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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

20 Nov 14

Rivals Hatch Deal to Govern Kosovo

The leader of the LDK has announced that his party will lead the next government in coalition with Hashim Thaci’s PDK.

19 Nov 14

Romania’s Net Generation Forces Change in Romania

Young, motivated urban voters - and Romanians living abroad - seem to have tipped the balance for presidential winner Klaus Iohannis.

19 Nov 14

Serbia Helpless to Arrest Dinar’s Steady Slide

The National Bank has little chance of halting the steady slide in the value of the dinar without economic growth, stronger exports and higher investment.

18 Nov 14

Fighting for Their Fair Share

Women across the Balkans face a battle to overcome discrimination and exercise their legal rights to inherit.

14 Nov 14

Seselj Homecoming Promises to Shake Up Serbia

The homecoming of the ultra-nationalist leader - who is on trial for war crimes in The Hague - will add a new element of drama to the political scene.

11 Nov 14

Borisov Faces Challenge, Ending Bulgaria’s Turmoil

The new-old Prime Minister, sworn in last Friday, was credited with stabilizing Bulgaria once in the past - but can he repeat this performance again?

11 Nov 14

Albania PM’s Homily on Kosovo Infuriates Serbia

Serbian leaders accuse Edi Rama of ‘humiliating’ their country by declaring Kosovo’s independence a ‘reality’ that they must accept.

10 Nov 14

Albania and Serbia’s Small Step Towards Reconciliation

Edi Rama’s historic visit to Serbia won’t resolve longstanding issues that divide the two countries but could help both of them on their EU path, observers in Tirana and Belgrade suggest.

07 Nov 14

Serbia’s Bosniaks Face More Years With No Council

With the two blocs representing Bosniaks in Sandzak at odds over the National Council election results, the community faces another four years without a body representing its interests in Serbia.

06 Nov 14

Lawyers and Notaries at War in Macedonia, Serbia

Conflicts over jurisdiction and profit have put lawyers and notaries in Macedonia and Serbia at each other’s throats – though the battlelines in the two countries are drawn differently.

31 Oct 14

Lawyers War with Ministry Paralyses Serbian Judiciary

While Serbia’s justice ministry and striking lawyers trade bitter accusations, experts say resolution must urgently be found to the conflict.

30 Oct 14

Rule of Law Turns Unruly in Bosnia

Almost constant battles between top judicial institutions will leave Bosnia even more exposed to crime, corruption and terrorism, experts fear.

28 Oct 14

Romania Expects President to Turn Page in History

Romania’s next president may not change much in day-to-day politics, but whoever it is, he will at least mark a symbolic departure from the communist era.

27 Oct 14

Court Challenge Threatens Kosovo President’s Position

Ombudsperson’s case against judges’ reappointments to the Constitutional Court could disable the court and result in the President’s impeachment.

22 Oct 14

No Breakthrough in Sight after Bosnia’s Elections

Weak, complex coalition governments formed after long delays are unlikely to put this fractured and decaying country back on the path to recovery.