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Latest Features from the Balkans

23 Jun 17

Albania Enjoys Calmest Ever Election Campaign

With an almost complete absence of posters and other campaign paraphernalia, Albania is witnessing the most decent and calm pre-election period in its history, experts say.

22 Jun 17

Albanians Torn Between Choices Ahead of Election

The June 25 general election leaves Albanians with the choice of continued rule by the Socialists or putting their faith in the Democrats’ promise of a stronger economy and lower taxes. 

22 Jun 17

Visa Rejection Frustrates Kosovo’s Tennis Stars

Moldova’s refusal to give Kosovo tennis players visas to play in the Fed Cup is only the latest disappointment suffered by the country’s athletes – the result of continued disputes over Kosovo’s statehood.

21 Jun 17

Belgrade Muslims Decry Lack of Mosques and Graveyards

The overnight demolition of an illegally-built mosque has highlighted difficulties the Muslim community faces in Serbian capital.

20 Jun 17

Albanian Police Go Airborne for Anti-Cannabis Offensive

After efforts in 2016 to curb widespread cannabis cultivation in Albania were unsuccessful, police have deployed helicopters as part of a new national effort to end the growing of illegal crops.

19 Jun 17

Waiting for the Ramadan ‘Bang’ in Sarajevo

As the sun slowly approaches the top of the Zuc hill overlooking Sarajevo, the city’s Muslims stir their lemonades, preparing for the loud bang that means they can finally break their fast.

16 Jun 17

Europe’s Royals Gather for Bulgarian Tsar’s 80th

Members of the royal families of the Balkans and of Spain have descended on Sofia to celebrate the 80th birthday of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Bulgaria’s last monarch and a former prime minister. 

15 Jun 17

Partisans’ Necropolis in Bosnia’s Mostar Left to Rot

The monumental Partisans’ Cemetery in the Bosnian town of Mostar, where Yugoslav anti-fascist WWII fighters were buried, has been abandoned to decay, a victim of changing attitudes to history in the 1990s.

15 Jun 17

Albanians Fed Up with Politicians’ Election Rhetoric

Voters at the upcoming polls want to know how education can be improved, how the economy can grow and if taxes will be cut, but politicians have only offered slogans and insults.

14 Jun 17

Bosnia’s Roma Try to Break Out of Isolation

Roma people in Bosnia and Herzegovina suffer from poverty, discrimination and social exclusion from childhood onwards, and campaigners say that ensuring them a good education is the best way to change their fortunes.

13 Jun 17

Bosnia’s Segregated Schooling Entrenches Wartime Divisions

In the second of two reports on the education system in Bosnia, where children are taught differently according to ethnicity, experts argue that segregated schooling is a way of keeping people divided.

13 Jun 17

Video: Migrant Turns Pain of Exile into Art

One of the 6,600 migrants staying in Serbia is using his artistic skills to teach children how to draw - and so give ‘something back to the country’ that has taken him in.

12 Jun 17

Pupils Challenge Ethnically-Divided Education in Bosnia

Meet the pupils and teachers fighting against Bosnia and Herzegovina’s deeply divided education system and the segregation it entrenches.

09 Jun 17

Historic Tirana Square: A Shrine to Change

Albanians have gathered at Tirana’s Skenderbej Square to protest and celebrate for 100 years, will its latest makeover be a hit with the public?

08 Jun 17

Serbian Protest Movements Turn to Fighting Social Injustice

The movements that emerged from Belgrade’s anti-government protests in April are now taking direct action to combat individual cases of social injustice - but the authorities have been fighting back.