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Latest News from the Balkans

31 Oct 14

Belgrade Cultural Director Axed For Criticism

Mia David Zaric, acting head of Belgrade Cultural Centre, was fired on Friday, following her criticism of planned changes to the October Salon, Serbia’s leading contemporary arts show.

31 Oct 14

Russian Cuts to Gas Supply Worry Serbia

Amid reports that Russia was reducing gas supplies to Serbia in a dispute over debts, Serbia’s Prime Minister said the issue with Moscow would soon be resolved.

31 Oct 14

Midnight iPhone Sale Prompts Queues in Serbia

After iPhones went on sale legally for the first time in Serbia at midnight on Thursday, people waited in line to snap up the must-have devices.

31 Oct 14

Probe Demanded Into EULEX Corruption Allegations

The European Parliament’s Vice President, Ulrike Lunacek, said allegations that an official at the EU's Kosovo law mission EULEX took bribes to shut down cases must be investigated.

31 Oct 14

Kosovo Murder Retrial Urged After EU Bribe Claims

The family of three murder victims called for a retrial after allegations that an EU rule-of-law mission judge in Kosovo took a bribe to clear one of the suspects.

31 Oct 14

Bosnian Serbs, Croats Cement Alliance on Govt

Bosnia's main Serbian and Croatian parties on Thursday agreed on a basis for the formation of a new governments - and invited Bosniak parties to join the talks.

31 Oct 14

Croatia Changes Tax Rates to Boost Liquidity

Croatia has presented a package of fiscal measures aimed at pumping more money back into the economy and easing companies' liquidity problems.

31 Oct 14

Montenegro Police Brace for Second Gay Pride

Podgorica's second Gay Pride parade, planned for October, will be go ahead on November 2 amid tight security in the capital.

31 Oct 14

Kosovo Faces Budget Crisis Over Political Logjam

While Kosovo remains stuck in political deadlock, economists warn that the failure to form a government that can approve the budget risks pushing Kosovo into a fiscal limbo.

31 Oct 14

Romania-Moldova Gas Pipeline Still Not Open

A gas pipeline linking Moldova to Romania, aimed at reducing the former Soviet country's dependence on Russian gas, is still not working despite promises from politicians.

31 Oct 14

Mladic Witness: Serb-Run Hospital Helped Bosniaks

A doctor testified in Ratko Mladic’s defence at the Hague Tribunal that the hospital in the Serb-run town of Foca did not turn away Bosniaks who needed treatment during wartime.

30 Oct 14

BIRN Interviews Prosecutor and Judge in EULEX Scandal

EULEX prosecutor Maria Bamieh and judge Francesco Florit spoke in detail to BIRN's Jeta ne Kosove TV programme about corruption allegations which have rocked the EU rule-of law-mission in Kosovo.

30 Oct 14

Romanian Dairy Sector Hit by Russia Food Ban

Sales of Romanian diary products are declining, with cheaper EU products flooding the country following Russia ban.

30 Oct 14

Bosnians Punished Parties in Power, Panel Says

The recent elections showed that Bosnians voted against the incumbent political parties rather than for the ones that won, a panel discussion organised by psychologists has heard.

30 Oct 14

Half a Million Croats Petition Against Highway Sale

Campaigners against privatisation of the nation's highways have collected half-a-million signatures, and are now pressing for a nationwide referendum.

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31 Oct 14

Improving Justice System is Vital for Serbia

The Council of Europe Office’s new head in Belgrade, Tim Cartwright, says strengthening the rule of law will not only improve the justice system but stimulate investment, uphold a free media and help Serbia on its way to Europe.