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18 Sep 07

Albanian Border Remarks Anger Neighbours

Foreign minister forced to backtrack on remarks that partition of Kosovo could lead to other frontier revisions.
18 Sep 07

Book Review: Twice a Stranger, How Mass Expulsion Forged Modern Greece and Turkey

Ethnic cleansing in the Balkans is often written about today as if it were a recent development, invented by Slobodan Milosevic for use in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. In fact, it has a long pedigree.
18 Sep 07

Serbia "Financing" Rival Macedonian Church

Macedonian Orthodox leaders say they now have proof that Belgrade is the main force behind a rival organisation.
18 Sep 07

Kosovo Leader Weighed Down by Old Cabinet

Agim Ceku's pledges to make sweeping changes undermined by his team of discredited ministers.
18 Sep 07

Truth Commission Divides Bosnia

Experts query draft law on how the process would work, while victims complain they have not been consulted.

18 Sep 07

Bulgaria Loses Out on Arms Deals

Failure to properly regulate valuable "offset" deals with arms companies costs the country huge sums each year.
18 Sep 07

Agreements Quell Fears of Post-Referendum Unrest

Pro-independence and pro-union parties settle on rules for May's independence vote, with the EU as guarantor.
18 Sep 07

Bribery Allegations Cast Shadow Over Independence Poll

Pro-union opposition says secret footage supports its claims of foul play.
18 Sep 07

New Faiths Fill Kosovo's Religious Vacuum

From radical Islam to Evangelical Christianity, restless young Kosovars are switching religious allegiance.
18 Sep 07

Montenegro: Anti-Independence Campaign Kicks Off

Opposition activists go door to door to convince voters that they are better off staying in the state union with Serbia.
18 Sep 07

Minorities Flex their Political Muscles

Bosnian and Albanian parties in Montenegro are trading on their position as masters of "swing votes" on key issues in order to promote their own agendas.
18 Sep 07

Serbia Demands Halt to Kosovo Sell-Offs

Serbia is fighting hard to stop Pristina privatising state assets.
18 Sep 07

Albanians Finish Last in Race for Jobs

With almost no hope of paid employment, young Albanians are leaving Montenegro in droves.
18 Sep 07

Herceg Novi's Heart Beats for Serbia

An influx of Serb refugees and pensioners has made this ancient resort town a bastion of pro-union feeling.
18 Sep 07

Serbian Women's Rights Efforts Criticised

Campaigners fear new gender equality bill will have little impact unless other laws are also changed.

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