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14 Apr 14

On being American Asian woman in Kosovo

Cindy Lung

After seven months living in Prizren, Kosovo, I still have trouble answering one of the questions I hear most often: “Do you like Kosovo?”

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21 Mar 14

Snap Elections in Macedonia: More of the same or new beginnings?

By Erwan Fouéré

It is Macedonia’s turn to hold early parliamentary elections on 27th April, to coincide with the second round of the regular presidential elections, the first round of which take place on 13 April.

21 Mar 14

Crimea, Kosovo, Hobgoblins and Hypocrisy

Marko Milanovic

One of the more remarkable aspects of the whole unfortunate Ukraine episode is the rampant hypocrisy on part of all of the major players involved in the dispute.

18 Mar 14

Serbia’s New Old Master

Dimitar Bechev

With all eyes on the referendum in Crimea, few fellow political buffs outside the Balkans have taken note of the general elections held in Serbia last Sunday.

16 Mar 14

The Authoritarian Temptation

Florian Bieber

The Serbian elections 16th March end a year of political speculation.

12 Mar 14

The Merits and Pitfalls of Comparison: Ukraine, Crimea and the Yugoslav references

Florian Bieber

International crisis, like the one in Ukraine and Crimea always lead to a scramble for expertise and historical precedent.

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12 Mar 14

On The Trail Of Women’s Independence In Kosovo: Resolution 1325

Cristina Marí

Ask any women’s rights activist in Kosovo, and you will likely find that they seem a little upset with one number: 1325.

06 Mar 14

I am making a list, I am checking it twice: Identifying the enemies of RS

Florian Bieber

Most political parties are not successful publishers, but an exception seemsto be Independent Alliance of Social Democrats, SNSD, of Milorad Dodik.

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05 Mar 14

Inert public to be blamed for situation in Bosnia and Serbia

Jelena Milic

The current state of affairs in Serbia, and the same goes for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Bulgaria, can by no means be blamed solely on the “inert” West or the agile Putin’s Russia, which obviously skillfully penetrates in the space opened by the West too fast.

27 Feb 14

Options Without Choice in the Serbian Elections

Florian Bieber

The upcoming early Serbian parliamentary elections are going to be contested by at least 10 parties and coalitions but their differences have rarely been so hard to detect.

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25 Feb 14

How Bosnia’s Protest Movement Can Become Truly Transformative

Kurt Bassuener

Major and meaningful positive change can emerge from these protests, but long-overdue change is not assured.

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24 Feb 14

Taking Steps Towards Democracy in Bosnia

Alisa Mujanic

The ongoing protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a first step towards a more open and democratic society – but only a first step.

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18 Feb 14

Who’s Afraid of Milorad Dodik?

Alisa Mujanic

The president of Republika Srpska said the recent protests were a threat to Bosnia’s Serb-led entity, but his nationalist rhetoric was just another attempt to maintain a failed system.

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15 Feb 14

Plenums Are Teaching Bosnians Real Democracy at Last

Nidzara Ahmetasevic

After 20 years of botched ‘democratisation’, Bosnians are finally getting a chance to articulate something that truly belongs to them.

13 Feb 14

Can the Revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina Send a Message To the Wider World?

Stef Jansen

In their justified revolt against a corrupt political caste, Bosnians must beware of further handing the country over to so-called ‘technocrats’ schooled in IMF-style austerity economics.