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Latest Views from the Balkans

08 Feb 16

Hit Book Paints Grim Picture of UK Romanians

The bleak lives of failed Romanian immigrants who camp in the London underpasses are brought sharply into focus in a new warts-and-all account of immigrant London.

29 Jan 16

Bosnia's Rule of Law Looks Increasingly Unruly

The arrest of Fahrudin Radoncic, its timing and the way it was done, has opened up many questions about the impartiality of the rule of law in Bosnia.

28 Jan 16

Keeping Out the Western Balkans Welcome Mat

Development actors like UNDP are supporting communities in the Balkans as they deal with the stress caused by the refugee flow, helping them to sustain their tradition of hospitality.

28 Jan 16

Serbian Photographs Have Survived an Ill-Thought Assault

It is a good thing parliament has not adopted a binding interpretation of the copyright act that showed so little understanding of the law.

28 Jan 16

Croatian President Will be Power Behind PM’s Throne

Without his own party, Croatia's new Prime Minister must rely on the President of the Republic for support.

27 Jan 16

Bosnia’s EU Application: Political Ruse or Misguided Optimism?

Bosnia's plan to submit an application to join the EU in 2016 is more of a strategy to divert attention from internal political and economic problems rather than an indicator of real progress.

22 Jan 16

Don’t Give Serbia a War Crimes Pass

During EU accession talks with Serbia, Brussels must press Belgrade to take genuine action to resolve war crimes cases, prosecute senior officials and stop shielding suspects.

21 Jan 16

The EU Must Oppose April Elections in Macedonia

Decision to press on with early polls, against all expert advice, proves that the government has no interest in a fair vote.

15 Jan 16

Vucic Charm Offensive Appears to Disarm Serbian Media

The Serbian PM amply demonstrated his considerable PR skills at his annual press conference, while the media seemed unable to get straight answers to tough questions.

13 Jan 16

MOST Has Put the Church in Power in Croatia

The so-called third way in politics has always been more Catholic than most voters realized - and has got its way with a HDZ and Church-run government

05 Jan 16

Turkish Investors Heal Ancient Divide With Serbia

Turkey and Serbia may never have been good friends but investors are busy taking the relationship to a new level.

30 Dec 15

Serbia is Playing Politics With War on Corruption

The timing and the media circus surrounding the latest arrests in Serbia suggest this is more about politics than a battle against graft.

23 Dec 15

Bosnia and Serbia: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

After relations improved this year between the two neighbouring countries, the Serbian PM has created new problems by ignoring a ruling made by Bosnia’s Constitutional Court.

21 Dec 15

Postponing Elections is Macedonia’s Only Hope

The EU should have the courage to tell Macedonia to delay an election for which the country is wholly unprepared.

17 Dec 15

Refugees Suffer Under Macedonia’s New Border Rules

New discriminatory border policy is leaving thousands of refugees in limbo and at mercy of smugglers.