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Latest Features from the Balkans

04 Aug 15

Yugoslavia’s Cherished Pen-Maker Faces Shutdown

Named after a pioneering Croatian inventor, TOZ Penkala once supplied pens and pencils to the entire former Yugoslavia, but is going out of business because it can’t pay its debts.

03 Aug 15

Operation Storm: Croatia’s Triumph, Serbia’s Grief

Croatia this week celebrates its defeat of Serb rebels during Operation Storm 20 years ago, but Serbia will mourn the hundreds killed and the 200,000 who became refugees.

31 Jul 15

Bosnia’s Salt Lakes City Becomes Tourist Magnet

As its traditional industries contract and poverty and unemployment rises, Tuzla hopes that more revenue can be raised from tourism, attracting visitors with its unique complex of salt lakes.

31 Jul 15

In Pictures: Migrants’ Grim Odyssey Across Macedonia

In the southern town of Gevgelija near the Greek border, growing numbers of exhausted migrants continue their punishing journey north through Macedonia towards Western Europe.

29 Jul 15

Serbia's Tourist Mecca Keeps Dark Side Hidden

Dragan Marković – known as the 'Palm Tree' - has turned Jagodina into a real attraction, but not all locals feel they are benefiting.

28 Jul 15

Serbia’s Deminers Harvest a Deadly Crop

An unexploded grenade found on a construction site in Belgrade shed light on a danger that Serbia still faces - undiscovered bombs and mines left over from a century of wars.

27 Jul 15

Seeds of Street Art Sprout in Banja Luka

Banja Luka’s street art scene is small and under pressure, but local artists are trying to make graffiti and murals more acceptable both to the authorities and the community. 

24 Jul 15

Music Keeps Teen Refugee in High Spirits

At Presevo railway station, on the long road from Syria to Germany via Serbia, Teyma is a typical youngster in an extraordinary situation.

22 Jul 15

Migrant Surge Through Balkans Bypasses Kosovo

While waves of migrants course through Macedonia and Serbia, a handful trickle into Kosovo, often by mistake.

17 Jul 15

Macedonia Protesters Fold Away Tents After Deal

After months spent camping in front of the government building, anti-government campers have packed up their tents - while their pro-government opponents are staying put.

15 Jul 15

Dinamo Arrests Revive Croatia’s Lost Faith in Football

After years of declining interest in the sport, the arrests of the Mamic brothers have given fans and spectators hope that a new dawn is beginning.

13 Jul 15

Greek Crisis is No Drama for Bosnian Serb Tourists

While other Europeans are dropping their plans to holiday in Greece because of the dramatic situation there, Bosnian Serbs seem undeterred.

10 Jul 15

Memories and Bones: The Missing of Srebrenica

Hundreds of Srebrenica victims’ families are still waiting for their loved ones’ remains to bury - but as time passes, it becomes more likely that only a few bones, if anything, will ever be found.

09 Jul 15

Srebrenica Jail Sentences: 630 Years and Counting

International and Bosnian courts have so far sentenced a total of 37 people to around 630 years in prison for genocide and other crimes against Bosniaks from Srebrenica 20 years ago.

08 Jul 15

Srebrenica: Dreaming in the Ruins

Young people who grew up in the aftermath of the massacres 20 years ago in the once-affluent Bosnian spa town of Srebrenica have little to look forward to but the chance of escape.