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Latest Features from the Balkans

28 May 16

More to Mostar than a Bridge

There is much more to the Mostar area than the old bridge - starting with the mysterious Dervish house at Blagaj, the waterfalls at Kravice and the turreted castle of Ostrozac.

24 May 16

Macedonians Abroad Support Protests Back Home

Members of Macedonia’s large diaspora are showing their sympathy for the Protestiram movement at home.

23 May 16

Deported Albanians Lament Failed Bids to Reach UK

On the flight back from Holland, some of the Albanians deported back to Tirana last week spoke to BIRN about what drove them to try to reach the UK in the backs of lorries.

23 May 16

Young Bosnian Designs Brain-Controlled Wheelchair

A young IT student from Bihac - who has a serious impediment himself -  is developing an innovative project to construct a brain-controlled wheelchair.

20 May 16

Entrepreneurs Feed Souls and Stomachs with Food Tours

Three friends aim to promote Serbian cuisine and culture with their unique approach to tourism.

20 May 16

Weekend Getaways for Couples and Families

Visit popular destinations now to take advantage of warm weather before summer brings crowds and higher prices.

19 May 16

Serbian Ex-Security Chief Dodges Journalist Murder Trial

Former state security official Franko Simatovic, who could reveal the secret service’s role in the murder of journalist Slavko Curuvija, has repeatedly failed to appear as a witness at the trial.

19 May 16

Serbia's Talent Hub Faces Economic Challenges

Bureaucratic delays endanger programmes at the prestigious Petnica Science Centre, causing an outcry among experts and students.

17 May 16

Freeloaders Foil Transit Ticketing System

Upgraded technology and onboard controllers haven’t made bus and tram passengers pay their way.

16 May 16

Activists' Enthusiasm Powers Macedonia's 'Colourful Revolution'

High-spirited individuals and their ideas - rather than traditional-style parties - are the driving force behind Macedonia's "Colourful Revolution", members of the movement say.

15 May 16

Belgrade Pastry Shop Guards Grandpa’s Secrets

The Pelivan pastry shop has been around for 164 years, surviving wars and regime change – but don’t ask them for the recipe of grandfather’s Azir’s prized ice cream.

14 May 16

Albanian Gay Activists Pedal for Equality

The pride march’s fifth year in Tirana is marked by both courage and indifference. 

12 May 16

Future Looks Bright for Cricket in Serbia

Almost a decade after it first emerged in Serbia, cricket has become increasingly popular – among both men and women, as well as schoolchildren.

11 May 16

Mosque Reopening Spotlights Wartime Killings of Clerics

The recent reopening of Bosnia’s historic Ottoman-era Ferhadija mosque, which was destroyed in wartime, highlighted the killings of clerics and widespread destruction of religious buildings during the 1992-95 conflict.

11 May 16

Protests Unite Ethnic Groups in Macedonian Town

Protesters in the ethnically-mixed town of Tetovo made history last week by waving their different national flags at anti-government rallies - but there is still a long path toward reconciliation.