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09 Feb 16

Bosnian Serb Chief Cornered as Referendum Ploy Backfires

The President of Republika Srpska finds himself in a tricky political position after postponing his controversial referendum.

04 Feb 16

Bosnia’s National Anthem Still Lost for Words

Two decades after the war, Bosnian politicians still cannot agree on lyrics for the national anthem.

04 Feb 16

Constitutional Courts Face Crisis Across Balkans

Mounting political pressures and blatant disregard for judgments are undermining the authority of constitutional courts across the region.

01 Feb 16

LGBT Bosnians Find Strength at Merlinka Festival

Members of the LGBT community in Bosnia gathered in Sarajevo for the 4th Merlinka festival, amid fear for their personal security and concern about continuing discrimination.

29 Jan 16

Kosovo 'Drug Baron' Trial Haunts Bosnian Politician

The arrest of a key Bosniak politician, Fahrudin Radoncic, in connection to a drug trafficking and murder trial has brought his alleged links to the Balkan underworld to light.

29 Jan 16

Bosnia's Rule of Law Looks Increasingly Unruly

The arrest of Fahrudin Radoncic, its timing and the way it was done, has opened up many questions about the impartiality of the rule of law in Bosnia.

28 Jan 16

Bosnian Serbs Want Bigger Say in Divided Mostar

After feeling marginalized since the 1992-5 war, the small but growing Bosnian Serb community says it is determined to ‘take its fate into its own hands’.

27 Jan 16

Bosnia’s EU Application: Political Ruse or Misguided Optimism?

Bosnia's plan to submit an application to join the EU in 2016 is more of a strategy to divert attention from internal political and economic problems rather than an indicator of real progress.

25 Jan 16

Bankrupt Bosnia Looks to IMF for Salvation

Timid recent improvements in Bosnia's economic performance may be too little and too late, as the country faces near-disaster without a new IMF program.

20 Jan 16

Bosnia Bank Probe Centres on Dodik Villa Loan

Bank investigation focused on loan taken by Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik for the purchase of his luxurious villa in Belgrade.

18 Jan 16

Despair Haunts Protest Anniversary in Bosnia’s Tuzla

The biggest protests against poverty and corruption in recent Bosnian history began in Tuzla two years ago, yet little has changed for the town’s disillusioned residents.

14 Jan 16

Critical Choices Face Troubled Bosnia in 2016

Bosnia’s continuing political and economic crises are expected to reach a climax in 2016 - and bring about either slow stabilization or a drastic deterioration.

13 Jan 16

Bosnian Serb Party Leaves a Troubling Hangover

Defiant celebrations of the disputed Bosnian Serb ‘Republic Day’ holiday brought unwelcome divisions back to the ethnically-mixed town of Prijedor, where locals usually seek to avoid tensions.

05 Jan 16

Karadzic Verdict Nears as Hague Tribunal Enters 2016

The Hague Tribunal will deliver its verdict in the landmark trial of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic this year but faces problems deciding how to handle the defiant Serbian nationalist Vojislav Seselj.

24 Dec 15

Grim Anniversaries Overshadow Bosnia in 2015

From World War II commemorations to the anniversaries of the Srebrenica massacres and the Dayton peace agreement, the year served to remind Bosnia of its violent past - and uncertain future.