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Latest Features from the Balkans

18 Dec 14

A War Crime Shrouded in Silence

The murder and rape of pregnant women by fighters during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina remains one of the least-researched aspects of wartime brutality.

08 Dec 14

Entrepreneurs Strive to Make Balkans Buzz With Tech Startups

Can a new generation of technology pioneers realise their dreams of Silicon Valley-style success?

04 Dec 14

Macedonians Migrate South for Illegal Tourism Work

What were once student summer jobs in Greece have become a way to earn a living.

27 Nov 14

Building Bridges Over Troubled Water

The stories of two generations of Olympic water polo players reflect changes in sport and society in the lands of the old Yugoslavia.

24 Nov 14

Student Risks All to Patch Up Beloved City

After seven years of hitting the streets, reporting problems and even being attacked for his pains, Filip Vuksa has become a hero to many locals - and a thorn in the side of officials.

21 Nov 14

Vienna’s Albanians Get in on the Mozart Act

Impersonating Wolfgang Amadeus is big business in Vienna - but these days many of the men in wigs are not Austrian but Albanian.

20 Nov 14

Romanian Election Strikes Blow for Vanished Germans

The decision of the Romanians to elect an ethnic German as head of state marks a milestone in the history of a forgotten community in Eastern Europe.

19 Nov 14

Belgrade’s Last Shoe-shiners Face Oblivion

Thousands of shoe-shiners used to ply their trade in Belgrade in years gone by – but today only a handful of old-timers remain, remembering the good old days.

19 Nov 14

City Revamp Overshadows Skopje’s WW2 Memorials

Old World War Two memorials lie forgotten in the Macedonian capital, overshadowed by new taller ones that form part of the government-funded makeover called ‘Skopje 2014’.

17 Nov 14

Refugees Dice with Death Crossing Macedonia

A well-trodden refugee trail that runs along the railway line in Macedonia is claiming a growing number of lives.

13 Nov 14

Seselj Revives the Rhetoric of the 1990s

Nationalist songs, anti-Western slogans and roasted pork: the return of war crimes suspect Vojislav Seselj from the Hague Tribunal looked like an attempt to return to Serbia’s recent past.

12 Nov 14

Islands Seek Direction in Seas of Change

Islanders in Croatia and Greece enjoy an enchanting way of life but face challenges posed by isolation and ageing populations.

07 Nov 14

Scandal and Suspicion at the EU’s Kosovo Mission

Evidence of corruption inside the EU’s rule-of-law mission in Kosovo may not be compelling, but indications that EULEX initially ignored its own prosecutor’s suspicions are much stronger.

31 Oct 14

Residents Take on Skopje's Classical Makeover

Authorities in the Macedonian capital face increasing opposition from residents who do not want their apartment buildings coated in facades inspired by Classical Antiquity.

28 Oct 14

Macedonia Ethnic Terrorism Verdict Motives Revealed

As six ethnic Albanians appeal against their terrorism convictions for the murders of five Macedonians, BIRN can reveal the court’s reasons for their life sentences in the ethnically-charged case.