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Latest Features from the Balkans

02 Sep 15

Women Slave at Home in Albania's Highlands

Many things have changed in Albania over the decades - but not the patriarchal mentality in rural areas that ascribes most household chores to women.

28 Aug 15

Refugees Face Cold Shoulder in Hungary’s Border Towns

As thousands of refugees heading to Europe cross Serbia and Hungary, hostility and fear of terrorism is on the rise in border villages.

28 Aug 15

Vienna-Based ‘Wahhabist’ Causes Headache for Serbia

A preacher accused of recruiting fighters for ISIS at the Furqan in Novi Pazar, in Serbia's southwest Sandzak region, says claims that he recruits Islamist fighters are wrong.

27 Aug 15

Rock Climbing Obtains a Foothold in Albania

An extreme sport introduced by foreigners is gaining a new following among young people in the country.

25 Aug 15

Bosnia Croats Keep Old Tattoo Tradition Alive

A Balkan tradition that dates backs millennia - which seemed close to dying out after World War Two - has inspired a new generation of fans, keen to keep up a connection to their ancestors.

19 Aug 15

Refugees in Serbia Dream of Better Tomorrow

The refugees crowding the parks of Belgrade on their way to Europe told BIRN they just want a better future, far away from their war-torn homelands.

19 Aug 15

Disappointed Asylum Seekers Head Home to Albania

At Tirana airport, relatives await the return of family members who failed to obtain asylum in Germany – who have chosen to go home or been repatriated.

18 Aug 15

Macedonian Volunteers Help Refugees on Their Way

BIRN joined some of the volunteers who wait each night on Macedonia’s border crossings, helping exhausted refugees continue their journey across Europe.

17 Aug 15

Albania Opens up Ghost Military Island to Tourists

A derelict former cold-war military base in the island of Sazan off the coast of Albania has become the Mediterranean country’s newest tourist attraction.

13 Aug 15

Belgrade Roma Families Living in Fear of Eviction

Roma families who fled the Kosovo war in 1999 are waiting nervously for a European Court of Human Rights ruling on whether the Belgrade authorities can legally evict them from their informal settlements.

12 Aug 15

Albanians Find True Love in Church in Mountains

In the northern town of Bajza, the local Catholic Church has turned into a meeting-place for young migrant men and women looking for husbands. 

11 Aug 15

Bosnian Refugees’ Homeland Holidays Marred by Tensions

Some 20,000 Bosniak refugees return to the Serb-dominated town of Prijedor each summer, boosting local businesses - but hopes of economic improvement have been threatened by a flare-up of ethnic tensions.

10 Aug 15

A Look Inside Russia’s Outpost in Serbia

The Serbian-Russian humanitarian crisis response centre in the city of Nis has been rumoured to be a covert intelligence facility, but visiting journalists were shown a very different picture.

07 Aug 15

Children’s Killers in Refugee Bombing Go Unpunished

Twenty years after Croatian planes bombed a column of Serb refugees, killing four children and five adults near Bosanski Petrovac in Bosnia during military Operation Storm, no one has been prosecuted.

05 Aug 15

Operation Storm Anniversary Shows Bosnia’s Ethnic Divisions

Politicians from different ethnic groups either celebrated Croatia’s victory during Operation Storm or mourned the Serb victims, highlighting divisions that still paralyse the country 20 years on.