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Latest Features from the Balkans

24 Oct 16

Traces of Empire: Serbia’s Roman Heritage

Ancient cities, sites and monuments dating back to when the Balkans were part of the Roman Empire receive little public attention in Serbia.

24 Oct 16

Albania’s Caged Bears Enjoy Freer Life in Kosovo

Bears once held in grim captivity in Albania are adapting to a new life in a sanctuary in Kosovo, encouraging many in Albania to create their own safe haven.

20 Oct 16

Bosnian War Rape Victims Rue Lost Motherhood

More than 1,000 women in Bosnia and Herzegovina who suffered sexual violence during the 1990s conflict cannot become mothers because of serious psychological traumas and the medical consequences of being raped.

20 Oct 16

Conservative NGO Pushes for Single-Sex Classes in Croatia

The combative NGO, ‘In the Name of the Family’, is holding a conference in Zagreb to lobby for the return of single-sex education, with the support of high state officials, as part of their campaign to re-traditionalise society.

20 Oct 16

Critical Voices Defy Fear in New Serbia

Victims of what looks like an organised campaign of intimidation tell how the ‘fear machine’ in Serbia works – and the impact it has on their personal and professional lives.

20 Oct 16

Arabic Courses Boom in Suburb of Bosnian Capital

Arabic language courses are thriving in parts of Sarajevo that have seen an influx of cash, businesses and tourists from the Gulf states.

19 Oct 16

Seizures Show Bosnians Still Hoarding Illegal Guns

Recent weapons seizures in the Sarajevo area highlight how Bosnians still possess hundreds of thousands of illegal firearms from the 1990s war which pose a threat to public safety and national security.

18 Oct 16

Albania PM Accused of 'Interfering' With Kosovo

Edi Rama's remarks on Kosovo during his visit to Serbia have sparked a row over the level of involvement that Albania should have in Kosovo's affairs.

14 Oct 16

Dozens of Lawsuits Challenge Macedonia’s Spy Hunters

The lustration law that sanctioned Macedonians declared to be former Communist secret police collaborators has been scrapped, but dozens of lawsuits are underway to reverse its allegedly politically-motivated decisions.

11 Oct 16

Jokers Dream of Becoming Bulgaria’s Next President

While the main left and right-wing candidates battle it out to become head of state, a number of less serious candidates have their eyes on the post.

07 Oct 16

Belgrade Residents Fear ‘Toxic Smoke’ From Tyre-Burning

Locals say Belgrade city authorities have failed to tackle illegal tyre-burning despite protests and health concerns.

06 Oct 16

Srebrenica Waits Uneasily for Mayoral Vote Result

Officials claimed that everything was calm but some locals were nervous as they continued to wait to find out whether a Serb or a Bosniak has won the mayoralty in the wartime flashpoint town.

06 Oct 16

Croats Uneasy Over Church Role in Kindergartens

Experts and parents in Croatia are split on whether the powerful Catholic Church should have a role in the nation’s pre-schools.

30 Sep 16

Serbs Allege School Language Bias in Montenegro

Serb organisations in Montenegro are urging the authorities to end what they claim is officially-sanctioned discrimination against the Serbian language and the Cyrillic script in schools.

30 Sep 16

Kosovo Women Still Fear to Claim Their Inheritances

Kosovo’s legal framework may give women equal rights to inherit property but too many women in the country are still reluctant to use it.