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Latest Interviews from the Balkans


Austerity Threatens Serbia With Worse Recession

Slashing public sector wages will hit consumption and reduce growth, and the savings effect could be less than expected, the leading economist Vladimir Gligorov warns.


Contemporary Dance Festival Hopes for Vintage Year

Two world premieres and lot of other spectacular treats await audiences at this year’s Belgrade Dance Festival, its director, Aja Jung, says.


Kacin: Snap Polls Won't Slow Serbia EU Talks

European Parliament Rapporteur says early elections will not affect Serbian negotiations with the EU if a new government is formed soon following the vote.


Ex-Minister Vows to Take on ‘Parasitical’ System

Sasa Radulovic says if his team enters parliament, he will resume the battle against a corrupt system that is strangling the economy.


EU Kosovo Mission Denies Biased Prosecutions

After arrests of Serbs and Albanians sparked protests, the EU rule-of-law mission’s head in Kosovo, Bernd Borchardt, told BIRN that suspects are prosecuted whatever their politics or ethnicity.


Serbian NIN Winner Finds Peace After Creative Storm

Goran Gocic, this year's winner of Serbia's leading book prize, speaks about his novel Thai, his creative passion and his next book, dealing with the dilemmas of immigrants in the UK.


War Crimes Justice Remains Key to EU Accession

The prosecution of war crimes in the ex-Yugoslav region is still an EU priority, the outgoing Enlargement Director for the Westerns Balkans, Pierre Mirel, tells BIRN.


Omcikus: Paint, Brush and Some Food

In an interview for BIRN, the celebrated painter regrets the modern distortion of the art world, and urges young artists to return to traditional painting and lost human values.


Ambitious Goals, Big Obstacles for Pristina's New Mayor

Shpend Ahmeti has a vision of a city that works better and treats its people more fairly - but can he deliver?


Serbian Prosecutor Vows to Clear the Road to Justice

Serbia is trying to bring suspected war criminals to justice despite attempted cover-ups, political problems and fugitives trying to evade arrest, deputy prosecutor Bruno Vekaric told BIRN.


Hungry for Change on the Stage

Andrej Nosov's unconventional new play, Hunger, not only deals with the modern world's craving for fulfillment but aims to challenge fundamental ideas about what a play really is.


Economy Minister Tackles Serbia’s Subsidy Culture

Sasa Radulovic is determined to stop Serbia throwing public money ‘down the well’, but not everyone in the cabinet backs the radical changes he has in mind.


Bosnian Census ‘Confirms Ethnic Cleansing of Croats’

The first post-war Bosnian census will show that almost all the Croats have been driven out of the country’s Serb-controlled Republika Srpska entity, claims local bishop Franjo Komarica.


Would-be Mayor Challenges Kosovo’s Deep Divide

Adrijana Hodzic discusses her difficult mission to bring change to divided Mitrovica in the historic local elections.


Bringing Feminism Alive Through Art

One of the curators of the biggest arts festival in Serbia, Jelena Petrović, discusses the experimental feminist ideology that underpins this year’s exhibition.