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Latest News from the Balkans

25 May 16

Three Million Romanians Back Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign

Campaigners supported by the Romanian Orthodox Church want the constitution to be amended to expressly define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

25 May 16

Kosovo Public Broadcaster Ordered Out of HQ

The Kosovo Privatisation Agency has given an ultimatum to the country’s public broadcaster, RTK, to leave the building it is using within five days, alleging that it is there illegally.

24 May 16

Talks on New Serbian Govt to Start Monday

Discussions on forming a new government will start from Monday, announced Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who said the administration will focus on building new infrastructure.

24 May 16

Croatian Govt Urged to Sack ‘Extremist’ Minister

A Nobel Prize winner, former ministers and numerous arts world figures have signed an open letter calling for culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic to be sacked for his controversial views on World War II.

24 May 16

Romania Probes IT Giant HP

The Romanian arm of the software company HP and health insurance chiefs have been accused of wrongdoing over a contract that reportedly cost the state almost 17 million euros.

24 May 16

Croatian Vice PM Linked to Hungarian Energy Lobbyist

A Croatian newspaper published documents showing vice prime minister Tomislav Karamarko worked for a lobbyist for Hungarian energy company MOL, fuelling allegations of a conflict of interest.

24 May 16

Serbian Security Officials Face 2017 Hague Retrial

The retrial of former Serbian state security officials Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic, who are accused of war crimes in Bosnia and Croatia, will start at the Hague Tribunal next year.

24 May 16

Greece Starts Clearing Idomeni Refugee Camp

Greece has launched an operation to close the Idomeni refugee camp at its border with Macedonia, where thousands of people have been stranded for months, unable to journey further north.

24 May 16

European Commission Probes Media Freedom in Montenegro

The European Commission has set up an independent expert mission to address media freedom issues in the country, focusing on control of the public broadcaster RTCG.

24 May 16

Foreign Investors Content in Kosovo, Survey Says

A survey of 250 foreign entrepreneurs in Kosovo suggests that while most of their businesses are doing well, they want reforms to strengthen the rule of law as well as political stability.

24 May 16

Macedonia Awaits Talks on New Interim Govt

Macedonian parties and mediators are mulling the formation of a new interim government that would assume the task of stalled reforms and early elections - but talks have yet to begin.

24 May 16

Romanian Secret Service Quizzed Over Pharma Boss's Death

The sudden death of the pharma boss involved in a scandal over substandard disinfectants in hospitals has raised questions about the possible involvement of the intelligence services.

23 May 16

Albania Petition Seeks Tougher Child Abuse Laws

An online petition has been launched in Albania demanding changes to the criminal code to toughen punishments for those found guilty of abusing orphaned children.

23 May 16

Serbia’s Nazi-Backed Leader ‘Did Not Kill Jews’

A historian who testified at a rehabilitation hearing for Milan Nedic argued that the Nazi-backed WWII-era puppet government leader was not directly involved in killing Jews.

23 May 16

Albanian Statue Mystery Sparks Row in Macedonia

Long-promised monuments to prominent Albanians were unexpectedly erected after dark in the Macedonian capital Skopje at the weekend, causing a spat between municipalities.

23 May 16

PM Vucic Mulls Changing Serbian Constitution

Serbia's Prime Minister has hinted at the need to change Serbia's constitution as EU talks progress - and experts say he can probably count on a majority of MPs to get what he wants.

23 May 16

Bosnia Fines Football Clubs for Nationalist Chants

Over the 2015-16 Bosnian football league season, the country’s clubs had to pay a total of more than 140,000 euros in fines, many for their supporters’ use of nationalist chants and slogans.

23 May 16

Yugoslav Film Legend Bata Zivojinovic Dies

Bata Zivojinovic, who was considered one of the most influential actors in Yugoslavia, died on Monday aged 83 in Belgrade.

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25 May 16

Picturesque Eastern Serbian Town Reveals Extent of Election Fraud

Opposition parties and local observers have complained that recent elections in Serbia contained significant incidences of election fraud. A BIRN investigation found that those worries might be true in the small Serbian town of Zagubica.

25 May 16

Bosnia's Chinese ‘Investments’ Come With Strings Attached

Chinese money is enabling Bosnia to overhaul is aging power plants – but these loans will all have to repaid some day.

24 May 16

Macedonians Abroad Support Protests Back Home

23 May 16

Macedonia Deputy PM Kept Cypriot Firm Secret