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Latest News from the Balkans

01 Jul 15

Macedonian Opposition Chief Dares Courts to Arrest Him

Opposition leader Zoran Zaev upped the ante with the authorities, daring them to apprehend him and saying he will not respect further court orders concerning his 'politically motivated' charges.

01 Jul 15

Serbia Puts 47 State-Owned Media on Sale

The Serbian Privatization agency has announced the sale of 47 out of 73 state-owned media outlets, which should be completed by the end of October.

01 Jul 15

Serbia, Hungary End Row Over Border Fence

At a joint meeting of the two governments in Budapest, Hungary said the new border fence is not directed against Serbia and will prevent a further mass influx of illegal immigrants.

01 Jul 15

Kosovo Arrests Policeman For Abusing Minors

At least one member of the Kosovo Police is suspected of sexually abusing two teenage girls aged 14 and 15, in a case that is still under investigation.

01 Jul 15

Workers' Takeover Saves Iconic Bosnian Firm

The plucky workers at the iconic but bankrupt Dita detergent firm in Tuzla are claiming victory - after their refusal to abandon production appears to have paid off.

01 Jul 15

Albania Arrests Terror Suspect Wanted in Italy

Police in the town of Lushnja on Wednesday arrested Baki Coku - who the Italian police suspect is a member of an Islamist terrorist operation linked to ISIS.

01 Jul 15

Romania Opposition Scores Victory Over Spy Chief

Romania's parliament has backed the nomination of a new spy chief opposed by the ruling Social Democrats - seen as a sign that the ruling party is losing its grip over the assembly.

01 Jul 15

Kosovo PM Seeks More Backing From Germany

Economic support, dialogue with Serbia and Kosovo's special court topped Tuesday's talks in Berlin between Kosovo's Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa, and German Chancellor Angel Merkel.

01 Jul 15

Macedonia Court Approves Back Leader's Trial

A court in Skopje has ruled that the trial should proceed of the opposition Social Democrat leader, Zoran Zaev, accused of trying to blackmail the Prime Minister.

01 Jul 15

Russia Slams ‘Divisive’ UN Srebrenica Resolution

A Russian diplomat said a proposed Western-backed UN Security Council resolution condemning the Srebrenica massacres as genocide misrepresents the reality of the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

01 Jul 15

Macedonia’s Head Spy Hunter Calls Lustration ‘Success’

After Brussels demanded the revision or scrapping of Macedonia’s controversy-ridden Lustration Law, the country’s head spy hunter insisted the collaborator-hunting process was a success.

01 Jul 15

Serbian Tourists Still Holidaying in Tunisia

The terror attack in Tunisia has not stopped more Serbian tourists from heading out there on holiday, while the financial drama in Greece is having little effect on people's vacation plans.

01 Jul 15

Call to Bring Back Conscription Splits Romania

While one MP is calling for the return conscription, some doubt whether such a measure is affordable - or the right response to the region's security issues.

01 Jul 15

IMF Says Greek Crisis Will Not Affect Albania

The head of the IMF in Albania, Nadeem Ilhahi, on Tuesday said that the banking sector in Albania faces few risks as a result of the worsening Greek debt crisis.

01 Jul 15

Montenegro Eyes Tourist Boom From Greek Crisis

Montenegrin Central Bank says Greek financial crisis will not significantly affect Montenegro's economy- and may even may bring more tourists to the country this summer.

30 Jun 15

Bosnian Serb Leader Plans Poll Challenging State Court

The president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska proposed a referendum challenging the state-level court's authority but faces resistance from the Serb opposition and the international community.

30 Jun 15

Croats to Rename Airport after Tudjman

Controversial independence leader is likely to lend his name to country’s main airport once a revamp is completed, minister says.

30 Jun 15

Albanian MP's Brother Convicted of Murdering Policeman

The Appeals Court of Albania's Serious Crimes Court on Monday found Arben Frroku guilty of the murder of police chief Dritan Lamaj in Tirana in February 2013, reversing the first-instance ruling.