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04 May 16

Balkan Governments Urged to Boost Business Cooperation

Governments from the Balkans need to improve their cooperation if they want to increase foreign investments, said participants at the Sarajevo Business Forum.

29 Apr 16

Bosnian Serb Power Rules Dismay Investors

Businesspeople in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity say it is not surprising that investors remain wary of the entity when even power supplies are so difficult and pricey to get. 

28 Apr 16

Bosnia Experts Query Reduction in Trade Deficit

Bosnia registered a significant reduction in its trade deficit in 2015 - but experts say this is mainly down to a fall in imports rather than a rise in domestic production.

20 Apr 16

Bosnia Struggles to Get New IMF Loan

Bosnian leaders will soon start debating the last conditions required for the country to get an urgently needed IMF loan.

01 Apr 16

Bosnian Serbs Woo Investors From Russia

A Bosnian Serb delegation is touring Russia seeking business investments, as the Republika Srpska tries to gain more benefit from Russian-EU trade wars.

28 Mar 16

Bosnia Investors Say Current Incentives Not Enough

Foreign entrepreneurs say the support they get from the authorities is not enough to counter what some call a ‘hostile’ business climate.

09 Mar 16

Bosnia, Croatia Turn Old Rail Line into Cycle Paths

A cross-border project between Croatia and Bosnia aims to breathe new life into the disused railway lines from Dubrovnik to the Bosnian interior by transforming them into bike trails.

29 Feb 16

Experts Query Bosnia's Solid Growth Rate

After the Council of Ministers declared that Bosnia's GDP grew by a resilient 3 per cent in 2015, experts are debating whether it is enough to bring down the high joblessness rate.

23 Feb 16

Balkan Leaders Discuss Energy, Transport at Summit

Transport links and energy projects were high on the agenda as Balkan premiers met at an investment summit in London organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

17 Feb 16

IT Growth is Bright Spot for Bosnia's Economy

The IT sector is booming in Bosnia, companies operating in the field say, but it has yet to reach its full potential.

03 Feb 16

Bosnia's Cash-Strapped State TV Risks Closure

BHRT, Bosnia's State television, is facing extreme financial hardship, its administrative board has warned - adding that if no solution is found, the company might have to shut down.

06 Jan 16

EU Suspends Trade Preferences for Bosnia

Bosnian farmers are worried after Brussels suspended free trade arrangements - which means they will have to pay tarrifs once again to export produce to EU markets.

24 Nov 15

Bosnia's National Airline Awaits Imminent Closure

BH Airlines, the troubled national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is likely to be put into liquidation before the end of the year after running up a debt of around 17.5 million euros.

17 Nov 15

Slovenia Delays Repaying Bosnians’ Lost Savings

Slovenia is still delaying the reimbursement of Bosnian clients of Ljubljanska Banka who lost their savings after the country left Yugoslavia in 1991.

02 Nov 15

Tax Dispute Threatens Steel Giant’s Bosnia Operations

A tax dispute between steel-manufacturing corporation ArcelorMittal and the government of Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska could cause the firm to pull out of the country.

Politics and Society

06 May 16

UN Warned About Bosnian Serb ‘Secession’ Threat

The top international official in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, warned the UN Security Council that the Bosnian Serb leadership was threatening a referendum on secession and glorifying war criminals.

06 May 16

Bosnia Urged to Tackle Art Trafficking


03 May 16

Bosnia Moves to Push Banks to Release Reserves

Bosnia hopes to force banks to lend more money to business by charging them fees for deposits that exceed the reserves required to be held in the Central Bank – but some doubt whether the strategy will work.

19 Feb 16

Bosnia Bites the Bullet on Pension Reform

25 Jan 16

Bankrupt Bosnia Looks to IMF for Salvation

21 Oct 15

Bosnia's Entities Borrow to Plug Pension Holes

Culture and Lifestyle

31 Dec 15

Ring in the New Year Balkan Style

New Year’s Eve in the Balkans means music, fireworks, food, and more music in city squares under the stars.

31 Dec 15

In Pictures: Raising Deer at a Bosnian Ranch

16 Sep 15

Bosnia Museum Re-opens After Three-Year Wait