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Latest News from the Balkans

26 May 17

Sarajevo Premieres Play on Bosnia-Born Hemon's Life

The American-Bosnian writer Aleksandar Hemon will see his works, which tell the intimate story on his life, premiered in the form of a play in Sarajevo.

26 May 17

Serbian Court Rehabilitates Chetnik Wartime Commander

A Serbian court in Valjevo has rehabilitated the former Chetnik commander Nikola Kalabic, who was declared a war criminal by the Yugoslav Communist authorities and died in mysterious circumstances shortly after World War II ended.

26 May 17

Romanian Growth Down to Higher Consumption, Bank Warns

Romania's Central Bank in a report on Friday warned that the country’s recent high growth rates were based too much on higher consumption of imports rather than on investment.

26 May 17

Montenegro PM Makes Light of Trump's Brusque Shove

After videos of US President Trump shoving aside the Montenegrin Prime Minister at a NATO meeting went viral, Dusko Markovic has shrugged off the incident.

26 May 17

Former Croatian Serb Policeman Seeks Different Judge

The lawyer for Veljko Stjepanovic, a former policeman in the breakaway Serbian statelet, the RSK, has asked for another judge to preside over his case, claiming he lacks impartiality.

26 May 17

Serbian Mufti Denounces Demolition of Illegal Mosque

Authorities in Belgrade have demolished an unauthorised mosque in the Zemun Polje district, despite the protests of local Muslims including the city's Mufti.

26 May 17

Kosovo Pleads for Cash to Save Business College

With parliament in recess, and unable to help, Kosovo's Education Ministry is pleading with international donors to come up enough cash to prevent the imminent closure of the business college in Mitrovica, IBCM.

26 May 17

Small Town in Serbia Appeals For More Migrants

Migrants may be unpopular in many parts of Europe, but in the southern Serbian border town of Bosilegrad, the mayor says they want the authorities to send them more.

25 May 17

Divjak Faces War Crime Charges in Bosnia

Police in the southern Bosnian town of Trebinje have filed war crimes charges against retired Bosnian army general Jovan Divjak for allegedly committing crimes against Serbs in the 1992-5 war.

25 May 17

Putin's Homage to Cyrillic Makes Bulgarians See Red

Vladimir Putin’s claim, made at a meeting with the Macedonian President, that the Slavic alphabet came to Russia from Macedonia, has not gone down well in Bulgaria.

25 May 17

Kosovo's Top Court Acquits Limaj of War Crimes

Kosovo's Supreme Court has acquitted Fatmir Limaj, former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, of committing war crimes in the Klecka detention centre in 1999.

25 May 17

Croatian, Serbian Rightists Join Forces at Family Conference

Croatian and Serbian right-wingers are taking part in a global gathering in Hungary of groups opposed to abortion, same-sex marriage and gender ideology.

25 May 17

Kosovars Abroad Fear They Cannot Vote in Election

Many Kosovo Albanians living abroad complain that glitches in the Central Election Commission's IT department deprived them of the chance to take part in the June elections.

24 May 17

Croatia Pressures Bosnia Over Lost Power Plant Investment

Croatia is pushing ahead with demands for compensation for its lost prewar investment in the Gacko power plant in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

24 May 17

Mladic Lawyers Mull Street Protests Seeking his Release

Ratko Mladic’s lawyer said they may urge people in Serbia to take to the streets and protest in support of their demand for the temporary release of the Bosnian Serb leader.

24 May 17

Bosnia Court Acquits Serbs of Srebrenica Hate Speech

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has acquitted Milan Mandic and local TV station employees of charges of inciting hatred and intolerance in 2014, by allegedly calling the Srebrenica massacre 'God's justice'.

24 May 17

Serbian General Denies Montenegro Putsch Charges

Retired General Bratislav Dikic and five others facing a trial over an alleged coup attempt last October in Montenegro have again pleaded not guilty, saying all the evidence was planted.

24 May 17

Basescu Daughter Faces Graft Charge in Romania

Romanian former development minister Elena Udrea and former president Traian Basescu’s daughter, Ioana, will stand trial for obtaining illegal funds for Basescu's 2009 presidential campaign. 

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26 May 17

Bosnians Celebrate Birthday of Leader They Never Knew

Bad weather did not stop a whole lot of young Bosnians from partying on May 25 in honour of the birthday of Yugoslav leader Josip Tito – who died long before most of them were born.

26 May 17

Ziadin Sela Outlines Vision for a New Macedonia

Macedonian ethnic Albanian leader recalls the night he was almost killed in parliament – and says Albanians expect tangible results from their support for Zoran Zaev - starting with justice reform.

26 May 17

Balkan States Struggle to Meet NATO Benchmark

25 May 17

Why Serbian Presidents Rule like Milosevic

24 May 17

Who is Who in the Kosovo Elections