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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

30 Jan 15

Montenegro, Bosnia at Loggerheads Over Border

Montenegro and Bosnia are no closer to overcoming a border dispute over the Sutorina area, in the hinterland of the Adriatic, to which both countries lay claim.

30 Jan 15

Bosnia Presidency Seals EU Reform Declaration

After weeks of political wrangling, three members of the Bosnian Presidency finally agreed over the text of declaration that should unlock the country’s EU path.

30 Jan 15

Bosnian Serb Officers Jailed for Srebrenica Massacres

The Hague Tribunal rejected five former Bosnian Serb Army officers’ appeals against their convictions for war crimes including genocide against Bosniaks from Srebrenica in 1995.

29 Jan 15

Srebrenica Survivors Await Bosnian Serb Officers’ Verdict

The Hague Tribunal delivers its first verdict of the year on Friday in the case of five former Bosnian Serb Army officers appealing against convictions related to the Srebrenica genocide.

29 Jan 15

Serbian Church Sparks Anger by Honouring Seselj

The awarding of a Serbian Orthodox religious honour to nationalist leader and war crimes defendant Vojislav Seselj was condemned as an insult to victims of the 1990s conflicts.

29 Jan 15

Report Raps Balkan States’ Human Rights Failings

Governments in the Western Balkans should step up their efforts to improve human rights protection to further their European integration, Human Rights Watch said.

29 Jan 15

Bosnian Serbs Mull 'Reply' to EU Reform Plan

The new EU initiative for Bosnia has encountered further problems after the Republika Srpska leader expressed reservations and his government pushed ahead with its own reform plans.

28 Jan 15

Montenegro PM: Bosnia Claim to Coast Destructive

Ruling out international arbitration on the issue, Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said Bosnian attempts to revise border issues would get nowhere - but were damaging the image of the region.

28 Jan 15

Freedom House Moves Kosovo up - Bosnia, Macedonia Down

The latest report of the US-based watchdog Freedom House on global political rights and civil liberties has moved Kosovo up a notch - and Macedonia and Bosnia down.

28 Jan 15

Bosnia Serb Govt 'Trying to Censor Social Networks'

Experts, journalists associations and opposition parties have slated plans by Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity to extend law and order legislation to include the Internet.

28 Jan 15

War Traumas Influence Bosnia Suicide Rate

Over 450 people committed suicide in 2014 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder linked to the 1990s conflict cited as some of the causes.

27 Jan 15

Croatia Drops Warrant for Branimir Glavas Arrest

Zagreb county court revoked an international warrant for wartime general Branimir Glavas, who could now return to Croatia without being detained after the quashing of his war crimes conviction.

27 Jan 15

Montenegro Commemorates Bosnian War Hero

A memorial was held in Podgorica on the anniversary of the death of Srdjan Aleksic, a Serb who was murdered while trying to save his Bosniak friend’s life during the war in 1993.

27 Jan 15

Bosnian Islamist Arrested in Croatia Handed to Austria

A suspected Islamic jihadist on Interpol’s Red List was arrested on the Bosnian-Croatian border and secretly extradited to Austria, local media reported on Monday.

27 Jan 15

Bosnia Urged to Criminalise Holocaust Denial

The Bosnian authorities should adopt a law to punish people who deny war crimes such as the Holocaust and the Srebrenica genocide, rights groups urged on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


28 Jan 15

Branimir Glavas: A Murky Saga of Croatian Justice

The convoluted case of Glavas, a Croatian military commander and once-powerful politician released after his war crimes sentence was quashed, has revived questions about atrocities committed in 1991.


14 Jan 15

World Bank Revises Croatia's GDP Growth Down

In more bad news for the struggling centre-left government, the World Bank has altered its earlier forecast of Croatia’s GDP growth in 2015, cutting it from 1.2 to 0.5 per cent.

Culture and Lifestyle

29 Jan 15

Winter Thrills in the Balkans’ Best Mountain Resorts

Snowy fun on offer in the region’s three best resorts: Kopaonik, Jahorina and Bansko.