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Latest Features from the Balkans

03 Jul 15

ISIS Cell in Italy Was a Family Affair

Five relatives of the Italian convert known as ‘Lady Jihad,’ who were all preparing to join her in Syria, have now been arrested.

02 Jul 15

Referendum Reveals Deep Divisions Among Greeks

As the bailout referendum exposes deep divides in Greek society, some fear a return to the conflicts of the postwar era.

29 Jun 15

Serbia’s Disabled Demand End to Invisible Lives

The disabled people in Serbia have long been shunted to the margins of society, so that they cannot be seen- but some are now demanding to be both seen and heard.

29 Jun 15

Ramadan in Sarajevo Becomes Growing Attraction

Thousands of visitors from the Gulf and other Muslim countries are coming to spend Ramadan in Sarajevo – and their arrival is prompting local Muslims to change their customs.

29 Jun 15

Enthusiasts Keep Alternative Arts in Macedonia Alive

With little money or state support, the fuel of the independent arts scene in Macedonia comes from enthusiast who connect up artists, the community and local businesses over their mutual goal –  presenting an alternative to the cultural mainstream. 

22 Jun 15

Croatian WWII Veterans Remember Fight Against Fascism

As Croatia marks Anti-Fascist Struggle Day, two men who fought alongside Partisan forces against Nazi-allied troops during World War II recalled how they risked their lives for freedom.

12 Jun 15

Neglected Wartime Traumas Haunt Serbian Soldiers

Former Serbian soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder say they are being neglected by a state which wanted them to fight its wars but refuses to help them recover.

11 Jun 15

Zagreb Slams Bosnia Over Croatian Fighters’ Indictments

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has described claims in indictments that Zagreb’s forces were involved in wartime crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina as “insulting” and is refusing to cooperate with the Sarajevo judiciary.

10 Jun 15

Pope’s Justice Message Greeted Sceptically in Bosnia

Pope Francis’s message that Bosnia and Herzegovina can only achieve lasting peace through justice was supported by war victims’ groups and rights advocates - but they doubt if it’s actually possible.

05 Jun 15

Bosnia Awaits Pope With Great Expectations

Meeting all the religious, political and other expectations that Bosnians have of the Pope may well require all the holiness that Francis can muster.

03 Jun 15

Patriarchal Bosnia Turns Blind Eye to Feminist Art

A handful of artists struggle to spread feminist visions of art in Bosnia, but many find it easier to win fame abroad than at home. 

03 Jun 15

Summer on the Beach in the Balkans

It may sound early to plan a summer vacation, but the best offers soon sell out, which is why Belgrade Insight is providing its own tips about the best beachside resorts to book a vacation in.

26 May 15

Belgrade Remembers Tito’s ‘Golden Age’

Thirty-five years after Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito died, his admirers, led by Belgrade’s Communist association and fuelled by nostalgia, staged their annual celebration of his rule.

25 May 15

Migrants Pause for Breath in Belgrade Parks

More and more migrants from war-torn countries are stopping off in Belgrade en route for the wealthier countries of the West.

22 May 15

Rivals Battle For Fate of Macedonia

A fight for Macedonia’s future takes shape as Gruevski regime slides toward authoritarianism.