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11 Sep 07

INTERVIEW: "Media Cannot Survive on Donations Alone"

The B92 director Veran Matic tells BIRN that the secret of the Serbian radio and television station's success lies in the fact that it was already preparing itself to survive in a competitive market long before the fall of the Milosevic regime.
11 Sep 07

Media Fuels Frenzy Over Mladic "Arrest"

If the latest reports of the fugitive general's arrest are premature, it won't be the first time.
11 Sep 07

Dodik Hostage to His Own Promises

The new Bosnian Serb leader will have a hard time fulfilling the extravagant pledges he has made to his allies.
By Gordana Katana in Banja Luka
11 Sep 07

Albania Seeks Firm NATO Entry Date

Tirana, Zagreb and Skopje urge Washington to commit to letting them join the club in 2008.
11 Sep 07

EU FOCUS: Romania Shirks Anti-Graft Law

Failure to adopt key law against corruption may hurt Romania's EU accession plans.
11 Sep 07

Democratic Party Boosts Tadic's Hand

Extension of popular leader’s term leads some to fear that deferred democratic reforms may come too late.
11 Sep 07

Partition Demand Fuels South Serbia Tensions

Local Serbs call for a referendum on dividing the ethnically-split town of Bujanovac into two.

11 Sep 07

Protest to the Guardian Over 'Correction' to Noam Chomsky Interview

The “correction” to Emma Brockes’s interview is a concession to those who “minimise the Srebrenica massacre”.

December 8, 2005

11 Sep 07

Free Trade Plan Alarms Croats

Economists hail Europe's call for a Balkan free trade zone, but many Croats see in the proposal the ghost of Yugoslavia.
11 Sep 07

Serbia Faces Trial for Bosnia Genocide

After years of delays, an international court will finally decide whether the Serbian state is guilty of this grave crime.

11 Sep 07

Suicides Show Up Macedonia's Grim Jails

Officials blame rising prison deaths on overcrowding, but experts says the malaise is more serious.
11 Sep 07

Kosovo: Countdown to Independence?

Notwithstanding the views of local Serbs, the signs are that talks on the future of Kosovo due to begin on Monday will almost certainly lead to some form of independence.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia: Reworked History Lessons Cause Storm

A new version of the 2001 conflict, written by both Macedonian and Albanian teachers, triggers controversy.
11 Sep 07

Moldova Talks Fail to Crack Separatist Resolve

As the latest talks on the future of the breakaway Transdniester region end in deadlock, a solution seems as far off as ever.
11 Sep 07

IN DEPTH: Kosovo's Intelligence Services Come In From The Cold

Intelligence organs loyal to the major political parties emerge from the shadows to vie for control over formal security structures.

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