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Latest Features from the Balkans

22 May 15

Rivals Battle For Fate of Macedonia

A fight for Macedonia’s future takes shape as Gruevski regime slides toward authoritarianism.

22 May 15

War Crimes: Why ‘Sorry’ is Never Enough

Leading Serb politicians have apologised to Bosniaks for wartime crimes, but experts and victims say that without more concrete gestures of reconciliation, their words mean little.

19 May 15

Pro-Regime Campers Bed Down in Macedonia

Supporters of Nikola Gruevski have set up their own camp in Skopje, rivaling the one established by the opposition.

15 May 15

Kosovo Pot Smokers Grapple With Shortage

Crackdown on marijuana in Albania has had major effects in Kosovo, where users are having to cut back and find other ways to get high.

15 May 15

Bosnia Feels Hounded by Menace of Strays

The number of attacks by stray dogs is increasing as packs multiply across Bosnia – but no systematic solution to the problem is in sight.

15 May 15

Twitter and Facebook Demolish Macedonia’s Wall of Silence

As the government tightens control over traditional media, social networks have emerged as a powerful tool for the dissemination of alternative voices.

15 May 15

Bosnia War Legacy Reduces Number of Mixed Marriages

Twenty years after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the majority of young people don’t want to marry or date someone from a different ethnic group or religion, data suggests.

13 May 15

Bosnia’s Wartime Legacy Fuels Radical Islam

Islamist militancy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was behind a recent deadly attack on a police station in Zvornik, was first nurtured by foreign Mujahideen fighters in the 1990s conflict, experts believe.

07 May 15

Transylvania’s Last Germans Feel left Behind

After the revolution in 1989, most Transylvanian Saxons left for Germany - and some of those who stayed are plagued by a feeling that they made the wrong decision.

06 May 15

A Serbian Village Trying to Forget

Twenty-three years after Croats started fleeing the ethnically-mixed village of Hrtkovci in the Serbian province of Vojvodina, many people prefer not to remember the nationalist rally that sparked the exodus.

04 May 15

‘Martyr’ Status Urged for Kosovo’s Yugoslav Political Victims

Families of Kosovo Albanians killed during pre-war resistance to the authorities in the former Yugoslavia are demanding that the government recognise them as ‘martyrs of the nation’.

04 May 15

Saviour of Belgrade’s Broken Brollies

Ljubinka Boskovic is like a magician - after 34 years of mending busted umbrellas in the Serbian capital, there isn’t one she can’t fix.

01 May 15

The Contested History of Croatia's Operation Flash

Croatia is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the victorious military operation which it says liberated its territory, but thousands of Serb civilians who fled in fear say their suffering has been ignored.

30 Apr 15

Top Belgrade Getaways for May Day

Be it with a trip to the mountains, a lake or a dense forest, Belgraders – as well as the rest of Serbia – are looking forward to celebrating another May Day.

30 Apr 15

Degrees Collect Dust in Kosovo-Serbia Diploma War

Kosovo and Serbia’s refusal to recognize each other’s educational qualifications is hurting minorities in both countries.