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Latest Views from the Balkans

06 Dec 16

Drenas Setback Signals Trouble for Kosovo’s PDK

The failure of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, to win mayoral elections outright in its traditional stronghold of Drenas could result in problems for the ruling party across the country.

05 Dec 16

Why Macedonia’s Discredited Rulers Will Win Again

Despite astounding revelations of corruption and malpractice, Macedonia’s two ruling parties are likely to win the early elections in December for a combination of reasons.

02 Dec 16

Vucic Picks His Runner for Presidential Race

The popular Prime Minister faces a dilemma over who to back in the 2017 presidential contest – the sitting candidate Nikolic, Seselj – or go for the post himself.

30 Nov 16

Austria’s Top Diplomat Betrayed Democracy in Macedonia

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz’s endorsement of the ruling VMRO DPMNE party before the upcoming elections horrified freedom-seeking Macedonians and contradicted the EU’s democratic values.

17 Nov 16

Bulgaria Has Not Become a new East-West Battleground

The election of a ‘pro-Russian’ president may have piqued the Western media but Rumen Radev’s victory will not change the fundamentals of Bulgaria’s external allegiances.

15 Nov 16

Bulgaria, Moldova Complete Putin’s Lucky Week

Russia’s leader can only be satisfied that Donald Trump’s seismic victory in the US has been followed by the victories of pro-Moscow candidates closer to home.

14 Nov 16

Before Trump and Brexit, Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic exploited popular grievances to mobilise a mob and seize control, with disastrous consequences for Yugoslavia - now the West can learn some lessons from his rise to power.

10 Nov 16

Romania Still Dodging Accountability for CIA Torture Site

Despite the evidence, the Romanian government is still refusing to acknowledge that the CIA operated a covert detention centre in Bucharest where ‘War on Terror’ prisoners were tortured.

09 Nov 16

Don’t Expect Balkan U-Turns From Trump Presidency

Serbs may be rejoicing over the Republican candidate’s win, but substantial changes in US relations with the region are unlikely.

09 Nov 16

Trump Win Creates Winners and Losers in Balkans

While Trump in the White House will worry Muslim and Atlanticist countries in the Balkans, more Russophile countries will welcome the prospect of less tension with Moscow.

08 Nov 16

EU Must Highlight Serbia’s Democratic Deficiencies

This week’s annual European progress report should focus on the democratic deficiencies in Serbia as well as the country’s achievements, in order to prevent backsliding towards an illiberal political system.

07 Nov 16

Serbia Should be Wary of British ‘Friend’ Johnson

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson may delight many Serbs with his history-laden oratory about past wars - but his anti-EU obsessions are of questionable use to Belgrade.

03 Nov 16

Macedonia’s Debt is Growing Too Fast for Comfort

It is not the total size of Macedonia’s public debt that is worrying but its pace of growth.

02 Nov 16

Tight Presidential Race Gives Bulgarian Politics a Jolt

Tsetska Tsacheva, the presidential candidate supported by the country’s largest party, GERB, could face a tougher contest than originally anticipated.

01 Nov 16

Serbian Minister Revives Yugoslav Tactic for Taunting US

When the Serbian interior minister wanted to scold the US for allegedly meddling in his country’s affairs, he decided to revive an old Yugoslav retort against Washington.