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Latest News from the Balkans

07 Oct 15

Romania Withdraws Bid to Join Schengen Area

Romania has abandoned hope of being invited to join the passport-free Schengen zone on Thursday, as it became clear that Bulgarian and Romanian admission is on hold.

07 Oct 15

Croatia Faces Tight Race in General Election

Croatia’s parliamentary elections are shaping up to be a nail-biter, as the gap separating the two main parties has narrowed ahead of the vote on November 8.

06 Oct 15

Macedonia Plans to Ban Publishing of Wiretaps

Macedonia's ruling parties have proposed outlawing the publication of any materials related to the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken Nikola Gruevski's government.

06 Oct 15

Bosnia Court Jails Middle Eastern Fighters

In the first judgment of its kind, Bosnia's top court has jailed four citizens in the first instance to seven years for participating in the fighting in the Middle East.

06 Oct 15

Albania Tightens Security Ahead of Serbia Match

Albania is deploying hundreds of extra police ahead of Thursday's football match with Serbia, to ensure there is no repeat of what happened when the two sides met in Serbia last year.

06 Oct 15

Romania Spurns Trend Towards Banning GM Crops

Two-thirds of EU countries may have opted out new European legislation allowing the growth genetically modified organisms, GMO - but Romania has decided against a ban.

06 Oct 15

Bosnian Serb Blocs Prepare for Assembly Duel

The political scene in Republika Srpska is tensing up as two opposing blocs prepare for a showdown in the assembly that will reveal which of the two has the upper hand.

06 Oct 15

Bosnia Federation Govt Wins New Ally for Reforms

The opposition SBB has pledged to lend full support to the government of Bosnia's Federation entity, ending months of political turmoil and giving a new hope for EU-oriented reforms.

06 Oct 15

Montenegro Activists Defy ‘Unlawful Protest’ Ban

Opposition politicians and activists pledge to continue protests across Montenegro, despite a police ban on ‘unauthorised’ demonstrations outside the capital.

05 Oct 15

Anti-Government Rallies Spread in Montenegro

Anti-government demonstrations will continue on Monday in 15 towns, although police said that the opposition had no permission to hold protests outside the capital.

05 Oct 15

Macedonia Cuts Business Fines Ahead of Elections

As Macedonia readies to ease the burden of fines on small businesses, some see it as a cynical pre-election move on the part of Nikola Gruevski’s embattled government.

05 Oct 15

Romania to Bill Volkswagen Over Emissions Scandal

Romania intends to claim damages from Volksvagen over the emissions-cheating revelations, but it also fears that the scandal may damage its own economy.

02 Oct 15

Meta Attacks BIRN in Albanian Corruption Row

In a tense debate in parliament on the CEZ-DIA corruption allegations, Meta attacked BIRN, the law firm Clifford Chance and many others in what he called a ‘mafioso operation’ against him.

02 Oct 15

Montenegro Govt Dismisses Pressure to Quit

After the Montenegrin government said it would not bow to opposition protests in the capital and resign, protesters said they would expand their rallies across Montenegro.

02 Oct 15

Hague Prosecutors Dispute Mladic's Ballistic Expert

At the trial of former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic, the Hague prosecutors disputed the expertise and reliability of the Defence's ballistic expert, Zorica Subotic.

02 Oct 15

Fight on TV Talk Show Causes Outrage in Romania

A fight on a popular talk show has sparked fresh calls for Romania to change its broadcasting laws to outlaw violent scenes on TV.

02 Oct 15

Macedonia Parties Haggle Over Election Reforms

Talks on Macedonia’s election reform ‘package’ are expected to wrap up by the October 6 informal deadline set by Brussels - even though deals on key issues are not yet in sight.

02 Oct 15

Croatia President to Meet Orban to Defuse Crisis

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic will visit Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to discuss the refugee crisis and the disputes that have damaged relations.