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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

23 Jan 15

Macedonia Court Parole Fails to End Kezarovski Row

A Macedonian court on Thursday paroled the jailed journalist Tomislav Kezarovski – but many questions about the case remain.

23 Jan 15

Bosnian Declaration Will Test Europe’s Resolve

Having run into a roadblock at its onset, the new European initiative for Bosnia requires new international commitment or the risks of further crisis in Bosnia will continue to grow.

23 Jan 15

Mine Delays Cost Serbia Millions

A variety of options to fund the de-watering of Tamnava mine were seemingly ignored - causing major loses that a later World Bank loan will only partly cover.

23 Jan 15

Dilemma for Serbia Over Franc Borrowers’ Misery

The government is under pressure to help borrowers struggling to repay Swiss franc loans – but experts say that intervention should be minimal.

23 Jan 15

Security Service Purge Leaves Montenegrins Guessing

Government plan to retire most senior intelligence and police officers fuels speculation that its hand has been forced by NATO.

16 Jan 15

Serbian Govt and Press Lead Campaign against BIRN

The attacks on BIRN, following its investigation into the tender for de-watering a mine, raise wider concerns about freedom of the media and the pressure on free speech in Serbia.

16 Jan 15

EU’s New Plan for Bosnia Face Old Problems

New Western initiative aimed at resolving Bosnia’s deepening crisis has hit the first snags only weeks after it was approved by EU leaders.

16 Jan 15

Serbia 2015: Tough Decisions Will Test Resolve

Series of challenges faces the government, from calming likely social unrest to chairing the OSCE, resuming talks with Kosovo and - hopefully - starting accession talks with the EU.

13 Jan 15

Montenegro 2015: All Eyes on NATO

With no elections to come in 2015, Montenegro’s goals this year are to advance EU and NATO membership bids - and lure vital foreign investment.

13 Jan 15

Bulgaria 2015: Make or Break for Borisov

Prime Minister faces a testing year, dealing with the fallout of last year’s bank crisis, energy problems and a fractious coalition.

12 Jan 15

Macedonia 2015: More Protests On the Way

Although the economy is showing healthy signs, that will not save the Gruevski government from another year of social and political turbulence.

08 Jan 15

Attacks Draw Bosnia’s Divided Media Closer Together

Journalists in the divided country are discovering a new sense of solidarity in the face of pressures that threaten them all.

07 Jan 15

Albania in 2015: EU Path Dogged by Political Feuds

With the opposition threatening to boycott the local elections, the chasm in politics looks as wide as ever – and is likely to impact on Albania’s chances of opening EU membership talks.

06 Jan 15

‘Captain Dragan’ Case Sparks Croatia-Serbia Tussle

Zagreb and Belgrade are competing for the right to put notorious former Serb paramilitary chief Dragan Vasiljkovic on trial for war crimes, as he seeks to avoid extradition from Australia.

06 Jan 15

Croatia 2015: Discontent Grows Over Delayed Recovery

Croatia faces elections at year-end when voters are likely to punish the governing parties for their failure to end the economic crisis.