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Latest Views from the Balkans

25 May 15

The Balkans, Interrupted

The protests in Macedonia are only the beginning.

21 May 15

Time to Say ‘No’ to Balkan Thugocracies

The whole region cries out for a moral reorientation of politics that will allow a new generation of leaders to emerge.

12 May 15

Macedonian Police Action Leaves Host of Questions

The police action in Kumanovo has claimed 22 lives, eight members of the police and 14 fighters of the armed group. It has also left behind it a trail of unanswered questions.

08 May 15

EU Must Not Remain Silent Over Macedonia’s Agony

It is time Brussels told Nikola Gruevski that the longer he clings on to power, the worse it will be for his country.

07 May 15

Vucic Spares ‘His’ Men from Threatened Reshuffle

For six months, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has been announcing a reshuffle at the same time as protecting a number of ministers who are evidently controversial and unsuccessful.

29 Apr 15

Serbia’s Angry Leaders Turn on Ombudsman

Sasa Jankovic has clearly angered the political elite in Serbia, which now seems out to destroy him.

27 Apr 15

Little Dictator Gruevski’s End is Nigh

Time is fast running out for Nikola Gruevski as even his erstwhile supporters wake up to the reality of his corrupt regime.

08 Apr 15

Eradicating Corruption Must Be Macedonia’s Priority

The lack of accountability and transparency is at the heart of Macedonia’s repeated political crises.

06 Apr 15

The Belgrade Philharmonic is not Afraid of Controversy

The orchestra’s latest campaign, featuring the symbolic leek, may have drawn a sharp reaction - but it sees asking important questions about society as part of its role.

30 Mar 15

How Belgraders Remember the NATO Bombings

As the Serbian state tries to construct a narrative of national victimhood around the 1999 NATO air strikes, how did ordinary Belgraders experience the days and nights under fire?

27 Mar 15

The Ghost of Greater Albania Won’t go Away

If Albanian nationalism is still disturbing the Balkans, it is because the historic errors that brought it into being have not yet been fully addressed.

27 Mar 15

Macedonia's DUI is Heading Towards Perfect Storm

The surveillance scandal in Macedonia is inflicting enormous political damage on the government’ s Albanian partner party.

26 Mar 15

The EU is Paying a Protection Racket in Bosnia

By outsourcing conditionality to Bosnia’s own politicians, the EU is prioritising the ‘stability’ of the elites over the interests of Bosnia’s own citizens.

23 Mar 15

Gruevski Must Resign and Make Way For Transition Process

It is time for the Macedonian Prime Minister to go - any other solution would be like rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

27 Feb 15

Gruevski Has Made a Nightmare out of Macedonia

A government that conducts spying operations on this scale has not only lost credibility; it has lost the right to govern.