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26 Sep 14

Bakir Izetbegovic: Turkey’s ‘Friend’ in Bosnia

Hoping to re-win the Bosniak seat on the tripartite Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic has promised to create 100,000 new jobs - but he is often criticized for his close ties to Turkey and for radicalizing the SDA.

25 Sep 14

Milorad Dodik: Bosnia’s Serbian Warrior

The great battler for the Serbian cause in Bosnia has dominated the stage in his entity for years – but now faces a challenge from a new, united opposition bloc.

25 Sep 14

Dragan Covic: Crusader for ‘Real’ Croats

Running for the Croatian seat on Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, which he held a decade ago, Covic hopes to empower a community that feels increasingly marginalised.

25 Sep 14

Zlatko Lagumdzija: Bosnia’s Great Survivor

In spite of having met none of the main pledges he made when his party won power four years ago, it would be a mistake to write off this canny political operator

24 Sep 14

Economy Takes Back Seat in Bosnia Election Campaign

Although the jobless rate has hit 43.8 per cent, and budgets are on the verge of collapse, economic issues are again a low priority for the parties running in the election.

22 Sep 14

Genocide Survivor Stirs Up Bosnian Elections

Emir Suljagic – a rare Bosniak survivor of the Serbian massacre in Srebrenica – is galvanising voters on both sides of the ethnic divide in Bosnia.

22 Sep 14

Bosnian Election Campaign Sparks Outrage and Despair

The pretentious slogans of the parties competing in the October elections contrast sharply with the wretched mood of a country in crisis.

18 Sep 14

EU Enlargement Pause Leaves Balkans in Limbo

The announced pause in the European Union enlargement process has obvious consequences for the Balkan region, where several countries are anxiously knocking at the door.

01 Sep 14

Bosnia’s Dramas Draw Diaspora Home to Help

Protests and floods have spurred some of the two million Bosnians abroad to come back and engage with the big issues.

28 Aug 14

Balkans’ Democratic Decline Leaves Europe Unperturbed

Growing authoritarianism in some Western Balkan countries is not likely to feature high on the agenda of this week’s Berlin summit.

20 Aug 14

Love Letter to Peaceful Protest Comes to Bosnia

After the Sarajevo premiere of the film ‘Everyday rebellion’, the Iranian-born director, Arash Riahi, discussed the ‘power on non-violence’ - and its relevance to Bosnia.

18 Aug 14

Fire Turns Centuries of Bosnian History Black

Lack of funds to restore Bosnia’s state archives, which were badly damaged by a fire in February’s protests, means priceless documents could be lost forever.

18 Aug 14

Srebrenica Survivor Seeks Dutch Peacekeepers’ Prosecution

After the Netherlands was found guilty of failing to prevent his father and brother’s killings in 1995, a Srebrenica survivor wants Dutch commanders who were supposed to protect them to be prosecuted.

13 Aug 14

‘Internationals’ in Balkans Let Down Their Local Staff

LSE blogger says Western do-gooders in Balkans often did little good for their own local employees.

08 Aug 14

Bosnia’s Flood Bill Will Fall Mainly on Citizens

It is only now sinking in that most of the foreign money pledged for post-flood reconstruction is coming in the form of loans - which Bosnia will have to repay.