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12 Jan 18

Serbia’s Stateless Roma Struggle for Visibility

While life is tough for Serbia’s large Roma community generally, the thousands of Roma who fled from Kosovo without any documents face particularly steep obstacles.

12 Jan 18

Balkans Fail to Feature in Russia’s Election Race

Foreign policy is a key issue in any Russian presidential election – but in this one, the once important Balkan region appears to be a non-issue.

11 Jan 18

Protesters Plan Noisy Start to Bulgaria’s EU Presidency

An array of demonstrations will cast their shadow over the opening ceremony of Bulgaria’s EU presidency – but beyond embarrassing the government, it is unclear what they will achieve.

11 Jan 18

Kosovo: New Year Brings Same Old Struggles

Issues that piled up in 2017 – starting with the army, the border with Montenegro, relations with Serbia and the Serbian municipal association – will all come back to haunt the government in 2018.

11 Jan 18

China’s Stealthy Advance in Balkans Should Worry EU

While Europe focuses on the threat of Russian penetration in Eastern Europe, it is neglecting the subtler dangers than come from China’s growing influence in the region.

10 Jan 18

Predrag Lucic – Made Us Laugh, Sing and Cry

The journalist, editor and one of the founders of the legendary anti-establishment magazine Feral Tribune, has gone – but leaves behind a rich legacy of satire, laughter and songs.

10 Jan 18

Corruption Rows Blight Start to Bulgaria’s EU Presidency

While Bulgaria sees the EU Presidency as a chance to transform the country’s image, a wave of critical foreign media reports – focusing on corruption – suggests this will be much harder than Sofia expected.

10 Jan 18

Disabled Community Takes a Stand in Kosovo

In impoverished Kosovo, the disabled community has been pushed to the back of the line – but a new generation of activists and NGOs is determined to change things.

10 Jan 18

Flow of Migrants Drains Bosnia of its Youth

Dispirited by never-ending political quarrels and a dire economic and social situation, people are leaving Bosnia en masse, searching for better future abroad.

10 Jan 18

Bear Claims Sink Their Claws Into Macedonia’s Budget

Over the last five years, courts in Macedonia have ordered the state to pay out millions of euros for damages caused by bears, relying often on the flimsiest evidence.

09 Jan 18

Kosovo Leaders’ War Court U-Turn is Self-Destructive

The futile attempts by former guerrillas turned politicians to revoke Kosovo’s commitments to impartially prosecute war crimes at the new Special Court show that the West’s support for the ruling elite must end.

09 Jan 18

Balkan Terror Trials Reveal Links to Western Europe

Terrorism trials involving Balkan Islamists show that many of these individuals were either indoctrinated by – or had close links to – radicalised communities in Germany, Austria and Italy. 

09 Jan 18

‘Disappearing’ Montenegrin Apartments Leave Troops without Homes

Organised crime prosecutors are investigating tender procedures for the construction of apartments for defence staff, which saw a state-favourite firm awarded the contract and left many families without homes they expected.

09 Jan 18

Turkish Party’s Balkan Branches Plan Causes Concern

After Turkey’s ruling party announced that it plans to open representative branches in some Balkan capitals – and elsewhere – experts have been pondering the party’s motives and agenda.

08 Jan 18

Floods Worsen Woes of Albania’s Decaying Heritage Sites

December’s floods did serious damage to several heritage sites in Albania – but experts blame part of the damage on earlier failures to carry out preservation work, and mismanagement of resources.

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