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Latest Features from the Balkans

01 Nov 17

Sarajevo Demands Solution to Water Woes

Bosnia’s Federation MPs has approved a deal with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, that aims to resolve water supply issues in the Bosnian capital, which have left Sarajevans without continuous running water for a least a decade.

31 Oct 17

Serbia's Spookiest Spots Await Halloween Daredevils

If the traffic jams in Belgrade are not enough to scare you this Halloween, head out to these five haunted places in Serbia instead.

26 Oct 17

Macedonia’s Governing Alliance Gripped by Reshuffle Rumours

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev may have to seek new government allies after the local elections if speculation proves true and he loses one of his key partners, the Alliance for Albanians.

26 Oct 17

Albania: the Balkans’ Biggest Believers in the 'American Dream'

Every year one hundred thousand Albanians try their chances at a better life by entering the American Green Card lottery while their neighbours seem less interested.

25 Oct 17

Gallery: Rescued Lion Cubs Expose Cruelty at Bulgarian Zoo

Animal rescue groups are calling for the closure of Bulgaria’s Razgrad zoo after two lion cubs were rescued following an accident which left a third dead. 

24 Oct 17

Hopes and Fears on the Balkan Refugee Route

Refugees and migrants taking the long, hazardous journey to the European Union offered unique personal insights into their lives in transit as they made their way across Serbia.

23 Oct 17

Rtanj: Serbia’s Magic Mountain

Even if you aren’t into the stories about aliens, ancient pyramids and wizards, Rtanj mountain is great place to explore.

23 Oct 17

Bosnia’s ‘Hero Town’ Dies on its Feet

Drvar once thrived on its timber industry and its reputation as a symbol of the Partisan struggle against Nazi occupation- but now it is withering away.

19 Oct 17

Local Elections Reveal Different Strife in North Kosovo

As local elections in Kosovo draw nearer, the tensions in the Serb-dominated north are very different from the ones that haunted this region in the past.

16 Oct 17

In Pictures: Inside Athens’ Hidden ‘Mosques’

Thousands of Muslims living in the Greek capital use makeshift rooms to pray, awaiting the opening of the city’s first proper mosque, which is due to take place by the year’s end.

13 Oct 17

Ancient Croat Community Keep Traditions Alive in Romania

The Croat President’s recent visit to Carasova in Romania put the spotlight back on a tiny, ancient community whose exact origins are lost in the mists of time.

11 Oct 17

Why Croatia’s President Tudjman Imitated General Franco

Franjo Tudjman said he developed a model of post-war reconciliation based on a monument built by Spanish fascist leader Franco - but at the memorial near Madrid, experts say the Croatian got it wrong.

09 Oct 17

Bosnian LGBTs Remain in Closet to Stay Safe

In this still traditional patriarchal society, gay people say discretion is more important than valour for purely safety-related reasons.

09 Oct 17

Controversial Drone Stars in Albanian Football Doc

The notorious drone that flew over a sports stadium in Belgrade bearing a map of greater Albania in 2014 takes centre stage in a new documentary on the Albanian football team that will be premiered in Warsaw.

05 Oct 17

Exploring the ‘Accursed’ Alps of Montenegro

Violently sharp peaks, azure lakes and the odd bear make Montenegro’s wild Prokletije mountains one of the Balkans hikers’ best-kept secrets.