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Latest Features from the Balkans

24 Nov 15

Serbia’s Gay Couples Face Legal Discrimination

Same-sex couples can’t get married or form civil partnerships in Serbia – just one of the legal obstacles faced by gay people which prevent them enjoying the same basic rights as heterosexuals.

23 Nov 15

Red Revival: The Fall and Rise of Karl Marx

Meet the academics whose devotion to Marxism cost them their jobs in the 1990s — and the thinkers driving Marx back up the political agenda across Europe today.

23 Nov 15

VMRO Quest for ‘Ideas’ Causes Mirth in Macedonia

A plan to invite citizens to submit their policy ideas to the ruling party has had unintended consequences.

20 Nov 15

Bosnians Pessimistic About Peace Deal’s Legacy

Regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation or economic status, many people in Bosnia and Herzegovina agree that the only success of the Dayton peace agreement 20 years ago was ending the war.

17 Nov 15

"Diploma Factories": Kosovo and Albania Churn Out Graduates with Few Prospects

More and more young people are getting university degrees but many end up jobless or in low-skilled work.

17 Nov 15

Refugees Fear EU Border Closures After Paris Attacks

After the Islamic State attacks in Paris left 129 people dead, many refugees in the Serbian capital on their way to Western Europe now fear that EU countries will block their route.

16 Nov 15

The Bosnian Village that Rejected the War

The village of Baljvine is an example of coexistence and tolerance for the still-divided country because its Serbs and Bosniaks were never in conflict during the war, locals explain in a BIRN video report.

16 Nov 15

Hungarian Rightists’ Motives Remain Mysterious in Serbia

Far-right Hungarian party Jobbik raised fears of extremist provocations by opening an office in Senta, a mainly ethnic Hungarian town in north Serbia, but locals know little about the party's agenda and local staff were reluctant to talk.

13 Nov 15

Football Match With Kosovo Riles Albanian Fans

Albanian nationalists protested over Friday's 'friendly' match with Kosovo in Pristina, saying that Albanians should have only one national team and not two.

11 Nov 15

Balkan Pot Shortage Costs Smokers Dear

Ever since Albanian police cracked down on the marijuana-growing haven of Lazarat, supplies have grown shorter and prices have soared across the region.

07 Nov 15

Serbia, Croatia Solve Migrant Crisis Together

Serbia and Croatia are now working together to handle the refugee flow - to the dismay of traffickers, taxi drivers and other profiteers.

06 Nov 15

Critical Voices ‘Erased from Macedonian Arts’

Macedonian artists exploring controversial themes disapproved of by the state are being silenced through direct and self-censorship, claim critics.

05 Nov 15

Albanians Rejected in Germany Try Holland Instead

Some Albanians whose asylum requests were rejected in Germany are heading for The Netherlands - where their chances are no better.

04 Nov 15

Middle East and Balkan War Refugees Share Camp

Refugees from the 1990s Balkan wars are now sharing their rundown temporary accommodation in Belgrade with people fleeing more recent conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

04 Nov 15

Macedonia Protesting Pupils Say Teachers Locked Them up

Parents and pupils in Macedonia say teachers in some schools acted like ruling party militants, locking pupils in classes to stop them attending protests against education reforms.