Simona Milanovic

Simona is a 21 year old student of organizational sciences and management from Belgrade, Serbia. She was a keen student of languages at high school, where she studied Serbian, English, Latin and Spanish, and considers herself more of a philologist than a manager.

She also has a deep passion for  video games.

 In 2006, she became a moderator of Ubisoft's forum, one of the major  online games communities. Simona, has written for «Politikin Zabavnik“, a Serbian youth magazine, and  worked as a volunteer assistant  to Juan Carlos Holgado, the Olympic champion.  She has also worked  at Belgrade's Book Fair for many years. She plays classical guitar and ukulele.

I had very little knowledge about the things that happened in this area in the 1990s. Honestly, I never even wanted to learn much about them, because I was afraid of getting wrong information from the media, not finding the truth and having a chance to hear one side of the story only. This experience has changed my view of the things that happened in the nineties. I have met people, who, unfortunately, had to go through the war themselves. I am glad I could hear their first-hand stories about what really happened. What is even more important is the fact that I have made lifelong friends. 

Magda Origjanska

Magda is a 21-year old English literature student from Skopje, Macedonia. Her passion for music and the arts has led to her becoming closely involved in the cultural life of Skopje.  She coordinates workshops for the local documentary film festival «Makedox», and hosts a weekly, morning radio show for Kanal 103. She is a also a keen cyclist.

Though I must admit that I have never considered this type of documentary films as my cup of tea, I’ve decided to take part in this one as a kind of challenged.  I wanted to explore something new. I've never been interested in politics or history but for me the neighbouring Balkan countries were always reference for excellent music( EKV), literature( Ivo Andric) and contemporary art (Marina Abramovic, EXAT 51).  However, this project and especially the other people who took part in this project gave me a totally different perspective on the Balkan history.  I feel that now I have a clearer picture of the events in 1990s, something which I previously encountered only through the media. This new, clearer image, has answered many of my questions about living standards, mentality, economy and education in my country and the other countries of the former Yugoslavia. Finally, the thing that I prize the most from our journey are the new friendships which grew surrounded by a fascinating diversity of all the places we visited.

Zvonimir Zvonar

Zvonimir is 25 years old, and comes from Osijek in Croatia. He holds a Masters Degree in philosophy and history. He is a singer and a song writer, and a member of two bands. He loves travelling to distant lands,  and has even combined his love of music and travel by playing on the streets of Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. 

The experience of being involved in this type of documentary has meant much more to me than I originally expected. I have never had a chance before to meet people from the former republics in one place, let alone spend nearly a month with them. Besides gaining new friends, I have deepened my knowledge about history and learnt many new things about which I did not even think before. For instance, had somebody told me that I would go to some village in Montenegro, visit a Chetnik at his place and hear him play a fiddle…I would not believe him. Meeting a dinosaur would have seemed more likely to happen! This documentary has given me an invaluable life experience. Thank you.

Bardh Shkreli

Bardh is a 28 year old from Kosovo with a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Management. Since 2006 he has been hosting a youth show broadcast on the Radio Urban FM in Kosovo. Bardh is deeply involved in human rights activism.  He worked on many awareness campaigns about freedom of movement, freedom of expression and other fundamental rights. Bardh was part of the Freedom Fest festival held in Kosovo, which for the first time brought international artists to Kosovo.

This journey will definitely remain one of the best experiences I ever had. I’m happy to have made friends with such wonderful people from all over the region. The trip was very informative and educational and it helped me to fill in the gaps and better understand the nature of problems in each country. I was very excited to visit infamous battlegrounds of terrible wars that happened during 90s. I was only in the second grade of the primary school when the towns like Vukovar, Osjiek, and Sarajevo were being destroyed and stories of people leaving those countries were terrifying.  Now that I have visited these places I feel like I have gone back in time but in different reality, thus making me believe that there is hope for this beleaguered region. I believe that every young person living in the Balkans should spare some money and time to visit neighboring countries and experience beautiful things this region has to offer.

Vanja Lazic

Vanja is a 24 year old student from Zenica, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, studying for an MA in Product Design at the Academy of fine Arts in Sarajevo. She has exhibited her work at the 28th INTERIO 2012 international design fair, and at  the Recycling Design V show in Belgrade. In addition to her design work, she is also curates the Art House Cinema Kriterion in Sarajevo, a student run NGO. 

First of all, I have met some wonderful people and made friends. Also, while traveling through the region, I have reviewed my stands and opinions about the life of all people in the former Yugoslavia region. This documentary has helped me get a better perspective of the current situation in the region and the things that happened during the war. 

Djordje Mrdak

Djordje is a 22 year old, award-winning student of architecture, from Podgorica, Montenegro. Djordje was given the Luča award, and an award  by the Municipality of Podgorica for his academic achievements. Djordje dreams of improving Montenegrin architecture one day, and wants to become more closely involved in preserving the environment. He  enjoys reading science fiction, travelling and quizes. He also plays the violin.

Prior to going on a tour to the former Yugoslav countries for the shooting of the documentary, I knew very little about what had happened during the nineties in this region. I must admit that I also knew very little about the conflict between partisans and Chetniks, although all those things happened in the country of my origin. For all those reasons, my participation in this documentary has been more than valuable. I know that I shall never forget the people with whom I have lived and worked over the past three weeks. I have gained friends from the entire region. I would not exchange this experience for anything else in the world!

About the Movie

Film follows youngsters' travels throughout ex-Yugoslavia where they witness the legacy of the conflicts of the 1990s