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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

23 Sep 15

Andrija Hebrang, the Croatian President's Weapon

The once influential politician from the 1990s has come out of retirement to advise the President on the refugee crisis - and use it to attack the government ahead of the elections.

18 Sep 15

Katica Janeva, Macedonia’s New Special Prosecutor

From anonymity to being the centre of attention, small-town prosecutor Katica Janeva has emerged from inter-party talks as the new prosecutor in charge of probing the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken the government.

29 Apr 15

Nebojsa Minic, Serbia’s ‘Commander of Death’

Mystery still lingers over the life of Nebojsa Minic, alias ‘Mrtvi’ (‘Dead’), one of the Yugoslav Army officers allegedly involved in the most brutal massacres in Kosovo – as explored in a new BIRN documentary.

17 Apr 15

Gordana Jankuloska, Cover for the ‘Real’ Minister

The Interior Minister’s carefully nurtured image as a principled guardian of the law has taken a few knocks thanks to the opposition’s revelations.

23 Mar 15

Dream of Uniting Montenegro Still Haunts Lekic

The departing leader of the Democratic Front has not abandoned hope of rallying Montenegro’s divided opposition forces.

05 Feb 15

Surviving the Holocaust in Occupied Serbia

At 93, Aleksandar Lebl is one of a handful of Jews in Belgrade who can still remember the German occupation and the Nazi death camps – which he narrowly escaped ending up in.

27 Jan 15

Boyhood Memories of Auschwitz, 70 Years On

As the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is marked, one of its last inmates, Oleg Mandic from Croatia, recalls his imprisonment in the death camp at the age of 11.

15 Jan 15

Serbia’s War Crimes Crusader Leaves the Battlefield

After Belgrade’s chief war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic “stirred up a hornet’s nest” by going after Serb suspects, he is now being forced to step down by the authorities.

12 Jan 15

Dell: A clever political animal - with bite

Ambassador’s defining moment came when he picked a president. But his forays into politics and brash style earned him enemies.

19 Dec 14

The Improbable Rise of Isa Mustafa in Kosovo

The new Prime Minister has taken a winding path from his time as a Communist youth leader to the top office in government, where his free-market vision for Kosovo will now be tested.

17 Dec 14

Ivo Josipovic: Acting and Future president?

Josipovic is still the favourite to win the presidential election and so gain a second term - but he is dogged by the sharply declining fortunes of the party backing him.

17 Dec 14

Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, Winner Against the Odds

Though no one questioned her intelligence and ambition, few thought the HDZ candidate had a serious chance of winning Croatia's presidential election.

10 Oct 14

Mladen Ivanic: Voice of Change Among Serbs

Running for the Serbian seat on the Bosnian Presidency, this veteran politician represents all those who hunger for change in the Serbian camp.

10 Oct 14

Zeljka Cvijanovic: Dodik’s Loyal Premier

Although she owes her political rise to Milorad Dodik, Cvijanovic is proving a formidable politician in her own right as she fights to become the first woman on the Bosnian Presidency.

08 Oct 14

Zeljko Komsic: Foe of Ethnic Politics

After quitting the Social Democratic Party, the popular member of Bosnia’s state presidency has formed his own party, the Democratic Front.