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Latest News from the Balkans

27 Nov 14

Bulgaria Security Chief Criticised After Islamists’ Arrest

The minority partner in the Bulgarian coalition government asked for the resignation of the head of the National Security Agency after he failed to answer questions about a possible Islamist threat.

27 Nov 14

Bosnia Denies Busting Russian Sanctions on EU

Bosnia sought to assure Russia that it was not being used to transit agricultural products from EU countries and breach sanctions that Moscow imposed on Brussels amid the Ukraine crisis.

27 Nov 14

Croatian Tourist Company Sold in Record Deal

Croatian company Istraturist, which has 16 hotels, villas and apartment resorts, has been sold for 120 million euro – the highest-ever amount for a tourism business in the country.

27 Nov 14

Euro Parliament Condemns ‘Warmongering’ Seselj

The European parliament adopted a resolution urging the Hague Tribunal to rethink its decision to temporarily release Serbian ultra-nationalist war crimes defendant Vojislav Seselj.

27 Nov 14

No Prosecutions After Montenegro Chopper Crash Probe

More than three years after a helicopter crash killed three Montenegrin military pilots, an investigation found that there were no grounds to launch any criminal prosecutions.

27 Nov 14

Croatia Probes ‘Salami King’ Over War Profiteering

A well-known producer of salami and other meat products, Georg ‘Djuro’ Gavrilovic, is under investigation for allegedly taking money intended for buying arms for Croatian forces in the 1990s war.

27 Nov 14

Romania PM Plans Government Reshuffle

Weakened by his defeat in the presidential elections, Prime Minister Victor Ponta is trying to reshuffle the government in order to secure his position.

27 Nov 14

Macedonia Murders Blamed on Veterans’ Traumas

After a recent series of murders and suicides by ex-servicemen, veterans of Macedonia’s 2001 conflict want the state to provide psychiatric help for people traumatised by war.

27 Nov 14

Mladic Witness: Muslim Extremists Caused Prijedor Conflict

A defence witness at the war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic said Muslim militants started the fighting in Prijedor in spring 1992.

26 Nov 14

Croatia Indicts Soldier for Operation Storm Killings

Former soldier Rajko Krickovic was charged with shooting two Serb civilians and burning another one alive in the village of Kijani after the Croatian Army’s Operation Storm in August 1995.

26 Nov 14

New Kosovo Adminstration Expected Next Month

The Kosovo Assembly is to vote on a new government on December 8 after a coalition deal between the two major parties brought an end to almost six months of political stalemate.

26 Nov 14

Republika Srpska Leader Prepares to Name PM

The re-elected president of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity, Milorad Dodik, announced he would name a new prime minister this week after his bloc secured a parliamentary majority.

26 Nov 14

Bosnia Opens Batkovic Prisoner Abuse Trial

Former Bosnian Serb soldier Gligor Begovic went on trial for fatal beatings and sexual abuse of prisoners at the Batkovic detention centre in the Bijeljina municipality in 1992.

26 Nov 14

‘Camps of Death’ Film Premieres in Bosnia

The new documentary contains powerful testimony from 67 wartime detention camp prisoners about the torture, murders, physical and psychological abuse that they witnessed.

26 Nov 14

Turkey Arrests Seven for Serbia Basketball Killing

Police in Turkey have arrested seven people on suspicion of involvement in the killing of a Serbian basketball fan during a mass fight in Istanbul last week.