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Young Bosnian Designs Brain-Controlled Wheelchair

A young IT student from Bihac - who has a serious impediment himself -  is developing an innovative project to construct a brain-controlled wheelchair.

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Bosnian Serbs Denounce Pledge to Publish Census

Normally warring Bosnian Serb politicians have united to slate the decision of the state statistics agency to publish the 2013 census results, without first reaching an agreement between all three statistical agencies.

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The False Threat of Secession in Bosnia

The simple truth is that the Republika Srpska cannot and will not become independent.

James Ker-Lindsay

Safeguarding the Hague Tribunal’s Unique War Archives

Richard A. Wilson, Robert J. Donia, Saskia Baas

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Sarajevo Museum to Preserve Wartime Childhood Memories

A group of Sarajevo residents is developing a museum devoted to childhood during wartime to preserve the mementoes and memories of Bosnians who grew up during the 1990s conflict.