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Latest News from the Balkans

28 Apr 16

Special Prosecution Witness Death Shocks Macedonia

The unexplained death by gunshot of a Macedonian Special Prosecution witness has sparked debate about whether he was killed - or committed suicide - in relation to a criminal investigation.

28 Apr 16

Belgrade Officials Deny Green-Lighting Nocturnal Demolition

Belgrade city authorities deny all knowledge about 30 masked men who demolished several buildings in the proposed Belgrade Waterfront area and allegedly mistreated locals.

28 Apr 16

Alleged Crime Boss Snubs Kosovo Police Demands

Azem Syla, a ruling party MP accused of running a crime syndicate, has snubbed police demands to submit to questioning in Kosovo, telling them he is at the seaside in Albania.

28 Apr 16

Leftist Media Claim Croatia Slashed Their Funds

Publishers of left-wing media outlets say Croatia's Culture Minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic has deliberately cut state funds for left-wing and non-profit media outlets.

28 Apr 16

Romania's Anti-Graft Chief Slams Intelligence Service

The fierce attack launched by the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate on the Foreign Intelligence Service is seen as pointing to a serious inter-institutional conflict in Romania.

28 Apr 16

Bosnia Experts Query Reduction in Trade Deficit

Bosnia registered a significant reduction in its trade deficit in 2015 - but experts say this is mainly down to a fall in imports rather than a rise in domestic production.

28 Apr 16

Bulgarian Town Pioneers Total Ban on Burqa

The new ban imposed on the public use of the burqa in Pazardjik, in southeast Bulgaria, sets the stage for a debate in parliament on banning face-coverings nationally.

27 Apr 16

Serbian Rightists Threaten Protests Over Election Results

The right-wing coalition uniting Dveri and the Democratic Party of Serbia has warned of street protests if the Election Commission declares they did not meet the 5-per-cent threshold needed to enter parliament.

27 Apr 16

Kosovo Cracks Down on Property Usurpers

Kosovo authorities and members of EULEX are looking for 40 suspected members of a crime syndicate led by ruling party MP and a former KLA commander, Azem Syla who alleged usurpsed lare amounts of public property.

27 Apr 16

Romanian Minister Falls Victim to Battle at Opera

Culture Minister Vlad Alexandrescu has been forced to throw in the towel - the latest victim of a dramatic feud at the National Opera house, which he failed to resolve.

27 Apr 16

Macedonia Albanians to Mark Kumanovo Carnage

One year after the bloody shootout in Kumanovo, ethnic Albanian opposition parties have scheduled a protest on May 9 against the governing VMRO-DPMNE and DUI alliance. 

27 Apr 16

Refugee Centre Razed For Belgrade Waterfront

Miksaliste, a refugee aid centre in the Serbian capital's Savamala district, was demolished on Wednesday to make way for the city's ambitious Belgrade Waterfront project.

27 Apr 16

Bulgarian President Urged to Veto Voting Changes

The four parties that form Bulgaria's coalition government on Tuesday abandoned some proposed amendments to the electoral code - but failed to ease public anger over the changes.

27 Apr 16

Balkan Press Liberty Declining, Freedom House Says

Freedom House report says media freedom in the Balkan region is in decline - with the fast decline noted in Serbia and Macedonia.

27 Apr 16

Macedonia's DUI Queries Sense of June Election

Macedonia's junior ruling party, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, has questioned the credibility of a June 5 election date, saying polls are pointless without the opposition.

27 Apr 16

Romanians' Digital Skills Are Worst in Europe

Romania comes last in the whole of Europe when it comes to digital literacy, a new report shows.

27 Apr 16

Croatia Convicts Five Rebel Serb Policemen

Five former members of the police force of the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina wartime rebel statelet in Croatia were convicted in their absence of committing war crimes in 1991.

27 Apr 16

Serbia's Ruling Party Takes Over Northern Province

The victorious Serbian Progressive Party has achieved one of its core election goals in winning control of the province of Vojvodina as well as most of the municipalities.

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28 Apr 16

Hazy Future for Serbia's Copper Giant

While the longterm solution for RTB Bor remains uncertain, Serbian taxpayers will continue to pay for company mismanagement.

28 Apr 16

Montenegro Grants Citizenship to “Office Manager” of Abu Dhabi Sheikh

Montenegro’s government handed honorary citizenship in 2014 to a Libyan-born “office manager” and his wife in what appears to have been an as yet unsuccessful attempt to lure investment from an Abu Dhabi sheikh, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network can reveal.