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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

18 Aug 15

Macedonian TV’s Owner Faces Fraud Charges

The future of another independent media outlet in Macedonia is in doubt after Telma’s owners, Makpetrol, were charged with fraud.

14 Aug 15

Bosnia Struggles with War Rape Compensation

Landmark verdicts from the Bosnian state court ordering wartime rapists to compensate their victims have run into trouble because the convicted men might be too poor to pay.

12 Aug 15

Kosovo’s New War Court: Major Challenges Ahead

MPs in Pristina finally voted to set up the court to try Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas, but protecting witnesses and assembling strong enough evidence to convict suspects could be formidable challenges.

11 Aug 15

Serbian Opposition Alleges Wave of Intimidation

Serbian opposition parties say growing number of incidents of intimidation of their politicians and activists is creating an atmosphere of fear aimed at neutralising dissent.

07 Aug 15

Nationalist Commemorations Threaten Balkan Reconciliation

Recent events commemorating the region’s violent past have pitched several former Yugoslav countries into a nationalist frenzy, casting a shadow over hopes for reconciliation.

06 Aug 15

Kosovo’s New War Court: How Will it Work?

After MPs in Pristina voted to set up a new court to try Kosovo Liberation Army ex-guerrillas, BIRN examines how it will operate, who it can prosecute and for which offences.

30 Jul 15

Communist Property Seizures Create Headache for Albania

Under pressure from the European Court of Human Rights, the government proposed a law to compensate owners of 26,000 properties confiscated under communism, but critics say it won’t pay them enough.

24 Jul 15

Bosniak Fans Feel ‘Scapegoated’ Over PM’s Attack

Football supporters in Sandzak say the authorities are rushing to blame them for the attack on the Prime Minister in Srebrenica - when they were not even there.

24 Jul 15

Austerity Chokes Serbia’s Chances of Recovery

Without more investment and a better business climate, austerity measures will not turn around Serbia’s economy, experts say.

21 Jul 15

Bosnia Leaders Hope to Mend Fences in Serbia

The visit this week of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency to Serbia - shortly after the attack on the Serbian leader in Srebrenica - will test already strained relations between the two countries.

17 Jul 15

Kosovo MPs to Vote ‘Soon’ on Special Court

As pressure mounts on Kosovo to establish a war crimes court, the government is pushing for a new vote in parliament on the issue.

17 Jul 15

Bosnia’s Corrupt Healthcare Comes Under Spotlight

From the old tradition of giving flowers to nurses to the payment of hefty bribes to doctors, corruption is rampant among the medical profession in Bosnia.

16 Jul 15

Macedonia Peace Deal Arouses Hope and Doubt

While political leaders appear to have reached a deal on resolving the deep political crisis in Macedonia, the big question is whether the will exists to implement it.

10 Jul 15

Western Balkans on Alert Over ISIS Threat

Countries in the region have raised security levels and introduced new precautions to counter the threat of terrorist attacks by Islamic State.

06 Jul 15

Croatia Marks EU Anniversary in Downbeat Mood

Two years after joining the EU, although the economy is starting to recover, the country feels divided and stuck in the doldrums.