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Latest Views from the Balkans

23 Feb 17

Vucic-Nikolic ‘Pact’ Hides Serbian Leaders’ Bitter Rivalry

Serbia’s President and Prime Minister may have sealed a ‘non-aggression’ pact, but their relationship is not an alliance of friends but a deal reflecting pure mutual interest.

21 Feb 17

Is Feudal Ex-Yugoslavia Incapable of Reform?

Western Balkan societies remain mired in squalor and resentment because we have not had the courage to demand anything better or confront our feudal, predatory elites.

20 Feb 17

UK Media Focus on Montenegro Suggests Policy Shift

The strong support offered to Milo Djukanovic’s coup allegations in an influential UK newspaper suggests an East-West tug-of-war over Montenegro is hotting up.

13 Feb 17

More Work for the Balkan Map Makers?

The 1995 Dayton deal ended a boom time for Balkan mapmakers – but with ‘land swaps’ and frontiers once more up for discussion, they could find their services in demand again.

08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans

If the West now has to compete with Russia for influence in the Balkans, that might not be a bad thing.

03 Feb 17

Serbia’s and Montenegro’s Leaders Need Each Other

The Prime Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro both stand to benefit from sending a message that their countries’ mutual relations are better than they once were.

03 Feb 17

Macedonians are Mistaken Over SJO ‘Deadline’

The common belief that Macedonia’s special prosecution has only 18 months to complete its tasks is based on a mistaken understanding of the law.

27 Jan 17

US Must not Hesitate Over Montenegro’s NATO Bid

The US Senate must end the anxiety in Montenegro over the NATO Accession Protocol, which is only serving the interests of the Kremlin’s political allies in the country.

23 Jan 17

Redrawing Balkan Borders Would Shock Europe

Timothy Less’ diagnosis of Bosnia’s crisis may be accurate but his solution is completely impractical.

20 Jan 17

Balkan States Eye Their Prospects in Trump Era

Countries in the region are pondering whether they will lose or gain from a Trump presidency – but the end results of this new era are hard to call.

20 Jan 17

Slovenia Must not Flinch in Battle with Big Tobacco

The tobacco industry is doing its utmost to deter Slovenia from introducing plain cigarette packaging - it must not succeed.

19 Jan 17

US Retreat Under Trump Spells Disaster for Bosnia

Bosnia’s descent into a permanent state of instability was a result of the retreat of the United States from the region, which is about to accelerate under Donald Trump.

19 Jan 17

Serbia’s Agenda With ‘Train to Nowhere’ Remains Mysterious

Belgrade clearly banked on eliciting a stormy reaction from Kosovo by dispatching a train to Mitrovica; whether this drama was a designed to put Kosovo in the wrong - or was a simple miscalculation - is less clear.

19 Jan 17

Which Balkan Minorities Is Less Talking About?

A journalist who covered the conflict in former Yugoslavia takes issue with Timothy Less’ claim that the minorities whose desires need accommodating are those defined by ethnicity and religion.

16 Jan 17

Multi-ethnic States Have Failed in the Balkans

In response to Jasmin Mujanovic’s comment article, ‘New Partitions are the Last Thing the Balkans Need,’ Timothy Less maintains that the Balkan countries lack even the most basic elements needed to make multi-ethnicity work, so it is time to consider a new territorial settlement.