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Latest Views from the Balkans

23 Jan 17

Redrawing Balkan Borders Would Shock Europe

Timothy Less’ diagnosis of Bosnia’s crisis may be accurate but his solution is completely impractical.

20 Jan 17

Balkan States Eye Their Prospects in Trump Era

Countries in the region are pondering whether they will lose or gain from a Trump presidency – but the end results of this new era are hard to call.

20 Jan 17

Slovenia Must not Flinch in Battle with Big Tobacco

The tobacco industry is doing its utmost to deter Slovenia from introducing plain cigarette packaging - it must not succeed.

19 Jan 17

US Retreat Under Trump Spells Disaster for Bosnia

Bosnia’s descent into a permanent state of instability was a result of the retreat of the United States from the region, which is about to accelerate under Donald Trump.

19 Jan 17

Serbia’s Agenda With ‘Train to Nowhere’ Remains Mysterious

Belgrade clearly banked on eliciting a stormy reaction from Kosovo by dispatching a train to Mitrovica; whether this drama was a designed to put Kosovo in the wrong - or was a simple miscalculation - is less clear.

19 Jan 17

Which Balkan Minorities Is Less Talking About?

A journalist who covered the conflict in former Yugoslavia takes issue with Timothy Less’ claim that the minorities whose desires need accommodating are those defined by ethnicity and religion.

16 Jan 17

Multi-ethnic States Have Failed in the Balkans

In response to Jasmin Mujanovic’s comment article, ‘New Partitions are the Last Thing the Balkans Need,’ Timothy Less maintains that the Balkan countries lack even the most basic elements needed to make multi-ethnicity work, so it is time to consider a new territorial settlement.

13 Jan 17

Serbia in 2017: Yet Another Year of Election Campaigns

With more elections on the horizon – possibly yet another parliamentary election – 2017 could be eerily similar to 2016 in Serbian politics.

12 Jan 17

New Partitions are the Last Thing the Balkans Need

Calls for the EU and US to support the further “fragmentation” of Balkan states “where minorities demand it” are highly irresponsible and can only lead to more bloodshed.

09 Jan 17

Balkans 2017: Economies Will Grow Despite Political Tensions

Most Balkan states will be slightly better off at the end of this year than they were at the beginning - despite the best efforts of the political class to keep tensions on the boil.

29 Dec 16

British Author Set to Reignite Stepinac Debate

An important new book on Archbishop Stepinac will delight some and anger others with its staunch defence of Croatia’s most controversial cleric.

28 Dec 16

What Will Russia do in 2017?

The Kremlin leader starts the new year in a position of strength. The big question is whether he will use the opportunity, or squander it.

26 Dec 16

Stefanovic Case Will Test Serbian Judiciary’s Real Independence

When ruling in the case of Serbia’s interior Minister vs NIN, the Serbian courts are obliged to take on board the praxis of European Court of Human Rights, which gives broad rights to freedom of expression. 

21 Dec 16

Montenegro: Wedged Between the West and "Treason"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s recent warning to Montenegro against joining NATO has dispelled all doubt: Moscow-Podgorica relations are at a new low.

19 Dec 16

Elections Have Left Macedonia Dangerously Adrift

Far from resolving the country’s deep crisis, the elections have only deepened it - as the discredited ruling party uses every means to cling to power.