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27 May 15

Bosnia Federation Eyes Cash From Telecom Sales

The premier of Bosnia’s Federation entity has announced he is mulling the sale of two telecom companies in order to finance the continued construction of a major highway.

06 May 15

Bosnia Searching For New Deal with IMF

Bosnia is trying to obtain new financial support from the International Monetary Fund, IMF, although an existing arrangement remains blocked because of the slow pace of reforms.

22 Apr 15

EU Hails Balkan Transport Network Deal

Leaders of six Western Balkans countries meeting on Tuesday in Brussels agreed on plans for a regional transport network, to which the EU has pledged 130 million euros.

15 Apr 15

Bosnia Urges Investments in War-Torn Mostar

An international business fair in Mostar highlighted the need for investment in the war-damaged southern town which has been suffering from high unemployment and political strife.

13 Apr 15

Graft and Grey Economy Hindering Balkan Business, EBRD

A new survey from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, shows that corruption, competition with the informal sector, complex taxes and lack of access to bank loans are the chief complaints of business leaders in the Balkans.

10 Apr 15

Bosnia Vows to Save Dairy Farmers From Ruin

Fearing a flood of cheap dairy imports after the EU scrapped milk quotas, Bosnian authorities have vowed to do what it takes to protect farmers and enable them to export to the EU.

10 Apr 15

Bosnian Serbs Torn Over Disused Mine's Future

Leaders of the Serb-dominated entity in Bosnia are divided over which of two different international investors should buy the out-of-work iron ore mines in Ljubija.

02 Apr 15

Bosnian Dairy Farmers Fear Obliteration

EU decision to scrap milk quotas is causing panic in Bosnia among dairy farmers - who fear a flood of cheap imports will spell ruin for them.

11 Mar 15

Balkan Economies Falling Behind, IMF Warns

The Western Balkan are lagging behind other former Communist transitional countries and need to complete the transformation process that began two decades ago, an IMF report says.  

24 Feb 15

Oil Probe Draws Blank in Bosnian Serb Entity

Oil has been found in the north of Republika Srpska - but not enough to justify exploitation, a minister has warned, adding that the search would go on.

23 Feb 15

Bosnia Eyes WTO Membership in 2015

Bosnia expects to sign an agreement with the World Trade Organization by the end of this year, which it hopes will result in more foreign investment as well as more trade.

19 Feb 15

Bosnia Federation To Raise Cash From Privatization

The government of Bosnia's mainly Bosniak and Croat Federation entity plans to sell its remaining shares in several large companies to ease its financial problems.

17 Feb 15

Bosnian Serbs Take Last Bite of Big Mac

Fast food giant McDonald's is closing its doors in Banja Luka - another victim of the deteriorating business climate that is hitting shops and firms across the country.

14 Jan 15

World Bank Revises Croatia's GDP Growth Down

In more bad news for the struggling centre-left government, the World Bank has altered its earlier forecast of Croatia’s GDP growth in 2015, cutting it from 1.2 to 0.5 per cent.

02 Jan 15

Snow Lifts Spirits in Bosnia's Ski Resorts

Bosnia's mountain resorts are packed with tourists this year, celebrating New Year's Eve in the freshly fallen snow.

Politics and Society

28 May 15

Bosnia Charges Serb Over Crimes in Cajnice

The Bosnian State Prosecution has charged Dusko Kornjaca with committing war crimes in Cajnice municipality in the eastern part of the country in 1992.


08 Aug 14

Bosnia’s Flood Bill Will Fall Mainly on Citizens

It is only now sinking in that most of the foreign money pledged for post-flood reconstruction is coming in the form of loans - which Bosnia will have to repay.

Culture and Lifestyle

19 Mar 15

Power Dams Pose Threat to Rare Balkan Salmon

Planned hydroelectric power plants on Balkan rivers pose a deadly threat to the survival of the Mladica, known as the Balkan salmon, the NGO Riverwatch says.