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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

28 May 16

Questions Linger Over Kosovo Mobster’s Record Verdict

A Kosovo court has jailed Enver Sekiraqa for a record 37 years - but the alleged mobster’s trial was a troubled marathon, featuring dozens of witnesses and a mass of conflicting claims.

27 May 16

Bus Battle Sets Stage for War for Kosovo Capital

Kosovo’s two main political rivals are sparring over a project to revitalize public transport in Pristina as part of a wider struggle for control of the capital.

26 May 16

‘Patriot’ Parties Hold Cards in Divided Bulgaria

Nationalist parties are emerging as the big winners - as tensions escalate inside the country’s fragmented ruling coalition. 

26 May 16

Vojislav Seselj Seeks Political Resurrection in Bosnia

With his popularity boosted by his war crimes acquittal, Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj is hoping to stage a political comeback among Bosnia’s Serbs as well as in his home country.

25 May 16

Bosnia's Chinese ‘Investments’ Come With Strings Attached

Chinese money is enabling Bosnia to overhaul its aging power plants – but these loans will all have to be repaid some day.

20 May 16

Serbian Presidential Race Gets Off to Early Start

Less than a month after recent general elections, Serbia is already gearing up for the next presidential race in 2017.

20 May 16

Veseli Gets Chance to Reshape Kosovo Ruling Party

Observers in Kosovo wonder whether the new chief of Democratic Party of Kosovo will make major changes or continue the old policies - but only Kadri Veseli knows the answer.

17 May 16

Romania Licks its Wounds as Daimler Turns Elsewhere

Romania’s failure to attract a sought-after investment by the German car giant is being blamed on poor infrastructure and the lack of a skilled workforce.

17 May 16

Macedonia Albanians Make Push for Federal State

Discontented with the current Albanian parties working in coalition with Macedonian ones, some Albanian intellectuals say it is time to consider the option turning Macedonia into a federation.

16 May 16

Turkey’s Balkan Role Uncertain After Davutoglu

The resignation of Premier Ahmet Davutoglu - architect of Turkey’s assertive foreign policy in the Balkans - raises questions about who will now fill this role in future.

13 May 16

Wealthy Arabs Buy Slice of ‘Heaven’ in Bosnia

Bosnia is becoming an attractive destination for Arab and Gulf state visitors, many of whom are buying real estate – but while some welcome the influx, not everyone is delighted.

13 May 16

Serbian New Government Likely to Mirror Old One

Although they exchanged harsh words during the campaign, Progressives and Socialists will probably be the core of the new Serbian government.

13 May 16

Kosovo’s EU Visa Victory Leaves Serbs Feeling Cold

Kosovo Albanians have welcomed the European Commission call to extend visa-free travel to Kosovo - but Kosovo Serbs fear they may be left out of the benefits.

12 May 16

Opposition Collapse Relieves Pressure on Kosovo PM

As Kosovo’s ‘Unified Opposition’ splinters in rows over tactics and power sharing, the government’s controversial deals with Serbia and Montenegro are likely to face less resistance.

11 May 16

New Serbian Government Must Hit the Ground Running

As the dust begins to settle over the conduct of Serbia’s elections, citizens look toward the daunting economic challenges awaiting the next government.