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French Ambassador Leaves Bosnia by Bike

With his unusual decision to cycle back to France, departing ambassador Roland Gilles sent a message about breaking down barriers in communities to the divided country.

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Divisive Memorials Are Holding Back Bosnia

As people in Prijedor mark the anniversary of their relatives' wartime deaths, are ethnically exclusive memorials - designed to fit one narrative only - hampering reconciliation in Bosnia?

Radhika Singh

Bosnia Press Review - September 2, 2014

War criminal died in prison; the SDA will not be choosing Serbs; Raids in Banja Luka and surroundings.


Same-Sex Comedy Tickles Sarajevo Festival-Goers

‘Love Island’, by Jasmila Zbanic and Aleksandar Hemon - which tackles the thorny issue of same-sex love from a comic angle - got a warm reception at the Sarajevo Film Festival.