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Latest Interviews from the Balkans


Serbian EU Chief Says Chapters May Open in June

Ahead of the last session of the working group under the Dutch EU presidency, Serbia's head of negotiations expressed mild optimism over Serbia's chances of opening Chapters 23 and 24.


Former Sandzak Mufti Mulls Joining Serbian Government

Muamer Zukorlic, the controversial former mufti, businessmen and new member of Serbia’s parliament, is considering entering a new government if it offers Bosniaks some concessions. 


IMF Seeks Fresh Privatisations in Bosnia

New privatisations, better banking regulations and reductions in public expenditure are some of the IMF's key requirements of Bosnia, IMF representative Francisco Parodi said.


Photographer Captures City’s Architecture in New Light

Mirko Nahmijas makes art out of New Belgrade’s Soviet brutaliststyle buildings.


'It’s the Little Things That Count'

As president of the New Belgrade municipality, Serbia’s legendary athlete-turned politician Aleksandar Sapic has shifted his focus to neighbourhood affairs.


How a Dress Display Broke Wartime Rape Taboos

Thinking of You, a film about an unusual project highlighting sexual violence during the Kosovo conflict, was intended to help break taboos that prevent women from speaking out about wartime rape, its producer says.


Forget Federalising Macedonia, Says Albanian Party Chief

Ethnic Albanian party leader Ali Ahmeti told BIRN that calls to federalise Macedonia are impractical, and dismissed claims that his DUI is a poodle of the ruling VMRO DPMNE.


Democratic Party Takes Aim at Serbia’s ‘Autocracy’

Democratic Party president Bojan Pajtic alleges that PM Aleksandar Vucic is an autocrat posing as a European democrat and says opposition parties should unite against his rule at the next round of elections.


Croatia Encouraged to Supply More Goods to China

Senior member of China's business delegation to Zagreb says trade could improve - and Croatia could meet some of China's demand for wine, pharmaceuticals and dairy and agricultural products.


Serbia's Islamic Communities Need Reconciliation, New Mufti Says

Abdullah Nu’man hopes to bridge the gap between the divided Muslim communities in Serbia.


Belgrade Choreographer Champions Japanese Dance Form

Marko Nektan’s workshops explore spirituality through avant-garde dance.


Old Partisan Songs Have ‘New Revolutionary Potential’

Ana Hofman, a specialist in the music of former Yugoslavia, says wartime Partisan songs can be seen as subversive in today’s context of a global capitalist crisis.


Croatian Ombudsman Defiant Despite Blow From MPs

Croatian ombudsman Lora Vidovic says political pressure and the recent rejection of her report in parliament will not stop her from monitoring human rights and discrimination.


Russian ‘Soft Power’ Wins Over Serbia’s Youth

Belgrade think tank director Jelena Milic says Russian-backed media, NGOs and parties are winning over the young in Serbia.


EU Chapters 'Will Improve Serbia's Rule of Law'

Director of body monitoring Serbia’s EU integration process says opening Chapters 23 and 24 will help resolve important problems over the rule of law in the country.