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Latest Features from the Balkans

31 Oct 14

Residents Take on Skopje's Classical Makeover

Authorities in the Macedonian capital face increasing opposition from residents who do not want their apartment buildings coated in facades inspired by Classical Antiquity.

28 Oct 14

Macedonia Ethnic Terrorism Verdict Motives Revealed

As six ethnic Albanians appeal against their terrorism convictions for the murders of five Macedonians, BIRN can reveal the court’s reasons for their life sentences in the ethnically-charged case.

27 Oct 14

Kosovo Mountain Village Faces Educational Identity Crisis

In the village of Restelica, home to an unusual minority language-speaking community, parents must decide whether their children’s future is better served by a Kosovo education or a Serbian one.

17 Oct 14

Bosnia’s Search for Bones and Truth

A year after Bosnia’s largest mass grave was found in Tomasica, the incredible story of its discovery highlights victims’ families desperate attempts to gain justice from the authorities.

17 Oct 14

Green Power Boom Threatens Romania’s Wild Mountains

The boom in small hydroelectric power plants in the Romanian mountains is coming at a price for the environment.

14 Oct 14

Mystery Over Albanian Hamlet’s Mass of Churches

The fact that Cercke in southern Albania has only a handful of residents but no less than 13 churches is a source of wonder to locals. 

11 Oct 14

Albania’s Pelicans Hover on Edge of Extinction

Only a few dozen rare Dalmatian pelicans remain in the Karavasta lagoon, down from hundreds in the 1980s, as hunting and wildcat development take their toll.

08 Oct 14

War on Sexist Words Divides Montenegro’s Women

Drive to enforce gender sensitive language in this traditionally chauvinist society leaves women’s groups with mixed feelings.

06 Oct 14

Gorani Village Spies Future in Skiing Tradition

The people of Shishtavec hope that with their passion for skiing, they can turn their remote hamlet into a tourist winter wonderland.

03 Oct 14

Montenegro’s Kosovo Refugees in Legal Deadline Countdown

More than 4,000 Kosovo refugees, mainly Roma, have just three months left to apply for residency in Montenegro or they could be reclassified as illegal immigrants and have to leave.

01 Oct 14

Joy and Necessity Fill Belgrade Streets with Music

They are everywhere from the Terazije underground passage, all the way across the Knez Mihailova Street to the Kalemegdan Park, making people happy with music played both for pleasure and money.  

29 Sep 14

Drop in Remittances Hits Poor Albanians Hard

In the impoverished town of Puke, the fall in remittances sent by relatives abroad is pushing families ever deeper into debt.

26 Sep 14

Missing Teen’s Family Blame Macedonian Police

Relatives of a Macedonian girl who has vanished - and is believed to have joined Islamists in Syria - say police were slow to react to reports of her disappearance.

25 Sep 14

New Atlantis Rises on Albania’s Rodon Cape

A group of green activists are successfully promoting environmentally friendly tourism on a spectacular cape that once was strewn with trash.

24 Sep 14

Capitalist Collective Farm Bears Fruit in Albania

Working together on a pioneering new-style collective farm, the people of Xarre are squeezing plenty of profits from their tangerines.