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Latest Views from the Balkans

23 Jun 15

Alarm Bells for Media Freedom in Croatia

The recent sacking of prominent Croatian journalist highlights renewed threats to media freedom and suggests that the country could be returning to the harsher atmosphere of the 1990s.

18 Jun 15

A UN Chief From Eastern Europe at Last?

The countries of Eastern and South Eastern Europe should be careful not to squander an historic opportunity for the region in 2016.

17 Jun 15

Referendum Obsession Holds Dangers for Croatia

While referenda can be a constructive element of the democratic process, a clear legal framework should be adopted for single-issue votes to ensure the many don’t trample on the rights of the few, warns politics professor Viseslav Raos.

09 Jun 15

The Balkans Must Help Us Prevail Over ISIL

US Envoy for the Coalition to Counter ISIL says Balkan states are playing their part in the campaign to overcome a determined and dangerous enemy.

04 Jun 15

Macedonia’s Crisis is an Opportunity For New Forces

Once the country emerges from this crisis, civil society will have an important chance to play a role in forging a new kind of society.

01 Jun 15

From Albania to Bosnia: Brothers Need Arms

In the early 1990s, Albania offered its help to the United States, which was looking for ways to support the Bosnian Muslim side in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

25 May 15

The Balkans, Interrupted

The protests in Macedonia are only the beginning.

21 May 15

Time to Say ‘No’ to Balkan Thugocracies

The whole region cries out for a moral reorientation of politics that will allow a new generation of leaders to emerge.

12 May 15

Macedonian Police Action Leaves Host of Questions

The police action in Kumanovo has claimed 22 lives, eight members of the police and 14 fighters of the armed group. It has also left behind it a trail of unanswered questions.

08 May 15

EU Must Not Remain Silent Over Macedonia’s Agony

It is time Brussels told Nikola Gruevski that the longer he clings on to power, the worse it will be for his country.

07 May 15

Vucic Spares ‘His’ Men from Threatened Reshuffle

For six months, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has been announcing a reshuffle at the same time as protecting a number of ministers who are evidently controversial and unsuccessful.

29 Apr 15

Serbia’s Angry Leaders Turn on Ombudsman

Sasa Jankovic has clearly angered the political elite in Serbia, which now seems out to destroy him.

27 Apr 15

Little Dictator Gruevski’s End is Nigh

Time is fast running out for Nikola Gruevski as even his erstwhile supporters wake up to the reality of his corrupt regime.

08 Apr 15

Eradicating Corruption Must Be Macedonia’s Priority

The lack of accountability and transparency is at the heart of Macedonia’s repeated political crises.

06 Apr 15

The Belgrade Philharmonic is not Afraid of Controversy

The orchestra’s latest campaign, featuring the symbolic leek, may have drawn a sharp reaction - but it sees asking important questions about society as part of its role.