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18 Nov 07

RS Leader Clashes with Western Diplomats Over Reforms

Western diplomats, Bosniak leaders pile pressure on Bosnian Serbs to soften line over changes to police and constitution.

18 Nov 07

Bosnia Faces Tough Choices over Free Trade (Duplicate)

As Sarajevo moves towards reneging on its free trade commitments, the EU joins critics who warn this backsliding may damage Bosnia’s economy.

18 Nov 07

Business Insight: Bulgarians Take to Life on Credit

Credit boom bolstered by bank deregulation, easier loans, rise in real estate prices and growing confidence on overall economic outlook.

18 Nov 07

Business Insight: Bosnia Gets its First Biofuel Plant

A planned biofuel plant will boost Brcko’s economy and bring greener fuel to Europe - but not yet to most of Bosnia’s own motorists.

18 Nov 07

Obituary: Macedonia`s Singer Who Touched the Hearts of Millions

To many outside the Balkans, the magnitude of the reaction to Tose’s death is difficult to understand and might even seem extreme.

16 Nov 07

Kosovo Parties Mull Post-Election Coalition

Kosovo’s rapidly changing political scene makes it hard to predict the most likely government make-up after the November 17 elections.

16 Nov 07

Getting a grip in Croatia

The rhetoric of economic freedom has entered Croatian politics in a new way, just in time for parliamentary elections - but what does it mean?

13 Nov 07

Albanian Tourism between Statistics and Reality

Confusing statistics about tourism cannot hide the grim reality facing many who are trying to make a living from Albania’s holiday industry.

09 Nov 07

Kosovo: What's there to be elected?

A popular TV show reveals that Kosovo’s politicians have little to offer their electorate either in terms of policies or personalities.

09 Nov 07

Refinery Emissions Pollute Macedonian Villages

Macedonian authorities turn a blind eye as Greek-owned concern is blamed for sharp rise in respiratory disease on outskirts of Skopje.

07 Nov 07

EU Countries Prepare to Recognise Kosovo Independence

As a unilateral declaration of independence becomes increasingly certain, some EU countries may recognise Kosovo without waiting to secure consent of all member states.

07 Nov 07

Corruption in Focus of Croatia Vote

Croatia’s parties are competing in making pre-election promises to root out corruption, but when it comes to action, the results are less impressive.

07 Nov 07

Kosovo's Daily Bread Gets Expensive

Increasing bread prices and market instability are pushing more and more Kosovars to the edge of poverty.

06 Nov 07

Sleeping Rough in the Queen's Gardens

A farcical furore over Romanians in London reminds us why restricting labour migration in a free Europe is wrongheaded

06 Nov 07

Serbian Cabinet Deal Clears Way for Security Service Reform

New government has real opportunity to step up long overdue reforms to security agencies.

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