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Latest News from the Balkans

22 Sep 14

Tito’s Private Books Opened to Public

The Museum of Yugoslav History will allow public access to parts of Josip Broz Tito’s private library this month, as well as showing off the paintings he collected.

22 Sep 14

Bosnian Serbs Erect Huge Cross Above Sarajevo

The unauthorised installation of the cross on a hill above the Muslim-majority city besieged by Serb forces in wartime caused outrage, with reports that some people tried to pull it down.

22 Sep 14

Macedonia Criticises New US Ambassador

Macedonia is sending a protest note to the United States after the newly-appointed American ambassador to Skopje called Macedonians “Slavs” during a hearing at the US Senate.

22 Sep 14

Eight Bosnian Serbs Charged With Rogatica Killings

The Bosnian prosecution filed an indictment against eight former Bosnian Serb troops for killing 20 civilians, mainly women, children and elderly people, in the Rogatica area in 1992.

22 Sep 14

Genocide Trial Archive Opens at Srebrenica Memorial

The Sense news agency, which covers war crimes trials, opened the new archive of case documents, witness testimonies and forensic evidence at the Srebrenica genocide memorial centre in Potocari.

22 Sep 14

Croatia Campaigners Urge Church Funding Cut

Secularist NGOs demonstrated for the state to give less money to the Catholic Church and terminate agreements with the Vatican guaranteeing the church an important role in social affairs.

22 Sep 14

Pope Francis Praises Albania’s Religious Tolerance

Once the world’s first atheist country, Albania is now a model of religious coexistence that the whole world should follow, Pope Francis said during his landmark visit on Sunday.

22 Sep 14

Montenegro to Put Arms Exporter up For Sale

Montenegro has decided to sell off its state-owned arms exporter and a manufacturer of explosives, in the hope of bringing in strategic partners that will update the companies.

22 Sep 14

Romania Responds Coolly to Hungarian Autonomy Plan

Romania's main governing party has said it will not back a proposal by the ethnic Hungarian minority to establish an autonomous region in Transylvania.

19 Sep 14

Albanians Declare 'Republic' in Macedonia

A small crowd of ethnic Albanians gathered on Thursday in Skope to hear an ex-politician proclaim the 'Republic of Ilirida' - but few Macedonians are taking it that seriously, so far.

19 Sep 14

Bulgaria Accused of Expelling Syrian Refugees

Bulgarian border police have in the past month forced Syrian asylum seekers back to Turkey and beaten some of them, Human Rights Watch said.  

19 Sep 14

Croatia to Sell Off Ailing State Airline

Croatia's government plans to end the years-long financial agony of the state owned-airline company by putting it up for sale.

19 Sep 14

Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for Raping Teenager

Former Bosnian Serb Army soldier Dusko Solesa was sentenced to six years in prison for raping the teenage girl in the Bihac municipality in north-west Bosnia in 1992.

19 Sep 14

World War I Takes Centre Stage at BITEF

The conflagration that began with the assassination in Sarajevo will be a major theme at the 48th Belgrade Theatre Festival.

19 Sep 14

Montenegro Takes no Chances Over Ebola

Montenegro has formed an expert team to deal with cases of the deadly infectious Ebola disease - although none have been reported as yet.