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Latest Views from the Balkans

27 Jul 16

Peace and Justice Remain Elusive in Macedonia

The continuing practice of limiting negotiations to the main parties, to the exclusion of other actors in society, will only further entrench a discredited political leadershi.

26 Jul 16

The Balkans and the Outskirts of Europe

The Balkans today are caught between Brexit and bloody showdown in Turkey. These are the new European geo-strategic coordinates that we need to be aware of.

25 Jul 16

It is Time to Let go of Cardinal Stepinac

The endless-seeming arguments over Cardinal Stepinac’s life and actions are a depressing reminder that World War II remains unfinished business in parts of the former Yugoslavia.

21 Jul 16

Bosnians Applaud as Their ‘Neighbours’ Cows’ Perish

Bosnia’s Bosniak, Croat and Serbian elites all seem bent on hurting each other’s interests - oblivious to the devastating effect this is having on the whole country and all its citizens.

19 Jul 16

Vucic Reaps Benefits From Guantanamo ‘Favour’

By accepting two Guantanamo detainees, Serbia has obtained a license from the US to continue his ‘balancing’ act with Russia and continue as usual on the domestic front.

15 Jul 16

Britain’s EU Supporters Hope May Manages ‘Soft’ Exit

The complete disarray of her political rivals gives Britain’s new Prime Minister a very free hand to determine the exact shape of the UK’s future relationship with Europe.


14 Jul 16

How to Create Ethnic Cohesion in Macedonia

Most of Macedonian society is ethnically divided, polarised and segregated, and serious attempts must be made to bring communities closer, end discrimination and boost participation in the democratic process.

13 Jul 16

Srebrenica: An Intimate Genocide

Remembering the victims of this genocidal massacre, 21 years on, it is important to note that nothing was either unpredictable or inevitable.

07 Jul 16

Question Mark Hangs Over Britain’s EU Departure

With the victorious ‘Leave’ camp in disarray, and no sign of any move from Britain to activate Article 50, ‘Remainers’ are calling for the June 23 referendum result to be set aside.

05 Jul 16

Eastern Europe Must Grasp Its UN Moment

Eastern Europe should not miss the historic opportunity to have one of its own elected as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations - preferably a woman.

24 Jun 16

Brexit has Brought a European ‘Ice Age’ Closer

Today is Friday, 24th June 2016. It’s a very sad day in the history of Europe.

24 Jun 16

Provincial Revolt Ends Britain’s EU Odyssey

The combined votes of London and Scotland were not enough to outweigh a working class revolt against the political elites as well as the EU.

16 Jun 16

Vucic Hits a Crisis With His ‘Western Friends’

The Serbian PM is finding his East-West balancing act increasingly hard to maintain.

16 Jun 16

Macedonia: Central Balkan Nation in Crisis

The current neglect of this small and fragile country by the EU and US undermines democracy and stability in the Balkans.

15 Jun 16

The Balkans Will Suffer if Britain Quits Europe

If UK voters opt to quit the EU on June 23, which recent polls suggest they might, the negative effects will be felt as far away as Belgrade and Tirana.