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moldova-feels-squeezed-in-russia-s-information-war-09-06-2017 Analysis 07 Sep 17

Moldova Feels Squeezed in Russia’s Information War

Corruption and weak legislation have turned Moldova into a media battleground – in which Russia seems to have the upper hand.

serbian-media-barons-catch-vucic-off-guard-06-13-2017 Comment 13 Jun 17

Serbian Media Barons Catch Vucic off Guard

The apparent decision of two of Serbia’s biggest media moguls to directly enter the political arena poses an intriguing dilemma for Aleksandar Vucic - and for the opposition.

rabid-anti-albanian-sentiments-grip-serbian-media-05-16-2017 ANALYSIS 16 May 17

Rabid Anti-Albanian Sentiment Grips Serbian Media

Growing ethnic and political tensions across the Balkans have triggered rabid warmongering and ethnic anti-Albanian ethnic slurs in Serbian media, local experts warn.

serbia-s-rookie-journalists-lack-skills-for-brutal-world-05-03-2017 Feature 03 May 17

Serbia’s Rookie Journalists Lack Skills for Brutal World

As World Press Freedom Day is marked across the globe, the future of the media in Serbia lies in the hands of a generation of journalists who are worryingly unprepared for the environment they are about to encounter.

death-threats-to-free-media-advocates-04-19-2017 Interview 20 Apr 17

Sejdinovic: ‘We Cannot Allow Fear to Beat us’

The head of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina says the death threats he has received lately are deeply worrying – but now is not the time to give in to the climate of intimidation.

russian-media-turn-hostile-gaze-on-montenegro-04-13-2017 Analysis 19 Apr 17

Russian Media Paint Dark Picture of Montenegro

As the former Russian ally moves closer to joining NATO, the Moscow media have suddenly decided the country is riddled with decay, crime and corruption.

over-a-decade-on-journalism-facing-threats-04-12-2017 Profile 13 Apr 17

Crusading Journalist Defies Threatening Climate in Kosovo

‘Zeri’ editor Arbana Xharra says she won’t stop probing the dark side of Kosovo life despite the ‘public lynches that have become the new normality’ for investigative journalists in the country.

web-portals-start-to-outshine-albania-s-mainstream-media-04-03-2017 Analysis 03 Apr 17

Web Portals Start to Outshine Albania’s Mainstream Media

Cheap, flexible and free of political influence, online portals are starting to dominating Albania's media - despite real concerns about the quality of their information.

serbian-media-s-plight-apocalyptic-lekic-warns-03-29-2017 Interview 30 Mar 17

Serbian Media’s Plight ‘Apocalyptic’, Lekic Warns

As attacks increase on journalists in Serbia, the new head of the Independent Journalists’ Association, Slavisa Lekic, says it is time to take off the gloves and defend democracy.

vucic-abusing-pm-s-post-to-campaign-critics-say-03-27-2017 ANALYSIS 29 Mar 17

Vucic Abusing PM’s Post to Campaign, Watchdogs Say

Watchdogs say Aleksandar Vucic broke the law by using his post as Prime Minister to campaign for the presidency.

bosniaks-resists-bosnian-croat-call-for-own-tv-02-27-2017 Analysis 27 Feb 17

Bosniaks Likely to Resist Bosnian Croat Call For Own TV

Bosnian Croat politicians say Croats are cut out of the current public broadcasting model - but with Bosniaks increasingly alarmed about the country’s survival, their demands may not get far.

serbia-braces-for-bumpy-election-ride-02-23-2017 analysis 24 Feb 17

Serbia Braces for Bumpy Election Ride

The pro-government media are stepping up their negative campaigns, vilifying opposition candidates standing in April’s presidential election.

stefanovic-case-will-test-serbian-judiciary-s-real-independence-12-23-2016 Comment 26 Dec 16

Stefanovic Case Will Test Serbian Judiciary’s Real Independence

When ruling in the case of Serbia’s interior Minister vs NIN, the Serbian courts are obliged to take on board the praxis of European Court of Human Rights, which gives broad rights to freedom of expression. 

romania-court-to-judge-attack-on-license-fee-11-23-2016-1 Analysis 24 Nov 16

Romania Court to Judge Attack on License Fee

The court in December will assess a move by MPs to scrap license fees for public broadcasters - which critics call a populist pre-election stunt.

macedonian-media-still-captive-ahead-of-elections-11-11-2016 Analysis 14 Nov 16

Macedonian Media Still ‘Captive’ Ahead of Elections

Only a month before long-awaited early general elections, the main media remain under tight political control, local experts and the EU warn.