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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

03 Jul 15

Angry Bosnian Farmers Give Away Their Food

As a gesture of desperation, Bosnian farmers handed out food products for free to crowds of Sarajevans on Thursday, demanding government measures to keep agriculture alive.

02 Jul 15

Bosnian Serbs Delay Electricity Price Rise After Protests

Authorities in Republika Srpska have bowed to public pressure and postponed a planned increase in the electricity price – at least temporarily.

02 Jul 15

UN ‘Shares Blame for Srebrenica Genocide’

At a UN General Assembly event to commemorate the 1995 massacres of Bosniaks, secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said the UN shared the blame because it did not prevent genocide being committed.

30 Jun 15

Bosnian Serb Leader Plans Poll Challenging State Court

The president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska proposed a referendum challenging the state-level court's authority but faces resistance from the Serb opposition and the international community.

30 Jun 15

Serbian President ‘Ready’ to Go to Srebrenica

After initially refusing to attend the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Srebrenica massacres, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said he was now ready to go in order to help reconciliation.

30 Jun 15

Serb Leaders 'Toying' With UN Srebrenica Resolution

The Bosnian Serb Chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency has accused the presidents of Serbia and of Republika Srpska of using the tensions over the British-backed UN Srebrenica resolution for their own political intrigues.

29 Jun 15

Bosnian Serbs Urge UN to Drop Srebrenica Resolution

A Bosnian Serb leader told the UN secretary-general that a planned Security Council resolution to mark the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres would cause more divisions.

29 Jun 15

Serbia Unveils Monument to Gavrilo Princip

Serbia’s president unveiled a statue of Princip, whose murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand helped to spark World War I, saying that the assassin tried to liberate Balkan countries from slavery.

29 Jun 15

Serbia Throws Bosnian Serbs Financial Lifeline

Serbian officials say Serbia may offer financial aid to Republika Srpska to stave off the threat of bankruptcy in the Serbian-dominated entity of Bosnia.

26 Jun 15

Srebrenica Commander Oric Extradited to Sarajevo

Former Bosnian Army general Naser Oric arrived in the Bosnian capital after being extradited from Switzerland, where he was being held on a Serbian war crimes warrant.

26 Jun 15

Ailing Bosnian Oil Firm Flogs Assets to Raise Cash

Growing debt and unsustainable operations are forcing Optima Group, the leading Bosnian Serb oil company, to start selling assets - raising fears that the company's Russian owners want out.

26 Jun 15

Srebrenica Commander’s Extradition Sparks Serb Fury

The Swiss authorities’ decision to extradite Srebrenica’s wartime Bosniak commander Naser Oric to Bosnia instead of Serbia has angered political leaders in Belgrade and Banja Luka.

25 Jun 15

Switzerland to Extradite Naser Oric to Bosnia

Former Bosnian Army general Naser Oric will to be extradited from Switzerland to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he is under investigation for war crimes, despite Belgrade’s plea for him to be sent to Serbia.

25 Jun 15

Croatia's Adriatic Bridge Plan Alarms Bosnia

Croatian plans to push on with building a bridge over the Peljesac peninsula, to connect the south to the mainland, have again alarmed Bosnia, which sees it as a threat.

25 Jun 15

Bosnian Serbs’ Renaming of Language Angers Bosniaks

Bosniak officials, teachers and parents expressed anger after schools in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska changed of the name of their language without consultation.


02 Jul 15

New IMF Loan Slips out of Bosnia's Reach

Failure to obtain new arrangement from the IMF brings Bosnia closer to bankruptcy and puts new EU initiative for the troubled country in jeopardy.

Culture and Lifestyle

30 Jun 15

Sarajevo Hosts War Reporters’ Festival

War correspondents, historians, film-makers and activists gathered in Sarajevo for an annual festival aimed at promoting the best of conflict reporting and war-related art.