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Latest Premium Articles from Bosnia and Herzegovina

28 Jan 15

Branimir Glavas: A Murky Saga of Croatian Justice

The convoluted case of Glavas, a Croatian military commander and once-powerful politician released after his war crimes sentence was quashed, has revived questions about atrocities committed in 1991.

23 Jan 15

Bosnian Declaration Will Test Europe’s Resolve

Having run into a roadblock at its onset, the new European initiative for Bosnia requires new international commitment or the risks of further crisis in Bosnia will continue to grow.

19 Jan 15

Hague Tribunal Faces a Dramatic 2015

Verdicts in the high-profile war crimes trial of Radovan Karadzic and Goran Hadzic are due this year, while the controversy over the release of Vojislav Seselj looks set to continue.

16 Jan 15

EU’s New Plan for Bosnia Face Old Problems

New Western initiative aimed at resolving Bosnia’s deepening crisis has hit the first snags only weeks after it was approved by EU leaders.

14 Jan 15

Serbia Blocks Payment to Bosnian Torture Victims

Two detainees tortured at the Sljivovica wartime detention camp in Serbia have not received compensation awarded to them because Belgrade’s public attorney’s office has demanded the case be reviewed.

09 Jan 15

The Balkan Muslim ‘Threat’ has Never Materialised

Paradoxically, the Islamist danger is not coming from where once it was most expected - from among Muslims in the Balkans.

08 Jan 15

Attacks Draw Bosnia’s Divided Media Closer Together

Journalists in the divided country are discovering a new sense of solidarity in the face of pressures that threaten them all.

05 Jan 15

Bosnia in 2015: More Unrest on the Horizon

Bigger budget deficits and poor economic indicators could lead to a new wave of social protests in 2015 - although EU pressure on the political class could give reforms a chance.

01 Jan 15

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Year of Tensions

Mass protests against economic hardship were hijacked by politicians to stir up nationalist rhetoric, while elections brought a new Karadzic to the Bosnian political scene.

26 Dec 14

Is Bosnia’s Prosecution ‘Tearing Up’ Investigations?

Legal experts and judicial officials have criticised the state prosecution for raising indictments for individual war crimes, reducing complex and wide-ranging attacks to a series of more minor incidents.

24 Dec 14

Bosnia: Political and Natural Disasters

Starting with the mass protests amid a political and economic crisis, 2014 saw catastrophic floods and complicated elections, which brought no hope of significant change.

17 Dec 14

Why Arkan’s Exploits Aren’t News in Serbia

It came as no surprise that the glamorous birthday party of paramilitary chief Zeljko Raznatovic’s son got more coverage than BIRN’s report on the wartime brutality of his ‘Tigers’.

11 Dec 14

Balkan States Face Questions on CIA Report

Officials in several Balkan states have questions to answer about their countries’ involvement with CIA detention and rendition programs in the ‘war on terror’.

08 Dec 14

Arkan’s Paramilitaries: Tigers Who Escaped Justice

Paramilitaries led by notorious Serbian warlord Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, fought their way through Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo – so why were none of them jailed for his unit’s crimes?

05 Dec 14

Can Bosnia's Left Get it Right?

Left-wing political parties must woo voters from all ethnicities and implement serious internal reforms or risk disappearing from Bosnia’s political scene altogether.