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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 Apr 14

EU Ministers Slate Separatist Talk in Bosnia

After the EU Foreign Affairs Council discussed Bosnia on Monday, it said separatist rhetoric must go and politicians need to focus more on economic development and jobs.

15 Apr 14

Hague Tribunal Rejects Ratko Mladic’s Acquittal Plea

The international court turned down former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic’s request to quash the genocide and war crime charges against him midway through his trial.

14 Apr 14

Serbia Ruling Party Backs Republika Srpska Opposition

The vice-president of the Serbian Progressive Party said that it would not forget the support it has received from Republika Srpska’s opposition Serb Democratic Party.

14 Apr 14

Restoration of Sarajevo's Iconic City Hall Nearly Over

More than two decades since it was burned down in the Bosnian Serb siege of the city, the Vijecnica, or City Hall, is preparing to reopen this summer.

10 Apr 14

Plenums Tell Bosnia Federation Govt to Quit

The 'plenum of all plenums', meeting in Sarajevo, demanded the resignation of the Federation entity government as well as a review of all privatization agreements.

09 Apr 14

Bosniaks and Croats Unveil Joint Plan For Mostar

The two main Bosniak and Croat parties in Mostar said they would work together on economic issues in the city, putting aside their political disputes over the voting system.

08 Apr 14

HDZ Chiefs Back Croat Demands in Bosnia

The heads of the Croatian and Bosnian wings of the HDZ on Monday said Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina needed real equality if Bosnia was to forward in EU integration.

08 Apr 14

Bosnia Court Frees Two Alleged Arsonists

A Bosnian Court has abolished custody for two persons suspected of terrorism for having allegedly set fire to the Bosnian Presidency building during the February 7 protests.

07 Apr 14

Sarajevans Demand Justice Over Death on Road

Hundreds of people protested on Sunday in Sarajevo, demanding justice over the death of 27-year-old Hava Sljivic-Dovadzija, who was killed last week when Semir Rastoder ran her down with his car.

07 Apr 14

Serbia-Bosnia War Crimes Protocol Generates Indictments

The Bosnian prosecution will soon file two indictments over war crimes against Serbs as a result of cooperation agreed with Belgrade in a landmark protocol signed last year.

04 Apr 14

Rock Band Urges Bosnians to Keep Protests Alive

Sarajevans enjoyed a surprise concert by Dubioza Kolektiv, a popular band, whose members urged them to keep up street protests and support the newly formed civic plenums.

04 Apr 14

Balkans Rank Midway in Social Progress League

New report says countries from the Western Balkan region rank just above mid-way in the world when it comes to general wellbeing and social progress.

03 Apr 14

Bosnian Serbs Seek Russian Loan to Replace IMF

Bosnia's mainly Serbian entity is negotiating a loan of almost 300 million euro from Russia, which it hopes will replace the need to borrow cash from the IMF.

02 Apr 14

Dodik Accused of Manipulating Referendum Issue

Bosnian Serb opposition dismiss Republika Srpska leader's claim that he may go for independence if country is not reorganised as a tripartite confederation.

02 Apr 14

Bosnian Police Warn About War Crimes Conman

Police in Prijedor are searching for a man who they suspect of falsely claiming to be collecting financial aid for the families of war crimes convicts from the Bosnian city.


18 Apr 14

Why Bosnia’s Protest Movement Ran out of Steam

Months after a wave of protests had Bosnia’s political establishment running scared, the energy has faded away, leaving some wondering what legacy – if any – the movement has left behind.


28 Mar 14

Privatization Kills off Bosnia’s Oil Industry

Supposedly ‘lifesaving’ privatization deals with foreign partners have been a disaster for oil companies in both Bosnia’s entities.

Culture and Lifestyle

16 Apr 14

Bosnia Museum Defies Pressure to Re-open

Bosnia's National Museum and the Federation entity government are in a stand-off over whether the ancient cultural institution should re-open its doors this summer.