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25 Jul 16

Bosnia’s Diaspora: Untapped Resource for State-Building

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 1.5-million-strong diaspora is increasingly sending less money back home, but this underused resource could provide the country with expertise as well as investment to boost economic development.

21 Jul 16

Bosnians Applaud as Their ‘Neighbours’ Cows’ Perish

Bosnia’s Bosniak, Croat and Serbian elites all seem bent on hurting each other’s interests - oblivious to the devastating effect this is having on the whole country and all its citizens.

18 Jul 16

ISIS Recruiters Prey on Bosnia’s Forgotten Youth

With no systems in place to shield the young from Islamist radicalization, it is up to parents and NGOs to win them back.

15 Jul 16

Bosnia’s Segregated Schools Perpetuate Ethnic Divisions

Dozens of Bosnian secondary schools are still segregated according to pupils’ ethnicity - perpetuating divisions within society but benefiting ethnically-based political parties that seek to exploit the system.

13 Jul 16

Srebrenica: An Intimate Genocide

Remembering the victims of this genocidal massacre, 21 years on, it is important to note that nothing was either unpredictable or inevitable.

12 Jul 16

Srebrenica Genocide Kingpin Becomes Literary Villain

Croatian journalist Ivica Djikic has published a novel about the life of Bosnian Serb war criminal Ljubisa Beara, who he describes as “the co-creator and the main operational organiser” of the Srebrenica massacres.

12 Jul 16

IVF Clinics Find Fertile Ground in Bosnia

The IVF sector is booming in Bosnia - despite the lack of relevant legislation and the persistence of prejudices that still deter couples from making use of their services.

09 Jul 16

Srebrenica’s Bone-Hunter Continues His One-Man Search

Walking the forest paths each day in the Bratunac area, where thousands of Srebrenica victims were killed in July 1995, Ramiz Nukic has found the bones of more than 200 people.

08 Jul 16

Divisions Leave Bosnia Open to Terror Attacks

Chronic lack of coordination between key government bodies leaves Bosnia especially open to further terrorist and other security threats, experts say.

08 Jul 16

A Srebrenica Mother Remembers Her Lost Sons

Ahead of the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres next week, a woman whose two sons were killed by Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995 recalls the day she saw them for the last time.

07 Jul 16

Serbia’s Genocide Denial Ensures an Annual Fiasco

Despite pledges about reconciliation, Serbian officials continue to deny the July 1995 Srebrenica massacres were genocide, meaning that every year, the anniversary commemorations are marred by bitter rows.

06 Jul 16

Bosnian Banks Lose Faith in Serb Entity’s Bonds

The lack of interest in buying Republika Sprska government stocks highlights growing doubts about the entity’s long-term financial survival.

06 Jul 16

Balkan Youth Office Aims to Breach Wartime Divides

The newly-approved cross-Balkan youth cooperation office, which aims to restore links between young people whose countries were in conflict during the 1990s wars, hopes to open up a new era of reconciliation.

04 Jul 16

Russia’s Political Interests Drive Investments in Bosnia

Russia’s investments in the Brod oil refinery in Republika Srpska make no economic sense – but profit margins are not the only factor involved.

22 Jun 16

Balkan Countries Brace for British Vote on EU

Experts and people across the Balkans are following the upcoming referendum in the UK on the EU, weighing its likely impact on their countries’ already troubled EU accession plans.