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Latest News from the Balkans

16 Jan 18

Croatia Issues Light Sentence For 1998 Serb Killing

County court in the Croatian coastal city Split issued one-year prison sentence for two Croats who beat a Serb on Orthodox Christmas in 1998.

16 Jan 18

LIVE: Kosovo Serb Leader Ivanovic Shot Dead in Mitrovica

Kosovo Serb leader, Oliver Ivanovic, has been killed in north Kosovo town of Mitrovica. Follow our coverage for the latest developments as they come in.

16 Jan 18

European Delegation Puts Croatian Media Freedom Under Spotlight

As European media organisations again visit Croatia to explore the problems facing the media there, one journalist and editor said that they were likely to find that the situation had got worse since they last came in 2016.

16 Jan 18

Freedom House Report Notes Serbia's Downward Trend

A new report from the US rights watchdog says lack of media freedom, corruption, and weak institutions remain issues throughout the Balkans – but singles out Serbia's growing authoritarianism as a matter of concern.

15 Jan 18

Romania’s Ruling Party Dismisses Second PM in Seven Months

Romania’s Prime Minister Mihai Tudose announced his resignation on Monday night, after six months in office, after the ruling Social Democrat Party leadership withdrew its political backing. 

15 Jan 18

Bosnian Serb Rightist Denies Joining 'Paramilitary Unit'

One of those named by Bosnia's security minister as an alleged member of a Bosnian Serb Russian-trained 'paramilitary unit' has denied any such involvement, saying his movement deals only in charity work.

15 Jan 18

Race Starts to Become Serbian Capital's Next Mayor

Opposition parties have split into several factions for the Belgrade city elections set for March 4 – weakening their chances of seizing the capital from the dominant Progressive Party.

15 Jan 18

Macedonia Approves Landmark Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria

After several delays, Macedonia’s parliament on Monday approved a historic friendship agreement with neighbouring Bulgaria.

15 Jan 18

Serbian Court Sentences Eight for Ovcara Massacre

Serbian appeals court confirms jail sentences for eight former fighters of 101 years for the massacre of around 200 people at Ovcara, following the fall of Vukovar, eastern Croatia, in 1991.

15 Jan 18

Vevcani Carnival Brings Humour to Macedonian Streets

One of the most famous village festivals held in the Balkans, the Vevcani carnival, took place this weekend in the western Macedonian village of Vevcani.

15 Jan 18

Bosnians Fear Knock-on Effect of Gas Price Hike

After the New Year celebrations, Bosnians expect a tough hangover in the form of a wave of prices rises – following a major rise in the price of fuel.

15 Jan 18

Religion Remains Powerful in Balkans, Survey Shows

People in the Balkans remain far more religious than those in Central and Western Europe, a survey suggests.

15 Jan 18

Bulgaria’s Move to Join the Euro Welcomed

Bulgaria’s surprise announcement that it will apply to join the eurozone’s ‘waiting’ room by June has attracted support from the business and analysts.

13 Jan 18

Kosovo Requests Extradition of Organ Trafficking Suspect

Kosovo authorities requested the extradition of Moshe Harel, an Israeli citizen accused of being involved in organ- trafficking from Kosovo’s Medicus clinic in 2008.

13 Jan 18

Russia, Bosnian Serbs, Scorn ‘Paramilitary Unit’ Claims

The Russian embassy and the office of the Bosnian Serb president have dismissed reports of a Russian-trained Bosnian Serb paramilitary unit as scaremongering.

12 Jan 18

Claims About Kosovo's Post-War Murders Shock Families

Families of Kosovo post war victims expressed shock over the statements of a prosecution witness who claimed on TV that a group founded by Ibrahim and Qerim Kelmendi had carrried out political assasinations after the war ended.

12 Jan 18

Chinese Firm To Build Croatia's Peljesac Bridge

China's Road and Bridge Corporation will build the controversial Peljesac Bridge in southern Croatia, designed to link Dubrovnik to the rest of the country and bypass the Bosnian coast, it was announced on Friday.

12 Jan 18

Macedonia President Urged to Veto Language Law

Opponents of the new law that extends the official use of Albanian across Macedonia have called on the country's president to try to block it.

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19 Jan 18

EU Green Leader Condemns Threat to Bulgarian National Park

The European Greens co-president Ska Keller tells BIRN of her grave concerns for the future of the UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park, after Bulgaria's government approved plans to expand the ski resort there.

19 Jan 18

Vucic Visiting Kosovo to Profit Politically, Experts Say

Saturday's planned visit to Kosovo by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic – following the assassination of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic – is being seen as a point-scoring exercise.

18 Jan 18

Murder Puts Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue in Doubt

17 Jan 18

How Rich Are the Balkans’ Top Politicians?