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Latest Features from the Balkans

30 Jul 14

Dying Macedonian Village Spies Hope in Foreign Brides

In the village of Brest, where the supply of marriageable women has all but dried up, the town hall is paying for local bachelors to take bride-hunting trips to other countries.

14 Jul 14

Zemun, a City in a City

It may be only a stone’s throw from the centre of Belgrade, but this one time Austro-Hungarian town moves to a very different beat.

11 Jul 14

Belgrade Savage Cuts Leave Poor on the Brink

Belgrade mayor says strict savings herald the dawn of a new era of financial responsibility - but those on the receiving end are far from happy.

11 Jul 14

Srebrenica Anniversary: Genocide Convicts Serving 500 Years

As the 19th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres is commemorated, 30 Bosnian Serbs have so far been jailed for a total of 568 years for genocide and other crimes in July 1995.

04 Jul 14

Albanians Endure Isolation in Serb North of Kosovo

Isolated Albanian villagers say they are neglected by the Pristina authorities, cut off from their ethnic kin and vulnerable to political unrest in the Serb-dominated surrounding areas.

03 Jul 14

Kotor, the Mediterranean Heart of Montenegro

With its wonderful nature and good connections to beaches, Kotor is a good place for travellers to begin their Montenegro coastal adventures.

02 Jul 14

Homeless Bosnian Flood Victims Still Waiting for Help

Hundreds of families whose houses were badly damaged or destroyed in the recent floods are still living in emergency shelters, not knowing when they will be able to go home.

01 Jul 14

Belgrade Taxi Drivers Face Life and Death at the Wheel

They spend their days cruising the Belgrade streets for fares, and the stressful lives of taxi drivers also sometimes end on the roads of the capital.

30 Jun 14

Serbian Roma Flood Victims Left High and Dry

Roma families forced to flee their homes during last month’s catastrophic floods remain stranded in makeshift shelters, awaiting state aid many fear will be too little, too late.

24 Jun 14

Activists Propose End to Bosnia’s Dysfunctional Politics

A new campaigning coalition has launched a plan to transform the ethnic-territorial political system that stands accused of crippling the country’s development since the 1990s war.

24 Jun 14

EU Deal Lures Moldova From Russia’s Embrace

Most Moldovans back the forthcoming agreement with the EU as the only option for their impoverished country – but whether ties to Europe can stop the massive emigration that is emptying the land is another matter.

23 Jun 14

Macedonian Gay Activists Show Pride Under Pressure

A week of gay and lesbian events is taking place in Skopje amid allegations that the socially conservative government is turning a blind eye to discrimination and homophobic violence.

20 Jun 14

Kosovo Villages Back Rival Native Sons

Loyalty runs deep in the hometowns of Ramush Haradinaj and Hashim Thaci, amid uncertainty over which of these two will run Kosovo’s next government.

20 Jun 14

'Park' on Bridge Causes Confusion in Divided Mitrovica

Serbs and Albanians in divided Mitrovica in northern Kosovo are eyeing the new 'peace park' set on the main bridge of the town, wondering what it means for the future.

19 Jun 14

Montenegro-Serbia Citizenship Logjam Creates Bitterness

The failure of six years of talks on dual citizenship has left people on both sides of the border feeling frustrated.