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Latest News from the Balkans

28 Oct 16

Serbian State Security ‘Involved in Killing Journalist’

The former chief of a police task force investigating the 1999 murder of an opposition journalist told a Belgrade court that his probe concluded that State Security was involved in the killing.

28 Oct 16

Bosniak Fighter Jailed for Crimes Against Serb Civilians

Former military security officer Ekrem Ibracevic was sentenced to three years in prison for committing crimes against Serb civilian detainees in the Srebrenik area in the summer of 1992.

28 Oct 16

Kosovo Commander Fatmir Limaj Charged with War Crimes

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution filed an war crimes indictment against former guerrilla commander turned MP Fatmir Limaj over the murder of two Kosovo Albanian civilians in October 1998.

28 Oct 16

Kosovo MPs Declare ‘Liberation War’ Just and Fair

MPs in Pristina approved a resolution defining the Kosovo Liberation Army’s wartime struggle as just and fair after a debate sparked by the war crimes convictions of ten former KLA fighters.

28 Oct 16

Bosnian Serbs Greenlight Saudi Grant for Srebrenica

The Republika Srpska has given the nod to a million-euro Saudi Arabian grant aimed at rebuilding 55 homes for post-war returnees to the eastern town of Srebrenica.

28 Oct 16

Croatian Minister Praised WWII Fascist Official

New Croatian Science and Education Minister Pavo Barisic praised a WWII Nazi-allied Ustasa official, calling him “a tragic hero and a victim”, in a scientific paper he wrote in 1992, media reported.

28 Oct 16

Belgrade Acquits Bosnian Serb Fighter of Wartime Rape

The appeals court in Belgrade acquitted Serb former volunteer fighter Miodrag Zivkovic of taking part in raping two women in the Bosnian town of Bijeljina in 1992.

28 Oct 16

Small Macedonian Party Poses Legal Challenge to Election

A motion to Macedonia's Constitutional Court, contesting the legality of the December 11 elections due to the uneven size of the electoral districts, could jeopardise the snap polls.

28 Oct 16

Bulgaria Helsinki Chief Links Assault to Nationalism

Krasimir Kanev, president of Bulgaria's Helsinki Committee, said Thursday's assault on him in Sofia was almost certainly linked to his work, to growing intolerance, and to the refusal of officialdom to deal with hate crimes.

28 Oct 16

Serbian MPs Grill Vucic Over Claims of Arrests

Serbian opposition MPs questioned Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday over sclaims that several people were arrested for planning illegal activities in Montenegro.

27 Oct 16

Crime Reporter's Trial Opens in Montenegro

Crime reporter Jovo Martinovic has gone on trial in Montenegro, accused of participating in a drug trafficking ring.

27 Oct 16

Kosovo Urged to Protect Journalist after Death Threats

Media freedom campaigners condemned death threats made against tabloid editor Leonard Kerquki after he directed a television documentary on wartime crimes against Kosovo Serbs.

27 Oct 16

Strasbourg Rejects Bosnians’ Torture Claim Against Serbia

The European Court of Human Rights rejected a complaint from 67 Bosnians who accused Belgrade of not properly investigating their alleged torture in detention camps in Serbia during and after the Bosnian war.

27 Oct 16

Bosnian Theatre Festival to Sue Over Death Threats

After canceling performances of a play due to threats of violence, the MESS International Theatre Festival in Sarajevo has said it will pursue those responsible.

27 Oct 16

Reported Expulsions Overshadow Russian Security Chief’s Serbia Visit

Belgrade newspaper says Serbia has thrown out unnamed Russians in connection with events in Montenegro - where the authorities claim they recently foiled a coup.

27 Oct 16

Croatia MP Becomes Region's Anti-Establishment Star

After a video in which he slated the US, NATO and the EU swept the social media in the region, Croatian anti-establishment MP Ivan Pernar claims 'people are hungry for the truth'.

27 Oct 16

Serbia, Bosnia Open Joint Trade Office in Turkey

Bosnia and Serbia have opened a joint office in Istanbul, Turkey, hoping to stimulate trade between the three countries and Turkish investment.

27 Oct 16

Macedonia's Ruling Party Tries to Foil Rival Coalition

Macedonia’s ruling centre-right VMRO DPMNE party is trying to stymie the formation of a strong opposition centre-right alliance for the December elections using tempting coalition offers.

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28 Oct 16

‘Balkan Beats’ Guru Has World in his Sights

The Bosnia-born DJ now rocking the music scene in Berlin and beyond pays tribute to the Gypsy sounds - and Balkan ‘broken hearts’ - that inspire him.

28 Oct 16

Croatia Economists Doubt Tax Cuts Will Revive Growth

New tax-cutting measures are welcomed but not likely alone to restore growth rates to pre-2008 levels, experts say.

24 Oct 16

Traces of Empire: Serbia’s Roman Heritage