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Latest Interviews from the Balkans


Stereotyping Serbian Muslims Fuels Extremism

Rights advocate Semiha Kacar says poverty and anti-Muslim prejudice are some of the factors powering religious extremism in Serbia’s Sandzak region.


Briton’s Long Walk into Serbia’s Heart

British author and adventurer Kevin Shannon is raising money to publish a book about his 900km walk through Serbia.


Serbian Activist Faces Court for Commemorating Srebrenica

Anita Mitic, a rights activist who was charged with breaking Serbia’s public gatherings law, claims the case against her is another example of the authorities’ policy of Srebrenica genocide denial.


OSCE Calls For Impartial Albanian Public Broadcaster

The OSCE ambassador to Tirana, Florian Raunig, told BIRN that the public broadcaster must be transformed into a reliable, impartial station which can truly serve the public interest.


Peace Corps Under Pressure Over Albania Sex Scandal

Two volunteers are demanding changes to the way the organization responds to sexual harassment charges following the firing of a whistleblower in Albania.


Zaev: Macedonia Not Yet Ready for Fair Elections

Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev told BIRN in an interview that preparations are not yet complete for free and fair early elections in April aimed at ending the country's political crisis.


Serbia Must Tackle Muslim Alienation to Stop Terror

Islam expert Ivan Ejub Kostic tells BIRN that systematic discrimination against Muslims in Serbia is feeding Islamic extremism.


Rising Political Star Seeks Change in Divided Vukovar

Twenty-five-year-old Biljana Gaca grew up in temporary accommodation after her family fled the battle for Vukovar in 1991; now she’s a city councillor trying to tackle her Croatian hometown’s enduring divisions.


US Diplomat Urges Albania to End Judicial Corruption

The US ambassador to Tirana told BIRN that a proposed overhaul of Albania’s corruption-riddled justice system was the most important reform since the fall of Communism.


Zagreb Baker Pays Dear for Kind Heart

A Kosovo-born baker has been giving away bread for 18 years, despite having had to pay thousands of euros in fines.


Peace Corps Whistleblower Pays Price in Albania

Bonnie Scott believes she lost her job because she reported sexual harassment allegations against the former country director to Washington HQ.


Occupy: Serbian Activists Reviving Arthouse Cinema

A year after occupying Belgrade’s historic Zvezda movie theatre, a city arts group remains committed to offering film-goers alternative cinema.


Bojan Glavasevic: Why Croatia Must Reject Hate

Croatia’s assistant war veterans minister Bojan Glavasevic, who lost his father and grandfather in the Serb attack on his hometown Vukovar, tells BIRN he has promoted reconciliation despite nationalist resistance.


Fr. Sava: Time to Go Forward and Start Dialogue

Sava Janjic, the Abbot of Visoki Decani Monastery, says Serbian heritage needs to be settled within the Brussels dialogue before any further discussion on UNESCO status.


Lunacek: Corruption Still Major Issue in Kosovo

In an interview for BIRN, European Parliament rapporteur for Kosovo, Ulrike Lunacek says Kosovo is not doing enough when it comes to fight against high level corruption.