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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

25 May 09

Dragan Sutanovac: President's Best Man

Joseph Biden’s meeting with the Serbian defence minister shows that Sutanovac has a good reputation in the west, but that is not a guarantee of success at home.

20 May 09

Milutin Mrkonjic Mrka: X-Man

Slobodan Milosevic’s favourite builder in the 1990s is fulfilling the same role for Boris Tadic in the new millennium.

11 May 09

Sreten Jocic - The Boss

The arrest of Sreten Jocic shows that Serbia and Croatia can sometimes work together.

04 May 09

Novak Djokovic - Real Serbian Hero

Rather than wait for the state to organise a tournament where he could play, Djokovic and his family planned one themselves, helping to make tennis a national sport.

28 Apr 09

Mirko Cvetkovic - The Quiet Enforcer

The first minister of the Serbian government whose approach shows that in politics, as in poker, sometimes it is best to wait for others to place their bets, and only then show your hand.

22 Apr 09

Patron Saint of Serbian Journalism

Although she works with a small team and limited resources, Brankica Stankovic has managed in her ‘Insider’ series to save a little credibility for Serbian journalism.

02 Apr 09

Vlade Divac Serbian NBA legend

Although Sacramento is retiring the No. 21 jersey, the highest recognition for a basketball player, Divac has yet to win his place in Serbia.

30 Mar 09

Dragan 'Palma' Markovic: A 'real' Serbian in Belgrade

The mayor of the central Serbian town of Jagodina, annoys liberals with his outspoken views, but there would not be a pro-European government in Serbia without him.

17 Mar 09

Tomislav Nikolic, Undertaker in a New Suit

If Serbia holds new elections this year, Nikolic will again try to seize the role that has eluded him over the last eight years.

26 Feb 09

Carla del Ponte's Best Friend in Serbia

Vladimir Vukcevic has built up a formidable institution, whose intentions cause dilemmas only among ultra-nationalists.

19 Feb 09

Vojislav Seselj: A Serb who Bites Back

On trial before the Hague tribunal, the leader of the Serbian Radicals has maintained his influence as an opposition politician despite six years in custody.

05 Feb 09

Aleksandar Tijanic

Despite the impression that Serbia’s current authorities no longer look on him with favour, the director of Radio Television Serbia, RTS, remains in his post and in some ways seems stronger than ever.
02 Dec 08

Hashim Thaci 'From 'Snake' to Prime Minister

Thaci, born in 1968, joined the Albanian independence cause as a student, becoming one of the leaders of the protest movement in the early 1990s. As the Serbian crackdown intensified, he left for Switzerland, studying history and international relations in Zurich.