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Latest Features from the Balkans

22 Jun 16

Cancer Patients Pin Hopes on Albanian ‘Petroleum Gas’

The small town of Kruja has become famous across the Balkans for its liquid “petroleum gas” – an unlicensed product that some claim can help patients battling cancer.

20 Jun 16

All Eyes on China in Serbian Steel Mill Town

While the government hypes a Chinese company’s purchase of Smederevo’s steel mill, many citizens of the central Serbian city are leery of grandiose promises.

20 Jun 16

Young Bosnian Proud to Realise Olympic Dream

Tatjana Djekanovic, a 19-year-old precision shooter from Teslic, and the youngest athlete in the Bosnian delegation at Rio in August, says she is proud to represent her country in spite of the state's modest support for her efforts.

20 Jun 16

'Serbia's Detroit' Faces Return to Hunger Years

The city of Kragujevac, known for its auto industry, is facing a nightmare after major employer Fiat said around a third of workers in its factory would lose their jobs after August. 

18 Jun 16

Albania Traders Cash in on Euro Football Madness

Vast crowds of spectators in Tirana watching matches are not only generating healthy profits for bars and the liquor trade; other businesses also spy a golden opportunity.

17 Jun 16

Croatian Education Protesters Back New Elections

A second mass protest about stalled education reforms in Croatia on Thursday turned out into a protest against the now ex-government, and into a call for immediate early elections.

16 Jun 16

Lights Return at Last to Remote Albanian Villages

Although Albania was electrified in the mid-1970s, three villages in the Burrel area lost their power years ago - and have only just got it back.

14 Jun 16

Young Albanians Turn Online Skills to Gold

A new generation of young Albanians are using their online technological skills to make their way on the global scene and are making profits that most Albanians can only dream about.

13 Jun 16

Adventurers Ride the Belgrade Skies

Looking for a new way to get your adrenalin pumping? Why not jump out of an airplane?

13 Jun 16

Belgrade’s Floating Rite of Spring

When the snow melts and the warm weather comes, it can mean only one thing: splav season has begun on Belgrade’s pleasure boats.

13 Jun 16

Alternative Arts Scene Flourishes in Downtown Belgrade

Former industrial buildings in downtown Belgrade’s Cetinjska Street are slowly but steadily becoming a brand new alternative hub, but the place has yet to gain its momentum.

11 Jun 16

Belgrade Protest Movement Takes to the Streets

A growing protest movement, originally organized against the Belgrade Waterfront project, is spreading, fuelled by frustration with much larger grievances.

10 Jun 16

Serbia’s Young Albanians Suffer in Schoolbook Dispute

A long-running political dispute over Albanian-language textbooks for ethnic minority pupils in Serbia has meant that many of them cannot have proper lessons in their mother tongue.

07 Jun 16

Soaring Number of KLA War Veterans Raises Suspicions

A government report saying the number of Kosovo Liberation Army veterans has risen to 46,000 raised concerns that the figures could have been inflated for political advantage and could cause budget problems.

06 Jun 16

Sarajevo Bakery Braces for Ramadan Bonanza

Sarajevo's Poricanin bakery is keeping alive a long family tradition of baking 'somuni' bread - attracting customers from all over the Bosnian capital, especially during the Ramadan fast.