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Latest News from the Balkans

09 Oct 15

Macedonia Parties Pushed to Clinch Reform Deal

Macedonian political leaders are under pressure to reach an agreement on a package of urgent electoral reforms - having missed an EU deadline.

09 Oct 15

Returnee Homes Ravaged as Bosnia's Tensions Rise

Recent savage attack on Bosniak returnees' homes in a village in southern Bosnia forms part of a disturbing trend in the divided country.

09 Oct 15

Bosnia Camp Survivors Seek End to Court Fees

Former Bosnian camp inmates who have filed lawsuits for damages for their suffering say they are being made victims again by being made to pay judicial fees.

09 Oct 15

Macedonia Faces Massive Surge in Refugees

Macedonia says it faces the greatest spike in arrivals since the start of the refugee crisis, with about 10,000 people trying to enter and cross the country each day on their way to the West.

09 Oct 15

Romania Offers Cash-Strapped Moldova Loan

Romania has offered a favourable loan to Moldova, where the pro-Western government has run out of money and is struggling to keep afloat.

09 Oct 15

Montenegro Woos EU by Matching Sanctions

As part of its pro-EU policy, Montenegro is matching European Union sanctions imposed against several mostly Middle Eastern countries.

09 Oct 15

Serbia 2-0 Win Knocks Albanian Euro 2016 Dream

Serbia scores last-minute victory over Albania with two goals in extra time amid heavy security and fears of violence.

08 Oct 15

Bosnia Prosecutor Says Negligence Case Sends Wrong Message

A former Bosnian state prosecutor said if he is found guilty of prioritizing complex war crimes cases instead of focusing on simple ones, it will send 'a dangerous message".

08 Oct 15

Ex-KLA Fighter Detained Over Crimes in Albania

Kosovo court ordered a month's detention for former Kosovo Liberation Army leader Xhemshit Krasniqi, suspected of carrying out war crimes in Albania.

08 Oct 15

Kosovo Opposition MPs Hurl Tear Gas in Parliament

At least one deputy passed out after opposition MPs released tear gas in the Kosovo parliament on Thursday, protesting over EU-backed agreements with Serbia.

08 Oct 15

Macedonia 'Censorship Bill' Shelved Amid Protests

Parliament withdraws controversial bill banning publication of material related to mass surveillance claims, as anti-government protesters rally in Skopje.

08 Oct 15

Albanians Brace for Big Match With Serbia

Security is level in Albania ahead of the Euro 2016 qualifiying match with Serbia - but the Serbian PM said he would not be going after a stone was thrown at the Serbian team's bus.

08 Oct 15

Romania Pushes Local Produce on Supermarkets

A draft law that would force big foodstores to sell more Romanian products is drawing applause in some quarters and doubts in others.

08 Oct 15

Montenegro Protesters Refuse to Quit Streets

Anti-goverment protesters blocking the main steets in the capital Podgorica for days have ignored an order to unblock them and disperse.

07 Oct 15

Serbian Bookies Favour Albanian Win in Elbasan

Serbian bookmakers are putting the odds on Albania beating Serbia at the Euro 2016 qualifyer when the two national teams meet in Elbasan on Thursday.

07 Oct 15

Macedonia Talks Resume as EU Deadline Expires

Talks on Macedonia’s election reform ‘package’ are expected to resume today after the government and opposition missed the EU imposed deadline that expired on Tuesday.

07 Oct 15

Over 500 Indicted For War Crimes in Bosnia

Bosnia's state prosecution has charged 509 persons with war crimes over the past ten years, 235 of whom were indicted in the last two-and-a-half years, it said in a statement.

07 Oct 15

Kosovo Lets War Criminal Seek Treatment Abroad

The Kosovo Justice Ministry has granted a three-month release to Sabit Geci to seek medical treatment outside the country.