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Latest News from the Balkans

30 Mar 15

Kosovo Police Halt Angry War Veterans’ Rally

Kosovo Liberation Army veterans broke into the courtyard of the government building during a protest calling on the authorities to start paying them state benefits.

30 Mar 15

Macedonia Journalists Protest After Editor Labelled Informant

Over 50 journalists staged a protest after Macedonia’s Lustration Commission declared that the editor-in-chief of weekly newspaper Fokus was a secret services informant in 1993.

30 Mar 15

Croatian War Veterans File Charges Against PM

War veterans who have been protesting for over five months said they filed charges against Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and two Croatian media outlets, accusing them of inciting hatred.

30 Mar 15

Albanian MP Wanted in Belgium for Murder

The Albanian general prosecutor’s office asked parliament to lift the immunity of Christian Democratic MP Mark Frroku after an extradition request from Belgium.

30 Mar 15

Kosovo Serb 'Civil Protection' Force Faces Disbanding

A Kosovo minister said that the Serb-run Civilna Zastita (Civil Protection) force in the north will soon be dissolved and incorporated into the country's regular police.

30 Mar 15

Hague Tribunal Orders Seselj Back into Custody

The international war crimes court revoked the temporary release of Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj, ordering him to return to custody in the Netherlands immediately.

30 Mar 15

Croatia Vote Fails to Halt Istria Power Plant

Although the majority people who voted in an advisory referendum in the Labin region of Istria opposed plans for a new coal-fired thermal power plant, the project is to go ahead.

30 Mar 15

Albania Zoo Closed Over Animal Cruelty Row

The Tirana municipality has shut down Albania’s only zoo after a video was circulated showing a bloodied horse that had been attacked by a bull while they were kept in the same pen.

30 Mar 15

Romania Names New Finance Minister

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has appointed a new finance minister to replace Darius Valcov, who recently resigned amid a graft probe.

29 Mar 15

Violent Football Fans Wreck Montenegro-Russia Qualifier

UEFA Sanctions on Montenegro expected after thuggish fans wreak havoc at Euro 2016 match with Russia.

27 Mar 15

Montenegro Protests Over Croatia's Adriatic Oil Probes

Montenegro has accused Croatia of jeopardizing an earlier border agreement between the two countries by allowing oil and gas exploration in the disputed border area near Prevlaka.

27 Mar 15

Bidders Snap Up Ceausescu Trophies in Romania

Brisk sales of Ceasescu family memorabilia underline Romania’s continuing fascination with its communist dictator.

27 Mar 15

Detained Albanian MPs Challenge Arraignment

Lawyers for two Albanian MPs, detained on charges of giving false testimonies, have condemned their arraignment on the General Prosecutor’s order as illegal.

27 Mar 15

Gruevski: Opposition Goal ‘to Destabilize Macedonia’

Prime Minister casts doubt on the authenticity of the taped conversations and says opposition’s only goal is to seize power by fomenting a crisis.

27 Mar 15

EU's Mogherini Tells Serbia to Hasten Reforms

Ahead of her first visit to Belgrade, the EU foreign policy chief, Frederica Mogherini, said Serbia must achieve results internally and on Kosovo before it can open EU accession talks.

27 Mar 15

Balkan Media Freedom in ‘Sharp Decline’, Report

A new report says media freedom and integrity in Bosnia, Macedonia and Serbia have deteriorated over the past months, blaming it on the countries’ governments - and on the EU.

27 Mar 15

Photo: Lady Justice Unveiled in Macedonia Amid Judicial Row

A gold-painted sculpture of Lady Justice adorns the new classical look of Macedonia's Justice Ministry - but the unveiling comes at a time when Macedonia's judicial system is rocked by claims of political interference.

27 Mar 15

Croatia Promises to Slash Cost of State Bodies

Croatia's centre-left government on Thursday anounced cuts to state bodies, designed to save the budget around 130 million euro a year.

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30 Mar 15

Cantonal Feuds Spell Trouble for Bosnia’s Federation Govt

The future of the coalition government in the Federation entity looks highly uncertain, given the wrangling between the three parties at the level of the entity’s ten cantons.