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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

18 Jul 14

EU Shrinks Kosovo Rule-of-Law Mission

The EU’s rule-of-law mission, EULEX, is cutting personnel and reducing its role in war crimes and corruption cases, but some are not sure if Kosovo can deal with sensitive prosecutions itself.

14 Jul 14

Serbia-US Flights Not Ready for Takeoff

Despite official talk of direct US flights by 2015, experts say Air Serbia has a way to go before it can obtain a license to fly to America, and some doubt whether such flights will ever be profitable.

10 Jul 14

Srebrenica Anniversary: The Netherlands on Trial

Srebrenica victims’ families are awaiting a landmark judgement in their lawsuit against the Netherlands over accusations that Dutch peacekeepers failed to prevent their relatives’ deaths in 1995.

09 Jul 14

Djukanovic Denies Russian Moles Active in Montenegro

Prime Minister dismisses reports that NATO rebuffed the country because Russian spies are over-active in the intelligence service.

09 Jul 14

Croatia Eyes Oil Bonanza in the Adriatic

Dream of becoming the ‘new Norway’ are driving Croatia to explore the potential oil and gas deposits in the Adriatic – but environmentalists and tourist experts are concerned about the possible effects.

09 Jul 14

Moldova Braces for Russian Ire Over EU Pact

The former Soviet republic’s decision to sign an EU association agreement has the potential to provoke conflict on a range of fronts with Moscow.

09 Jul 14

Bulgaria Bank Panic Blamed on Oligarchs’ Feud

The mysterious recent run on banks may be linked to a conflict between rival businessmen, boding ill for the country’s prospects of stability, experts maintain.

08 Jul 14

Albania Muslims Shun ISIL’s World Caliphate

Alleged plans to include Albania in a newly declared global Islamic state have obtained a cool reception among Albanian Muslim leaders.

03 Jul 14

Kosovo Opposition Lines Up Against Thaci

Hashim Thaci’s ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo is convinced it will succeed in forming a new government, but it’s unclear how it will get the votes, with the opposition united against him.

01 Jul 14

Albania Faces Bumpy Road to EU Accession

As Tirana struggles to satisfy membership criteria, internal dynamics in EU member states add a new burden to hopes for a smooth and speedy accession.

30 Jun 14

Russia and Germany vie for Serbian Power Company

Russian and German energy companies have equal chances of gaining a share in Serbia’s main power supplier, EPS, experts say.

30 Jun 14

Flood Disaster Wipes Out Bosnia’s Economic Growth

The damage caused by the floods in Bosnia, estimated at two billion euro, has erased any chance of growth this year and created economic problems for years to come.

27 Jun 14

Theories, Clues but Few Facts in Serbia Police Chief Sackings Case

Speculation as to why Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic suddenly dismissed five police chiefs continues to dominate media coverage, leaving ordinary people in the dark about the real reason for the sackings.

20 Jun 14

Germany Keeps Open Mind on Vucic, for Now

While the German media and experts see Serbia's Prime Minister as problematic, the government's focus is on the country's EU accession process, particularly the Kosovo issue and Serbia's economic recovery.

20 Jun 14

Floods Recovery Tests Bosnia’s Politics and Western Resolve

Bosnia risks a worse social explosion than the one it saw in February if it mismanages Western aid for flood recovery – likely to be more limited than it expected.