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25 Jul 14

Bosnia Gears up For ‘Crowded’ Elections

More candidates and parties are competing for the next general and presidential elections in Bosnia than ever before – but does quantity mean quality?

24 Jul 14

Divisive Memorials Are Holding Back Bosnia

As people in Prijedor mark the anniversary of their relatives' wartime deaths, are ethnically exclusive memorials - designed to fit one narrative only - hampering reconciliation in Bosnia?

21 Jul 14

Damir Fazlic: Controversial Deal Broker

In his first interview since October 2008, Bosnian businessman Damir Fazlic tackled the rumours and criminal allegations which have beset his career, reveals how he became an influential figure in the Balkans and beyond, and speaks of his grandiose plans for the future.  

15 Jul 14

Bosnian Serb Opposition Banks on Vucic Effect

The SDS is looking to Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic for inspiration in Bosnia’s October elections – but will imitating his policies and winning his party’s endorsement be enough?

15 Jul 14

EU Facilitated Dialogue Won’t Resolve Macedonia, Bosnia Logjams

Copy-pasting the EU facilitated dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo to resolve the deadlocks over Macedonia’s name issue, and inside Bosnia, won’t be straightforward.

11 Jul 14

Srebrenica’s Forgotten Legacy - War Criminals in the US

As Bosnians the world over mark the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, survivors deserve to know why so many Bosnian Serb fighters involved in the slaughter have since found sanctuary in America.

11 Jul 14

Srebrenica Anniversary: Genocide Convicts Serving 500 Years

As the 19th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres is commemorated, 30 Bosnian Serbs have so far been jailed for a total of 568 years for genocide and other crimes in July 1995.

11 Jul 14

Srebrenica Anniversary: The Rape Victims’ Testimonies

Some of the women who were raped by Bosnian Serb soldiers at the time of the Srebrenica massacres in July 1995 have found the courage to conquer their fears and speak out.

10 Jul 14

Srebrenica Anniversary: The Netherlands on Trial

Srebrenica victims’ families are awaiting a landmark judgement in their lawsuit against the Netherlands over accusations that Dutch peacekeepers failed to prevent their relatives’ deaths in 1995.

30 Jun 14

Flood Disaster Wipes Out Bosnia’s Economic Growth

The damage caused by the floods in Bosnia, estimated at two billion euro, has erased any chance of growth this year and created economic problems for years to come.

24 Jun 14

Activists Propose End to Bosnia’s Dysfunctional Politics

A new campaigning coalition has launched a plan to transform the ethnic-territorial political system that stands accused of crippling the country’s development since the 1990s war.

20 Jun 14

Floods Recovery Tests Bosnia’s Politics and Western Resolve

Bosnia risks a worse social explosion than the one it saw in February if it mismanages Western aid for flood recovery – likely to be more limited than it expected.

16 Jun 14

Whatever Happened to the Plenums in Bosnia?

The protest movement that swept Bosnia earlier this year may have faded, but its principal legacy - a new sense of empowerment among the people – will endure.

13 Jun 14

Sarajevo Sends Peace Message on WWI Centenary

A hundred years on from the start of World War I, the city where it all began is putting on a range of events that send a message of peace after a 'century of wars'.

27 May 14

Floods Reveal Good Hearts, Bad Governments, in Bosnia

While a common tragedy has united all Bosnians in suffering, it has brought out the very worst in the country’s dysfunctional political establishment.