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Latest Interviews from the Balkans


Old Partisan Songs Have ‘New Revolutionary Potential’

Ana Hofman, a specialist in the music of former Yugoslavia, says wartime Partisan songs can be seen as subversive in today’s context of a global capitalist crisis.


Croatian Ombudsman Defiant Despite Blow From MPs

Croatian ombudsman Lora Vidovic says political pressure and the recent rejection of her report in parliament will not stop her from monitoring human rights and discrimination.


Russian ‘Soft Power’ Wins Over Serbia’s Youth

Belgrade think tank director Jelena Milic says Russian-backed media, NGOs and parties are winning over the young in Serbia.


EU Chapters 'Will Improve Serbia's Rule of Law'

Director of body monitoring Serbia’s EU integration process says opening Chapters 23 and 24 will help resolve important problems over the rule of law in the country.


Macedonia Risks ‘Isolation’, Albanian Party Leader Fears

Teuta Arifi, vice-president of the biggest Albanian party in Macedonia and mayor of Tetovo, says both her country and her party face major challenges in the immediate future.


Ziadin Sela, Mayor Aiming to Unite Macedonia's Albanians

The combative mayor and leader of the LR-PDSH says that if constitutional change does not bring about true equality between Albanians and Macedonians, federation must be the next step. 


Besa Movement Takes on Macedonia’s Albanian Establishment

The fledging Besa political movement aims to win more rights and respect for ethnic Albanians in Macedonia and represent those who feel the 'establishment' Albanian parties are out of touch.


Croatian Nationalists ‘Exploiting a Romanticised History’

Christopher Bobyn, one of the directors of a documentary that examined the far-right scene in Croatia, told BIRN that nationalists are manipulating history and using the country’s economic problems to win support.


Croatian Historian Condemns Minister’s WWII Rhetoric

Natasa Matausic, a historian who specialises in Croatia’s World War II history, said the country’s new culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic should apologise for past statements praising fascist fighters.


Azem Vllasi, ‘Vucic Understands the New Age’

The veteran politician, rights activists and lawyer says Kosovo is on the right track, union with Albania is impossible - and Aleksandar Vucic is a more honest leader of Serbia than Boris Tadic was.


Serbian Film Industry Needs Resources to Grow

Award-winning Serbian film director Nikola Ljuca argues that filmmakers in Serbia are hindered by financial hardship and a lack of systematic support.


Serbian Energy Chiefs ‘Guarding Monopolies’, Kopac

The harsh reactions of Serbian energy chiefs to the recent sanctions threat reflects their fear of losing their old monopolies, the head of the Energy Community told BIRN.


Albania's Ex-Landowners Struggle to Regain Lost Property

A landmark ruling from Strasbourg has given some of Albania's former landowners hope that they will finally get compensation for assets nationalized in communist times.


Radovan Karadzic: ‘I Expect to be Acquitted’

In a defiant interview before his trial verdict, wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic insists that ‘no reasonable court’ would convict him of genocide and war crimes, despite the evidence against him.


Violent Ideology is Luring Young Sandzak Men to Battle

Bekir Makic, an Islamic scholar from Serbia, says a false ideology is seducing lost youngsters from the Sandzak region.