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Latest Features from the Balkans

23 Mar 17

Romania Accused of Inaction Over ‘Slavery’ in Italy

After the latest UK media exposure of the slave-like conditions endured by Romanian migrant workers in Sicily, the government has been accused of making an inadequate response. 

22 Mar 17

Serbian Diaspora Harbours Mixed Feelings Over Elections

Serbians living abroad are divided over whether they will cast a ballot in the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

21 Mar 17

Serbian Presidential Candidates Avoid ‘Painful’ War Issues

The candidates running for the Serbian presidency have avoided discussing the country’s role in the 1990s conflicts because they have no interest in post-war justice or fear losing votes, human rights campaigners argue.

17 Mar 17

Rival Activists Embody Serbia’s Russia-West Split

Two female activists who were born the same year and studied together now represent opposite ends of the political spectrum, reflecting Serbia’s deep divisions over EU membership and relations with Russia.

14 Mar 17

Montenegrin Mothers Threaten ’Radical’ Action Over Benefit Cut

Hundreds of women have threatened to up their street protests unless the courts cancel a benefits cut imposed by the government.

13 Mar 17

Strife-Torn Bosnians Yearn for Tito’s ‘Golden Age’

As Bosnia sinks deeper into division and turmoil, more and more people remember the ‘golden era’ of Josip Broz Tito with fondness. 

13 Mar 17

Iran Launches Albanian Media to Target Dissident Exiles

Iranian media are waging an online war against an opposition group - some whose members live in exile in Albania - launching new websites in Albanian to influence local opinion.

10 Mar 17

Fears Grow that Macedonia's 'Patriot' Protests May Turn Violent

Thursday's rallies against the announced formation of an opposition-led government passed off peacefully - but many wonder what will happen if the opposition acts on threats to form a government without the President's permission.

08 Mar 17

Bosnian Army’s Role in Croatian General Movie Criticised

Serb war veterans condemned the Bosnian Army’s decision to allow a production company to use its tanks and military equipment to shoot a film about the life of controversial Croatian general Ante Gotovina.

08 Mar 17

Chasing the Historic Traces of Serbia’s Heroines

If you know where to look, testaments to remarkable female pioneers are etched on several locations in urban Serbia.

07 Mar 17

‘Homeless Football’ Gives Vulnerable Bosnians Hope

Bosnians on the margins of society are getting a new start in life, thanks to a programme that give them a chance to play in international football tournaments.

06 Mar 17

Romanian Seeks Justice Over Dissident Father’s Death

After years of struggle with obstructive bureaucracy, Andrei Ursu will see four former communist police officers and officials go on trial next week for the murder of his dissident father.

03 Mar 17

Bosnia Mocks Politicians over Genocide Letter ‘Scandal’

There have been cynical reactions to state presidency members’ furious dispute over a letter from the International Court of Justice about Bosnia’s genocide case against Serbia, which was opened before reaching Sarajevo.

03 Mar 17

Ivanov’s Actions Unite Macedonia Albanians in Outrage

Macedonia Albanians say President’s decision not to allow opposition to form a government in alliance with ethnic Albanians is offensive and will heighten ethnic tension.

02 Mar 17

Mitrovica’s Flashpoint Bridge Symbolises Kosovo’s Divisions

The bridge across the river dividing the Kosovo town of Mitrovica into ethnic Albanian and Serb areas is being reopened, but its history as a focus for tensions means locals are wary about expecting progress.