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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

11 Sep 07

IN DEPTH: Dayton 'construction error' blocks Bosnia's path to prosperity

Don't expect an economic revival in Bosnia until its constitution is drastically simplified.
11 Sep 07

Serbs Sell Up In Presevo

Vastly outnumbered by Albanians and with little hope of new jobs, Serbs are rapidly leaving this remote border area.

11 Sep 07

Europe Sets Terms For Montenegro's Independence Poll

Brussels is coming around to the idea that Montenegro may soon go it alone but is determined to ensure an independence referendum is free and fair.
11 Sep 07

Kosovars wake up to the need for a new flag

If Kosovo Albanians get their own state, it will need its own flag. The problem is, many Albanians don’t want one.
11 Sep 07

Macedonia: New Language Law Too Hot to Handle

Government puts off passing an all-encompassing law on the use of the Albanian language, fearing a backlash at the polls.
11 Sep 07

New constitution poses challenge to Serbs and Croats

While international players claim Bosnia's leaders have been secretly drafting a new constitution, they are keeping to the nationalist line at home and denying all knowledge.
10 Sep 07

Kosovo Talks Unlikely to Come to Anything

Fresh discussions over the future of Kosovo appear to be little more than a stalling tactic for all involved.

07 Sep 07

Kosovo Tactics May Split Serbia

Serbia’s threats to pull back from closer links with NATO over Kosovo are widely perceived as a step away from the West, and might shake the ruling coalition.
07 Sep 07

Bosnian Croats in Last-ditch Fight against Education Reform

New Education Law brings international recognition for Bosnian university degrees, but numerous critics say reforms either jeopardize ethnic rights or do not go far enough.

28 Aug 07

Romanian Village Sees US Base as Golden Opportunity

In downtrodden village near Black Sea, locals believe first US base will improve their lives.
21 Aug 07

Serbia ready for make-or-break over Kosovo

Days before fresh talks start on the future of Kosovo, Serbia has yet to reveal its own negotiating team and strategy for the talks.

17 Aug 07

Serbia's South Remains Volatile

While officials insist the situation is stable, analysts warn that tensions could easily escalate into conflict in an area that saw an ethnic Albanian insurgency seven years ago.

02 Aug 07

Serbia Ponders Reprisals if Kosovo is Recognised

Experts say Serbia may downgrade or even sever diplomatic relations with countries that recognise the province unilaterally.

02 Aug 07

Future of Hague Tribunal Archives Debated

A decision is yet to be made about where huge quantities of historically important documentation are to be sent when the court closes.

02 Aug 07

Ivanovic: 'Serbia will not become a Soviet republic'

Moderate leader of Kosovo Serbs says Serbia has no reason to fear a Russian alliance; it will join the EU in the end, whatever happens.