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12 Feb 16

Detention Sought For Bosnian Banker Pavlovic

The Prosecution has asked Bosnia's state court to detain Slobodan Pavlovic, owner of the Pavlovic Bank, and three other suspects, for 30 days.

12 Feb 16

Soup Kitchen Shutdown Leaves Belgraders Hungry

The poorest Belgraders have suffered another blow after the local authorities decided to temporarily close the city's soup kitchens and hand out cash instead.

12 Feb 16

Macedonian Ex-Ministers Suspected of Election Fraud

Former ex-ministers and senior officials are the main figures suspected of organising fraud during past elections, Macedonia's Special Prosecution has said.

12 Feb 16

Serbia Sends Complaint to Hague Court

Serbia has sent a letter to the Hague-based war crimes court, after it criticised Serbia for not arresting three Radical Party members.

12 Feb 16

Albania Parties Split Over New FBI-Style Agency

Opposition MPs are opposing the creation of an FBI-style anti-corruption agency, saying the model gives too much power to ministers and too little to the state prosecutor.

12 Feb 16

Bosnia Misses Deadline on State Court Reform

Despite claims that a draft law on the powers of the state-level court would be agreed by the end of January, no agreement on its powers has in fact been reached.

12 Feb 16

Kosovo Mulls New Laws Tackled in BIRN Report

Kosovo’s parliamentary commission for budget and finances discussed the need for new laws on NGO microfinance institutions - as BIRN published an investigation on the Kosovo Enterprise Program.

12 Feb 16

Federation Official Benefits Hike Angers Bosnians

The government of Bosnia's Federation entity has angered the public by secretly increasing the benefits for ministries and their advisers.

12 Feb 16

Romanians Yearn for Rule by Vlad the Impaler

If an election was held in which only figures from the past could compete, many Romanians say they would vote for the tough medieval prince who crucified his enemies.

12 Feb 16

Turkey Bans 'Pro-Russian' Bulgarian politicians

Media reports say Turkey has banned Ahmed Dogan, a powerful figure in an ethnic Turkish Bulgarian party and media mogul Delyan Peevski, from the country for pro-Russian views.

11 Feb 16

Bosnia Police Arrest Bank Chief Linked To Dodik

Police on Thursday arrested Slobodan Pavlovic, the owner of a bank which is at the centre of a controversy involving the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik.

11 Feb 16

NATO Patrols Aegean To Stop People Smugglers

NATO ordered a naval patrol to deploy in the Aegean Sea after Greece, Germany and Turkey requested Alliance help to combat people smugglers.

11 Feb 16

Serbia Asks Nigeria to Grill Organ Trade Witness

Serbia's war crimes prosecution has asked Nigeria to quizz a senior doctor who has accused a state governor and Kosovo’s foreign minister Hashim Thaci of trafficking in human organs.

11 Feb 16

Croatian Culture Minister Wrote for Pro-Fascist Journal

The future of Culture Minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic looked more uncertain after a newspaper revealed that in 1996 he wrote articles hailing Croatian Fascist Ustasa fighters as heroes.

11 Feb 16

Serbia Condemns Hague Pressure to Arrest Radicals

Justice Minister pledges to send a protest to the Hague-based war crimes court after the ICTY slammed Belgrade for not arresting three Radical Party members.

11 Feb 16

Macedonia Opposition Chief Joins Angry TV Duel

Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev on Wednesday took part in a heated interview on pro-government TV - where the show's host called him a liar who would end up in prison.

11 Feb 16

Hijab Ban in Court Angers Bosnian Muslims

Ruling by Bosnia's High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council on Wednesday, upholding earlier ban on wearing hijabs in court, draws fresh protests from devout Muslims.

11 Feb 16

Law Against Defamation Splits Romanian Media

Some journalists oppose a proposed sweeping new anti-defamation law, aimed at combatting discrimination, on the grounds that its real target is freedom of expression.

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12 Feb 16

Bosnian Salafi Village Bemoans Terror Tag

The villagers in Osve near Maglaj, who are under constant scrutiny for alleged terrorist ties, claim they are not radicals and only want to live ‘an Islamic life’.


12 Feb 16

Kosovo NGO Lost €0.5m in Failed Bid to Become a Bank

A charitable, Kosovan microfinance lender spent 500,000 euros on consultancy and IT fees in its failed attempt to convert to a bank.