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22 Aug 14

Kosovo Faces Polls as Court Scraps Speaker’s Election

An extraordinary general election may be on the cards after the Constitutional Court annulled the election of an opposition speaker.

22 Aug 14

Bosnian Genocide Convicts Appeal ‘Unjust’ Sentences

Six Bosnian Serbs convicted of the genocide of Bosniaks from Srebrenica in 1995 are appealing against their 20-year prison sentences, arguing that they are too harsh.

22 Aug 14

Serbia Won’t Exploit Russian Embargo, PM Says

Serbia will not try to make use of the Kremlin embargo on EU goods to boost exports to Russia, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic assured on Friday in Belgrade.

22 Aug 14

Croatia Cuts Income Tax to Stimulate Spending

Croatia plans income tax breaks in the hope that middle income earners will spend more cash, raising consumption and creating jobs.

22 Aug 14

Serbian Probe Finds Flaws in Megatrend University

The body that accredits educational establishments in Serbia said it had uncovered problems at the privately-run university that has been hit by a plagiarism row.

22 Aug 14

Montenegro Talks Tough on Rights of Disabled

Montenegro's government plans to toughen the law on discrimination against persons with disabilities and secure their complete access to public areas.

22 Aug 14

Croatian Website Slated for Airing Execution Video

A Croatian website faces potential penalties for airing in full the gruesome video of the beheading of the American journalist James Foley.

22 Aug 14

Bosnia Federation Eyes 2015 Start to Oil Digs

Bosnia's Federation Energy Ministry says he expects digs for oil in the entity to start next year - amid hopes that significant findings could revive the economically stagnant country.

22 Aug 14

Romanian Ex-PM Nastase Freed Again

Former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase has ended his second jail term for corruption early, after serving only seven months of a four-year sentence.

22 Aug 14

Summer on the Beach in Belgrade

For a city that’s nowhere near the coast, Belgrade has some surprisingly good beaches - so pack up your towel and sun cream and explore the options.

22 Aug 14

Bosnian Croat Fighter ‘Knifed Bosniak Captive’

A prosecution witness testified that ex-fighter Nikola Maric, who is on trial for the detention, persecution and killing of Bosniaks in the Prozor area, stabbed and beat him.

21 Aug 14

Serbian Competition Commission Probes B92 Sale

Four years after the controversial sale of the station, the Commission for Protection of Competition says it needs to determine whether laws on competition and media concentration were broken.

21 Aug 14

Bosnians Commemorate Mountain Massacre Victims

Survivors of the Koricani Cliffs massacre marked the anniversary of the execution of more than 150 Bosniak and Croat civilian prisoners from Prijedor at Mount Vlasic in August 1992.

21 Aug 14

South Stream Gas Pipes ‘Still Arriving’ in Bulgaria

Bulgaria faces questions about whether it has honoured a pledge to suspend work on the Russian-led gas pipeline.

21 Aug 14

Kosovo Rivals Take Speaker Row to Constitutional Court

At a Constitutional Court hearing on Thursday, Kosovo's two main political blocs argued about which of them has the right to nominate the speaker of parliament.

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22 Aug 14

Ponta Defies Recession to Woo Romanian Voters

With an eye on winning November’s presidential elections, Prime Minister Victor Ponta is in a give-away mood – although Romania has slid back into recession in the meantime.