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Latest Features from the Balkans

24 Feb 17

Albanian Anti-Communists’ Families Remember ‘Martyrs’ Deaths’

When Albania honoured the families of exiled dissidents trained by the CIA to overthrow the Communist regime, it brought back memories of a desperate struggle that ended in betrayal and death. 

22 Feb 17

Croatia’s LGBT Community Spooked by Nightclub Attack

A recent attack on an LGBT club night in Zagreb rekindled fears of persecution and raised concerns that Croatia has not made as much progress on gay rights as some had hoped.

16 Feb 17

Balkan Kafana Plants Slice of Belgrade in Berlin

Ex-Yugoslavs and Germans are flocking to Vlado Kostic’s ‘Kafana Berlin’, which brings the sights, scents, tastes and sounds of a regular Belgrade ‘kafana’ to the heart of the German capital.

15 Feb 17

Shutdown Rumours Repopularise Sofia’s Oldest Cinema

False rumours that the oldest cinema in the Bulgarian capital was about to be shut down have brought it hundreds of new visitors, sparking hopes of a revival of its glory days.

14 Feb 17

Bosnia’s Divided Stolac Braces for Disputed Poll Rerun

The town of Stolac has been economically depressed and divided by post-war political and ethnic tensions, exacerbated by violence at last October’s local election, which is now set for a rerun.

10 Feb 17

Tolerance and Tensions in Serbia’s Industrial Melting Pot

Despite sporadic incidents of ethnic violence in the 1990s, the industrial city of Pancevo is home to 27 different ethnic groups and has accommodated several waves of refugees from the war years.

10 Feb 17

Hungary’s Harsh Laws Make Migrant Journeys an Ordeal

Hungary's tightened border measures have turned migrants’ once relatively easy passage to the EU into a nightmare.

09 Feb 17

‘Migrant Child-Snatcher’ Rumour Unsettles Serbian Town

Disputed media reports that migrants tried to kidnap a baby in Obrenovac have caused public unease in the Serbian town where a camp was set up to house 250 migrants last month.

06 Feb 17

Sofia Rally Voices Solidarity With Romanian Protesters

A rally in front of the Romanian embassy in Sofia - held in solidarity with the anti-corruption protests in Romania - has reawakened memories of a similar event held in December 1989.

30 Jan 17

Bosnia’s War Childhood Museum Opens in Sarajevo

A moving exhibition of mementoes of children who lived through the war has finally opened after the War Childhood Museum secured enough funding to acquire a permanent home.

30 Jan 17

Missing Babies Mystery Still Haunts Serbia

Parents of babies who disappeared from maternity wards in Serbian hospitals accuse the authorities of trying to push this traumatic and mysterious issue under the carpet.

26 Jan 17

Kosovo’s Female MPs Unite to Challenge Injustice

Female MPs in the Kosovo parliament have created a cross-party organisation to work for women’s rights and combat discrimination, but progress is slow and some male lawmakers have been critical.

26 Jan 17

Albania's Old Activists Ponder New Political Revolution

Students and activists who participated in the overthrow of Albania's brutal communist regime 26 years ago are coming together to demand political changes once again.

23 Jan 17

Kosovo Shoppers Find it Hard to Shun Serbian Goods

The latest friction with Serbia over a train has revived calls in Kosovo for a boycott of Serbian products - but shops that do not stock Serbian goods remain few and far between.

19 Jan 17

Kosovo’s Serbs Feel Frightened, Insecure and Misused

Serbs in Kosovo say that the recent ‘propaganda train’ dispute between Belgrade and Pristina left them worried about their security and fearful that they are being used as political pawns.