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Latest Features from the Balkans

17 Nov 17

Romania’s Dacian Wolf Sends Wrong Message, Experts Warn

The choice of a Dacian wolf as Romania’s logo for the presidency of the European Council in 2019 has caused controversy over whether it might send a confusing nationalistic message about the country. 

16 Nov 17

Ratko Mladic’s Fugitive Years Cloaked in Secrets and Lies

During 16 years on the run, Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic was aided by Serbian officers, his Bosnian comrades and his family - but Serbia seems determined to keep the facts secret.

16 Nov 17

Freedom Bubbles Away Under Ground in Transnistria

In a club beneath the surface of the grey capital of the Soviet-style breakaway region, a new generation is speaking out and having fun at the same time.

15 Nov 17

In Ratko Mladic’s Village, He’s an Innocent Man

The former Bosnian Serb commander’s relatives still live in the rural village where he was born and where a street is named after him - and they insist that he was not a murderer.

10 Nov 17

Refugees Shunning Official Centres Face Serbia’s Winter

As winter approaches in Serbia, the refugees who spurn the offer of state-run camps will have to cope with the icy weather almost unaided.

10 Nov 17

Anti-Corruption Protests Reveal Romania's Divisions

The protests in Romania against government policies have exposed a divide between the middle-class activists who resent corruption and a poorer class that still has faith in the old political class.

09 Nov 17

Feeling the Beat of the Balkan Refugee Route

Serbian electronic dance music duo Tapan have turned their impressions of living in Belgrade at the height of the Balkan refugee crisis into a powerful new record.

09 Nov 17

Albanian Women Remember Fear of Abortion During Communism

The danger of having an abortion in communist Albania did not stop huge numbers of women from taking this perilous path – but for many of these women, the fear and stress of those events has left lasting traces. 

08 Nov 17

The Show Always has to be Edgy

The uncrowned king of Serbian TV comedy, Zoran Kesic, talks about his TV show 24 Minutes, politics as an eternal source of inspiration, his critics, and his deep affection for his city and country.

08 Nov 17

Vicious Cycle: Kosovo’s Battered Women Syndrome

Kosovo’s international isolation makes it a legal “black hole” for victims of domestic violence caught in a cycle of discrimination and double standards.

06 Nov 17

Refugees Seek Media Platform to Change Bulgarian Minds

Faced with an upsurge of hostility from Bulgarian citizens, refugees and activists want to set up a media platform that will show people what they are really like.

06 Nov 17

Bosnian Capital’s Spirits Soar as Cable Car Returns

Wartime hatred destroyed the city’s much-loved cable car – but one man’s love for Sarajevo has helped restore this iconic feature.

03 Nov 17

Horror Revisited: Exhuming the Bones of a Bosnian Massacre

When the bones and skulls of 137 Bosnian war victims were unearthed at the Koricani Cliffs near Travnik, the sheer horror of the exhumation left a mark on those who dug up the human remains.

02 Nov 17

Macedonian Schools Work to Bridge Ethnic Divide

Pupils and teachers from two schools in Skopje, one ethnic Macedonian and the other Albanian, have been organising joint activities in a bid to bridge the longstanding ethnic divide in society.

02 Nov 17

Bulgarians Get Help to Read the Blues Away

Little known in Bulgaria until 2015, bibliotherapy has since gained popularity and more than 130 consultants across the country now use literary works as aides in counselling for mood-related conditions.