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Latest Views from the Balkans

21 Oct 16

Paradox of Western Support for Montenegro’s ‘Godfather’

By continuing to bet on Milo Djukanović, the West and the EU risk falling into the ‘stability-versus-democracy’ trap - and discrediting the values they say they wish to uphold.

19 Oct 16

Donald Trump Sows Confusion over NATO

The US needs to think seriously about NATO’s future involvement in the Balkans, but Donald Trump’s chaotic comments about the military alliance mean that the important issues are being obscured.

17 Oct 16

Mafia-style Killing Reveals Serbian Sport’s Sinister Side

The latest assassination of another football supporters’ group boss has again underscored the close association between sport, politics and crime in Serbia.

14 Oct 16

Lies, Evasions and Folly: Welcome to Montenegro’s Elections

Montenegrins want change at this weekend’s parliamentary elections, but the elite that has ruled for nearly three decades has tried to manipulate the political process to ensure it remains in power.

12 Oct 16

Western Powerlessness Strengthens Bosnian Serb Leader

EU and US officials indicated they would not act over the illegal Bosnian Serb referendum before local elections to avoid fuelling already heightened tensions – but even after the ballot, they remain quiet.

11 Oct 16

Kosovo-Serbia Agreements Were Doomed From the Start

It is no surprise that none of the four agreements signed last year have got anywhere when both governments have been insincere about the normalisation process from the beginning.

06 Oct 16

Kosovo’s Qualifier With Croatia Leaves Fans Feeling Blue

Kosovo’s qualifying match with Croatia has been marred by a row over whether fans should wave the blue colours of Kosovo - or the red-and-black of Albania.

05 Oct 16

Local Elections Herald New Political Turmoil in Bosnia

The complex results and numerous controversies over the polls are unlikely to ease tensions in the country ahead of the 2018 general elections.

03 Oct 16

Hungary Shows Voters May be Tiring of Demagoguery

Viktor Orban’s failure to bring out of the voters in his slanted referendum on migrants suggests that the anti-migrant backlash may have passed its peak.

26 Sep 16

Sutanovac, Last Hope For Serbia’s Democrats?

The new leader of the Democratic Party now has a chance to show that the party that transformed Serbia years ago can become a relevant force in politics once again.

23 Sep 16

The Bosnians Have Made a Mess of This Referendum

The Bosniaks have made a strategic error in magnifying the trivial issue of the Serbs’ national day out of all proportion.

23 Sep 16

Bosnian Serb Referendum Risks Reopening Pandora’s Box

Sunday’s controversial Bosnian Serb referendum, which directly contravenes decisions made by state and international authorities, will undermine the enforcement mechanisms of the 1995 Dayton peace accord.

21 Sep 16

Spectre of Violence Hangs Over Bosnia Referendum

Referenda have been deployed as a political weapon in the former Yugoslavia since it started to disintegrate – but their consequences rarely correspond to what their architects intend.

20 Sep 16

The Last Coal Plant in the Western Balkans?

The Stanari lignite power plant in Bosnia officially starts operations today. If we are to have any hope of tackling climate change, it had better be the last one in the region,

15 Sep 16

Croatia Elections Foretell Disaster Awaiting Bosnia's Civic Parties

After Croatia's Social Democratic Party, SDP, suffered an embarrassing defeat in the country's recent elections, a similar fate awaits Bosnia's civic parties in the upcoming local elections there.