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11 Sep 07

Media Donors - Partly Guilty

Some money was wasted, but it's also thanks to donors' aid that some of the best independent media in the Balkans are alive today.
11 Sep 07

Bettering Balkans Journalism

Foreign aid donors have made a valuable, if somewhat flawed, contribution to media-development in the Balkans.
11 Sep 07

Architect of a Separate Kosovo Dies

Ibrahim Rugova preached peaceful rebellion, but was overtaken by the Kosovo conflict, and eventually became head of a semi-independent state.
11 Sep 07

Man of Letters Who Led Independence Struggle

Ibrahim Rugova's raffish, Bohemian air concealed a canny operator with a keen political instinct.
11 Sep 07

Evaluating Our Efforts

A review of recent media-development work in the Balkans yields valuable lessons.
11 Sep 07

Protest to the Guardian Over 'Correction' to Noam Chomsky Interview

The “correction” to Emma Brockes’s interview is a concession to those who “minimise the Srebrenica massacre”.

December 8, 2005

11 Sep 07

How To Succeed In Kosovo

Americans and Europeans must work together if they are to avoid the partition of the protectorate and the destabilisation of the whole region.
11 Sep 07

Bosnia's Hollywood State

Bosnians have every reason to look forward to next year's change of High Representative.
11 Sep 07

The Credibility of the EU's Enlargement Process at Stake

The EU should seize the opportunity and accept Macedonia as a candidate for membership.
11 Sep 07

Outsiders Can't Build a Nation for Bosnia

Ten years after Dayton, it's clear there are limits to what the international community can achieve.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia: Still Some Way to Go

It is heartening that Brussels has shown its faith in Macedonia's European future. But it is now up to the citizens of this country to end the culture of corruption that still holds us back.
11 Sep 07

Sofia Gambles On A Macho Mayor

Bulgaria's capital takes a leaf out of California’s book, electing a man who looks more than a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
11 Sep 07

Letter to Bosnia: Your leaders initiated changes

Dear Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Let me take a moment to acquaint you with what has been taking place in your country for the past eight months regarding discussions on constitutional change.
11 Sep 07

With Gotovina Arrested, Croatia's Soul-Searching is Over

The pressure is now off for Zagreb to investigate a host of other unresolved war crimes against Serbs.

11 Sep 07

Tough Road Ahead For Kosovo Talks

As negotiations on the future status of Kosovo look set to begin, there is no room for complacency.