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17 Jan 17

Dodik’s Secession Talk Keeps Bosnia on Edge

The Bosnian Serb leader may be bluffing when he talks about holding a ‘historic’ referendum this year – but either way, he is pushing the country towards ever-greater instability.

16 Jan 17

Scrapped US Health Conference Costs Bosnia Canton Dear

The former director of the Health Insurance Institute of Sarajevo Canton faces a lawsuit after spending more than 20,000 euros on a conference in the US that never took place.  

16 Jan 17

Multi-ethnic States Have Failed in the Balkans

In response to Jasmin Mujanovic’s comment article, ‘New Partitions are the Last Thing the Balkans Need,’ Timothy Less maintains that the Balkan countries lack even the most basic elements needed to make multi-ethnicity work, so it is time to consider a new territorial settlement.

12 Jan 17

New Partitions are the Last Thing the Balkans Need

Calls for the EU and US to support the further “fragmentation” of Balkan states “where minorities demand it” are highly irresponsible and can only lead to more bloodshed.

10 Jan 17

Sabre-Rattling Over Serb ‘Statehood Day’ Shakes Bosnia

Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity’s celebration of its disputed ‘Statehood Day’ triggered a new wave of ethnic and political slurs from Bosnian Serb and Bosniak politicians and media.

09 Jan 17

Bosnia 2016: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

A year of diverging narratives saw Bosnia’s communities pulling further apart - despite the submission of an application to joint the EU - while cultural life remained as vibrant as ever.

09 Jan 17

Balkans 2017: Economies Will Grow Despite Political Tensions

Most Balkan states will be slightly better off at the end of this year than they were at the beginning - despite the best efforts of the political class to keep tensions on the boil.

08 Jan 17

Bosnian Serb ‘Statehood Day’ Celebration Divides Country

Defying Bosnia’s state authorities, the EU and US, the Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska is staging a lavish celebration of its disputed ‘statehood’ holiday, despite a ban by the Constitutional Court.

04 Jan 17

Hague Tribunal Prepares for Shutdown in 2017

The UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia will shut down in 2017 after more than two decades, but a handful of unfinished cases will continue, including the landmark case of Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic.

28 Dec 16

Ringing in 2017, Balkan-style

Beer, mulled wine, fireworks, Christmas markets, street parties, classical music, trance, great singers – it’s all on hand in cities up and down the Balkans as people get ready to welcome in another year.

27 Dec 16

Crafty Ideas for Holidays Around the Region

These days, Christmas markets with wooden stalls selling the usual fare of hot drinks, gifts, cards, clothes and souvenirs can be found across the region.

23 Dec 16

Germany Drains Bosnia of Doctors and Nurses

More than a thousand doctors, nurses and carers are leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina for Germany each year, with frightening implications for the country's own health service.

23 Dec 16

Bosnia: Trials and Votes Deepen Divisions

Contrasting reactions to the conviction of Radovan Karadzic and to a Bosnian Serb referendum challenging the state’s authority contributed to a mood of political tension in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016.

22 Dec 16

Bosnian Serb Billboards Defy ‘Statehood Day’ Ban

Billboard posters with double meanings are being used by the authorities in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska to hit back at a ban on their ‘statehood day’ holiday - which they intend to celebrate anyway.

20 Dec 16

Bosnian Serbs Threaten Showdown over Foreign Judges

Bosnian Serb political leaders warned that they and Croat leaders will paralyse all the country’s institutions unless a new law is adopted to oust foreign judges from the state Constitutional Court.