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18 Sep 07

Macedonia Seeks Closure of Kosovo Drama

Although Skopje maintains a calm stance on independence, there are still anxieties over Kosovo’s final status.
18 Sep 07

EU Lends Hand in Bulgarian Nurses Case

Sofia has new allies over its Libya captives but is divided about how best to use their aid.
18 Sep 07

Schwarz-Schilling's Exit Leaves Bosnia in Disarray

Departure of mediator comes in the wake of mounting international and local criticism of his hands-off approach.
18 Sep 07

Bosnia: Constitution Reform Setback

With parties unable to agree about amendments, the so-called April package may be dead in the water.
18 Sep 07

Albania Lobbies Discretely for Independence

Tirana likely to be among first to recognise new state for which it has consistently manoeuvred.
18 Sep 07

Independence Overshadows Deal on New Government

Outgoing premier’s hard-line stance on Kosovo makes it harder for two centrist parties to reach a deal.
18 Sep 07

Election Deals Blow to Serbia's Main Centrist Parties

Poor showing by two main democratic parties likely to slow formation of new government.
18 Sep 07

Second Stock Exchange Merger Reveals Trend

Merger of Croatian stock exchanges seen as small step in broader consolidation foreseen for equities markets of south-east Europe.
18 Sep 07

Kosovo Albanians Prepare Guarded Assent to UN plan

While mainstream leaders voice content with deal’s outline, radical fringe talks up protest plans.
18 Sep 07

Mitrovica Serbs Hold Their Breath Amid Talk of Unrest

While some warn of fighting if Kosovo gains statehood, few Serbs want territorial division.
18 Sep 07

Kosovo Nervous About Response to Final Status Ruling

Special negotiating team to deal with Kosovo's reaction to Ahtisaari's decision because government deemed by some to be too unstable to handle process.
18 Sep 07

EU Boost to Greens in Bulgaria and Romania

Environmentalists have become serious opponents to business interests over the European Natura 2000 programme, leaving local governments helpless in the cross-fire.

17 Sep 07

Serbs Mull Over Partitioning Kosovo

Officials won’t say so publicly, but the idea of cutting Kosovo in two could offer a way out of deadlock.

13 Sep 07

Kosovo`s Choice Between Justice and Organised Crime

Following the murder of a popular policeman, Kosovars can no longer plead ignorance about the extent to which mafia crime has penetrated the country.

12 Sep 07

Strains Tell within Europe over Kosovo (Duplicate)

Trapped between the tough and exclusive positions adopted by the US and Russia, even the semblance of EU unity over Kosovo is falling apart.

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