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Latest Interviews from the Balkans


Graffiti Artists Mark 20th Anniversary of Bosnia War

American street artist Caleb Neelon worked with young Bosnians of various ethnicities to create a graffiti project called ‘Peace Murals’ to mark 20 years since the end of the conflict.


Serbian Artist Puts ‘Dead Nations’ on Show

Artist Ivan Grubanov, whose first major work was drawings of Slobodan Milosevic on trial, examines the idea of countries that no longer exist in a show at this year’s prestigious Venice Biennale.


Mass Demo For Srebrenica Victims Planned in Belgrade

The journalist behind an action to honour the victims of Srebrenica in Belgrade hopes his initiative will send a different picture of Serbia to the world.


New ‘Balkan Monaco’ Claims Rush on Citizenship

The boss of a new self-proclaimed Balkan statelet maintains that his tax haven on the Danube has received a quarter-of-a-million requests for citizenship.


Basketball Heroine is Back on Court

Losing part of her leg in a crash has not forced young Serbian basketball player Natasa Kovacevic to part with her dreams. A year-and-a-half later, she is playing once again.


Why I Named My Kosovo War Child ‘Victory’

Nazmi Kaciku’s daughter was born on the day NATO launched air strikes against Serbian forces on March 24, 1999, so he gave her a name that celebrated Kosovo Albanians’ struggle.


Srebrenica: Flashbacks to an Atrocity

Northern Irish artist Anthony Haughey is marking the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Srebrenica massacres with a film about the conflicting ideologies and contested views of history surrounding the killings.


Telling the Human Story of Kosovo Life

Kosovo’s first-ever oral history project aims to show that Kosovo is about more than a war, to highlight its diversity and recount the life stories of its unsung heroes.


Brussels Has no ‘Magic Wand’ in Macedonia, Howitt

Former European Parliament Rapporteur says Europe is ready to help resolve the ‘extremely serious crisis’ in Macedonia – but no ‘quick fix’ is in sight.


Serb War Invalid Paints Out the Rage

When he lost his legs and an arm in the war 20 years ago, Croatian Serb sculptor and stone mason Dusan Vukojevic started a new life as a successful painter.


Bosnia’s Elites are ‘Ignoring the New Reality’

A leading sociologist, Dino Abazovic, says elite focuses on ethnic identity and conflict ignore the fact that for most people today, the struggle between rich and poor is what matters.


Macedonia ‘Bombshell’ Will be Published Next Week, Zaev Says

The Macedonian opposition leader told BIRN that his party will start revealing the so-called political ‘bomb’ containing devastating material against the government as soon as next week.


Macedonia Must Handle Coup Charge With ‘Integrity’, Melia

As tension escalates in Macedonia over an alleged coup attempt launched by the opposition leader, US State Department official Thomas O. Melia tells BIRN that legal standards must be observed.


Surviving the Holocaust in Occupied Serbia

At 93, Aleksandar Lebl is one of a handful of Jews in Belgrade who can still remember the German occupation and the Nazi death camps – which he narrowly escaped ending up in.


A Lost Child on the Frontline

Serbian director Vuk Rsumovic’s film ‘No Man’s Child’ is based on the true story of a boy found living wild with wolves and then sent to fight in the Bosnian war.