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Latest Premium Articles from Bosnia and Herzegovina

24 Apr 17

Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway Sparks Battles in Bosnia

The planned construction of an expressway connecting Belgrade and Sarajevo, intended to aid national reconciliation, has instead generated fights between towns in Bosnia over the route.

20 Apr 17

A Turkish Scenario for the Balkans?

The result of the recent referendum in Turkey may have a ripple effect in the Balkans - but don’t expect dramatic changes. 

16 Apr 17

Christians Celebrate Easter Around the Balkans

While each country has its own way of celebrating the greatest Christian holiday, they also share many common traditions, such as dying eggs.

14 Apr 17

Political Strife Overshadows Easter Joy in Balkans

While millions of Christians prepare for Easter celebrations across the Balkans, political, economic and ethnic tensions are casting a dark shadow over the season of goodwill. 

14 Apr 17

Fojnica Monks Stand Guard Over Bosnia's Rich History

The Franciscans of Fojnica have held their ground in this little town over an incredible 700 years of wars, guarding treasures of Bosnia’s past and serving as a symbol of the country’s unbroken history.

13 Apr 17

Bosnian Muslims Rebuild Historic War-Ruined Mosque

The reconstruction of a 16th Century Ottoman-era mosque, the last of 15 that were destroyed during the 1992-95 war in the Bosnian Serbs’ main city of Banja Luka, is finally ready to start.

06 Apr 17

My Sarajevo, A City of Tolerance and Resistance

Meliha Zimic witnessed the liberation of Sarajevo from Nazi occupation 72 years ago, and as its anniversary is commemorated, she recalls how the city’s defiant spirit helped it through WWII and the 1990s siege.

06 Apr 17

Brussels is Letting Bosnia’s Reform Agenda Slip Away

It will be a disaster for both Bosnia and the EU if Brussels continues its policy of abandoning conditionality in the country.

06 Apr 17

Bosnian Serb Hunger Grows for Serbian Passports

Experts and Serbian officials attribute the spike in requests in Republika Srpska for Serbian passports to a combination of pragmatic and patriotic factors.

04 Apr 17

UK Film Explores Rivalry of Sarajevo Football Fans

Joel Rookwood’s new film about the Sarajevo Derby seeks to understand the recent history of Bosnia and the Balkans through the lens of football.

31 Mar 17

Experts Tackle Religious Radicalisation of Young Bosnians

While the number of Bosnians fighting for ISIS has fallen, Islamist extremism remains a hot topic - and experts continue debating the best ways to fight radicalisation among the young.

30 Mar 17

Govedarica: Bosnia’s SDS Won’t Resort to ‘Populist Manipulation’

As the main opposition party in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity completes its reforms ahead of the 2018 elections, its leader tells BIRN that crude Serbian nationalism is not the answer.

30 Mar 17

Post-Yugoslav ‘Common Language’ Declaration Challenges Nationalism

A declaration that Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian are all variations of the same language has annoyed conservatives, but received a warmer welcome from the people who speak it.

28 Mar 17

No Deradicalisation Schemes for Bosnian Terror Convicts

Because of a lack of resources, Bosnians convicted of fighting for radical Islamist groups abroad are not helped to ‘deradicalise’ in jail or to reintegrate into society after their release.

28 Mar 17

The Pope Can’t Stop Medjugorje Now

As the Vatican dispatches another papal envoy to the controversial shrine of Medjugorje in Bosnia, a British journalist recalls his first trip there in the 1980s.