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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

29 Jun 16

Ivan Sincic: Croatian Robin Hood or Rabble-Rouser?

Ivan Vilibor Sincic and his anti-establishment party, Living Wall, are rising in popularity in Croatia because of their stance against banks, the EU and political elites, but some analysts see them as erratic demagogues.

08 Jun 16

Goran Danilovic: Montenegrin Journalist Turned Police Minister

Former journalist Goran Danilovic is in the hot seat as Montenegro’s new police minister; as opposition representative, he’s expected to expose alleged electoral fraud, stymie attacks on the media and hasten a showdown with criminal gangs with only four months remaining until a new election.

06 Jun 16

Patriotic Front Flourishes in Bulgaria’s Chaotic Politics

In just two years, the nationalistic coalition has made its way from the margins to the mainstream of the political life, becoming a key player in the government.

30 May 16

Notorious Mayor Faces Belated Justice in Bulgaria

Tsenko Chokov, who has been running the village of Galiche like feudal lord for 20 years, has finally been charged with running a crime gang

27 May 16

Bulgaria Drags its Feet Over ‘Cocaine King’

Evelin Banev has received big jail sentences for drug trafficking in Romania and Italy - but back home in Bulgaria the courts appear curiously reluctant to act.

10 May 16

Korneliya Ninova, the Bulgarian Socialists’ First Woman Chief

The outspoken and combative critic of the centre-right Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has promised to give him ‘hard times’ as new head of the opposition Socialist Party.

04 May 16

De Biasi Makes Albania’s Dreams Come True

Albania’s football team has qualified for a Euro championship for the first time thanks to the efforts of its remarkable Italian coach.

18 Apr 16

Bojan Pajtic, Embattled Leader of a Declining Force

The head of the weakened and divided Democratic Party faces a struggle for political survival, unless he can restore its fortunes.

17 Apr 16

Boris Tadic, the Would-be Comeback Kid

After years of relative obscurity, Serbia’s former president has joined forces with other opposition leaders to try get back in the saddle.

14 Apr 16

Vuk Jeremic, Serbia’s Would-be UN Chief

After three years of political obscurity, Serbia’s combative former 'minister for Kosovo' is again in the spotlight as he bids for the UN Secretary General's chair.

13 Apr 16

Sasa Radulovic, Ex-blogger Who Has Had Enough

The head of the ‘Dosta je bilo’ movement says Serbs have had enough of their old political parties – but the election will show if this is true.

11 Apr 16

Ivica Dacic, Socialist Eyeing Another Mandate

A key member of every government since he revived the Socialist Party’s fortunes in 2008, Dacic has struggled to escape the shadow of his senior Progressive Party partners.

08 Apr 16

Kosovo Says Farewell to ‘Powerless’ President

Atifete Jahjaga has handed the reins to Hashim Thaci after five years as Kosovo’s first female President – but assessments of her term in office are divided.

07 Apr 16

Aleksandar Vucic, Plotter with Limitless Ambitions

The man almost certain to stay as Prime Minister after the April elections has long been preparing for absolute power: whether he will be Serbia’s saviour, or its despot, remains to be seen.

06 Apr 16

Cedomir Jovanovic, Serbia’s ‘Pragmatic’ Liberal

Desperate to get back into parliament, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party has joined forces with his former enemy, Boris Tadic – but will it be enough?