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Latest Investigations from the Balkans

20 Oct 14

Albania Power Utility Accused of Fixing Tenders

BIRN can reveal that the competition authority is probing claims that Albania’s power utility, OSHEE, colluded with two electricity traders - EFT A.G and GSA - to rig the outcome of import tenders.

09 Oct 14

Kosovo President Faces Questions Over Judges’ Mandates

Ombudsman says head of state violated the constitution by extending the terms of international judges without going to parliament.

08 Oct 14

Guardians of Lake Skadar Turn Blind Eye to Illegal Fishing

The organization tasked with protecting Albania’s environmental jewel is accused of running a protection racket for the illegal fishermen who are destroying its fish.

02 Oct 14

Audit Casts Damning Light on Albanian Broadcaster’s Tenders

An audit report, which BIRN has obtained, says procurement procedures in Albania’s state-owned public broadcaster, RTSH, were often uncompetitive and even illegal.

01 Oct 14

Cross and Crescent Divide up Macedonia

In the last ten years, Macedonia has seen the construction of hundreds of new churches and mosques - but the race between the two great religions to ‘mark out’ their territories has disturbing consequences.

26 Sep 14

Hearts Beat in Kosovo For Islamist Warriors

As Kosovo tries to stop its sons from going off to fight in Iraq and Syria, sympathy for their cause remains strong among some hardline Muslims.

23 Sep 14

Skopje Landfill Tender Winner: No Experience, No Investment

The firm charged with modernising one of Europe’s biggest landfills has no experience in the business, has not yet invested in the site and is already offering it up as a destination for Italy’s waste mountain, BIRN has learned.

01 Aug 14

Macedonia’s Soaring Debt Raises Foreign Eyebrows

Macedonia keeps piling up debt, ignoring ever-more frequent expressions of concern from key international financial institutions.

16 Jul 14

Albania Ex-PM’s Daughter Takes Legal Route to Riches

Confidential bank files reveal how a law firm owned by the influential daughter of Albania’s former Prime Minister Sali Berisha became a gateway for major foreign investors looking for licences, permits and political support from her father's government.

15 Jul 14

Fazlic and Lazarevic’s Albanian Shale Gas Venture

A web of secretive offshore firms link energy mogul Vojin Lazarevic and businessman Damir Fazlic to an audacious bid to transform Albania into a hub for US shale gas, BIRN can reveal.

14 Jul 14

How Berisha’s Inner Circle Profited from Multi-Million Euro Land Deals

Former Albanian premier Sali Berisha’s decision to transform worthless marshland into prime real estate helped his family and controversial friend Damir Fazlic earn millions of euros, classified documents obtained by BIRN reveal.

10 Jun 14

Serbian Flood Repairs Spark Fraud Claims

Belgrade’s state owned energy company stands accused of exploiting Serbia’s devastating floods as a cover for a costly and potentially illegal contract with a company related to energy mogul Vojin Lazarevic.

27 May 14

Illegal Logging is Destroying Ancient Forests in the Balkans

An investigation shows that gangs are felling vast tracts that once gave the Balkans their name.

06 May 14

World War I History Divides Balkan Schoolchildren

A hundred years on from the Sarajevo assassination, schools in former Yugoslav countries are teaching different histories about the causes of the 1914-18 war, reflecting more recent conflicts.

05 May 14

Albanian Government’s Secret British Adviser Revealed

The nephew of Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin-doctor who advised the Socialists’ successful election campaign, has been hired by the Albanian government, Balkan Insight can reveal.