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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

19 Aug 16

Dacian Ciolos: Romania’s Technocratic PM

Designated prime minister for a one-year term only, Ciolos will struggle to meet expectations on tackling corruption and stimulating economic growth.

11 Aug 16

Dragan Covic: Warrior for a Third Entity

The undisputed leader of the Bosnian Croats is accused by some of prioritising ethnic politics over his voters’ real needs – but he remains adamant that a third, Croatian entity in Bosnia is indispensible.

10 Aug 16

Lulzim Basha: The Berisha Loyalist Leading Albania’s Opposition

The 2017 election will be make or break for Basha, current leader of the opposition Democratic Party and protégé of former Prime Minister Berisha.

10 Aug 16

New Serbian Cabinet is Mix of Old and New

Balkan Insight presents a summary of the personalities who will be in charge of the key ministries in Aleksandar Vucic’s new administration.

08 Aug 16

Mladen Bosic: Dodik’s Shaky Rival

The head of Republika Srpska’s strongest opposition party will be left fighting for political life if he loses another election to President Dodik.

05 Aug 16

Sali Berisha: The Comeback King of Albanian Politics

The former president and prime minister who now serves as an MP remains one of the most influential players in modern Albanian politics.

03 Aug 16

Ali Ahmeti: The Quiet Man of Macedonian Politics

Despite being accused of slavishly obeying the ruling coalition party, Ahmeti is seen by many as an effective negotiator for ethnic Albanians in Macedonia.

03 Aug 16

Gjorge Ivanov: Macedonia’s Marginalised President

Macedonia’s head of state since 2009 is either a modest and upstanding patriot or a cypher of the ruling party.

02 Aug 16

Fadil Novalic: Bosnia’s Atypical Champion of Reform

The businessman-turned-politician enjoys little public affection at home but his support for unpopular economic reforms has earned him respect abroad.

01 Aug 16

Zoran Zaev: Macedonia’s Harbinger of Change

The youthful Social Democrat leader and former businessman dealt the Gruevski government a heavy blow by revealing thousands of Macedonians have been illegally wiretapped.

28 Jul 16

Zdravko Mamic, Croatia’s Controversial Football Supremo

The influential football official may have quit his posts in Dinamo Zagreb and the Croatian Football Federation – but is likely to remain in the national spotlight for some time to come.

27 Jul 16

Edi Rama: The Artist Who Became PM

The current prime minister has held the most senior political roles in Albania, yet he insists he is anything but a career politician.

22 Jul 16

Eduard Selami, Albania's Rebel Democrat

The Democratic Party MP who long has a complicated relationship with the party that he once led has now broken ranks with it publicly over the vexed issue of judicial reform.

21 Jul 16

Sergei Stanishev, Bulgaria’s Natural-Born Socialist Leader

Since becoming leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party when he was only 35, Stanishev - now an MEP - has struggled to transform the party’s grey, dowdy image and make it more attractive to the young.

20 Jul 16

Nikola Gruevski: Macedonia's Embattled Former PM

Accused of leading a corrupt government that allegedly wiretapped thousands, the head of the centre-right VMRO-DPMNE party is waging a high-stakes battle for his political survival.