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Latest News from the Balkans

26 Nov 15

Special Prosecution to Probe Macedonian PM

Allegations against the Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, will be among the first cases that Macedonia's new Special Prosecutor will investigate.

26 Nov 15

Serbia to Adopt National War Crimes Strategy

More than a decade after Serbia started to prosecute war crimes, the country is to adopt its first-ever strategy to comprehensively deal with offences committed during the 1990s conflicts.

26 Nov 15

Bosnian MPs Hail Blocking of Serb Nationalist’s Promotion

The lower house of the Bosnian parliament decided not to promote right-wing ‘Chetnik duke’ Nikola Poplasen to the board of the national agency responsible for higher education standards.

26 Nov 15

Montenegro's Gays Set New Date for Parade

The third LGBT Pride march in Montenegro’s capital is due to take place on December 13, after being postponed in October when anti-government protests erupted in Podgorica.

26 Nov 15

Serbian Farmers Say Land Law ‘Encourages Corruption’

Serbian farmers are campaigning for the withdrawal of draft legislation on agricultural land, claiming it would give the authorities unchecked powers to lease farmland to favoured investors.

26 Nov 15

App Helps Romanians Put Authorities on Spot

A new smartphone app encourages Romanians to instantly report problems in their neighbourhoods to the relevant authorities - and hopefully get an answer.

26 Nov 15

Macedonians Trade Blame Over Deadly Smog

Opposition demanding emergency debate in parliament over the levels of air pollution in towns and cities, which it calls an unacceptable danger to people's health.

26 Nov 15

Balkan States Woo Chinese Investors at Summit

At the '16 + 1' summit, which opened on Tuesday, China is deepening its interest in Southeastern Europe, investing in trade, finance, agriculture and infrastructure projects.

25 Nov 15

Court Frees Former Croatian PM Sanader

Zagreb County Court has ordered Ivo Sanader's release following an earlier ruling of the constitutonal court, although Croatia's anti-graft body, USKOK, has said it will appeal.

25 Nov 15

Kosovo on High Alert For Terror Attacks

Authorities have urged citizens to stay away from crowded places after a meeting headed by the PM said risk of attacks was ‘real’.

25 Nov 15

Serbs Sceptical About Patriarch’s ‘Return to Kosovo’ Call

Serbia’s Patriarch Irinej called for Serbs to return to their homes in Kosovo, but those who fled after the war said Belgrade and Pristina must guarantee their safety first.

25 Nov 15

UN Chief Hits at Balkan Restrictions on Migrants

The new border restrictions on refugees and migrants imposed by Balkan states violate their human rights, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, warned on Wednesday.

25 Nov 15

Macedonia Probes Claims About ‘Forged' IDs

Macedonia's Interior Ministry says it is investigating allegations of the mass forgery of IDs, presumably intended for voting purposes, as the country gears up for April elections.

25 Nov 15

Romania To Pay Damages Over 1989 Protests

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Romania in a case related to the protests in 1989 that brought down the communist regime.

25 Nov 15

Montenegro Opposition Spurns Offer of Dialogue

Initiative to start negotiations on solving the deep political crisis in Montenegro looks doomed after the opposition refused to talk with the ruling parties on reforms.

25 Nov 15

Albania MPs to Vote on ‘Decriminalising Politics’

Draft law barring people with criminal convictions from holding public office will go before parliament after main parties agree to constitutional reform.

25 Nov 15

Russia Repeats Call for Closure of Bosnia's OHR

The recent anniversary of Dayton Agreement redrew attention to the High Representative's future in Bosnia, with Russia and Bosnian Serb parties calling for the office to be closed.

25 Nov 15

Biden Visit to Croatia Confirms US Engagement

US Vice-President Joe Biden's presence in Croatia at a regional summit on security is seen as confirmation of continuing US commitment to the Balkan region.

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26 Nov 15

Albanian Jihadist’s Easy Passage to Syria’s Brutal War

A former Islamist fighter in Syria recalls why he went to Syria, how easy it was to get there – and why he would go again, if he could.

26 Nov 15

Bosnia's Jews Fear Community is Fading Away

Many of Bosnia’s remaining Jews fear half a millennium of existence is about to come to an end – although some are less pessimistic.