 Nov 15

Bosnian Muslims Ponder Backlash After Paris Attacks

Bosnian Muslims do not believe the attacks in Paris will impact much on community relations in Bosnia - but are concerned about the increasingly negative perception of Islam in Europe.


24 Nov 15

Bosnia's National Airline Awaits Imminent Closure

BH Airlines, the troubled national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is likely to be put into liquidation before the end of the year after running up a debt of around 17.5 million euros.

Culture and Lifestyle

03 Nov 15

‘The Dark Ages’ Turns Bosnian War into Drama

Real-life testimonies from people who lived through recent conflicts in Europe have been transformed into a gripping theatre play - acted out by the people whose stories it highlights.