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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

10 Oct 14

Mladen Ivanic: Voice of Change Among Serbs

Running for the Serbian seat on the Bosnian Presidency, this veteran politician represents all those who hunger for change in the Serbian camp.

10 Oct 14

Zeljka Cvijanovic: Dodik’s Loyal Premier

Although she owes her political rise to Milorad Dodik, Cvijanovic is proving a formidable politician in her own right as she fights to become the first woman on the Bosnian Presidency.

08 Oct 14

Zeljko Komsic: Foe of Ethnic Politics

After quitting the Social Democratic Party, the popular member of Bosnia’s state presidency has formed his own party, the Democratic Front.

01 Oct 14

Martin Raguz: A Croat Who Looks to Bosnia

While stressing his determination to fight for Croatian rights if he wins a seat on the presidency, Martin Raguz emphasizes that Croats must look on Bosnia – not on Croatia – as their homeland.

26 Sep 14

Bakir Izetbegovic: Turkey’s ‘Friend’ in Bosnia

Hoping to re-win the Bosniak seat on the tripartite Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic has promised to create 100,000 new jobs - but he is often criticized for his close ties to Turkey and for radicalizing the SDA.

25 Sep 14

Fahrudin Radoncic: Riding a ‘Tsunami’ Against Corruption

The man who wants to wash away corruption in Bosnia is dogged by a few corruption allegations of his own.

25 Sep 14

Milorad Dodik: Bosnia’s Serbian Warrior

The great battler for the Serbian cause in Bosnia has dominated the stage in his entity for years – but now faces a challenge from a new, united opposition bloc.

25 Sep 14

Dragan Covic: Crusader for ‘Real’ Croats

Running for the Croatian seat on Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, which he held a decade ago, Covic hopes to empower a community that feels increasingly marginalised.

25 Sep 14

Zlatko Lagumdzija: Bosnia’s Great Survivor

In spite of having met none of the main pledges he made when his party won power four years ago, it would be a mistake to write off this canny political operator

08 Sep 14

Serbia's New Economy Minister Faces Troubled Times

New minister Zeljko Sertic will bring private sector experience to the government, but entrepreneurs fear that his close links to the ruling party could limit his ability to push difficult reforms.

12 Aug 14

Damir Fazlic: Controversial Deal Broker

Bosnian fixer Damir Fazlic tackles the rumours and criminal allegations which have beset his career, reveals how he became an influential figure in the Balkans and beyond and speaks of his grandiose energy plans for the future. 

21 Jul 14

Damir Fazlic: Controversial Deal Broker

In his first interview since October 2008, Bosnian businessman Damir Fazlic tackled the rumours and criminal allegations which have beset his career, reveals how he became an influential figure in the Balkans and beyond, and speaks of his grandiose plans for the future.  

26 Mar 14

Ali Ahmeti: ‘Quiet man’ Who Gets What he Wants

The leader of the Democratic Union for Integration is often accused of being slavish to Nikola Gruevski, but has proven an effective negotiator for his party and community.

20 Mar 14

Nikola Gruevski: Technocrat Turned Nationalist

Militancy in the dispute with Greece over Macedonia’s name and identity has proved a successful formula for the authoritarian boss of the ruling VMRO DPMNE party.

20 Mar 14

Zoran Zaev: Embattled Opposition’s Last Hope

The youthful head of Macedonia’s Social Democrats is facing his first election at the helm of the party - up against a ruthless and impregnable-looking opponent.