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Latest News from the Balkans

09 Dec 16

Ratko Mladic ‘Never Ordered Srebrenica Massacres’: Defence

In closing arguments at Ratko Mladic’s trial, lawyers for the former Bosnian Serb military commander said he never ordered the Srebrenica mass killings and the case against him was systematically biased.

09 Dec 16

Dahlan Corruption Trial to Reopen Next Week

The corruption trial of Palestinian strongman Mohammed Dahlan, whose ties to Balkan politicians secured him Serbian and Montenegrin citizenship, is due to restart in the West Bank next week.

09 Dec 16

Bulgaria President Faces Struggle to Form Govt

As Bulgaria’s main parties appear unable to form a new government within the current parliament, the President faces the difficult task of assembling a temporary caretaker administration before his mandate expires in January.

09 Dec 16

Croatia Ban on Red Star Carries Risks, Professor Says

After Croatia's new Prime Minister raised the possibility of banning all totalitarian symbols, possibly including the red star, a professor has called the proposal risky and wrongheaded.

09 Dec 16

Startling Statements From Macedonia's Election Campaign

Several statements by Macedonia's politicians delivered in the heat of the December 11 election campaign have stirred controversy and drawn attention - and here are some of them.

09 Dec 16

Russia and Terrorism Dominated CIA Chief's Albania Visit

While the exact nature of CIA chief John Brennan's talks with Albanian authorities remains a secret, experts say Russian expansionism and Islamist terror likely dominated the agenda.

08 Dec 16

Kosovo Bans Building of Serb Wall in Mitrovica

The building of a concrete wall by the Serb authorities near their side of the bridge that ethnically divides the Kosovo town of Mitrovica was ordered to stop after strong criticism by Kosovo Albanian officials.

08 Dec 16

Serbian Politician Urges Reinstatement of Milosevic Honour

Rights activists protested after a controversial politician in Leskovac called for Slobodan Milosevic to be reinstated as a ‘citizen of honour’ of the southern town.

08 Dec 16

Radovan Karadzic: ‘Serb Traitors’ Committed Srebrenica Crimes

In a rare interview, former Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic, who was convicted of genocide in Srebrenica, said that the crimes were actually committed by “traitors to the Serb people”.

08 Dec 16

Belgrade to Host Annual Queer Film Festival

Belgrade’s international festival of movies focusing on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues, Merlinka, returns to the capital in December, with more than 50 must-see films.

08 Dec 16

Israel Court Rejects Request for Bosnia War Deals Data

Israel’s Supreme Court has rejected a bid for disclosures relating to alleged defence exports to the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s Bosnian conflict, when an arms embargo was in place.

08 Dec 16

Bulgaria Judges Complain of Targeted Attacks on Courts

The decision of Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council to launch probes against the Sofia City Court and the Sofia Regional Court, and against an outspoken judge, Miroslava Todorova, has drawn protests. 

08 Dec 16

Croatian President's Year Sees High and Lows

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic's statements over 2016 have caused controversy and drawn media attention, delighting some and infuriating others both at home and in the region.

08 Dec 16

Macedonia Leader Slated for Urging Rival's Assassination

An election rally statement by Nikola Gruevski, leader of Macedonia's ruling party, at which he appeared to suggest his main political rival ought to be assassinated, has been widely condemned.

07 Dec 16

Belgium Arrests Kosovar, Serbian 'ISIS Supporters'

Three people from Kosovo and Serbia are among a group of eight people arrested in Belgium and suspected of links to the outlawed terror group ISIS.

07 Dec 16

Six Balkan Figures Join European High-Flyers' List

The six Balkan personalities joining Politico's list of 28 European movers and shakers include an honest policeman in Romania, the tough-guy President of Turkey, a civic activist in Serbia and a Mayor in Kosovo.

07 Dec 16

Albania Officials Trade Blame Over Drug Case Delays

After eight months' silence, Albanian officials have confirmed that Greece requested the arrest of suspected drugs trader Klemend Balili - but blame each other for delays in arresting him.

07 Dec 16

Jeremic Accused of Role Serb Soldiers' Mystery Deaths

Pro-government tabloid accuses former top diplomat Vuk Jeremic of witholding information about the unexplained deaths of two soldiers - in what could be a move to spoil his presidential chances in 2017.

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09 Dec 16

Oleg Deripaska, Montenegro’s Saviour Turned Enemy

The Russian billionaire who now claims hundreds of millions of euros from Montenegro was only ten years earlier welcomed as a friend and life-saving investor.

09 Dec 16

Romania Braces for Uncertain Election Outcome

Amid visible dissatisfaction with the current politicians who are widely viewed as corrupt and ineffective, the outcome of the elections looks like remaining uncertain until the last moment.

09 Dec 16

Cleaning Up Romania

04 Dec 16

State of the Unions in Serbia