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Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

17 Oct 14

Bosnia's SDP in Turmoil After Election Failure

After the party's vote dismal result in the recent elections, the Social Democratic Party is facing a crisis as Zlatko Lagumdzija steps down as leader since 1997.

16 Oct 14

Bosnian Serb Rivals Bid For Coalition Partners

Neither of the two parties that won most votes in the elections in Bosnia’s mainly Serbian entity can govern alone - so each is hunting for potential coalition partners.

16 Oct 14

Bosnian Serb Cross Sparks Anger in Srebrenica

People who survived the Srebrenica massacres condemned the raising of a Serbian Orthodox cross near the memorial for the thousands of Bosniaks who were killed in 1995.

16 Oct 14

Mladic Witness: Seizing Sarajevo Meant Suicide

A former officer told Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial that Bosnian Serb forces were not strong enough to seize Sarajevo during the 1992-95 siege of the city.

15 Oct 14

Bosniak Party Mulls Options After Bosnia Election Win

After Bosnia's main Bosniak party, SDA, won most votes in the general election, it is tipped to form a new state government with the two largest Serbian and Croatian parties.

14 Oct 14

Serbian Opposition Does Well in Bosnia Elections

Results of Sunday's elections in Bosnia have been a disappointment for Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik - whose party could lose the Serbian seat on the state presidency alongside control of the Serbian entity assembly.

13 Oct 14

Bosnia Victors Emerge as Ballot Count Continues

Bakir Izetbegovic and Dragan Covic will take the Bosniak and Croat seats in Bosnia’s tripartite presidency after nationwide elections, but the race for the Serb seat remains close.

13 Oct 14

Bosnia Awaits Presidency Results After National Polls

Bakir Izetbegovic, leader of the main Bosniak Party, won a seat in the Bosnian tripartite presidency, but the winners of the Serb and Croat seats remain unclear as vote-counting continues.

12 Oct 14

Bosnians Head to Polls in Close-Run Election

Outcome of the election is unclear in an atmosphere of weariness and disillusion with current officeholders.

11 Oct 14

Bosnia Poll Puts Komsic and Dodik in Lead

A poll published ahead of Sunday's vote show Zeljko Komsic's Democratic Front and Milorad Dodik's Alliance of Independent Social Democrats ahead in the Bosnian election.

09 Oct 14

Insults Fly Ahead of Sunday's Vote in Bosnia

Accusations of incompetence, corruption and mafia ties, as well as personal insults, have characterised the raucous campaign ahead of Bosnia's general election on Sunday.

09 Oct 14

EU Raps Balkans Over War Crimes Prosecutions

The latest EU progress report said that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia are still making unacceptably slow progress in prosecuting war crimes.

08 Oct 14

EU Commission Charts Uneven Progress in Balkans

Most Balkan countries have made some progress on their EU path, but key areas of concern remain organised crime, corruption, the rule of law, the courts, politicized state administrations - and giving a free media room to breathe.

08 Oct 14

Karadzic Judges Consider Verdict After Marathon Trial

Judges in Radovan Karadzic’s trial have retired to consider their verdict after the former Bosnian Serb leader told the Hague Tribunal he had a “clear conscience” and expected acquittal.

07 Oct 14

Balkan Progress Slow, EU Commission Says

Upcoming EU Progress Reports on the Western Balkan countries will say each of the countries has much to do - though some are clearly making more progress than others.


17 Oct 14

Bosnia’s Search for Bones and Truth

A year after Bosnia’s largest mass grave was found in Tomasica, the incredible story of its discovery highlights victims’ families desperate attempts to gain justice from the authorities.


17 Oct 14

Balkan States Face Crisis if Russia Halts Gas Flow

Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia could face a very cold winter if Russia halts gas exports to the EU, a gas stress test carried out by Brussels says.

Culture and Lifestyle

06 Oct 14

Vanessa Redgrave Premieres Bosnia Protest Film

Actress Vanessa Redgrave and her son Carlo Nero held the premiere in Sarajevo of their new documentary 'Bosnia Rising', which follows the events that triggered mass protests this year.