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Latest Features from the Balkans

23 May 17

Bosnian Martyred Couple’s Memory Renews Mixed Marriage Debate

The anniversary of the death of the couple who became famous around the world as ‘Sarajevo’s Romeo and Juliet’ has put the spotlight back on the vexed issue of mixed marriages.

19 May 17

Spark Fades Away in Bosnia’s Last Match Factory

Only a dozen workers remain in the Dolac match factory, Bosnia’s last, which has been churning out matches using a secret recipe since the days of the Emperor Franz Joseph.

18 May 17

Central Serbia Made Easy: Topola, Aranđelovac and Kosmaj

Discover stunning churches, spas, vineyards and craft breweries within two hours of Belgrade.

17 May 17

LGBT Community Struggles for Acceptance in Romania

As the world marks International Day Against Homophobia, Romania has a long way to go in terms of respecting LGBT rights. 

15 May 17

Romanian Mayor Revives Danube Channel Dream

Bucharest Mayor Gabriel Firea says she is working on updating a feasibility study for a channel linking Bucharest with the Danube, an ambitious project scrapped after the Ceausescu regime fell in 1989.

15 May 17

Serb Soldier Pays Homage to His ‘Enemy’ Saviours

After Serb soldier Nikola Barisic stepped on a landmine, his life was saved by ‘enemy’ troops and medics - and he has now returned to donate thousands of euros to their hospital in gratitude.

15 May 17

Shafiq Rafat: Engineer, Refugee and Artist

Meet the Afghan refugee civil engineer who discovered his artistic talent after fleeing to Serbia. 

12 May 17

Bosnian Wartime Aid Convoy Attackers Evade Justice

Twenty-four years have passed without any prosecutions for the ambush of the ‘Tuzla Convoy of Salvation’, when seven Bosniak truck drivers and several passengers were killed by Croat forces.

09 May 17

Macedonian Violence Boosts Albanian Support for Zaev

The recent rampage in parliament shocked Macedonia’s large Albanian community - and strengthened their conviction that their best hope lies in a new government under Zoran Zaev.

08 May 17

Painting Monuments Stays in Vogue in Bulgaria

Whether it’s vandalism or art, Bulgarians are still daubing monuments in bright paint to strike political points and ‘reclaim’ the public space.

04 May 17

Serbia’s Fading Protest Movement Splits

As the once mighty nightly protests against ‘the regime’ shrink from thousands to about a hundred, the movement has also split along ideological lines.

03 May 17

Serbia’s Rookie Journalists Lack Skills for Brutal World

As World Press Freedom Day is marked across the globe, the future of the media in Serbia lies in the hands of a generation of journalists who are worryingly unprepared for the environment they are about to encounter.

03 May 17

Croat Mom Blogger Lives American Dream

Croatian 38-year-old Kristina Kuzmic is living the American Dream as a globally known mum, sharing parenting tips on her video blog.

02 May 17

Smashed Graves Highlight Romania’s Lingering Anti-Semitism

After Jewish graves were vandalized on the night before the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Romania’s small Jewish community wonders if enough is being done to address traditional hostility to Jews. 

01 May 17

Celebrate May Day, Serbian Style

The largest outdoor party in Serbia – and possibly the Balkans – is kicking off around the country as youth is celebrating May Day.