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Latest Features from the Balkans

06 Dec 17

'Repat' Brings UK's Craft Beer Passion to Serbia

Borisav Radojkovic’s friends and family thought he was either brave or mad to abandon a new life in the UK to start the Dorcol craft brewery in Serbia – but time has proved he made the right choice.

06 Dec 17

Bosnia’s ‘Foreign’ Flag Still Draws Mixed Feelings

Some 17 years after post-war Bosnia got its official flag, many Bosnian citizens still refuse to recognise it.

06 Dec 17

Croatians Struggle to Regain Property Confiscated in WWII

Holocaust survivors and other owners of property confiscated by the Croatian WWII fascist Ustasa movement and then nationalised by Communist Yugoslavia are still fighting legal battles to get compensation.

05 Dec 17

‘Secret’ Serbian Indictment Claims Army Helped Mladic

The indictment of Ratko Mladic’s aides, which the Serbian prosecution has released to BIRN after initially declaring it a state secret, says the Bosnian Serb military chief had Yugoslav Army assistance while hiding in Belgrade.

04 Dec 17

Slobodan Praljak: Defending Himself by Distorting History

In an 800-page document sent to BIRN several months before his public suicide, Bosnian Croat wartime general Slobodan Praljak tried to rewrite history and dispute court-established facts to absolve himself of crimes.

30 Nov 17

Serbia's Dramatic History Viewed From One Apartment

Serbian film director Mila Turajlic’s new documentary film tells the story of her divided country's recent history, as it played out within one family's home.

30 Nov 17

Romanian Protesters Vow to Overcome Net Saboteurs

Activists opposed to the government’s planned justice laws have vowed to continue protesting – despite what they believe was an organized campaign to block their Facebook accounts. 

28 Nov 17

Kosovars Remain Faithful to Old Albanian Flag

On the eve of tenth anniversary of Kosovo’s independence, while most of its ethnic Albanian citizens respect their new flag, feelings for the Albanian national one remain far stronger.

27 Nov 17

Hungary’s Orban Woos Romania’s Restive Hungarians

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has gone all out to win the support of the discontented ethnic Hungarians of Romania - whose votes could help it retain power in next year’s elections.

24 Nov 17

Moldovan History Film Angers Champions of Romanian Ties

A new movie about Moldova’s history, produced under Socialists auspices, has angered pro-EU politicians and historians by playing down links to Romania and, they say, taking Russia’s line.

23 Nov 17

Macedonia’s ‘Alexander’ Statue Faces Uncertain Fate

Erected a few years ago as a symbol of national pride, talk of removing the giant statue of Alexander the Great from Skopje has stirred both political and aesthetic passions.

21 Nov 17

Ruined Bulgarian Synagogue Awaits Belated Return to Glory

For decades, the once sumptuous synagogue in Vidin has crumbled into a roofless ruin, with one restoration project failing after another – so will the latest plan make any difference?

20 Nov 17

Facing Up to Mladic After Surviving a Massacre

Grgo Stojic is the only victim of a wartime massacre in the Bosnian village of Skrljevita who survived to testify against former Bosnian Serb Army commander Ratko Mladic in the Hague Tribunal courtroom.

20 Nov 17

‘We Believed Mladic When He Said We’d Be Safe’

When Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic, who faces judgment this week, met frightened Bosniaks after his forces took Srebrenica in 1995, he told them they wouldn’t be harmed - but then the massacres began.

17 Nov 17

How Ratko Mladic ‘Blew Sarajevo’s Mind’

Ratko Mladic faces judgment next week for allegedly terrorising the population of Sarajevo during the 1,425-day siege - including an 11-year-old who was shot by a sniper, and a 14-year-old hit by shell fire.