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Latest Interviews from the Balkans


Croatia’s WWII Revisionism ‘Terrifying’, Says Historian

British historian Rory Yeomans, who has researched the Croatian fascist Ustasa movement, says he is worried by attempts by politicians and academics to play down the crimes it committed in World War II.


Media Purge Will Damage Turkey For Good, CPJ Warns

Nina Ognianova, from the Committee to Protect Journalists, told BIRN in an interview that the ongoing purge of the media in Turkey would have negative long-term repercussions for Turkish society.


Zdravko Saveski - Not Your Usual Macedonian Politician

A joint list of non-party candidates endorsed by all anti-regime forces in Macedonia is the best way to defeat Nikola Gruevski, a prominent voice in the new leftist Levica party says.


Nazi-Hunter Warns Croatia Over ‘Fascist Nostalgia’

The chief Nazi-hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Efraim Zuroff, told BIRN that the next Croatian government must confront politicians who try to rehabilitate the country’s World War II fascist regime.


Unlikely Serbian Designer Heads to New York

After aimlessly bouncing between careers for years, Marina Micanovic finally found her calling as a fashion designer and will showcase her wardrobe at the upcoming New York Fashion Week.


Belgrade Pride: Hopes for a Third Peaceful Parade

The Belgrade Pride Parade will be held for a third consecutive time after years of bans and violence – but the organisers caution that attacks on LGBT people are still commonplace.


Montenegro Minister Frustrated by Kotor’s Gang Violence

In an interview with BIRN, Goran Danilovic, Montenegrin Interior Minister, says the deadly gang violence in Kotor has grown worse because the criminals have enjoyed support in state structures.


Bosnia ‘Failing to Punish’ Election Law Violations

Bosnian parties have widely disrespected election law in the campaign but the authorities have turned a blind eye, Dario Jovanovic, from ‘Pod Lupom’ - which is monitoring the process - told BIRN.


Montenegro Doesn’t Want Kosovo’s Land, Djukanovic

Veteran leader of Montenegro tells BIRN about his concerns over the border dispute with Kosovo, the need for dialogue in the region and his ’formula’ for staying in power for so many years.


Investigative Journalism Can Change Lives, Editors Say

Investigative journalism can bring about change and improve people’s lives, said Marty Kaiser and Blake Morrison, two senior editors who lectured at this year’s BIRN Summer School in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bosnian Constitutional Court ‘Under Pressure’ from Serb Referendum

A Bosnian Serb referendum challenging the authority of the country’s Constitutional Court represents “direct political pressure” aimed at undermining the state-level institution, its president told BIRN.


Sarajevo Siege Film Explores Legacy of Trauma

The crew behind ‘Sarajevo Roses’, which has just premiered in the Bosnian capital, say they hope their documentary about how people have dealt with their wartime traumas will help others.


Drop in Albanian ISIS Fighters Reflects 'Low Demand'

A senior researcher on terrorism says the fall in the number of Albanians fighting in Syria has more to do with the situation in the Middle East than with any measures taken by Albanian and Kosovo governments.


Violence Against Migrants on Rise in Balkans

Violent attacks on refugees and migrants have increased in the Balkans since the spring, the medical organisation MSF in Serbia reports.


Aleksandar Hemon: ‘Bosnia is Stuck in Catch 22’

The American-Bosnian writer tells BIRN about his concerns over the political logjam in Bosnia – and about his fears concerning the upcoming presidential elections in the US.