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10 Dec 07

Gains by Far Right Prompt Soul-Searching in Bulgaria

Volen Siderov's strong showing in presidential poll reflects upsurge in discontent with complacent establishment.
10 Dec 07

New Leader Pledges War on Montenegro's Mafias

Opposition warns that premier faces an uphill battle against tycoons that dominate economy.
10 Dec 07

Boost for Cross-Border Economic Cooperation

Merger of two Balkan retail giants shows market forces driving reintegration.
10 Dec 07

Strasbourg Leaves Croat Savers Out of Pocket

Ruling deals blow to 130,000 Croats who lost sight of savings in the 1980s then worth more than 170 million euro.
10 Dec 07

Mobile Phone War Hots Up in Kosovo

Local rivals hope populist attacks on Norwegian company will sink its chances
10 Dec 07

Sarajevo Stock Exchange Needs a Boost

Buyers came easy when there was nowhere to go but up, but as market expectations have matured in the region the Sarajevo Stock Exchange has suffered.
10 Dec 07

Albania: Greek Citizenship Offer Raises Hackles

Move by Athens to give citizenship to ethnic Greeks meets criticism from opposition on both sides of border.
10 Dec 07

National Identity New Challenge for Kosovo

Albanian, Serb or Kosovar? Kosovo struggles for an identity.
10 Dec 07

Minorities Cry Foul Over Promise of Guaranteed Seats

Now the independence campaign over, minorities say government is reneging on key pledge concerning their representation in parliament.

10 Dec 07

Racan Death Unlikely to Trigger Opposition Turmoil

Few believe departure of much-loved leader will lead to civil war within ranks of Croatia’s Social Democrats.
10 Dec 07

Foreign Minister's Departure Takes Albania By Surprise

Souring relationship between minister and former ally, Prime Minister Sali Berisha, seen as main reason behind resignation.
10 Dec 07

Business Insight: The Importance of Being 'Stingy'

Bulgaria's quiet repayment of its IMF debt shows how the country has come to take financial stability for granted

By Nikolay Petrov in Sofia

10 Dec 07

Divided EU Stalls Debate on Kosovo

Unable to reach consensus, EU again delays debate on Kosovo, hoping it can bridge differences later.
10 Dec 07

Kosovo Albanians Worry about Russia's Veto (Duplicate)

While the politicians profess confidence in the UN Security Council, ordinary Kosovars have more faith in American power.
10 Dec 07

Kosovo Serbs Give Tsar Lazar's Guard Wide Berth

Serbs in province give cool reception to group pledging holy war against Kosovo’s independence.

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