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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

21 Jan 16

Oliver Ivanovic: Karate Master Defeated in Court

Kosovo Serb leader Ivanovic’s martial arts skills brought him to politics, and he was once seen as a key figure in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue - but he now faces jail for war crimes against Albanians.

13 Jan 16

Zlatko Komadina: Bidding to Lead Croatia’s Social Democrats

After Croatia’s centre-left Social Democratic Party announced elections for its leadership, the name of party veteran Zlatko Komadina has emerged as the only challenger to acting president Zoran Milanovic.

18 Dec 15

Montenegro's Anti-Graft Drive Claims Marovic’s Scalp

The former president’s arrest has resounded around Montenegro – but does it mean the drive against high-level corruption is finally being taken seriously?

10 Dec 15

Ladislav Ilcic, Croatia's Own Trump

The right-wing MP Ladislav Ilcic is in the spotlight after his anti-Muslim tirade echoed the storm generated by would-be president Donald Trump in the US.

09 Dec 15

Miljenko Ljubas, Croatia’s Nationalist Profiteer

Mysterious gun attack on the man behind nationalist websites in both Croatia and Serbia is being linked by some to his loss-making business ventures.

09 Dec 15

Serbian Minister With History of Blunders

Ever since Bratislav Gasic was appointed Defence Minster, he has been surrounded by controversy about his education, his family business, the army helicopter crash - and now a sexist remark.

13 Nov 15

Serb Extremist's Promotion Causes Anger in Bosnia

The election of Nikola Poplasen, a so-called 'Chetnik Duke', to the board of the Agency for Development of Higher Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has caused widespread shock.

12 Nov 15

Dacian Ciolos, Romania’s New Technocratic Chief

Romania's newly designated PM has a fine reputation as an expert in agriculture, but whether he has the strength to change things in Romania will be a major test of his strength.

11 Nov 15

Local Mayor Becomes Croatia’s New Political Star

Bozo Petrov, head of the surprise winner in the Croatian elections, the Bridge of Independent Lists, MOST, has suddenly become much more than the successful mayor of a small town.

06 Nov 15

The Return of ‘Milosevic’s Spin-Doctor’

Milorad Vucelic, one-time supporter of Slobodan Milosevic, returns to public life as president of Serbia’s Partizan Yugoslav Sports Club.

23 Sep 15

Andrija Hebrang, the Croatian President's Weapon

The once influential politician from the 1990s has come out of retirement to advise the President on the refugee crisis - and use it to attack the government ahead of the elections.

18 Sep 15

Katica Janeva, Macedonia’s New Special Prosecutor

From anonymity to being the centre of attention, small-town prosecutor Katica Janeva has emerged from inter-party talks as the new prosecutor in charge of probing the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken the government.

29 Apr 15

Nebojsa Minic, Serbia’s ‘Commander of Death’

Mystery still lingers over the life of Nebojsa Minic, alias ‘Mrtvi’ (‘Dead’), one of the Yugoslav Army officers allegedly involved in the most brutal massacres in Kosovo – as explored in a new BIRN documentary.

17 Apr 15

Gordana Jankuloska, Cover for the ‘Real’ Minister

The Interior Minister’s carefully nurtured image as a principled guardian of the law has taken a few knocks thanks to the opposition’s revelations.

23 Mar 15

Dream of Uniting Montenegro Still Haunts Lekic

The departing leader of the Democratic Front has not abandoned hope of rallying Montenegro’s divided opposition forces.