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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

03 May 16

Bosnia Moves to Push Banks to Release Reserves

Bosnia hopes to force banks to lend more money to business by charging them fees for deposits that exceed the reserves required to be held in the Central Bank – but some doubt whether the strategy will work.

02 May 16

New Smederevo Steel Mill Owner Promises Investments and Jobs - For Now

China's He Steel Group bids premium price despite falling prices, demand throughout Europe.

28 Apr 16

Hazy Future for Serbia's Copper Giant

While the longterm solution for RTB Bor remains uncertain, Serbian taxpayers will continue to pay for company mismanagement.

26 Apr 16

New Serbian Parliament Mirrors Politically Polarised Society

For the past few years, self-styled ‘pro-European’ parties have had no serious opposition in parliament, but that is about to change after radical pro-Russian forces won seats at the weekend’s elections.

26 Apr 16

Widening Cracks Imperil Croatia’s Ruling Coalition

Worsening tensions in Croatia's new government are likely to end in a major reshuffle - or even new general elections.

21 Apr 16

The New Left is Rising in Serbia

Disappointed in a weak political and economic system, new leftist political forces have emerged in Serbia in the last few years to oppose austerity measures and a reduction in workers rights.

19 Apr 16

Croatia’s Media Policy Concerns EU Ambassadors

Diplomats’ meeting seen as sending a signal to Croatia that its moves to control the media are being followed closely.

18 Apr 16

Italian Soldiers Keep Dying from ‘Balkan Syndrome’

At least 300 Italian soldiers may have died from exposure to depleted uranium in Bosnia and Kosovo - but the Italian authorities continue to deny the existence of a connection.

15 Apr 16

Vucic Uses PM’s Post to Hog Limelight in Serbia

In the run-up to next week’s elections, it has become difficult to differentiate between the premier's official duties and his campaign rallies.

15 Apr 16

Montenegro Probes Investigative Reporter for Drug Trafficking

Montenegrin investigative journalist Jovo Martinovic, work has exposed crime networks, war criminals and the Pink Panthers jewel thieves gang, is facing indictment for allegedly aiding a drug-trafficking gang.

08 Apr 16

Boycott Threat Fuels Macedonia Election Uncertainty

The chances of June elections resolving Macedonia’s political crisis have dimmed since the opposition announced plans to boycott them.

07 Apr 16

Macedonia Crisis Makes Foreign Investors Wary

The political crisis in Macedonia is impacting on foreign investment, which has fallen in recent years  – but concerns about transparency have been present for longer.

06 Apr 16

Rise in Albanian Asylum Seekers Worries Dutch

While The Netherlands has already taken steps to deter a wave of asylum seekers from Albania, the number continues to grow.

05 Apr 16

Serbian Stadium-Building Plan Hit by Criticism

The construction of a new national stadium, a showpiece project backed by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, has come under fire for being too expensive.

04 Apr 16

Benefits of Serbia’s Lavish Investor Subsidies Queried

Serbia saw increased rates of FDI in 2015 - which may reflect the generous packages on offer - but experts worry about the long-term consequences for the budget and for free market competition.