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Latest Investigations from the Balkans

17 Apr 14

Albanian Agency Turns NGO Funding Into Family Affair

Former board members and staff of the state agency established to support the civil society sector funded their own NGOs, or those headed by relatives, an investigation can reveal.

14 Apr 14

US Ambassador to Kosovo Hired by Construction Firm He Lobbied For

EU diplomat criticises way Christopher Dell pushed through deal for Bechtel Corporation to build controversial highway to Albania.

27 Mar 14

Albania Ex-Minister ‘Rigged’ TV Digital Tender

Former minister’s decision to split the contract to oversee Albania’s digitalization process between two companies - which a court ruled illegal - remains shrouded with controversy.

28 Jan 14

TV Viewers Force Fed State Spin

The Serbian state has long been hiring three private companies to produce material that TV stations use for free – the problem is that viewers don’t know this is not news but PR.

24 Jan 14

Lobby Firm Behind Campaign to Smear Albanian Socialist

The Podesta Group, a lobbying firm working for Albania’s then government, planted several negative stories in the US media about Socialist leader Edi Rama on the eve of parliamentary elections.

21 Jan 14

EU Cash Enriches Macedonia’s Shady ‘Youth’ NGOs

Brussels has turned a blind eye to complaints about the way Youth in Action funds are distributed in Macedonia.

09 Jan 14

Albania’s Former Chief Enriched Media Ally

Sali Berisha used the public advertising budget to funnel contracts to a private TV station that supported his government, data show.

23 Dec 13

Serbia: Supporting Bosnian Serb Suspects

Belgrade has spent around 1.7 million euro on supporting its Hague Tribunal defendants, but a lot of this money actually went to Bosnian Serb Army officers with Serbian citizenship.

23 Dec 13

Infographic: State Aid to Hague Indictees

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has established that five former Yugoslav countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia – spent a total of almost 40 million euro on support for war crimes suspects at the Hague Tribunal.

23 Dec 13

Macedonia: Huge Secret Payments Revealed

The government refused to say how much it spent on supporting Macedonia’s two war crimes defendants, but estimates from officials and insiders add up to almost 9.5 million euro.

23 Dec 13

Kosovo: Shadowy Funds Raise Corruption Fears

More than 1.7 million euro was raised by private funds to support Kosovo’s war crimes defendants in The Hague, but they never made public exactly how the money was spent.

23 Dec 13

Bosnia: Ethnic Politics Dictate Payments

Bosnian Serb war crimes suspects received 640,000 euro of state money, plus more cash from private funds, while Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats got nothing.

23 Dec 13

Croatia: Backing ‘Homeland War’ Generals

Croatia spent more than 28 million euro on the defence of three generals accused of war crimes, while even more money was raised to support them by a private fund.

23 Dec 13

How Ex-Yugoslav States Funded War Crimes Defendants

Former Yugoslav countries have spent almost 40 million euro of public money supporting war crimes suspects on trial at the Hague Tribunal, a BIRN investigation has revealed.

20 Dec 13

Big Advertisers Subvert Albanian Media Freedom

The Albanian media faces a battle to defend its independence in an environment where corporate and government advertising effectively dictates the rules.