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Latest News from the Balkans

24 Apr 14

Bosnia Investigators Search Gorazde Police Veterans’ HQ

The Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency searched the building as part of an investigation into alleged crimes against Serbs in the area during the 1990s war.

24 Apr 14

Alleged Kosovo Gangster Accused of Inciting Murder

The EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo has charged Enver Sekiraqa, who is believed to be an international player in organized crime, with inciting the murder of a policeman in 2007.

24 Apr 14

Serbia Welcomes New Kosovo War Crimes Court

Belgrade said that the establishment of a new Kosovo tribunal with international judges to prosecute war crimes was “good news” that would shift guilt away from Serbia.

24 Apr 14

Moscow Prepares Revenge For Montenegro Sanctions

As a response to Montenegrin sanctions against some Russian politicians, Moscow is preparing its own counter-measures, Russian media reported on Wednesday.

24 Apr 14

Bosnian Capital's Torched Library Reopening on Europe Day

Sarajevo mayor Ivo Komsic said the iconic former library, the Vijecnica, torched in the 1992-5 war, will re-open on May 9 as a city hall, library and a museum.

24 Apr 14

Albania MP Urges New Probe Into Costly Kosovo Highway

Socialist MP Taulant Balla has called for a new investigation into the Albania-Kosovo highway after Balkan Insight reported that the cost of the 60km road had soared over €950 million.

24 Apr 14

Macedonian Opposition May Dispute Election Results

As it heads towards likely defeat on Sunday, Macedonia's opposition Social Democratic Party said it might not recognise the results of the April 27 presidential and general elections.

24 Apr 14

Romania Heads Into Lacklustre European Election

Romanians appears even less interested than usual about this year European's elections, in which standing MEPs and other friends and relatives of the elite are playing a major role.

24 Apr 14

Two Indicted Over Kosovo War Case Secrecy Breach

The EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo has indicted two suspects who allegedly violated secrecy rules in the ‘Drenica Group’ case against wartime guerrillas accused of abusing civilian prisoners.

24 Apr 14

Dacic Tipped For Foreign Ministry in Serbia

As the Progressives, Socialists and the Hungarian minority party prepare to sign a deal on new government, names of candidates for cabinet posts have emerged, including Ivica Dacic's as a possible Foreign Minister.

24 Apr 14

Bosnia Witness Recalls Visegrad Wartime Rape

A witness told the war crimes trial of Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Vitomir Rackovic that the defendant took her to the village of Crnca, where she was raped.

23 Apr 14

Macedonia Ruling Party Queried Over Real Estate Spree

Opposition Social Democrats accuse ruling party of using questionable funds to buy up a massive amount of real estate ahead of this month’s elections.

23 Apr 14

Kosovo MPs Approve New War Crimes Court

After a heated debate, Kosovo lawmakers voted for the establishment of a new special court to probe war crimes and organ-trafficking allegedly committed by Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas.

23 Apr 14

EU's Ashton Due to Meet Serbian Leaders

Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, is expected to visit Serbia next week, immediately after a new government is formed, to discuss EU integration and Kosovo.

23 Apr 14

Bosnian Fighter Demands Bosanski Brod Killings Acquittal

Former Croatian Defence Forces fighter Zemir Kovacevic is not guilty of killings, looting and the illegal detention of Serb civilians in the village of Sijekovac in 1992, his defence said.