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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

17 Apr 14

Nightmare Dilemma for Serbia Over Failed Companies

If Serbia does not postpone enforcement of a court ruling ordering companies in restructuring to repay debts, the results will be socially devastating, experts say.

16 Apr 14

Russia’s New Assertiveness Awakens Old Fears in Romania

Russia’s drive to restore itself as a great power touches a raw nerve in Romania, where for historical reasons many regard Russia with deep suspicion.

09 Apr 14

New War Crimes Tribunal Poses Dilemma for Kosovo

While many in Kosovo resent the idea of yet another tribunal charged with probing war crimes committed in the late 1990s, pressure to agree to the court is proving irresistible.

08 Apr 14

Balkans Weigh Impact of Russia-Ukraine Gas Feud

If Russia cuts or curbs the gas supply to Ukraine, some Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Serbia, could be hard hit, as they lack alternative supply routes.

08 Apr 14

Dice Heavily Loaded in Macedonian Elections

A suspicious electoral roll and a media heavily in favour of the ruling parties are only some of factors undermining confidence in April’s presidential and parliament elections.

03 Apr 14

Worried Banks Cut Loans to Serbian Businesses

As the number of companies in Serbia defaulting on their loans continues to rise, the banks are tightening their lending criteria.

02 Apr 14

Montenegro’s Hopes Rise as NATO Summit Looms

Ahead of NATO’s September summit in Wales, the government is sounding confident that the alliance is close to admitting it to membership.

28 Mar 14

Privatization Kills off Bosnia’s Oil Industry

Supposedly ‘lifesaving’ privatization deals with foreign partners have been a disaster for oil companies in both Bosnia’s entities.

27 Mar 14

Victory Unlikely for Macedonia’s Reenergised Opposition

Despite a new leader and a range of new policies, the odds are stacked against the Social Democrats winning the April elections.

27 Mar 14

Election Tightens Vucic’s Grip on Kosovo Talks

Kosovo hopes the Progressive Party’s convincing win in the election in Serbia will give it a free hand to speed up talks with Prishtina.

21 Mar 14

West's Russian Crisis Leaves Bulgaria in Dilemma

As the EU and US mull targeting Russia for its annexation of Crimea, Bulgarians are nervously calculating the likely impact on them.

21 Mar 14

Election Win Gives Progressives Free Hand on Economy

Expected spending cuts and reforms in public enterprises will put the Progressives’ election pledges about tough reforms to the test.

21 Mar 14

New Belgrade Boss Awaits Progressives’ Call

Victorious Progressives have yet to decide on their candidate for mayor of the capital - but BIRN has learned that five candidates are in the running.

14 Mar 14

Serbian Progressives Juggle Coalition Options

While the Progressive Party is on course to win on March 16, it will still need another partner – the question is which one it will choose.

13 Mar 14

Serbia’s ‘War on Corruption’ Dismissed as Hot Air

The fight against corruption, which the Progressive-led government calls its major achievement, has had limited results, experts say.