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Latest Features from the Balkans

04 Oct 15

October 5 Means Little to Serbia’s Disappointed Youth

For youngsters in Serbia, the political changes that took place in 2000 were only symbolic, as the promise of change was never fulfilled.

01 Oct 15

Macedonia Students Turn Dorm Hell into Movie

Tired of the government's empty promises to improve the grim conditions in Macedonia’s largest student dorm, students have upped their protest and made a film about it.

30 Sep 15

Serbia’s Disabled Artists Fight for Visibility

A handful of artists battling serious health conditions in Serbia are breaking down the stereotype that says their art belongs only in exhibitions ‘for the disabled’. 

29 Sep 15

Swallow Loses Home as Albania’s Bunkers Vanish

Most Albanians are not sorry to see the back of Enver Hoxha’s concrete bunkers, but for one rare swallow their demolition is a tragedy.

26 Sep 15

Giant Duck Becomes Belgrade Resistance Symbol

A replica of a yellow duck has became a powerful symbol of resistance to the controversial Belgrade Waterfront project for the 'Let’s not drown Belgrade' campaigners.

25 Sep 15

Few Refugees Turn to Belgrade’s Mosque

As thousands of refugees travel through Serbia on their way to EU states, Belgrade’s only mosque has not received as many visitors as some might have expected.

25 Sep 15

Truckers Pay Price for Serbia-Croatia Border War

Hundreds of truck drivers have been trapped on the Serbia–Croatia border at Batrovci for days now, victims of the political battle over refugees.

25 Sep 15

Croatia Landmines Pose New Threat to Refugees

Increasing numbers of refugees have been crossing the Croatia-Serbia border, some taking illegal routes through dangerous territory dotted with landmines left over from the 1990s war.

18 Sep 15

Bosnia’s Rundown Railways See Light at End of Tunnel

After years of being run down and shunned by travelers, there is new hope that the overhaul of the rail network may be in sight.

18 Sep 15

Refugees in Zagreb Dream of Future in Germany

Syrian and Iraqi refugees who arrived in the Croatian capital after Hungary shut its border said they wanted to continue their arduous journey to Germany in search of a peaceful and prosperous future.

17 Sep 15

Refugees Refuse to Leave Croatian Asylum Centre

Asylum seekers from Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Ukraine have opposed being moved from Zagreb asylum centre to a centre in Kutina, where they will be isolated from their established lives in the capital.

17 Sep 15

Royals and Outcasts on Montenegro’s Art Scene

Now as ever, politics plays a role on the Montenegrin art scene, creating opportunities for those in favour but leaving others feeling shunned.

16 Sep 15

Kosovo and Serbia Offer Havens for Jail-Dodgers

Convicted criminals from Kosovo and Serbia only have to cross each other’s borders in order to escape serving jail sentences for the crimes that they committed.

14 Sep 15

Former Balkan Refugees Help Syrian Migrants

Victims of the former Yugoslav wars - who well remember their own forced flight from home – are getting together in Switzerland to help those now experiencing the same ordeal.

11 Sep 15

Refugees Draw Breath in Belgrade

For many refugees, Belgrade is the first hospitable place they have seen since leaving home – and volunteers are trying to ease their time here.