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Serbian PM ‘Misused’ WWII Death Camp Anniversary

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was accused of using a speech he made at a commemoration for victims of the Croatian-run WWII Jasenovac concentration camp for his own propaganda.

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The EU is Paying a Protection Racket in Bosnia

By outsourcing conditionality to Bosnia’s own politicians, the EU is prioritising the ‘stability’ of the elites over the interests of Bosnia’s own citizens.

Kurt Bassuener

Bosnia Press Review - April 20, 2015

Plane with Bosnian politicians had technical damage. In case of Bobar Bank, Special Prosecutor cannot work against Dodik. 'Creators of RS' supported entity lawmakers.


Power Dams Pose Threat to Rare Balkan Salmon

Planned hydroelectric power plants on Balkan rivers pose a deadly threat to the survival of the Mladica, known as the Balkan salmon, the NGO Riverwatch says.


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