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Latest Profiles from Bosnia and Herzegovina

27 Nov 17

Bosnian Croat Officials Brought Together by War

An economics professor, a karate expert, a TV producer - six ex-officials of the Bosnian Croat wartime statelet Herzeg-Bosnia, now awaiting their final verdicts in The Hague, were brought together by the 1990s conflict.

14 Nov 17

Ratko Mladic: Europe’s Most Wanted Faces Judgment

He was a devoted Yugoslav soldier, then a war crimes suspect on the run - now former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic awaits his verdict for the worst atrocities in Europe since WWII.

05 Oct 17

Naser Oric: Srebrenica Commander Inspires Love and Hate

Ahead of his war crimes verdict, Naser Oric, a wartime defender of Srebrenica who once worked as Slobodan Milosevic’s bodyguard, says he is “loved” by Bosniaks - but is also despised by many Serbs.

08 May 17

Balkan Rulers Who Just Won’t Say Goodbye

Kings may have departed from the Balkan stage but many of the region’s current leaders weild power in monarchical style - clinging to office for decades. Here is the selection of ten politicans who think it is never the right time to bow out.

27 Apr 17

Ivica Todoric: Croatia's Tycoon Who Wanted Too Much

Ivica Todoric, the man who transformed his flower company into one of the Balkans' biggest business empires, Agrokor, now faces the possibility of seeing the debt-ridden firm go under.

21 Nov 16

Bosnia’s New Chief Prosecutor Undergoes Stormy Start

After Gordana Tadic became Bosnia and Herzegovina’s new acting chief prosecutor, controversy erupted as the prosecution was accused of bias over the arrests of ten Bosnian Croats on war crimes charges.

04 Nov 16

Fahrudin Radoncic: Bosniak Tycoon of Limitless Ambition

Surrounded by controversies throughout his life, the former journalist-turned-tycoon has stirred up a regular firestorm with his incendiary words at Naser Kelmendi’s trial in Kosovo.

14 Sep 16

Milorad Dodik: From Pro-US Moderate to Bosnian-Serb Separatist

Once a pro-West centrist, the president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity is now a hard-line nationalist whose policy aims include splitting the country.

09 Sep 16

Mladen Ivanic: Centrist Tilting Right Ahead of Elections

The Serbian member of Bosnia’s presidency appears to be taking a harder line on key Bosnian Serb issues ahead of local and general elections.

26 Aug 16

Denis Zvizdic: Loyal Party Soldier Tipped for the Top

Speculation is rife that Zvizdic, chairman of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers and loyal SDA party soldier, harbours state-level presidential ambitions.

11 Aug 16

Dragan Covic: Warrior for a Third Entity

The undisputed leader of the Bosnian Croats is accused by some of prioritising ethnic politics over his voters’ real needs – but he remains adamant that a third, Croatian entity in Bosnia is indispensible.

08 Aug 16

Mladen Bosic: Dodik’s Shaky Rival

The head of Republika Srpska’s strongest opposition party will be left fighting for political life if he loses another election to President Dodik.

02 Aug 16

Fadil Novalic: Bosnia’s Atypical Champion of Reform

The businessman-turned-politician enjoys little public affection at home but his support for unpopular economic reforms has earned him respect abroad.

21 Mar 16

Radovan Karadzic: Psychiatrist, Poet, Politician, Convict?

Radovan Karadzic has had various roles in his lifetime - psychiatrist, poet, political leader and fugitive - but this week he could be sentenced to spend the rest of it in jail.

09 Dec 15

Miljenko Ljubas, Croatia’s Nationalist Profiteer

Mysterious gun attack on the man behind nationalist websites in both Croatia and Serbia is being linked by some to his loss-making business ventures.