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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

27 Feb 17

Bosnian Serbs Mull Retaliation for Genocide Case Appeal

Politicians in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska are debating their response to Sarajevo’s genocide case appeal against Serbia, which threatens to turn into one of the biggest crises since the war.

24 Feb 17

Montenegro Coup Claims Leave Russian Media Dumbfounded

The media in Russia have been following the latest dramas in Montenegro with intense interest – though most see it as little more than a slur campaign.

24 Feb 17

Serbia Braces for Bumpy Election Ride

The pro-government media are stepping up their negative campaigns, vilifying opposition candidates standing in April’s presidential election.

23 Feb 17

Bosnia’s Two Entities Are Racing to the Bottom

With high unemployment rates, little investment, a culture of excessive spending, high debts and blocked IMF program, Bosnia's two entities seem to be engaged in race to complete bankruptcy.

21 Feb 17

Romania's Relentless Turmoil Puts its Stability at Risk

The wave of protests and counter-protests in Romania could have damaging long-term consequences both for people’s trust in politics and for the economy, experts warn.

20 Feb 17

‘Gifts’ to Serbia’s Military Come at a Cost

Serbia is hurriedly beefing up its military stocks but Russian and Belarusian donations of fighter jets will likely cost hundreds of million euros, since they are out of date and may require pricey adaptation.

20 Feb 17

Croatia’s Biggest Retailer Struggles to Avoid Collapse

The biggest retail company in the region, Croatia’s Agrokor, is facing an uncertain future due to its accumulated debt, and analysts say urgent measures are required to save it from demise.

17 Feb 17

Buy-Ups Shake Up Serbia’s Banking Sector

Serbia’s banking sector is facing major changes, including mergers and takeovers, but bank clients are unlikely to feel many benefits, experts say.

17 Feb 17

Serbian Ruling Party Faces Vucic-Nikolic Showdown

Media reports that the Serbian prime minister and president might run against each other in presidential elections could lead to public divisions within the ruling Progressive Party.

14 Feb 17

Doctors’ Refusal to Perform Abortions Divides Croatia

Controversy has been growing in Croatia as increasing numbers of doctors have been declining to carry out abortions, citing a law that allows them to refuse on moral or religious grounds.

13 Feb 17

Macedonia Pays Dear to Lure Foreign Investors

Macedonia spent at least 150 million euros on attracting foreign investments over the last decade, a study of budget bills shows – over half the value of the investments that the country attracted.

09 Feb 17

Macedonia’s President - Gruevski's Hostage, or Eminence Grise?

Insider testimonies and some of his own past articles suggest that President Gjorge Ivanov was more like Nikola Gruevski’s ideological guru than the puppet many believe him to be.

08 Feb 17

Protests Expose Deep Rift in Romanian Society

While massive street protests have traumatised the ruling Social Democrats, experts say the discontent reveals something wrong at a structural level with Romanian political parties in general.

08 Feb 17

Bosnia Struggles to Address Child Begging Problem

Despite the fact that some cases involve the organised exploitation of minors, the Bosnian authorities have failed to find a workable solution to the widespread problem of children begging on the streets.

06 Feb 17

Election Interests Bind Albania’s Feuding Parties Together

Despite the tensions between Albania’s two ruling Socialist parties, their coalition will likely survive, as each needs the other in order to win the upcoming election.