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Latest Profiles from the Balkans

20 Sep 16

Serb Paramilitary Captain Dragan’s Long Road to Court

Former Serbian paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic was working as a golf instructor in Australia, but after a decade battling extradition, he has gone on trial for war crimes in Croatia.

19 Sep 16

Klaus Iohannis: The President Who Promised to Clean Up Politics

Romania’s first ethnic-minority president was elected on an anti-corruption platform but critics say Iohannis is yet to deliver on his campaign pledges.


14 Sep 16

Milorad Dodik: From Pro-US Moderate to Bosnian-Serb Separatist

Once a pro-West centrist, the president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity is now a hard-line nationalist whose policy aims include splitting the country.

09 Sep 16

Mladen Ivanic: Centrist Tilting Right Ahead of Elections

The Serbian member of Bosnia’s presidency appears to be taking a harder line on key Bosnian Serb issues ahead of local and general elections.

09 Sep 16

Zoran Milanovic, Verbal Firebrand of Croatia's Left

The long-time leader of Croatia’s main centre-left party is staying true to his usual aggressive, even rude, style of communication – although whether voters respond to it remains to be seen.

08 Sep 16

'Small' Party Makes Big Splash in Croatia Elections

The Very Small Party, SMS, is running in the Croatian parliamentary elections in a swipe against the entire political establishment and, indeed, the whole election process.

31 Aug 16

Zagreb Mayor Plays for Premiership Prize

Zagreb’s longstanding mayor Milan Bandic is conducting a vigorous campaign to win the prime minister’s post at Croatia’s elections - even though his own political party is tiny.

31 Aug 16

Laura Codruta Kovesi: Romania’s ‘Mrs Justice’

As the chief prosecutor tasked with fighting widespread corruption in Romania, Kovesi has made her mark by bringing in the big scalps.

29 Aug 16

Ziadin Sela: Champion of a ‘Binational Macedonia’

As leader of a new Albanian party and mayor of an ethnically-mixed town, Sela’s speeches, including calls for non-territorial federalism in Macedonia, have frequently sparked controversy.

26 Aug 16

Denis Zvizdic: Loyal Party Soldier Tipped for the Top

Speculation is rife that Zvizdic, chairman of Bosnia’s Council of Ministers and loyal SDA party soldier, harbours state-level presidential ambitions.

22 Aug 16

Bujar Nishani: Albania’s Accidental President

The surprise winner of the 2012 presidential election, Nishani’s time in office has been marked by claims of political bias and bitter disputes with the government.

19 Aug 16

Dacian Ciolos: Romania’s Technocratic PM

Designated prime minister for a one-year term only, Ciolos will struggle to meet expectations on tackling corruption and stimulating economic growth.

11 Aug 16

Dragan Covic: Warrior for a Third Entity

The undisputed leader of the Bosnian Croats is accused by some of prioritising ethnic politics over his voters’ real needs – but he remains adamant that a third, Croatian entity in Bosnia is indispensible.

10 Aug 16

Lulzim Basha: The Berisha Loyalist Leading Albania’s Opposition

The 2017 election will be make or break for Basha, current leader of the opposition Democratic Party and protégé of former Prime Minister Berisha.

10 Aug 16

New Serbian Cabinet is Mix of Old and New

Balkan Insight presents a summary of the personalities who will be in charge of the key ministries in Aleksandar Vucic’s new administration.