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Latest News from the Balkans

31 Jul 14

Radovan Karadzic Demands New War Crimes Trial

Former Bosnian Serb political leader and war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic has asked the Hague Tribunal for a new trial, claiming unfair treatment and prosecution errors.

31 Jul 14

Murdered US Albanians’ Family Appeals to UN

The relatives of the three Bytyqi brothers, killed by Serbian forces after they fought for the Kosovo Liberation Army, urged the UN to pressurise Belgrade to prosecute their murderers.

30 Jul 14

Albania Central Bank Chief Grilled Over Theft

Parliament's commission on the economy held a hearing on Wednesday with governor Ardian Fullani, following the reported theft of 713 million lek (5 million euro) from the central bank.

30 Jul 14

War Veterans Condemn EU’s Kosovo Crimes Report

Kosovo’s War Veterans Association said that a new EU report stating that senior Kosovo Liberation Army officials will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity was “ridiculous”.

30 Jul 14

Starlet's Confession Fuels Plagiarism Row in Serbia

Claims by Nada Djukic, aka Blondy, that she 'bought' her college diploma have added legs to an ongoing furore in Serbia over officials who allegedly plagiarised their university degrees.

30 Jul 14

Macedonia Jails Albanian Terrorism Trial Protesters

Six people were jailed for three years each for participating in violent protests in Skopje this month sparked by the terrorism convictions of six ethnic Albanians.

30 Jul 14

Bosnian Serb Military Policeman Indicted for Fatal Beatings

Ex-military policeman Blagoje Vlacic was indicted for beating Bosniak civilian prisoners to death at an improvised jail in a restaurant in Sekovici in north-east Bosnia in 1993.

30 Jul 14

Croatia External Debts Hits All-time High

Debt level now exceeds country’s GDP, and the upward trend looks set to continue.

30 Jul 14

Serbian Ambassador Praises ‘Freedom Fighter’ Gavrilo Princip

The Bosnian Serb assassin who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 and helped spark World War I was seeking the liberation of his people, said Serbia’s ambassador to Canada.

30 Jul 14

Balkans on Freak Weather Alert as Two Die in Romania

Severe weather alerts are in force across much of the region while storms in southern Romania have already caused widespread devastation and killed at least two people.

30 Jul 14

Council of Europe Hails Kosovo Organ-Trafficking Revelations

The European rights body welcomed an EU report accusing senior Kosovo Liberation Army figures of post-war crimes and saying there were compelling indications of organ-trafficking by fighters.

30 Jul 14

Serbia Media Expect Tough Time After Privatisation

As new media laws go before parliament, journalists' associations predict only a few outlets will survive privatisation in today's tough market conditions.

30 Jul 14

Romanian Seaside Suffers Drop in Tourist Numbers

Unven weather, poor services - and the chance of snatching a bargain trip to Greece - are just some of the factors behind this year's disappointing tourist figures on the Romanian Black Sea coast.

30 Jul 14

Croatian Tourism Dips Worryingly in July

As reports emerge of a disappointing drop in visitors in many areas in July, some blame the bad weather and others, management issues.

30 Jul 14

Montenegro Capital Faces Period of 'Technical' Rule

As talks on forming a new city government in Podgorica go nowhere, the Montenegrin capital faces a period of temporary adminstration by 'non-political' experts, pending new elections.

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30 Jul 14

Dying Macedonian Village Spies Hope in Foreign Brides

In the village of Brest, where the supply of marriageable women has all but dried up, the town hall is paying for local bachelors to take bride-hunting trips to other countries.