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11 Sep 07

Address by Slobodan Radulj, Advisor to the Serb Member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, Borislav Paravac

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honour and pleasure to greet this eminent gathering in the name of the Republika Srpska member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Borislav Paravac, as well as in my own name.

11 Sep 07

Address by Didier Chassot, Charge d'Affairs at the Swiss Embassy in Sarajevo

On behalf of the Swiss embassy and the Swiss authorities, I would like to welcome you here today and to thank you for coming to this conference.

11 Sep 07

IN DEPTH: Dayton 'construction error' blocks Bosnia's path to prosperity

Don't expect an economic revival in Bosnia until its constitution is drastically simplified.
11 Sep 07

New constitution poses challenge to Serbs and Croats

While international players claim Bosnia's leaders have been secretly drafting a new constitution, they are keeping to the nationalist line at home and denying all knowledge.
07 Sep 07

Bosnian Croats in Last-ditch Fight against Education Reform

New Education Law brings international recognition for Bosnian university degrees, but numerous critics say reforms either jeopardize ethnic rights or do not go far enough.

02 Aug 07

Future of Hague Tribunal Archives Debated

A decision is yet to be made about where huge quantities of historically important documentation are to be sent when the court closes.

19 Jun 07

JUSTICE REPORT: Bosnia's Book of the Dead

Twelve years after the war ended, Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting close to ascertaining the total number of those who died.

30 Apr 07

Sacked Police Hope For Justice at Last in Bosnia

UN letter ends ban on sacked officers from re-applying for police posts but does not accept blame for previous mishaps

22 Aug 05

Ten Years On, Refugees Remain On the Outside

Serbs from Croatia and Bosnia who arrived in the 1990s say they are still victims of local hostility.