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Latest Features from the Balkans

26 Jul 16

Changing Belgrade Street Names: A Sign of the Times

Most eastern European cities have renamed their streets since the fall of communism, but in Belgrade the process has been especially radical.

25 Jul 16

Bosnia’s Diaspora: Untapped Resource for State-Building

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 1.5-million-strong diaspora is increasingly sending less money back home, but this underused resource could provide the country with expertise as well as investment to boost economic development.

25 Jul 16

Legendary Yugoslav Car Firm Fades Into History

The final closure of the long defunct Zastava car factory in Kragujevac has left many Serbs grieving for a part of their history that is now definitely over.

24 Jul 16

Locals Fear Hidden Cost of Serbia’s EXIT Festival

While Novi Sad’s EXIT festival has undoubtedly boosted the local economy, some fear it might be doing the city more damage than good.

22 Jul 16

Turkey’s Failed Coup Splits Macedonia’s Turks

The attempted coup in Turkey has revealed hidden ideological splits among the significant Turkish community in the country.

22 Jul 16

Bosnian Artist Carves Sculptures on Pencils

Jasenko Djordjevic, a miniature enthusiast and artist from Tuzla, is creating hundreds of tiny sculptures - carved on the tops of pencil tips.

21 Jul 16

Refugees Make Best of Camp Life in Macedonia

Since the borders closed to migrants in March, hundreds of refugees have been trapped in two camps in Macedonia - where they are trying to rebuild their lives while awaiting decisions on their fates.

20 Jul 16

Serbian Anti-War Reporter’s Death Remains a Mystery

Twenty-two years after the death of Radislava ‘Dada’ Vujasinovic, who reported on wartime collusion between politicians and criminals, new forensic analysis has again failed to identify whether it was suicide or murder.

19 Jul 16

Bosnia's Muslims Keep Worried Eye on Turkey

Bosniaks - Bosnian Muslims - many of them admirers of President Erdogan, are keenly following latest developments in Turkey, where a military coup was quashed at the weekend.

17 Jul 16

A Helping Hand for Strays

Several volunteer groups are working to solve Belgrade’s stray animal problems, largely caused by ‘irresponsible ownership’.

15 Jul 16

The Croat, the Refugees and an Overnight Demolition

A Croatian transplant to Belgrade, Tajana Zadravec found her feet in the city by working with refugees hoping to reach EU states.

12 Jul 16

Bulgaria Gets its Teeth Into the Vampire Market

Romania may be the homeland of Dracula - but some Bulgarians insist they have a few vampires of their own, and are keen to market the potential.

08 Jul 16

Belgrade Rising Star Returns Home

Up and coming international artist finds true artistic freedom in his hometown.

08 Jul 16

Belgrade Prepares for Bumper Tourist Season

Tourism and leisure sectors ready for a busy summer as officials predict much higher visitor numbers and spending levels.

08 Jul 16

Silence Shields Killers of Albanian-Americans in Serbia

The Belgrade authorities have so far failed to convince fearful witnesses to testify about who murdered three Albanian-American brothers after they were detained by Serbian police in 1999.