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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

01 Apr 15

Bosnia Beats Deadline to Form New Governments

After six months of political wrangling that took the country to the edge of the abyss, Bosnia and Herzegovina finally got new state-level and Federation entity governments.

31 Mar 15

Feud Poses Threat to Bosnian Serb Leadership

The government of the Bosnian Serb entity, Republika Srpska, could be left without a majority owing to a growing feud between Milorad Dodik and one his party's leading figures.

27 Mar 15

Balkan Media Freedom in ‘Sharp Decline’, Report

A new report says media freedom and integrity in Bosnia, Macedonia and Serbia have deteriorated over the past months, blaming it on the countries’ governments - and on the EU.

26 Mar 15

Ambassador's Resignation Exposes Bosnian Serb Rifts

The Bosnian ambassador to Serbia, a close associate of the President of the Republika Srpska, has resigned amid a deepending power struggle in the Bosnian Serb bloc.

25 Mar 15

Bosnian Serb Leader Urges Srebrenica ‘Truth Commission’

Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik has called for the creation of a new international commission about the massacres of Bosniaks from Srebrenica in July 1995, which he called a “huge crime”.

25 Mar 15

Pope Aims to Strike Peaceful Note in Bosnia

Catholic officials in Bosnia have revealed the first details of the June visit of Pope Francis, which is drawing a good deal of interest across the counry's ethnic and religious divide.

25 Mar 15

Serbia Takes Part in Balkan Summit in Kosovo

A regional conference of ministers from six Balkan states opened in Pristina on Wednesday - with Serbia taking part in a summit in Pristina for the first time.

24 Mar 15

Croatia Leads NATO Balkan Team in Afghanistan

Croatia will be the leading nation in a joint regional military team in the new NATO mission in Afghanistan, which will contain more than 200 troops altogether.

24 Mar 15

Turkish Ties Land Bosnian Serb Mayor in Hot Water

A Bosnian Serb Mayor is facing a local backlash over plans to link the town of Doboj to an association of municipalities centred on Turkey - a country many Serbs see as a historic foe.

18 Mar 15

Serbia Arrests Eight for Srebrenica Massacre

Serbia has detained eight former Bosnian Serb policemen accused of involvement in the mass killings of Bosniaks from Srebrenica in July 1995.

18 Mar 15

Serb Party Boycott Deepens Bosnia's Paralysis

Bosnia is facing grave political deadlock, local and international officials warned, after the main Serbian party withdrew its MPs from the state parliament, leaving it without a quorum.

17 Mar 15

Bosnian Serb Leader Berated for Insulting Journalist

Following his verbal assualt on Gordana Katana, the Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik is facing fresh criticism for using coarse and insulting language with journalists.

16 Mar 15

Bosnia’s Radoncic Accused at Kelmendi Drug Trial

Bosnian politician and media mogul Fahrudin Radoncic allegedly claimed to have the final word on any assassinations or other illicit activity conducted by alleged drug dealer Naser Kelmendi, a court heard.

16 Mar 15

Brussels Clears Bosnia's Route to EU

EU foreign ministers approved the activation of Bosnia's Stabilisation and Association Agreement, but the breakthrough was marred by a new parliment boycott by the main Bosnian Serb party.

16 Mar 15

Hooligan Attack Raises Ethnic Tensions in Bosnia

Five young people were injured when a bus carrying teenage players from a football club from a mainly Bosnian Croat town was attacked in the predominantly Bosniak capital.


30 Mar 15

Cantonal Feuds Spell Trouble for Bosnia’s Federation Govt

The future of the coalition government in the Federation entity looks highly uncertain, given the wrangling between the three parties at the level of the entity’s ten cantons.


11 Mar 15

Balkan Economies Falling Behind, IMF Warns

The Western Balkan are lagging behind other former Communist transitional countries and need to complete the transformation process that began two decades ago, an IMF report says.  

Culture and Lifestyle

19 Mar 15

Power Dams Pose Threat to Rare Balkan Salmon

Planned hydroelectric power plants on Balkan rivers pose a deadly threat to the survival of the Mladica, known as the Balkan salmon, the NGO Riverwatch says.