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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

26 Nov 15

Bosnia's Jews Fear Community is Fading Away

Many of Bosnia’s remaining Jews fear half a millennium of existence is about to come to an end – although some are less pessimistic.

25 Nov 15

Unbiased Critical News ‘Not Welcome in Serbia’

Recent attacks on independent media by pro-government news outlets threaten freedom of speech and citizens’ rights, experts warn.

23 Nov 15

Bosnia ‘Lacks Resources’ for Terror Investigations

After two soldiers were killed in a suspected Islamist attack in Sarajevo last week, the Bosnian prosecution warned that it doesn’t have the manpower to handle such cases properly.

23 Nov 15

Serbia Eyes Windfall from Telecom Sale

The sale of shares in Telekom Srbija is dividing unions and experts- but the government looks determined to sell if right price is offered.

21 Nov 15

20 Years after Dayton, Bosnia’s Neighbours Still Worry Bosniaks

The open hostilities between Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia in the 1990s have long given way to friendlier relations - but Bosniaks are still anxious about their neighbours.

20 Nov 15

Bosnia's High Representatives: Never-Ending Story

Bosnia's seven High Representatives have gone from being a bystander to the country's governor and back again, but may yet be critical to the country's future.

20 Nov 15

Albania Muslims Seek State Aid to Control Rebel Mosques

Albania's official Islamic community seeks state aid to help it deal with rebel imams who resist its authority.

20 Nov 15

Refugees Fear Being Trapped in Balkans

Refugees in the Balkans fear borders may be closed - leaving them in limbo in countries that cannot deal with refugees over a longer period.

19 Nov 15

Romania Rethinks Bailing Out Unstable Moldova

Following the fall of the pro-EU government in Moldova, Romania is reconsidering a loan to its impoverished ally.

13 Nov 15

Abuse Charges Tarnish Montenegro's Special Police

Faith in the Montenegrin special police unit has been further shaken by videos showing them assaulting anti-government protesters.

13 Nov 15

Mounting Security Risks Leave Bosnia Vulnerable

Bosnia’s security situation looks increasingly precarious as rising ethnic and political tensions mingle with economic and social hardship and global and regional turbulence.

12 Nov 15

Indebted Franc Borrowers Feel Abandoned in Bosnia

Thousands of borrowers who took out loans in Swiss francs cannot repay what they owe and accuse Bosnia’s authorities of indifference to their plight.

12 Nov 15

Economic Crisis and Red Tape Vex Business World

Despite a higher ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business report, experts say Serbia urgently needs more regulation reform.

11 Nov 15

Bosnian Court Fears ‘Abolition Attempt’ by Serbs

The state court fears that a new Bosnian Serb reform proposal is aimed at abolishing the state-level judiciary, but Republika Srpska says it just wants to clarify the division of authority between the state and Bosnia’s entities.

11 Nov 15

Bosnia Faces Battle to Improve Pre-school Education

Bosnia is lagging far behind Europe and even some African countries in terms of kindergarten attendance rates – but local officials are determined to improve matters.