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Latest News from the Balkans

18 Dec 14

Mladic Witness Recalls ‘Genuine Hatred of Serbs’

A defence witness at Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial said Serb forces did not persecute Bosniaks and Croats in the Sanski Most area, but responded to a real armed threat.

18 Dec 14

Bosnian Croat Fighter Indicted for Mostar Persecution

Former Croatian Defence Council fighter Mile Puljic was indicted for involvement in wartime crimes against Bosniaks, including arrests, torture and using people as human shields on the frontline.

17 Dec 14

Albania Deputy Minister Axed for Not Paying Utility Bill

Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday said he had fired the deputy environment minister, Diana Bejko, for not paying the electricity bill on her summer home.

17 Dec 14

Serbia, Hungary Seal Rail Deal at Belgrade Summit

The Serbian and Hungarian Prime Ministers signed agreements in Belgrade on constructing a high-speed railway link, which China is to financeand help build.

17 Dec 14

Croatia Offers Concession to Protesting Veterans

The Croatian government met one of the demands of ex-soldiers from the 1991-95 war who have been protesting for two months outside the veterans’ ministry in Zagreb.

17 Dec 14

Employment Row Threatens Sarajevo Canton Talks

The Democratic Front said it had halted talks with the Party of Democratic Action on forming a government in Sarajevo Canton because the latter was employing dozens of its people in the cantonal administration.

17 Dec 14

Macedonia Students Mull More Exam Protests

Macedonian students wanr of new protests or of a possible boycott of classes after the Education Ministry snubbed their demand to scrap planned external, state-supervised exams.

17 Dec 14

Turkish Firm to Build Aqua Park in Montenegro

A Turkish company plans to fund construction of a major aqua park on the Montenegrin coast, in another sign of closening economic ties between Montenegro and Turkey.

17 Dec 14

UN Troops ‘Detained to Stop NATO Attacks’

A Bosnian Serb journalist told Ratko Mladic’s trial that he filmed captive UN peacekeepers for a TV report in a bid to stop further NATO air strikes on the Bosnian Serb Army in 1995.

17 Dec 14

China Pledges $3bn Fund at Belgrade Summit

China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang promised a significant new investment fund for Central and Eastern European countries at the summit in Belgrade.

17 Dec 14

Romanian PM Gives Up Controversial Ph.D.

Two-and-a-half years after plagiarism allegations about his doctorate first surfaced, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said he was giving up his Ph.D. in Law.

16 Dec 14

China-Balkan Summit Kicks off in Belgrade

A two-day summit of leaders from China and Central and Eastern Europe started in Belgrade on Tuesday with bilateral talks aimed at fostering relations between the countries concerned.

16 Dec 14

Illicit Outflows Rob Balkan Economies of $100bn

A study by Global Financial Integrity, GIF, says illicit money outflows robbed Balkan countries of the equivalent of more than 100 billion dollars during the last decade.

16 Dec 14

Montenegro Opens New Chapters with EU

Montenegro is to open talks with the EU on four chapters dealing with consumer and health protection and customs regulation.

16 Dec 14

Croatia to Fine Gas Stations Selling Dodgy Fuel

After state inspections found that around 10 per cent of the gas on sale at tested gas stations was poor, a minister said the companies will be taken to court and fined.

16 Dec 14

Bosnia Arrests Ten Wartime Serb Security Officials

The former Bosnian Serb police and military officials are accused of the mass persecution of Bosniaks in July 1992, when 67 civilians from a village in the Zvornik municipality were killed.

16 Dec 14

Applauding Mladic Ejected from Courtroom

Ratko Mladic was temporarily ejected from his war crimes trial at the Hague Tribunal for clapping his hands when a witness said he would go down in history as a positive person.

16 Dec 14

Albania Weightlifters Face Olympic Ban Threat

Albania's weightlifting federation faces possible fine or suspension after the three Albanian athletes tested positive for doping at the world championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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17 Dec 14

Ivo Josipovic: Acting and Future president?

Josipovic is still the favourite to win the presidential election and so gain a second term - but he is dogged by the sharply declining fortunes of the party backing him.