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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

13 Oct 15

Rats Infest Bosnia’s Mostar Amid Political Deadlock

Due to a prolonged political crisis which has affected the work of its public services, the streets of the southern town of Mostar are overflowing with garbage and infested with vermin.

12 Oct 15

EU Foreign Ministers Condemn Bosnian Serb Referendum

The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council warned that a planned Bosnian Serb referendum challenging the authority of the state-level judiciary could damage the country’s cohesion and territorial integrity.

12 Oct 15

Strpci Train Massacre Trial Opens in Bosnia

Ten former Bosnian Serb fighters went on trial in Sarajevo for allegedly abducting about 20 passengers from a train at Strpci railway station in 1993 and then killing them.

09 Oct 15

Returnee Homes Ravaged as Bosnia's Tensions Rise

Recent savage attack on Bosniak returnees' homes in a village in southern Bosnia forms part of a disturbing trend in the divided country.

09 Oct 15

Bosnia Camp Survivors Seek End to Court Fees

Former Bosnian camp inmates who have filed lawsuits for damages for their suffering say they are being made victims again by being made to pay judicial fees.

08 Oct 15

Bosnia Prosecutor Says Negligence Case Sends Wrong Message

A former Bosnian state prosecutor said if he is found guilty of prioritizing complex war crimes cases instead of focusing on simple ones, it will send 'a dangerous message".

07 Oct 15

Over 500 Indicted For War Crimes in Bosnia

Bosnia's state prosecution has charged 509 persons with war crimes over the past ten years, 235 of whom were indicted in the last two-and-a-half years, it said in a statement.

06 Oct 15

Bosnian Serb Blocs Prepare for Assembly Duel

The political scene in Republika Srpska is tensing up as two opposing blocs prepare for a showdown in the assembly that will reveal which of the two has the upper hand.

06 Oct 15

Bosnia Federation Govt Wins New Ally for Reforms

The opposition SBB has pledged to lend full support to the government of Bosnia's Federation entity, ending months of political turmoil and giving a new hope for EU-oriented reforms.

02 Oct 15

Hague Prosecutors Dispute Mladic's Ballistic Expert

At the trial of former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic, the Hague prosecutors disputed the expertise and reliability of the Defence's ballistic expert, Zorica Subotic.

01 Oct 15

Bosnians Clash Over State Court at EU Meeting

Representatives of the Bosnian state judiciary and the justice ministry in the Serb dominated Republika Srpska entity have clashes over the jurisdiction of the state court at an EU seminar.

30 Sep 15

Former HVO Fighter Charged With War Crimes

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has filed an indictment against Almaz Nezirovic for war crimes in the northern Derventa and Bosanski Brod municipalities.

30 Sep 15

Mladic Expert Denies Missile Caused Markale Massacre

Testifying for Ratko Mladic, ballistic expert Zorica Subotic said that the killings in the Markale market in 1994 were not caused by a mortar missile but by a stationary explosive.

29 Sep 15

Balkan Reconciliation a Fragile Process

Marking the 20th anniversary of the Dayton accords that ended the Bosnian war, a conference heard that relations in the region are still easily inflamed.

29 Sep 15

Karadzic Demands Probe Into UN Prisoners' Health

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has asked the UN to investigate an alleged increase in the number of malignant diseases among defendants in the Hague tribunal.


12 Oct 15

Distorted Remembrance Culture ‘Traps Bosnia in Past’

Bosnia’s wartime divisions are being passed to onto the next generation, because there is no systematic approach to remembering the 1992-95 conflict, a Bosnian professor warns.


30 Sep 15

Hotels Flourish as Sarajevo Changes its Image

Once seen as a tourist no-go area and a 'war zone', hotels are booming in Sarajevo as the city reinvents itself as a cultural and culinary hotspot in the Balkans.

Culture and Lifestyle

16 Sep 15

Bosnia Museum Re-opens After Three-Year Wait

Bosnian treasures including a famous medieval Jewish manuscript are now again on show after the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina finally re-opened after three years.