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Latest Views from the Balkans

21 Aug 15

Europe’s Dilemma Over Migrants Can Only Get Worse

The confusion in Macedonia over how to deal with migrants – let them in or shoo them away – reflects a broader muddle over the issue in Europe as a whole.

24 Jul 15

EU Must Hold Gruevski to Account Over Reforms

The government’s continued culture of denial when it comes to the wiretapping allegations gives little reason to hope that it will respect the July 15 agreement.

20 Jul 15

Serbia’s Broken Promises Over US Albanians’ Murders

Officials again promised to solve the killings of the Bytyqi brothers at a Serbian police centre in 1999 - but their words just echo similar unfulfilled promises over the past decade.

15 Jul 15

Chaos at Srebrenica Has Defiled Memory of Genocide

The attack on the Serbian leader in Srebrenica marked the culmination of weeks of local, regional and global political games that have brought Bosnia to boiling point.

13 Jul 15

Tudjman Takes Zagreb, 15 Years After Death

The first democratically-elected Croatian president, Franjo Tudjman, is to become more prominent in the capital than he ever was when he was alive.

12 Jul 15

It’s Time the US Grabbed the Reins in Macedonia

The US needs to be an active ingredient in attempts to resolve the crisis in Macedonia - not just play a supporting role to the EU.

10 Jul 15

B92’s Decline is a Blow to Serbian Democracy

The Belgrade radio station remembered for its fearless independence under Milosevic is shedding most of its staff when the need for strong, alternative voices remains vital.

09 Jul 15

Public Sector Rationalization is Far From Rational

The plan to restructure and cut the overall cost of the public sector in Serbia raises as many questions as it answers.

06 Jul 15

Greek Drama Hangs Over Merkel’s Visit to Serbia

Faced with a debacle in Greece, Angela Merkel will want to extract good news from her trip to Belgrade – but Vucic should still not expect an easy ride.

23 Jun 15

Alarm Bells for Media Freedom in Croatia

The recent sacking of prominent Croatian journalist highlights renewed threats to media freedom and suggests that the country could be returning to the harsher atmosphere of the 1990s.

18 Jun 15

A UN Chief From Eastern Europe at Last?

The countries of Eastern and South Eastern Europe should be careful not to squander an historic opportunity for the region in 2016.

17 Jun 15

Referendum Obsession Holds Dangers for Croatia

While referenda can be a constructive element of the democratic process, a clear legal framework should be adopted for single-issue votes to ensure the many don’t trample on the rights of the few, warns politics professor Viseslav Raos.

09 Jun 15

The Balkans Must Help Us Prevail Over ISIL

US Envoy for the Coalition to Counter ISIL says Balkan states are playing their part in the campaign to overcome a determined and dangerous enemy.

04 Jun 15

Macedonia’s Crisis is an Opportunity For New Forces

Once the country emerges from this crisis, civil society will have an important chance to play a role in forging a new kind of society.

01 Jun 15

From Albania to Bosnia: Brothers Need Arms

In the early 1990s, Albania offered its help to the United States, which was looking for ways to support the Bosnian Muslim side in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.