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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

21 Jul 14

Damir Fazlic: Controversial Deal Broker

In his first interview since October 2008, Bosnian businessman Damir Fazlic tackled the rumours and criminal allegations which have beset his career, reveals how he became an influential figure in the Balkans and beyond, and speaks of his grandiose plans for the future.  

26 Mar 14

Ali Ahmeti: ‘Quiet man’ Who Gets What he Wants

The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration is often accused of being slavish to Nikola Gruevski, but has proven an effective negotiator for his party and community.

20 Mar 14

Nikola Gruevski: Technocrat Turned Nationalist

Militancy in the dispute with Greece over Macedonia’s name and identity has proved a successful formula for the authoritarian boss of the ruling VMRO DPMNE party.

20 Mar 14

Zoran Zaev: Embattled Opposition’s Last Hope

The youthful head of Macedonia’s Social Democrats is facing his first election at the helm of the party - up against a ruthless and impregnable-looking opponent.

10 Mar 14

Stevo Pendarovski: a Newcomer With Experience

The Social Democrats’ presidential hopeful may be a first-timer in election terms - but he knows a lot about politics and power.

05 Mar 14

Gjorge Ivanov: President in the PM’s Shadow

A modest and upstanding patriot - or a cypher of the governing party - Ivanov is the first Macedonian President to run for second term.

28 Feb 14

Ivica Dacic, Serbia’s Pragmatic Peacemaker

The man who learned the arts of politics from the disgraced strongman Slobodan Milosevic has since put that all behind him - and signed an historic deal with Kosovo.

28 Feb 14

Aleksandar Vucic, Skilful Plotter of Limitless Ambitions

The man most likely to become Prime Minister after the March elections has been preparing for this moment for years; whether he will be Serbia’s saviour, or its despot, remains to be seen.

28 Feb 14

Dragan Djilas, Bridge Builder Struggling to Connect

The embattled leader of the Democratic Party faces a drubbing on March 16 - but his earlier achievements as mayor of Belgrade deserve to be remembered.

16 Feb 14

Boris Tadic, Fallen Star Seeking a Comeback

The pro-Western, George Clooney lookalike has struggled to re-establish himself since his defeat in 2012 presidential polls, when he was punished for economic failures and his perceived authoritarianism.

14 Feb 14

Mladjan Dinkic, Serbia’s Perennial Political Player

The guitar-strumming economist with a talent for forging alliances and securing a series of ministerial posts is eager to make yet another return to office.

14 Feb 14

Vojislav Kostunica, a Very Consistent Nationalist

This shy academic rallied Serbs against Slobodan Milosevic, but his obsession with Kosovo since then has helped marginalise him on the political scene.

14 Feb 14

Cedomir Jovanovic, Liberal Dressed with a Pragmatism

An opposition leader and fighter for democracy since his student days, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, is now willing to ally with Vucic, his fierce opponent from the Milosevic era.

14 Feb 14

Tomislav Nikolic, Don’t Underestimate the Undertaker

Serbia’s president may cultivate a folksy image - but he is a shrewd political operator, as the twists and turns in his career demonstrate.

24 Jan 14

Blerim Shala, Kosovo’s Head of Dialogue

The rebel journalist who once expressed his political dissatisfaction through rock music is now of the key figures in the negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia.