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05 Jan 18

Christmas Comes Twice in Divided Moldova

Even the celebrations of Christmas and New Year are a matter of siding with the ‘East’ or the ‘West’ in this former Soviet republic.

05 Jan 18

Croatia's Far Right Draws Strength from Diaspora

The radical and revisionist messages of far-right Croatian politicians and historians find a sympathetic audience among many members of Croatia’s huge émigré community.

04 Jan 18

Pro-Russian President Deepens Moldova’s Divisions

In his first year of office, Igor Dodon has been anything but a ‘President of all Moldovans’ – fighting with the government, agitating for Moscow and, some say, using Transnistria to build his own power base.

04 Jan 18

Croatia in 2018: Business as Usual Despite Agrokor Drama

While prospects for economic growth, propelled by the boom in tourism, look bright, a continuing crisis over the huge Agrokor company could yet bring down the fragile coalition government.

04 Jan 18

Serbia’s Information Commissioner Seeks to Cement Legacy

As he enters the last year of his term, Serbia’s combative information commissioner, Rodoljub Sabic, says he wishes to leave a proper legal structure in place behind him when he goes.

03 Jan 18

Bosnia in 2018: Country Braces for Logjams and Turbulence

From general elections threatened by a faulty election law to the deepening political crisis and a blocked path to the EU path, Bosnia is facing both old as well as some new challenges.   

03 Jan 18

‘Architect’ of EU-Turkey Deal Looks to Bulgaria

Gerald Knaus, the man who came up with the plan to stem the migrant influx through the Aegean, tells BIRN that Bulgaria could use its EU presidency to make the refugee deal with Turkey work.

03 Jan 18

Gagauz Resist Moldova’s Embrace of West

Turkey and Russia are competing influences in Moldova’s only autonomous region, where most locals eye Moldova’s courtship of the EU with suspicion.

02 Jan 18

Romania in 2018: More Turmoil Likely Despite Strong Growth

The failure of healthy growth rates to translate into wage rises – coupled with the passage of unpopular and controversial laws – are likely to mean a bumpy year. 

02 Jan 18

Entrepreneur Bucks Trend Among Business-Shy Bosnians

Many youngsters are unwilling to start a business in Bosnia because of the complex red tape and high taxes – but one woman says the obstacles poses less of problem than people think.

02 Jan 18

Serbian Fan Group Rediscovers Romance of Sport

Sport in Serbia is widely associated with violent behaviour, but one fan group of the popular club FK Partizan is taking a very different approach based on romanticism and poetry.

29 Dec 17

Critics Sound Alarm Over State of Croatian Broadcaster

A growing chorus of voices say Croatia’s public broadcaster HRT is succumbing to political pressure and becoming an echo chamber for the government – just as it was in the 1990s.

29 Dec 17

Macedonia: Probing for Truth about Ethnic Violence Trials

The ousting of Nikola Gruevski’s regime in 2017 brought new hope for those who felt they were unjustly tried for terrorism in several murky, high-profile court cases that troubled inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia.

28 Dec 17

Access Denied: Divorced Dads Fight for Kids

Courts in the Balkans usually side with mothers in child custody cases. Now some fathers are fighting the system. Kids are caught in the crossfire.

27 Dec 17

Facebook Reveals Serbian Fighters’ Role in Ukraine War

Social media posts from the Ukrainian battlefields have been invaluable in enabling prosecutors in Serbia and Montenegro to prove the illegal military action of their nationals in Ukraine.

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