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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

30 Oct 14

Bosnians Punished Parties in Power, Panel Says

The recent elections showed that Bosnians voted against the incumbent political parties rather than for the ones that won, a panel discussion organised by psychologists has heard.

30 Oct 14

Radovan Karadzic Demands Secret Diplomatic Cables

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Karadzic wants the Hague Tribunal to reopen his defence case to admit confidential cables from Western ambassadors he believes will help prove his innocence.

30 Oct 14

Hundreds Still Homeless After Bosnia Floods

Around 250 of the around 2,000 families that were rendered homeless by the May floods in Bosnia are still without a roof over their heads today, experts estimate.

30 Oct 14

Bosnian Serbs to Remove Controversial Sarajevo Cross

The makeshift cross installed above the Bosnian capital to commemorate Serb victims of the 1990s conflict will be removed after it sparked angry reactions from Bosniak war victims.

29 Oct 14

Bosnia Parties Mull Complex Coalition Options

While Bosnia's three main ethnic parties did best in the recent elections, the shape of future coalition arrangements remains hard to predict, as several other parties won significant levels of support.

29 Oct 14

Two Bosnian Serbs Convicted of Visegrad Massacre

Former Bosnian Serb reservist policemen Predrag Milisavljevic and Milos Pantelic were both sentenced to 20 years in prison for the executions of 48 Bosniak civilians from Visegrad in 1992.

28 Oct 14

Bosnia Election Results Seal Nationalists' Triumph

Bosnia's Central Electoral Commission has published the final results of the general elections held two weeks ago, confirming the victory of the main ethnic-based parties.

28 Oct 14

Bosnia Declares 2014 ‘Year of Missing Persons’

Bosnia and Herzegovina has belatedly declared 2014 the Year of Missing Persons, vowing to intensify the search for the remaining 8,000 people still unaccounted for after the 1990s conflict.

27 Oct 14

Bosnia Releases Ministers Suspected of Tax Fraud

Two Bosnian Federation ministers suspected of fraud were released on bail in a case related to alleged tax avoidance which is claimed to have cost the country six million euro.

27 Oct 14

Bosnian Prosecutor Slams Media Fraud Suspects’ Release

The Bosnian prosecutor’s office said it would issue a complaint over the release of nine telecoms officials and media figures suspected of fraud involving marketing businesses and offshore companies.

27 Oct 14

Bosnian Intelligence Agency Urged to Open up

A Sarajevo round table heard calls for Bosnia's Intelligence Security Agency, OSA, to be more open about its plans to counter the various security threats to the country.

24 Oct 14

Brussels to Monitor Balkan Economies Each Year

Balkan countries pledged to send their annual economic plans to the EU at a conference in Belgrade - which also marked the first time that the Serbian capital hosted Kosovo officials.

24 Oct 14

Bosnia Seeks Detention For Gibraltar Gang Suspects

Bosnia's Prosecutor has demanded detention for the nine arrested in a police action codenamed Gibraltar, which included telecoms officials and marketing and television figures.

23 Oct 14

Dodik Party Stakes Claim to Run Republika Srpska

Milorad Dodik says his governing Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD, intends to form the next government in Bosnia's predominantly Serbian entity.

22 Oct 14

Unrest Returns to Birthplace of Bosnia Protests

Protesting workers in Tuzla are calling for the resignation of the cantonal government that was appointed after the February protests.


30 Oct 14

Rule of Law Turns Unruly in Bosnia

Almost constant battles between top judicial institutions will leave Bosnia even more exposed to crime, corruption and terrorism, experts fear.


29 Oct 14

Balkans Do Better in 'Doing Business' Report

Most Balkan states have improved their positions in the World Bank's latest “Doing Business” report - some much more than others.

Culture and Lifestyle

06 Oct 14

Vanessa Redgrave Premieres Bosnia Protest Film

Actress Vanessa Redgrave and her son Carlo Nero held the premiere in Sarajevo of their new documentary 'Bosnia Rising', which follows the events that triggered mass protests this year.