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Latest News from the Balkans

29 May 15

Croatia PM Addresses Nation on Clashes With Veterans

After veterans clashed with police in the heart of Zagreb, the embattled PM has offered talks but says he will not surrender to force.

29 May 15

Rovinj, Croatia, Braces for Red Bull Air Race

Some 35,000 fans from across the world are converging on the picturesque Istrian town of Rovinj for two days of spectacular stunts and competitions in the air.

29 May 15

US State Department Hails Vucic Visit to Albania

US State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke congratulated the Serbian and Albanian leaders for managing the Serbian PM's “historic” visit to Tirana.

29 May 15

Croatia Police Trap Protesting Veterans in Church

After protesting war veterans retreated to the central St Marks church, following a brief scuffle with the police, the police kept the protesters trapped in the building which the clergy forbade them from entering.

29 May 15

Croatian Investigative Journalist Beaten at Home

The investigative journalist Zeljko Peratovic - whose probes have caused controversy in the past - was beaten up in his home on Thursday evening by a group of three men.

29 May 15

Kosovo Postpones Vote on Wartime Crime Court

The Kosovo parliament postponed a vote on amendments to the constitution whose aim was to enable the formation of a special court on the wartime crimes of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

29 May 15

Srebrenica Genocide ‘Part of Bosnian Identity’

The Srebrenica genocide, in which more than 7,000 Muslims were killed, is part of the identity of Bosnia, a conference in Sarajevo on the massacre in eastern Bosnia in 1995 heard.

29 May 15

Montenegro Jails Three for Abusing Gay Activist

A court has jailed three men for three months for verbally abusing a prominent gay activist, as Montenegro gets tougher on anti-gay hate crimes.

29 May 15

Romanian President Urges Consensus on Euro

After meeting government leaders, President Klaus Iohannis called for a political consensus on the strategy needed to ensure Romania's membership of the single currency area.

29 May 15

Media Deny Getting Millions from Macedonian Govt

Journalists' association claims - that the government has lashed advertising spending on a few pro-government outlets in the media - have drawn a furious response.

29 May 15

Zvornik Terror Debate Divides Bosnian MPs

A debate on the recent terrorist attack in Zvornik revealed tensions and divisions between Bosniak, Croat and Serb deputies in parliament.

29 May 15

Romania Faces EU Penalties Over Law Delay

European Commission is taking Romania to court over its failure to transpose legislation on end-of-life vehicles.

29 May 15

Kosovo Serbs MPs Say 'No' to Kosovo Army

Kosovo Serb representatives in Pristina have vowed to vote against constitutional amendments that will allow the formation of a regular army.

28 May 15

Three Killed in Gun Battle in Centre of Tirana

Fire fight between rivals gangs on Wednesday night in Tirana left three dead and shook the Albanian capital.

28 May 15

Croatian President Meets Pope, Requests Visit

On a visit to the Vatican, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic met Pope Francis on Thursday and urged the Pontiff to visit her mainly Catholic country.

28 May 15

Balkan Feuds Re-Surface at Leaders' Tirana Summit

Regional leaders attending the 'Tirana Talk' in Albania talked convincingly about the need for closer collaboration - but old disputes between the countries still made their presence felt.

28 May 15

Bosnia Charges Serb Over Crimes in Cajnice

The Bosnian State Prosecution has charged Dusko Kornjaca with committing war crimes in Cajnice municipality in the eastern part of the country in 1992.

28 May 15

Kosovo Veterans Protest Over Drenica Group Verdicts

Kosovo war veterans protested over the conviction of two former KLA commanders of the 'Drenica group' on Wednesday by blocking a road.