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Latest Views from the Balkans

26 May 16

Serbia's Controlled Media Are Ignoring Waterfront Protests

It is not surprising that most Serbian mainstream media either ignored or only selectively reported on a rally in which more than 10,000 marchers demanded resignations over the controversial demolitions in the Waterfront area.

04 May 16

The False Threat of Secession in Bosnia

The simple truth is that the Republika Srpska cannot and will not become independent.

28 Apr 16

Civil Society Must Play Role in Macedonia’s Crisis

An EU-led ‘citizens’ summit’ involving the big parties and the civil movement could revive a much-needed dialogue – whose absence has brought Macedonia to the brink of conflict.

27 Apr 16

Vucic Faces Tough Opponents in Serbia’s New Assembly

The all-conquering Progressive Party leader faces a tough ride in the new parliament at the hands of at least three skilled opponents.

22 Apr 16

Europe Must Be Ready to Punish Macedonia’s Leaders

Following the President’s outrageous pardon, the EU and US must show they are ready to sanction the country’s leaders for failing to keep their promises.

19 Apr 16

Ever-Changing Electoral Systems Fuelled Macedonia’s Crisis

Arbitrary changes to the electoral system, frequent dissolutions of parliament and over-powerful governing coalitions have contributed to the current political crisis in Macedonia.

18 Apr 16

Time to Confront Macedonia’s Little Dictator

As Macedonians take to the streets in protest against their autocratic and corrupt regime, the international community should apply pressure from the outside as well.

13 Apr 16

The Last Presidential Pardon in Macedonia

Now that the President has subverted the last hope of Macedonia fulfilling the EU crisis agreement, only international intervention can save the country from violence.

06 Apr 16

Hague Rulings Strengthen Right in Serbian Election

Even before the ‘gift’ of the recent ICTY verdicts, the right was on course to get back into Serbia’s parliament.

01 Apr 16

How Seselj’s Verdict Got History Terribly Wrong

In acquitting Vojislav Seselj of all charges, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia applied flawed logic, a bad understanding of history, and a stunning lack of decency and common sense.

30 Mar 16

Safeguarding the Hague Tribunal’s Unique War Archives

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia has amassed an archive of over 10 million documents and other vital evidence which must be preserved as a permanent record of the war years.

25 Mar 16

Enfeebled EU is Losing its Influence in Balkans

The EU’s increasing weakness in the Western Balkans is allowing other actors, like Russia and Turkey, to move in and exert influence.

24 Mar 16

Justice Finally Catches Up with Karadzic

Twenty-one years after the Srebrenica massacres, Radovan Karadzic has been convicted of genocide - sending out a message that heinous crimes by political leaders can be punished.

23 Mar 16

Vucic Bypasses Elections In Belgrade

Prime Minister plays it safe by leaving Belgrade out of the next elections. 

18 Mar 16

Serbia’s Tabloid Attack Dog Serves Powerful Masters

Did state intelligence or law enforcement help a Serbian tabloid smear independent investigative reporting organisation KRIK in a dirty-tricks campaign to stop revelations about the country’s government?