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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

08 Feb 16

Reforms and Investments Key to Accelerating Serbia’s Economic Growth

Higher growth rates for Serbia could only be achieved if the pace of reforms is sustained and more investors are attracted to Serbia.

08 Feb 16

Kumanovo Gunmen Face Trial in Macedonia

Twenty-nine ethnic Albanians accused of involvement in a shootout that left 18 dead in Kumanovo face terrorism charges at a trial that starts on Tuesday in Skopje.

04 Feb 16

Constitutional Courts Face Crisis Across Balkans

Mounting political pressures and blatant disregard for judgments are undermining the authority of constitutional courts across the region.

03 Feb 16

Macedonia Election Date Still on Table

Snap polls designed to end the crisis in Macedonia should not take place before May, June or even September, an EU country ambassador told BIRN.

29 Jan 16

Kosovo 'Drug Baron' Trial Haunts Bosnian Politician

The arrest of a key Bosniak politician, Fahrudin Radoncic, in connection to a drug trafficking and murder trial has brought his alleged links to the Balkan underworld to light.

29 Jan 16

Activists Muster for New Protest Wave in Macedonia

Macedonian civil activists say a new wave of street protests may be around the corner, although they admit it may be hard to recapture last year’s energy.

28 Jan 16

Bosnian Serbs Want Bigger Say in Divided Mostar

After feeling marginalized since the 1992-5 war, the small but growing Bosnian Serb community says it is determined to ‘take its fate into its own hands’.

28 Jan 16

Football on Sale: Serbia Facing Talent Exodus

Low wages for players and clubs’ financial instability in Serbian football leagues ‘chase away’ young, talented football players – weakening the domestic field.

28 Jan 16

Justice and Economy Test Albania’s Fraying Coalition

EU and US support seem likely to guarantee eventual adoption of major changes to the justice system – but the ruling coalition will continue to struggle with internal rifts and a stagnant economy.

25 Jan 16

Bankrupt Bosnia Looks to IMF for Salvation

Timid recent improvements in Bosnia's economic performance may be too little and too late, as the country faces near-disaster without a new IMF program.

25 Jan 16

Pressure Mounts on Macedonia’s Special Prosecution

The embattled authorities are clearly sabotaging the work of the recently established Special Prosecution office, tasked with probing illegality in high places.

25 Jan 16

Serbian Opposition Faces Uphill Battle in Elections

Failure to develop different policies, lack of cash, scant media coverage and the weight of ‘old recycled names’ are just some obstacles facing opposition parties this spring.

22 Jan 16

Montenegro PM Eyes Benefits of Early Election

Montenegro's veteran leader is mulling the potential advantage of a no-confidence vote and early elections - which would enable him to avoid more stringent future election rules.

20 Jan 16

Can the New Kosovo Court Keep Witnesses Safe?

Courts have repeatedly failed to safeguard Kosovo war crimes witnesses from threats and violence - now the new Hague-based special court must protect those who testify against powerful defendants.

18 Jan 16

Decision Time for Bulgaria on Top UN Job

PM Boyko Borisov must choose who to nominate as Bulgaria’s candidate for the next UN Secretary-General soon or risk losing the chance of securing the position and splitting his ruling coalition.