Bosnia's Federation to Vote on Labour Law Reform

Despite protests by some trade unions, Bosnia’s Federation parliament is to vote on a new labour law that is key to reopening the country's path to the EU and getting a loan from the IMF.

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Chaos at Srebrenica Has Defiled Memory of Genocide

The attack on the Serbian leader in Srebrenica marked the culmination of weeks of local, regional and global political games that have brought Bosnia to boiling point.

Srecko Latal

The Balkans, Interrupted

Edward P. Joseph

Bosnia Press Review - July 29, 2015

Radoncic will not support the proposed labour law. The SDA and SBiH agreed to work together in the Federation parliament. No threat to visa liberalisation for Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Sarajevo Film Festival Expects 100,000 Visitors

One of the leading European film festivals will bring top cinematic works, renowned directors and movie stars to the Bosnian capital in August and attendance figures are expected to rise again this year.