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19 Nov 14

Interview: Europe is the Only Hope for Bosnia

Europeanisation is the ‘only mechanism for moving things forward’ in the divided country’, Balkan expert Professor Adam Fagan says.

13 Nov 14

Bosnians Turn Election Fraud into Business Opportunity

A depressingly large number of Bosnians in the 2014 elections were more than happy to trade their votes for a cash payment.

04 Nov 14

Why the International Rush for Government Formation?

The West should not be pushing the winning parties in the elections to form a government - when those same parties have no track record in delivering anything positive.

30 Oct 14

Rule of Law Turns Unruly in Bosnia

Almost constant battles between top judicial institutions will leave Bosnia even more exposed to crime, corruption and terrorism, experts fear.

22 Oct 14

No Breakthrough in Sight after Bosnia’s Elections

Weak, complex coalition governments formed after long delays are unlikely to put this fractured and decaying country back on the path to recovery.

22 Oct 14

Exploring the Mind of Radovan Karadzic

A new biography says the former Bosnian Serb leader was no madman but a calculating killer who knew exactly what he was doing.

17 Oct 14

Bosnia’s Search for Bones and Truth

A year after Bosnia’s largest mass grave was found in Tomasica, the incredible story of its discovery highlights victims’ families desperate attempts to gain justice from the authorities.

11 Oct 14

Bosnia’s Politicians Shun the Young at Their Peril

The big parties in Sunday’s election have clearly calculated that the young do not form a crucial voting bloc – but this strategy could explode in their faces if they are not careful.

10 Oct 14

Mladen Ivanic: Voice of Change Among Serbs

Running for the Serbian seat on the Bosnian Presidency, this veteran politician represents all those who hunger for change in the Serbian camp.

10 Oct 14

Bosnia Approaches Polls With More Fear Than Hope

Sunday’s election may bring Bosnia some new faces - but it is unlikely to bring new approaches to the country’s ever worsening economic, political and societal crisis.

10 Oct 14

Zeljka Cvijanovic: Dodik’s Loyal Premier

Although she owes her political rise to Milorad Dodik, Cvijanovic is proving a formidable politician in her own right as she fights to become the first woman on the Bosnian Presidency.

08 Oct 14

Zeljko Komsic: Foe of Ethnic Politics

After quitting the Social Democratic Party, the popular member of Bosnia’s state presidency has formed his own party, the Democratic Front.

07 Oct 14

The West Won’t Strike Gold in Bosnian Election

The West should not make the Bosnian electorate responsible for its own policy confusion.

01 Oct 14

Martin Raguz: A Croat Who Looks to Bosnia

While stressing his determination to fight for Croatian rights if he wins a seat on the presidency, Martin Raguz emphasizes that Croats must look on Bosnia – not on Croatia – as their homeland.

26 Sep 14

Bakir Izetbegovic: Turkey’s ‘Friend’ in Bosnia

Hoping to re-win the Bosniak seat on the tripartite Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic has promised to create 100,000 new jobs - but he is often criticized for his close ties to Turkey and for radicalizing the SDA.