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Latest Interviews from the Balkans


UK Comedy Star Backs Foster Care in Montenegro

Nicholas Lyndhurst, of ‘Only Fools and Horses’ fame, has been using his pulling power in Montenegro to promote foster parenting.


Don’t Rebury WW1 Col Apis in Serbia, Historian Urges

As Belgrade readies to bury remains of Col Dragutin Dimitrijevic Apis the historian Milivoj Beslin says it sends the wrong message to a country still troubled by political murders.


‘Kneeling to Dictators is Shameful,’ Author Says

Slavisa Lekic, the journalist whose book on the Prime Minister has been barred from major bookshops, says journalism and free speech in Serbia face hard times.


Serbia Entering New Totalitarian Era, Director Says

Democracy is suspended, media freedom suppressed and the danger of social unrest is real, the well-known Serbian theatre director Kokan Mladenovic tells BIRN.


African Refugee Finds New Life in Croatia

Prince Wale Soniyiki, a refugee from Nigeria, says his own story shows how migrants can find their place in Croatia - if the country gives them a chance.


Macedonia ‘Must Charge Politicians Over Telecom Affair’

If the prosecution does not raise charges in relation to new testimony on the telecom affair, it will strengthen suspicions of high-level corruption, the head of Transparency International - Macedonia, Slagjana Taseva, told BIRN.


Tracing WWI’s Fallen from Holland to Serbia

After documenting around 100 Serbian soldiers who died in the Netherlands during World War I, Dutchman Fabian Vendrig has taken on another challenge - finding their families.


Balkan Nationalists Have Profited from the EU

Zagreb professor Dejan Jovic says EU membership - or the prospect of joining - has paradoxically strengthened the hand of nationalists in the Balkans.


Egypt Named as Source of Balkan Islamic Extremism

Kosovo researcher says imams promoting ISIS in Balkans studied together in Egypt before bring their militant ideas back home.


Building Bridges Across the Balkan Divides

Award-winning radio journalist Omer Karabeg has been getting people from warring nations to talk to each other on air for 21 years, but he still believes that reconciliation is a long way off.


Restoring Trust in a Divided Kosovo Town

After the Kosovo war, activist Valdete Idrizi realised that reconciliation would only be possible if Serbs and Albanians in her ethnically-divided town of Mitrovica started talking to each other again.


Balkan Countries Must Take ISIS Seriously

Even if they are mostly just propaganda, Balkan governments must not dismiss any threats coming from ISIS, Middle East expert Janko Scepanovic tells BIRN.


Promoting Peace in a Country at War

Croatian activist Vesna Terselic started campaigning for peace when the majority was clamouring for war - and is still doing so, more than 20 years later.


Our Hero, Your Killer: A Sarajevo Story

Public denial of crimes against Serbs by the Bosnian Army in besieged Sarajevo shows that rival interpretations of the wartime past remain hard to reconcile, historian Nicolas Moll tells BIRN.


Operation Storm: Childhood Memories of a Refugee Exodus

Twenty years after he fled the Croatian Army’s Operation Storm with his mother, two bags and a single toy, images of refugee convoys and burned-out houses remain vivid in 24-year-old Milos Ivanisevic’s memory.