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02 Jul 07

Serbia Sidelines Roma Rights Campaign

‘Decade of Roma Inclusion’ inspires much talk but little action.

02 Jul 07

Kosovo Stalemate Makes Former Fighters Restive

With no sign of a result to talks on the territory, former fighters wonder if they may need their guns again in future.
26 Jun 07

Moving Beyond Status: Kosovo's Quest for a Democratic State

Preoccupation with final status means little attention has been paid to vital questions concerning good governance.

26 Jun 07

Tadic Apology to Croats Divides Serbia

Some praise historic gesture of reconciliation; others condemn it as treason and as a disgrace.
19 Jun 07

JUSTICE REPORT: Bosnia's Book of the Dead

Twelve years after the war ended, Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting close to ascertaining the total number of those who died.

13 Jun 07

Montenegro Rebuffs Albanian Demands

Ethnic Albanian parties could push Montenegro's draft constitution to a national referendum.
13 Jun 07

Belgrade Takes Comfort Between Moscow, Washington

Belgrade digs in against Kosovo independence as it draws attention from Moscow and the West.
30 May 07

Time to Mobilise Kosovo Behind Ahtisaari's Resolution

Instead of passively following events in New York, we should show the world our support for the UN envoy’s proposals.
24 May 07

Kosovo Diplomacy in Suspended Animation

The process of reaching a deal for Kosovo seems to be nearing its end - with no deal in sight.
30 Apr 07

Sacked Police Hope For Justice at Last in Bosnia

UN letter ends ban on sacked officers from re-applying for police posts but does not accept blame for previous mishaps

20 Apr 06

IN DEPTH: Ice Melts Between Greeks and Bulgarians

Longstanding stereotypes and rivalries between the two peoples are beginning to fade.
20 Apr 06

Flash Floods Bring More Misery to Balkans

As the second flood in a year hits the region, experts say planners must wake up to implications of climate change .
19 Jan 06

Serb Refugees Unmoved by Gotovina Trial

With so many of their problems still unresolved, Croatian Serbs seem to have little interest in the upcoming case
16 Nov 05

Power Struggle Unsettles Region

Push by hard-line nationalists to get rid of Presevo's mayor worries international community as well as Belgrade.

16 Nov 05

Presevo Valley Albanians Demand Place at Kosovo Talks

Albanians in south Serbia want their region to be included in negotiations on the future of Kosovo - but no one is really listening.

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