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Latest News from the Balkans

16 Apr 14

Bosnian Croat Fighters Indicted for Kiseljak Torture

Four ex-members of the Croatian Defence Council, whose arrests sparked a protest in Kiseljak, are accused of the torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners of war in 1993.

15 Apr 14

Serbian Leader Defuses Row Over TV N1

Following tensions in Serbia over CNN's affiliate in the Balkans, TV N1, Serbia's likely prime minister told the US investment firm behind the station that N1 is welcome in Serbia.

15 Apr 14

Russia Slams Djukanovic over Ukraine Statements

Russia has called the Montenegrin Prime Minister's recent statements in the US about Ukraine and the need for further NATO expansion to the East 'deeply disappointing'.

15 Apr 14

Celebrity UK Immigrant Promotes pro-European Party

Victor Spirescu, a briefly famous Romanian immigrant to the UK, is campaigning for a new pro-EU party in Britain.

15 Apr 14

EU Ministers Slate Separatist Talk in Bosnia

After the EU Foreign Affairs Council discussed Bosnia on Monday, it said separatist rhetoric must go and politicians need to focus more on economic development and jobs.

15 Apr 14

Macedonia Opposition Blames Poor Result on Fraud

Opposition Social Democrats said foul play was responsible for the convincing lead that the incumbent President, Gjorge Ivanov, obtained in the first round of the Macedonian presidential election on Sunday.

15 Apr 14

Hague Tribunal Rejects Mladic’s Acquittal Plea

The international court turned down former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic’s request to quash the genocide and war crime charges against him midway through his trial.

15 Apr 14

Croatia Vows to Aid Wartime Sex Abuse Victims

The Croatian authorities have launched new draft legislation aimed at providing financial and psychological help for people who were raped or sexually abused during the 1991-95 war.

15 Apr 14

Few Albanian Business Report Corruption, Report Says

A survey conducted by UN Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC, says few businesses in Albania who paid bribes bothered to report such incidents, as they see bribery as routine

15 Apr 14

PACE Vote on Russia Splits Serbian Parties

The Serbian delegation's split vote about Russian actions in Ukraine in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly has stirred controversy at home.

15 Apr 14

Romanians Plan Modest Easter Celebrations

Easter is a major holiday in Romania - but the economic crisis means that most people will be celebrating on a tight budget.

15 Apr 14

Serbia Rehabilitates Queen Maria of Yugoslavia

A Belgrade court rehabilitated former queen Maria Karadjordjevic, ruling that she was illegally stripped of her property and citizenship by the communist authorities in 1947.

15 Apr 14

Bosniak Recalls Wife’s Murder in Kokino Selo

A witness told the war crimes trial of Bosnian Serb ex-fighter Dragan Sekaric how his wife was killed while trying to escape an attack on the village of Kokino Selo near Gorazde in May 1992.

14 Apr 14

OSCE Sees 'Uneven Playing Field' in Macedonia Polls

International observers said there were only minor irregularities during the presidential vote  but biased media coverage and the blurring of state and party activities were significant issues.

14 Apr 14

Serbia Ruling Party Backs Republika Srpska Opposition

The vice-president of the Serbian Progressive Party said that it would not forget the support it has received from Republika Srpska’s opposition Serb Democratic Party.