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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

21 Oct 16

Nikola Ivanovski: New Head of Macedonia’s Discredited Court

The newly elected chief judge of Macedonia’s Constitutional Court is unlikely to restore the image of an institution now widely seen as a tool of the political establishment.

21 Oct 16

Bratislav Dikic: Alleged Mastermind of Montenegro's ‘Coup’

Controversial retired Serbian general Bratislav Dikic is at the centre of a mass of conflicting theories over the background - and reality - of the alleged coup attempt in Montenegro.

19 Oct 16

Serb Party Pushes Belgrade’s Agenda in Kosovo

The main Kosovo Serb party’s boycott of parliament shows that its decisions are guided by Belgrade, while also highlighting Pristina political leaders’ inability to integrate the country’s Serb minority.

14 Oct 16

Vladimir Rajcic, Serbian Actor Who Shook Trump

A naturalized American of Serbian origin, Vladimir Rajcic finds himself in the middle of a row about an allegedly fake interview with US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

12 Oct 16

Romania’s Social Democrats Struggle to Reform

The Social Democratic Party remains the main political force in Romania, but its future hangs on party unity and attracting new members.

11 Oct 16

Montenegro: Key Political Parties

Profiles of the main political players in Montenegro.

11 Oct 16

Montenegro Elections 2016: Profile

Elections in Montenegro are scheduled for October 16, with 17 coalitions and parties fighting for positions in the 81-seat parliament.

11 Oct 16

Bilall Kasami: Macedonia’s Anti-Establishment Party Leader

The leader of one of Macedonia’s new ethnic Albanian parties is hoping to ‘redefine’ the country to prevent any ethnic group from holding too much power.

11 Oct 16

Milo Djukanovic: Montenegro’s Prime Minister for Life

A master of metamorphosis, who morphed from Serbian nationalist into NATO advocate, Montenegro’s veteran leader faces a tough challenge in the coming election to win a seventh term.

10 Oct 16

Ahmed Dogan: From Informer to Dissident to Political Elite

Despite stepping down as leader of Bulgaria’s powerful ethnic-Turkish MRF party, many say the highly controversial Dogan still calls the shots behind the scenes.

10 Oct 16

Miodrag Lekic: Driven by Dream of Uniting Montenegro Opposition

The ex-foreign minister still clings to the belief that he can unite Montenegro’s divided opposition and finally overthrow Milo Djukanovic.

04 Oct 16

Tsetska Tsacheva, The Bulgarian Nation’s Would-Be ‘Mother’

Parliament chief Tsetska Tsacheva could be become the first female president of Bulgaria after being nominated by PM Boyko Borissov, who said she should be the ‘mother’ of the nation.

04 Oct 16

Ilir Meta: Albanian Speaker and Surprise Kingmaker

The speaker of parliament and leader of Albania’s third-largest party previously served as prime minister aged just 30, but Meta’s rapid political ascent has been marred by controversy.

30 Sep 16

Davor Ivo Stier, Ideologist Behind Croatian HDZ’s Centrist Path

The new political secretary of the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, is widely seen as the man steering the party towards the political centre ground - which should improve its coalition prospects.

20 Sep 16

Serb Paramilitary Captain Dragan’s Long Road to Court

Former Serbian paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic was working as a golf instructor in Australia, but after a decade battling extradition, he has gone on trial for war crimes in Croatia.