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30 Oct 14

They Live Among Us

Marcus Agar

It is interesting how different cultures deal with death and the issues of loss and remembrance. 

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22 Oct 14

Life Coaching Boom in Serbia is No Mystery

Vera Ovanin

The concept of life coaching, both abroad and particularly here in Serbia, has long fascinated me.

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15 Oct 14

On the seemingly perpetual football-related violence in the Balkans

Dario Brentin

Football hooliganism and the physical violence associated with it have been a major political and social issue in the region for quite some time.

15 Oct 14

Elections in Bosnia—Business as usual?

Florian Bieber

The Bosnian elections last Sunday brought change, but it seems unlikely that they will make a difference.

14 Oct 14

Bosnia – Voting for The Devil You Know

Jessie Hronesova

The Bosnian electorate failed to make a choice that would bring real change, in spite of signs throughout 2014 that the discontent for the current political set-up was about to reach a tipping point. Their behaviour, though, is not irrational.Voting for moderate parties is simply too risky. People opt for the devil they know rather than the devil they don’t.

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10 Oct 14

The EU has its ‘envelope moment’

Nate Tabak

As legend goes, Atifete Jahjaga’s presidential career began abruptly in 2011 when the then US ambassador, Christopher Dell, produced her name from an envelope at a meeting of the big political parties.

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07 Oct 14

No price is too high for pride in one’s country

Marcus Agar

As rumours and half-truths spread about the claimed cost of policing the Belgrade Pride parade, it would seem to be inevitable – and even embraced in some quarters – for people to be up in arms about the amount of money allegedly spent to protect the people and their city.

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26 Sep 14

Pride for life, not just a Day

Marcus Agar

With the democratic rights of Serbia’s LGBT community effectively held to ransom by Belgrade’s police force, the fate of the controversial Pride Parade hangs in the balance once more.

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25 Sep 14

Belgrade's Ill Fated Gay Pride March: Will it Be a 'Brussels' or 'Moscow' Outcome in 2014?

Tanya Domi

Once again Belgrade Gay Pride has been scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 28.  And once again, likely obfuscation appears in the guise of a pending police strike, conveniently expected to take place on the 26.

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24 Sep 14

A Tale of Two Generations

Mikra Krasniqi

When I was in high school in the mid-1990s in Prishtina, my friends and I would walk to school taking back roads and alleys in order to avoid running into the Serbian police patrolling the main streets.

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24 Sep 14

Campaigning for the Citizens of BiH

Nicholas Hill

After years of counterproductive divisiveness, it’s time for citizens of BiH to throw their support behind leaders who share their priorities, not just their background.

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23 Sep 14

My Role in Fazlic’s Extraordinary Interview

Desada Metaj, editor at TV Klan

I have known Damir Fazlic since the electoral campaign in 2005, but he was just an acquaintance. When the media began to trumpet his cooperation with the government and Berisha’s family, I was reminded of him.

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05 Sep 14

Montenegrin Energy Deals Leave a Bitter Aftertaste

Nedjeljko Rudovic

Montenegro has paid 345m euro since 2000 to just one energy trader, Energy Financing Team, but although officials say this was good value, how did one firm establish such a formidable position?

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05 Sep 14

Shining a Light on Bosnia’s Murky Energy Bazaar

Semir Mujkic

The Balkan region is a honey-pot for electricity traders, with its complex regulations, abundance of bureaucracy and growing demand for energy. 

04 Sep 14

Enlargement delayed? A New Commission without an Enlargement Commissioner

Florian Bieber

Back in July, the newly designated President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker noted that “The EU needs to take a break from enlargement”. Now, he seems to put this understanding of enlargement into practice by dropping the Enlargement portfolio in the Commission (this report is yet unconfirmed).

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13 Aug 13

No Middle Ground

Premium Selection

31 Oct 14

Improving Justice System is Vital for Serbia

The Council of Europe Office’s new head in Belgrade, Tim Cartwright, says strengthening the rule of law will not only improve the justice system but stimulate investment, uphold a free media and help Serbia on its way to Europe.