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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

30 May 16

Bosnian Serb Ex-Official Accused of War Crimes

The Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Centre and a Bosnian war victims’ association filed a complaint against a former Bosnian Serb official, accusing him of responsibility for murders, looting and illegal detentions.

27 May 16

Bosnia War Victims Slate Call to Release Karadzic

Representatives of Bosnian victims' associations have condemned reports that the Hague tribunal is considering temporarily releasing the former Bosnian Serb leader.

25 May 16

Tito’s Admirers Celebrate His Birthday Across Ex-Yugoslavia

Thirty-six years after the death of Josip Broz Tito, his nostalgic admirers in many of the former Yugoslav states still commemorate his birthday despite criticism of his undemocratic regime.

23 May 16

Bosnia Fines Football Clubs for Nationalist Chants

Over the 2015-16 Bosnian football league season, the country’s clubs had to pay a total of more than 140,000 euros in fines, many for their supporters’ use of nationalist chants and slogans.

20 May 16

Radovan Karadzic Lawyer Paid $1,000 a Day

The UN war crimes court pays around $1,000 a day to US lawyer Peter Robinson while he is working on former Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic’s appeal against his conviction.

20 May 16

Bosnia Indicts Ex-Mujahideen Fighter for Kidnapping Croats

Mirsad Hodzic, also known as Abu Dzafer, a former member of the Bosnian Army’s El Mujahid detachment, is accused of abducting and torturing three Croat civilians in Travnik in 1993.

19 May 16

Bosnian Serbs Denounce Pledge to Publish Census

Normally warring Bosnian Serb politicians have united to slate the decision of the state statistics agency to publish the 2013 census results, without first reaching an agreement between all three statistical agencies.

19 May 16

Bosniak, Croat War Veterans Rally for Higher Pensions

Some 10,000 veterans of the Bosnian Army and the Croatian Defence Council protested in cities across the country’s Federation entity, asking for higher pensions.

19 May 16

Bosnia Statistics Agency Vows to Publish Census

Bosnia's state statistical agency on Wednesday said it would ensure the long-awaited 2013 census results are released before the July 1 deadline - despite the continued lack of an agreement on the methodology.

18 May 16

Serbia Acquits 10 of Hiding Ratko Mladic

A Serbian court cleared 10 people of helping former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic evade arrest while he was on the run from war crimes charges in the 2000s.

18 May 16

RS Opposition Fears Interference From Serbia

The opposition bloc in Republika Srpska is concerned that Belgrade is openly supporting their rivals - and might try to determine the results of upcoming local elections in Bosnia.

17 May 16

Bosnian Boxing Star Acquitted of Wartime Crimes

Former world champion boxer Mensur Peljto was acquitted of abusing and torturing Serb civilians and prisoners of war while he was a fighter with the Croatian Defence Council in 1992.

16 May 16

Bosnia Struggles to Tighten Gambling Regulations

While many politicians and experts say Bosnia needs to tighten up its gambling regulations, reform is proving difficult to get through parliament.

14 May 16

'War of Rallies' Underlines Bosnian Serb Divisions

Two parallel rallies, organized by ruling and opposition parties, passed without incident but underlined the tensions and deep political divisions among Bosnian Serbs.

14 May 16

Bosnian Serb 'Capital' Braces For Rival Protests

Authorities of Republika Srpska are hunkering down ahead of simultaneous protests that will take place on Saturday in Banja Luka, which it is feared could result in disorder.


26 May 16

Vojislav Seselj Seeks Political Resurrection in Bosnia

With his popularity boosted by his war crimes acquittal, Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj is hoping to stage a political comeback among Bosnia’s Serbs as well as in his home country.

10 May 16

Outrage Over War Led Bosnian to Syria

04 May 16

The False Threat of Secession in Bosnia


25 May 16

Bosnia Clinches New €550m Deal With IMF

Bosnia hopes new four-year IMF deal will cover a looming liquidity crisis - but some pundits fear it is too little, too late.

03 May 16

Bosnia Moves to Push Banks to Release Reserves

Culture and Lifestyle

28 May 16

More to Mostar than a Bridge

There is much more to the Mostar area than the old bridge - starting with the mysterious Dervish house at Blagaj, the waterfalls at Kravice and the turreted castle of Ostrozac.

31 Dec 15

Ring in the New Year Balkan Style

31 Dec 15

In Pictures: Raising Deer at a Bosnian Ranch