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Latest Investigations from the Balkans

02 Dec 15

Mystery Surrounds Funding of Albanian Jihadists

The source of the funds for the travel and living expenses of Albanian militants heading to the war in Syria remains unclear to investigators.

01 Dec 15

Top Albanian Judge’s ‘Illegal’ Riches Come to Light

The head of the Tirana Appeals Court is accused of earning more than €1.6 million through illegal schemes that involved family members.

26 Nov 15

Albanian Jihadist’s Easy Passage to Syria’s Brutal War

A former Islamist fighter in Syria recalls why he went to Syria, how easy it was to get there – and why he would go again, if he could.

19 Nov 15

Motherhood on Ice: Women Face Egg-Freezing Quandary

Women in the West are being encouraged to freeze their eggs to have a better chance of conceiving later in life. Will the procedure catch on in Serbia and Croatia?

16 Nov 15

Pimps Profit from Bosnia’s Hapless Judiciary

Convicted pimps and human traffickers often get to keep the money from their criminal activities because the Bosnian judiciary isn’t trying hard enough to seize their illegally-obtained assets.

10 Nov 15

Medical Waste Dumpers Escape Justice in Albania

Authorities are doing little to bring to justice those responsible for dumping hazardous waste in public spaces - even though it poses a dangerous threat to health.

04 Nov 15

Humble Firm Wins Huge Dialysis Contract in Albania

The health ministry has awarded a ten-year multi-million contract to a little known company with no experience - but whose owner is linked to the American Hospital in Tirana.

02 Nov 15

Albania Bank Wasted Millions on Ruined Hotel

After it bought the historic Hotel Dajti for 30 million euro, the Central Bank spent millions more in procurement processes that have failed to transform the building into an office.

23 Oct 15

Bosnians Query Transparency of Flood Aid Spending

After hundreds of millions of euro spent on reconstruction following Bosnia's devastating floods, calls are growing for greater transparency over the use of the funds.

16 Oct 15

Glitches Plague Albania’s New Online Tax System

After three years of work and nearly 16 million euro spent, Albania’s new e-taxation system is still not yet ready, with businesses struggling to file reports and facing arbitrary fines.

01 Oct 15

Alpine Bau Chief Probed over Albanian Highway Deal

Austrian prosecutors are reviewing evidence uncovered by BIRN about a mysterious offshore company suspected of involvement in bribing an Albanian official.

24 Sep 15

Patients Pay Price for Albania’s Drug Reform

A year after the local pharmaceutical market was reformed, essential medicines are running shorter than ever and concern is growing about the quality of drugs that are available.

22 Sep 15

Private Investors Have Hand in Skopje 2014

While the Macedonian state has stumped up the cash for most of the city’s grand makeover, some monuments, floating galleons and kiosks are investments of private entrepreneurs.

08 Sep 15

Albania Speaker Accused of Graft in Arbitrage Case

In a motion filed in the Vienna arbitral centre, lawyers representing Albania’s state-owned utility OSHEE, claim to have evidence that ex-PM Ilir Meta took large bribes, BIRN can reveal.

13 Aug 15

Patients Suffer in Albanian Hospital Contract Row

Patients face clean linen shortage at Tirana’s Mother Teresa University Hospital as its laundry contract tender stalls following allegations that the process favoured one firm.