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16 Apr 14

Bosnia Museum Defies Pressure to Re-open

Bosnia's National Museum and the Federation entity government are in a stand-off over whether the ancient cultural institution should re-open its doors this summer.

11 Apr 14

Chinese To Film Remake of Cult Sarajevo Movie

Owing to the popularity in China of the movie 'Walter Defends Sarajevo', set in World War Bosnia, the Chinese have announced they intend to film a new version.

12 Mar 14

Play About Sarajevo Assassins Opens in Belgrade

The director of “Mali mi je ovaj grob” ("This Grave is Too Shallow for Me"), which soon premieres in Belgrade, says the play aims to apply some of the lessons of past events at the outset of World War 1 to modern times.

17 Jan 14

Bosnian Town Library Unveils 'Secret' Picasso

A library in the remote Bosnian town of Kozarska Dubica claims it has an original work by Pablo Picasso, which they kept secret for years in order to protect it.

19 Dec 13

Bosnian Writer's Book Tops BBC List

The Book of My Lives by Sarajevo-born writer Aleksandar Hemon was listed among the best 10 books of 2013 by the BBC Worldwide.

03 Dec 13

Kusturica's Stone Town to Revisit World War I

The anniversary of the start of World War I will be marked in film director Emir Kusturica's creation, Andricgrad, with lectures, debates and cultural events.

27 Nov 13

Sarajevo Adds Slice of History to Renamed Streets

To clear up confusion about Sarajevo's oft-renamed streets, the city is installing plates detailing their historical background - and who the names refer to.

22 Nov 13

National Geographic Hails Rebirth of Sarajevo

As the centenary of the start of World War I approaches, the world-famous travel publication says the Bosnian capital is a must-see destination in 2014.

28 Oct 13

Prijedor’s Mystery ‘Standing Woman’ Bemuses Bosnians

Jelena Topic, who has spent several weeks standing on a box without speaking in Prijedor’s main town square, has sparked public speculation about her as-yet-unexplained motives.

17 Oct 13

Bulgarian Wins Balkan Short Film Festival

'Botev is an idiot’, a fictional film by Deyan Bararev of Bulgaria, has won the 4th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival in Bucharest.

16 Oct 13

Bosnia in World Cup After Lithuania Win

Bosnians took to the streets on Tuesday night to celebrate the Bosnian national team's historic win over Lithuania, which means Bosnia qualifies for the World Cup in Brazil next year.

08 Oct 13

Switzerland Puts Balkan Culture in Focus

This year’s Culturescapes festival will take art, music, films, theatre, dance and literature from the Balkans to Switzerland and also bring Swiss culture to the region.

30 Sep 13

Ex-Yugoslav Musicians Perform ‘War Requiem’

Orchestras and choirs from four former Yugoslav republics played together in Zagreb at a concert intended to promote cross-regional understanding.

26 Sep 13

World Theatre Comes on Happy Note to Bosnia

The MESS theatre festival will bring some of the latest plays from around the world to Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 28 to October 7 under the logo 'Conquest of Happiness'.

23 Sep 13

Serbian Anti-War Film Competes for Top Prizes

Serbia’s candidate for top US and European film awards will be Circles, a drama about a young Serb who lost his life trying to save his Muslim friend during the war in Bosnia.

Politics and Society

18 Apr 14

Why Bosnia’s Protest Movement Ran out of Steam

Months after a wave of protests had Bosnia’s political establishment running scared, the energy has faded away, leaving some wondering what legacy – if any – the movement has left behind.

Culture Policy Focus

01 May 13

Turks Bewitch The Balkans With Their Addictive Soaps

Turkish soaps have replaced Latin American shows as must-sees for many TV viewers in the Balkans - tapping into nostalgia for a system of family values that people in the region have lost, and lament. 


28 Mar 14

Privatization Kills off Bosnia’s Oil Industry

Supposedly ‘lifesaving’ privatization deals with foreign partners have been a disaster for oil companies in both Bosnia’s entities.