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Latest Features from the Balkans

12 Feb 16

Bosnian Salafi Village Bemoans Terror Tag

The villagers in Osve near Maglaj, who are under constant scrutiny for alleged terrorist ties, claim they are not radicals and only want to live ‘an Islamic life’.


11 Feb 16

Albania Fears Impact of Kosovo Football Team

Albanian footie fans fear the creation of a Kosovo national team will draw talent away from their own squad and undermine its chances.

08 Feb 16

Albania Puts Cold War Planes up for Auction

Collectors who fancy their own Russian or Chinese-made jet or helicopter can buy one off the Albanian Defence Ministry for as little as a few thousand euro on February 22.

04 Feb 16

Communist Ruin’s Fate Weighs on Montenegro

For many Montenegrins, the abandoned – and lethal – ruins of the House of Revolution in Niksic symbolise the failure of the Yugoslav communist experiment

03 Feb 16

Expats Find Opportunity Knocks in Serbia

Meet the foreigners bucking the trend by building their careers and future financial security in Belgrade.

01 Feb 16

Little Access to End-of-Life Care in Serbia

Belhospice, Serbia’s only palliative care charity, is striving to ensure terminally-ill patients, and their families, are not left to face death alone.

01 Feb 16

LGBT Bosnians Find Strength at Merlinka Festival

Members of the LGBT community in Bosnia gathered in Sarajevo for the 4th Merlinka festival, amid fear for their personal security and concern about continuing discrimination.

28 Jan 16

Croatian Activists Target ‘Reactionary’ Culture Minister

Newly nominated Croatian culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic has come under fire for his right-wing politics, his criticism of anti-fascists and his alleged lack of experience in the cultural sector.

27 Jan 16

Childhood Conflict Drama Takes Kosovo to Hollywood

‘Shok’ (‘Friend’), the first Kosovo-made film ever to be nominated for an Oscar, draws on some of its actors’ real-life experiences of intimidation by Serbian forces in the late 1990s.

21 Jan 16

Croatia’s Once Mighty Shoe Firm Finds its Feet

Vogue’s recognition of its Startas sneakers is only the latest sign that the humbled economic giant in Vukovar is on the way back up.

20 Jan 16

Political Graffiti Campaign Startles Kosovo

A series of street artworks mocking national leaders has drawn an array of responses from a country where political graffiti is novelty.

18 Jan 16

Albania Intensifies Efforts to Register Illegal Buildings

Albania is stepping up its efforts to issue permits for homes that were built illegally over the past two decades, with some 300,000 buildings still awaiting official authorisation.

Albania will launch a new wave of legalization of buildings that were constructed illegally after 2006. - See more at: http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/albania-press-review-may-22-2013#sthash.4ZYBvYdj.dpuf
18 Jan 16

Despair Haunts Protest Anniversary in Bosnia’s Tuzla

The biggest protests against poverty and corruption in recent Bosnian history began in Tuzla two years ago, yet little has changed for the town’s disillusioned residents.

15 Jan 16

The Forgotten Heroes of Serb-Albanian Comradeship

Boro Vukmirovic, a Serb, and Ramiz Sadiku, a Kosovo Albanian, became Yugoslav icons after dying together while fighting fascism - can reviving their memory promote tolerance in today’s divided ex-Yugoslavia?

13 Jan 16

Bosnian Serb Party Leaves a Troubling Hangover

Defiant celebrations of the disputed Bosnian Serb ‘Republic Day’ holiday brought unwelcome divisions back to the ethnically-mixed town of Prijedor, where locals usually seek to avoid tensions.