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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

21 Oct 16

Bosnian Serb Opposition Party Chooses New Leader

After its recent local election debacle, the main opposition party in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska is trying to consolidate, but the process is burdened by internal power struggles and divisions.

17 Oct 16

Kosovo’s Privatisation Process Obstructed by Serbia

Kosovo’s efforts to privatise state companies from the Yugoslav era have continued to face strong opposition from Serbia, which has been seeking to assert control over key assets in its former province.

14 Oct 16

Turkish Deal Fails to Dim Bulgaria’s Gas Ambitions

Bulgaria remains convinced it can become the gas distribution hub for the Balkans - despite Turkey’s own, more advanced, plans. 

13 Oct 16

Serbia-Albania Relations: A Fragile Work in Progress

As Albania’s PM visits Serbia, experts argue that improving Belgrade-Tirana relations are a result of their leaders’ hope of pleasing the EU rather than a real breakthrough between the two countries.

13 Oct 16

Serbia Awaits Evidence of Lasting Recovery

While Serbia is recording the best economic results in years, ordinary people will not feel the recovery without much faster growth rates.

13 Oct 16

Montenegro Eyes Chance to Oust Eternal Leader

Milo Djukanovic faces his perhaps stiffest challenge ever in the October elections, as the opposition mulls forming a grand alliance that could end his decades of power.

12 Oct 16

New Law Leaves Serbia’s Local Authorities Cash-Strapped

Change to finance law bolsters centralisation and will further impoverish Serbia’s underdeveloped regions, experts say.

11 Oct 16

Bosniaks Feel Unwanted in Bosnian Serb Entity

Events in Srebrenica and the recent controversial referendum have been like salt in the wounds for many Bosniaks living in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity.

10 Oct 16

Serbian PM’s Visit to Nis Dismissed as PR Stunt

Ahead of Aleksandar Vucic’s planned meetings with citizens in Nis, some experts say he would be better off solving issues at national level rather than trying to resolve individual problems - and call the visit a political stunt.

07 Oct 16

Serbian Socialists’ Divisions Come to the Surface

A series of resignations, expulsions and disciplinary proceedings have brought simmering disputes inside Serbia’s junior ruling party to the fore.

05 Oct 16

Macedonia’s Albanian Opposition Mulls United Poll Campaign

Amid the country’s ongoing political crisis, the ethnic Albanian opposition sees a chance to win advantage by joining forces for December’s elections - but is wary of any coalition with ethnic Macedonian parties.

03 Oct 16

New Kosovo Court Confronts Witness Protection Fears

The protection of witnesses testifying about the Kosovo war has long been a major challenge, but the new Hague-based Kosovo specialist court believes it can succeed where others failed.

30 Sep 16

Local Issues Get Crowded Out in Bosnian Election

The focus on big national topics - such the controversial Bosnian Serb referendum - has pushed important local issues to the margins in the election campaign.

30 Sep 16

Referendum Dispute May Swing Bosnia’s Local Elections

As the country prepares for crucial local elections, a big question is how last week's controversial Bosnian Serb referendum will impact on voters.

30 Sep 16

Serbia’s Bosniaks Fret over Bosnian Serb Referendum

The controversial Bosnian Serb referendum has added to the existing ethnic and political tensions in the largely impoverished Bosniak-majority Sandzak region of southern Serbia.