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Latest Features from the Balkans

29 Sep 16

Croatian Students Vow to Escalate War With Dean

Zagreb students threatening to block classes if the dean does not quit say their fight is over ‘the future of education and society’ - not just over the faculty.

22 Sep 16

Suspicion Shadows ‘Albanian Terror’ Trial in Macedonia

The trial of 37 alleged members and accomplices of an ethnic Albanian terror group that battled Macedonian police in Kumanovo last year has been marred by allegations about false witnesses and police brutality.

21 Sep 16

Tara Mountain, a True Touch of Nature

September is the perfect time to escape the city’s heat and noise with a relaxing trip to one of Serbia’s most beautiful mountains.

20 Sep 16

Bosnian Mayoral Hopefuls Tainted by Crime Claims

Nearly 50 candidates for the positions of mayor or municipality chief in next month’s Bosnian elections have been convicted of, charged with or investigated for organised crime, corruption or war crimes.

20 Sep 16

Bulgaria’s IT Boom Offers Syrian Refugee New Life

When one 33-year-old Syrian reached Bulgaria, his only goal was to get to Western Europe – but Bulgaria’s ambitious software and outsourcing companies made him change his mind.

16 Sep 16

Bosnia’s Niqab-Wearers Brave Insults to Show Faith

Muslim women who wear the face-covering niqab say they are often insulted or mocked on the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but are determined to show they are following religious rules.

15 Sep 16

Rapper Wounded in Albania-Kosovo Hip Hop Feud

Rappers on both sides of the Kosovo-Albania border are involved in increasingly bitter feuds that some in the media are likening to the 'wars' between hip-hop fans in the US in the 1990s.

12 Sep 16

Yugoslav Rock Music’s Doomed Concert for Peace

People’s memories of a huge anti-war concert in Sarajevo in 1991 are being collected for a project which also acts as a warning about the dangers of nationalism in contemporary Europe, its creator says.

12 Sep 16

Life Remains Sweet for Belgrade’s Last Candy Store

Decades ago you could buy hand-made sweets in more than 100 shops in Belgrade. Now only one remains, well hidden among the tall buildings in the heart of the city.

09 Sep 16

Albanians Feel Left out of Hollywood Blockbuster

Movie-goers in Albania have been disappointed to discover that the makers of 'War Dogs' - a Hollywood 'true' story about illegal arms traders - have omitted some of the key Albanian characters.

08 Sep 16

Macedonia’s Dreams Unrealised 25 Years After Independence

Neither of Macedonia’s two strategic main goals - European integration and NATO membership - have been fulfilled 25 years after it became independent, while ethnic relations with the Albanian minority remain troubled.

08 Sep 16

Belgrade: Far from Bike-Friendly

Despite longstanding local authority promises to make the capital cyclefriendly, very little progress has yet been made.

07 Sep 16

Vrsac Mountains: A Cure for Modern Ills

Peaceful Vrsac offers a break from city life, stunning scenery and a chance to test the healing powers of its mountains.

06 Sep 16

The Belgrade Art of Partying

A local nightclub entrepreneur is hoping to export Belgrade’s famous nightlife culture around the world.

06 Sep 16

Macedonia’s ‘Gulenists’ Fear Turkey’s Long Arm

Publication of a Turkish black list, naming several agencies, schools and companies in Macedonia as ‘Gulenist’, has left members of those organisations deeply worried.