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Latest News from the Balkans

28 Apr 15

Romania Lists Fund in London to Lure Investors

The Romanian investment fund Fondul Proprietatea is planning a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange, in a bid to attract fresh investors to the country.

28 Apr 15

New BIRN War Crimes Film Premieres in Belgrade

BIRN's latest feature-length documentary, which investigates the commanders responsible for some of the most brutal attacks of the Kosovo war, was screened for the first time in Belgrade.

28 Apr 15

Montenegro Jails Fan for Football Violence

Montenegro has jailed a fan for throwing a flare at a Russian goalkeeper during last month's abandoned qualifier match.

28 Apr 15

Bosnian Serbs Raise Stakes After Zvornik Terror Attack

The leader of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity, Republika Srpska, said the entity may withdraw from Bosnian state security structures  following the attack on a police station.

28 Apr 15

Crime Ties of Albanian Candidates Worries US

The US Ambassador in Tirana, Donald Lu, on Monday said his embassy was concerned about the criminal backgrounds of a number of people standing in the June local elections.

28 Apr 15

Croatian Journalists’ Leader Promises ‘Battle for Integrity’

The newly-elected president of the Croatian journalists’ association Sasa Lekovic said he would fight to defend the integrity of Croatian media workers against political pressures and corruption.

28 Apr 15

Russian Statement on Macedonia Infuriates Albania

Tirana has called in the Russian ambassador after the Kremlin blamed Albania and Kosovo for the recently reported 'terrorist' attack on a border post in Macedonia.

28 Apr 15

Macedonia Police Arrest Suspect For 'Terror Attack'

After raiding the Lipkovo area, where last week armed gunmen reportedly attacked a remote border post, Macedonian police said they had arrested one suspect.

28 Apr 15

Bosnia Police Station Attack Raises Ethnic Tensions

Security levels were increased across Bosnia and Herzegovina after an officer was killed by an alleged radical Islamist in an attack on a police station in the Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska.

27 Apr 15

Macedonia Slammed for Failing to Liberalize Energy

Macedonia has breached its EU commitments to liberalize its energy market, the Energy Community has said, giving it only two months to rectify this failure.

27 Apr 15

Film Honours Sportsmen's Wartime Bravery

A documentary about the courage of Yugoslav sportsmen who defied nationalist hysteria in the 1990s has premiered in Belgrade, focusing on their little known heroic acts off the pitch.

27 Apr 15

Macedonia Albanian Leader Urges Peaceful End to Crisis

The head of the main ethnic Albanian party in Macedonia has pledged his party's continued commitment to peace and dialogue during a visit to Kosovo.  

27 Apr 15

EULEX Uncovers Suspected Mass Grave in Kosovo

The EU rule-of-law mission, EULEX, on Monday said it had found human remains in a village cemetery in the Skenderaj/Srbica area of Kosovo after a villager provided information.

27 Apr 15

Montenegro to Share Embassies, Diplomat Predicts

Montenegro has a long-term interest in setting up joint representatives offices with other countries in the region, a diplomat in Kosovo has said.

27 Apr 15

Romania Govt Casts Predatory Eye on Waiters' Tips

Government plan to raise revenues by taxing tips meets scornful response from some waiters - who have vowed to hold on to their extra earnings.

27 Apr 15

Bosnia Police Arrest Buzim War Crimes Suspect

Bosnian border police arrested Husein Isakovic on suspicion of having carried out war crimes against civilians and prisoners-of-war in the Buzim area.

27 Apr 15

Croatia Pays Tribute to Jasenovac Camp Victims

Croatia on Sunday marked the 70th anniversary of the last days of the Nazi-style concentration camp at Jasenovac, where at least 83,000 people were killed.

27 Apr 15

Belgraders Protest against Waterfront Deal

Protesters angered by the announced construction of the gigantic Belgrade Waterfront project staged a rally in the Serbian capital on Sunday against the signing ceremony.