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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

03 Mar 15

Croatian President Eases Tensions on Bosnia Visit

On her first official foreign visit since becoming Croatia's new President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has sought to play down controversies over the status of Croats in Bosnia.

03 Mar 15

Belgrade Indicts Five Serbs for Strpci War Crime

The Belgrade prosecution indicted five former Bosnian Serb fighters for killing 20 passengers who were abducted from a train in Strpci in Bosnia 22 years ago.

02 Mar 15

US to Deport 150 Bosnians Over War Crimes

Immigration officials in the United States are planning to deport over 150 Bosnians who they suspect of participating in war crimes during the 1990s conflict, media reports said.

02 Mar 15

Disputes Simmer Over Bosnian Independence Day

The 23rd anniversary of the referendum on Bosnia’s independence from the former Yugoslavia again highlighted the ethnic and political divisions that still run deep in the country.

02 Mar 15

Collapse of Bosnia’s Ruling Coalition Deepens Crisis

Talks about the formation of the new government in the Bosniak-Croat Federation hit a dead-end, threatening a previous agreement on the distribution of seats in the state administration.

02 Mar 15

Sarajevo Plans New Wartime Siege Museum

A park in the city centre has been set aside for the construction of a multimedia museum dedicated to the city’s siege by Bosnian Serb forces between 1992 and 1995.

27 Feb 15

Serbia Promises Imminent Strpci Abduction Indictments

Twenty-two years after Serb fighters seized 20 passengers from a train in Bosnia and killed them, the Serbian war crimes prosecution said that indictments will be issued in the coming days.

27 Feb 15

Fugitive Bosnian Serb General’s Case in Limbo

Former Bosnian Serb general Novak Djukic fled to Serbia last year after being convicted of wartime crimes in Tuzla, but there is no indication when or if Belgrade will jail him.

27 Feb 15

Croatia's New President Faces Questions on Bosnia Visit

After selecting neighbouring Bosnia for her first official visit as the new President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will face questions over her sometimes controversial views on the country's internal arrangments.

26 Feb 15

DNA May Help Bosnia Solve Lawyer's Mystery Killing

DNA traces found at the crime scene may lead Bosnian police to the killer of Jasmina Koricic - who perished from a bomb planted in front of her office in the western town of Bihac.

26 Feb 15

Bosnia Judge Arrested Over Bribery Allegations

A State Court judge has been arrested on suspicion of taking a bribe in a case against a former police official who was on trial for corruption.

26 Feb 15

Balkans Told to Curb Flow of Asylum Seekers

After the European Commission revealed that the number of false asylum seekers from the Balkans rose by 40 per cent last year, Brussels has called for more decisive action to curb the numbers heading westwards.

26 Feb 15

Talks on New Govt for Bosnia Federation Fail

The larger of Bosnia's two entities remains without a new government after the parties failed to agree on the distribution of ministerial seats.

26 Feb 15

War-Battered Bosnian Mosque to be Rebuilt

The 16th century Emperor’s Mosque in the town of Foca, which was badly damaged by Bosnian Serb forces during the war in 1992, is to be reconstructed.

24 Feb 15

Bosnians Argue Over Claim to Slice of Montenegro

Bosnia's parliament held a public debate to work out an agreed position on an old-new territorial dispute with neighbouring Montenegro over the Sutorina area.


03 Mar 15

Bosnia’s Elites are ‘Ignoring the New Reality’

A leading sociologist, Dino Abazovic, says elite focuses on ethnic identity and conflict ignore the fact that for most people today, the struggle between rich and poor is what matters.

18 Feb 15

Blood Ties


24 Feb 15

Oil Probe Draws Blank in Bosnian Serb Entity

Oil has been found in the north of Republika Srpska - but not enough to justify exploitation, a minister has warned, adding that the search would go on.

Culture and Lifestyle

09 Feb 15

Culture Festival Brightens Sarajevo’s Winter

Bosnia’s showpiece winter arts festival has opened in the capital, offering music, film, theatre, literature and visual art events for the 31st year in a row.