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26 Dec 17

Balkans in 2017: Two Cheers for the Economy

Balkan economies made real progress in 2017 but media freedom ebbed in some countries, and the region remained hostage to East-West rivalry for influence.

25 Dec 17

Serbia Risks Flouting UN Torture Convention By Extraditing Activist

If Serbia acts on its decision to extradite a Kurdish rights activist to Turkey, it will be showing its absolute disregard for the UN Convention against Torture that it has signed.

25 Dec 17

"Brotherlove" Bridge Meets Bosnia's Troubled Political Waters

The newly opened bridge between Bosnia and Serbia fails to connect the two countries due to discords between Bosnia's different administrative levels.

25 Dec 17

Balkans Heroes – People Who Saved 2017

As the Balkans readies for a new year, we bring you a list of ‘Balkan heroes’ – men and women who acted selflessly in tough times, or when no one else was brave enough to do so.

22 Dec 17

European Banks Must Stop Funding Balkan Hydropower Plants

A new report shows that even small power plants funded by European banks are inflicting serious damage on the region’s precious natural habitats.

22 Dec 17

Sarajevo Siege Mothers Remember Their Lost Children

In the year that Ratko Mladic was convicted of terrorising Sarajevo during the wartime siege, two mothers of young children who were killed by the shelling recall the horror they lived through, and explain how they survived.

22 Dec 17

Macedonia Broadcaster Blew Millions on VMRO DPMNE’s History Movies

BIRN research shows how the country’s public broadcaster was used to bring the former ruling party’s historical obsessions to the country’s TV screens.

21 Dec 17

Hague Tribunal Closes Down, Leaving Disputed Legacy

The UN tribunal for the former Yugoslavia shuts on Thursday after convicting 90 war criminals, but its successes have been accompanied by courtroom controversies and a disputed legacy in Balkan countries.

20 Dec 17

Bulgarians Hail Discovery of Oldest National History

The discovery in Italy of a lost 17th-century history of Bulgaria – believed to be the first-ever written history of Bulgaria – has thrilled historians and academics who are hoping to translate and publish it shortly.

20 Dec 17

War Crimes Convicts: Hague Tribunal was a ‘Political Court’

Convicted war criminals from Bosnia and Herzegovina say that they still believe that the Hague Tribunal, which closes down on Thursday, was a politically biased court that could never deliver impartial justice.

19 Dec 17

Has Croatia and Serbia’s Past Hijacked Their Future?

The inability or refusal of the Croatian and Serbian governments to come to grips with the crimes of the 1990s means that both are still being held back by reactionary nationalism.

19 Dec 17

Bosnia’s Last Yugoslavs – the Generation War Hit Hardest

The last generation of Bosnians to come of age in the early 1990s, before the bloody collapse of Yugoslavia, recall a lost youth and the cost they paid.

19 Dec 17

Split Threatens Main Kosovo Opposition Party’s Success

Vetevendosje (Self-Determination), a street movement that became a strong political force known for its confrontational tactics in parliament, faces new internal elections after hidden divisions erupted into the public arena.

19 Dec 17

Romanian Prosecutors Battle ‘Dangerous’ Criminal Code Changes

Prosecutors are campaigning against proposed amendments to Romania’s criminal codes that are backed by the ruling party, warning that they would shut down organised crime and corruption investigations and intimidate victims.

18 Dec 17

With Michael, Balkan Royalist Hopes Lie Buried

The late King of Romania’s grand farewell ended an era when hopes of royalist restorations seemed faintly possible.

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