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Latest News from the Balkans

02 Oct 14

Islamist Fighters Seize Croatian Oil Field in Syria

Two oil and gas fields in Syria owned by the Croatian energy company INA have been occupied by Islamic State fighters.

02 Oct 14

Kosovo Leads Balkans in Internet Addiction

Kosovars are the keenest internet users in the Balkans, in national percentage terms, a global survey of internet and Facebook penetration shows.

02 Oct 14

Romanians Still Beating Children, UN Says

Domestic violence against children remains a problem in Romania, a report by UNICF says.

02 Oct 14

FBI Urged to Oversee Macedonia ‘Terrorism’ Case

Macedonia’s main ethnic Albanian political party urged the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to oversee a possible new probe of the terrorism convictions of six Albanians which sparked ethnic unrest.

02 Oct 14

Croatia Commemorates 1991 Attack on Dubrovnik

Wreaths were laid in the coastal city to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the attack by the Yugoslav People’s Army and Montenegrin Territorial Defence forces which began an eight-month siege.

01 Oct 14

Albania Rights Groups Hail New New FOI Law

The new and improved law on freedom of information passed recently by Albania’s parliament should greatly improve people's access to official data, experts say.

01 Oct 14

Kosovo Political Crisis Delays New War Crimes Court

While Kosovo remains without a government, the new special court to try Kosovo Liberation Army war crimes suspects cannot start work as planned in January, BIRN has learned.

01 Oct 14

Judges Dismissed in Kosovo Politician Limaj’s Trial

Judges in the trial of guerrilla commander turned politician Fatmir Limaj and nine other ex-fighters accused of abuses at the wartime Klecka detention centre were disqualified after claims of bias.

01 Oct 14

Yugoslav General Sparks Vukovar War Crimes Controversy

Croatian wartime officials accused former Yugoslav general Andrija Raseta of responsibility for atrocities in Vukovar in 1991 after he gave a controversial interview blaming Serb paramilitaries.

01 Oct 14

Montenegro Gay Pride Rescheduled for October

The second Gay Pride parade in the Montenegrin capital, originally planned for late June, will be held "no later than November 1", the organizers have said.

01 Oct 14

Macedonian Media in Govt's Grip, Research Says

New research says a range of political and financial pressures are constantly undermining the Macedonian media's freedom, independence and pluralism.

01 Oct 14

Bosnia Politicians Getting Richer, Report Shows

Data compiled by the Sarajevo Center for Investigative Reporting shows politicians property portfolios have continued to grow while the population as a whole gets poorer.

01 Oct 14

Karadzic Proclaims Innocence in Trial’s Closing Arguments

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic began his closing arguments at his war crimes trial in The Hague by insisting he was not guilty of masterminding atrocities including genocide.

01 Oct 14

Balkan Countries Exploiting Planet, WWF Says

New WWF report takes Balkan countries to task about their impact on the world's ecological system and environment.

01 Oct 14

Romania Orders Steeper Public Spending Cuts

In its second revised budget this year, the centre-left government has cut another 317 million euro, after tax receipts proved disappointing.