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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

28 Jul 16

Zdravko Mamic, Croatia’s Controversial Football Supremo

The influential football official may have quit his posts in Dinamo Zagreb and the Croatian Football Federation – but is likely to remain in the national spotlight for some time to come.

27 Jul 16

Edi Rama: The Artist Who Became PM

The current prime minister has held the most senior political roles in Albania, yet he insists he is anything but a career politician.

22 Jul 16

Eduard Selami, Albania's Rebel Democrat

The Democratic Party MP who long has a complicated relationship with the party that he once led has now broken ranks with it publicly over the vexed issue of judicial reform.

21 Jul 16

Sergei Stanishev, Bulgaria’s Natural-Born Socialist Leader

Since becoming leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party when he was only 35, Stanishev - now an MEP - has struggled to transform the party’s grey, dowdy image and make it more attractive to the young.

20 Jul 16

Nikola Gruevski: Macedonia's Embattled Former PM

Accused of leading a corrupt government that allegedly wiretapped thousands, the head of the centre-right VMRO-DPMNE party is waging a high-stakes battle for his political survival.

20 Jul 16

Filip Vujanovic, Montenegro’s ‘Mint Tea’ President

Although one of the most trusted politicians in the country, Vujanovic has long ceased to wield political power - which is why his decision not to run for the presidency again has caused little stir.

12 Jul 16

Croatia’s ‘Salami King’ Accuses Authorities of Persecution

The Gavrilovic family said accusations of wartime embezzlement are just the latest weapon being turned on them by supporters of the ‘old regime’ in communist Yugoslavia.

11 Jul 16

Culture Minister Who Left His Mark on Croatia

Thanks to his controversial statements about World War II and his interventions in the media and in culture, Zlatko Hasanbegovic will not be forgotten soon.

08 Jul 16

Boyko Borissov, ‘People’s Man’ and EU’s ‘Golden Boy’

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister has been scaling the heights of politics for some 15 years, becoming an indispensible ‘kingmaker’ at home and a favorite of Brussels at the same time.

07 Jul 16

Ranko Krivokapic, Djukanovic Ally Who Switched Sides

After years spent as Milo Djukanovic’s close political ally, former speaker Ranko Krivokapic now advocates a united front among the opposition – but some question the sincerity of his defection.

04 Jul 16

Andrej Plenkovic: Centrist in the Running for Croatia’s HDZ

The man seen by many as a likely new leader of the HDZ is a convinced Christian Democrat, with no time for populist nationalism.

29 Jun 16

Ivan Sincic: Croatian Robin Hood or Rabble-Rouser?

Ivan Vilibor Sincic and his anti-establishment party, Living Wall, are rising in popularity in Croatia because of their stance against banks, the EU and political elites, but some analysts see them as erratic demagogues.

08 Jun 16

Goran Danilovic: Montenegrin Journalist Turned Police Minister

Former journalist Goran Danilovic is in the hot seat as Montenegro’s new police minister; as opposition representative, he’s expected to expose alleged electoral fraud, stymie attacks on the media and hasten a showdown with criminal gangs with only four months remaining until a new election.

06 Jun 16

Patriotic Front Flourishes in Bulgaria’s Chaotic Politics

In just two years, the nationalistic coalition has made its way from the margins to the mainstream of the political life, becoming a key player in the government.

30 May 16

Notorious Mayor Faces Belated Justice in Bulgaria

Tsenko Chokov, who has been running the village of Galiche like feudal lord for 20 years, has finally been charged with running a crime gang