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Latest Features from the Balkans

11 Apr 14

Ukraine’s Albanians Struggle To Keep Identity Alive

Far from their ancestral homeland, tiny minority faces dwindling numbers, assimilation and split allegiances between Moscow and Kiev.

09 Apr 14

Iraq Bomber’s Deeds Shake Kosovo Town

Ferizaj residents are grappling with reports that a well bought up local carried out a horrific suicide attack in Baghdad.

04 Apr 14

Ukraine Crisis Leaves Country’s Minorities Torn

In Ukraine’s deep southwest, where Bulgarians, Albanians, Ukrainians and Russians all live intermingled, allegiances are becoming divided.

03 Apr 14

Valjevo, Far from the Madding Crowd

With its blend of historic sites, rolling hills and colourful landscapes, Valjevo is a perfect spring destination for those who shun mainstream resorts and hanker for something off the beaten track.

01 Apr 14

After Crimea, Transnistria Awaits Mother Russia

Following Russia's annexation of Crimea, many people in the unrecognized breakaway province of Moldova hope they will be next in line.

24 Mar 14

Topola, Serbia’s Royal Heart and Soul

In the midst of the hills south of Belgrade, known as Šumadija lies Topola, the hearth of the modern Serbian state and, some say, ‘its very own Provence’.

20 Mar 14

In the Darkness Beneath Belgrade

Tours of the tunnels and caverns that lie deep beneath the bustling city offer an insight into the city’s mysterious, turbulent past.

19 Mar 14

Train to Serbia Leaves Kosovo Steaming

Rail service to Mitrovica from Kraljevo is an illegal incursion, Kosovo officials say.

19 Mar 14

Son of Sarajevo Icon Finds His Own Feet

The Bosnian capital’s much-loved last shoe-shiner, ‘Uncle Miso’, was not the last in the line after all - it turns out; his son is taking over the job.

12 Mar 14

Playing Together, But Still Living Apart

Disabled war veterans from all over the former Yugoslavia come together to play at volleyball tournaments – but that doesn’t mean they’re getting any closer to post-conflict reconciliation.

11 Mar 14

Europe’s Forgotten ‘First City’ Sinks Into Sand

With no tourist ships, no activities and only a modest exhibition, Vinca is one of the most neglected Neolithic sites in the world - but also one of the most important.

28 Feb 14

Croatia-Serbia Genocide Lawsuits Expected to Fail

Zagreb and Belgrade are suing each other at the International Court of Justice, both alleging the other committed genocide, but legal experts and ordinary people believe that neither can win.

17 Feb 14

Can Serbs Learn From Israelis and Palestinians?

Despite very different conflicts, Serbian, Israeli and Palestinian rights activists say they face common problems: state denial of past atrocities and the task of helping wartime refugees return home.

17 Feb 14

Meet the Princess Who Did It Her Way

Fancy a cuppa with a royal? Princess Ljubica will happily fill you in with tales of her turbulent life and times in the Serbia of long ago over a cup of Turkish coffee.

07 Feb 14

Syrian Refugees Face Chilly Reception in Bulgaria

Thousands of fleeing Syrians are being held in dilapidated refugee camps while right-wingers demand their expulsion and the authorities build a huge border fence to keep new asylum-seekers out.