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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

26 Sep 14

Spying Rows Overshadow Romania’s Presidential Poll

Arguments about who may - or may not - have worked as an undercover intelligence agent are crowding out other political issues in the upcoming presidential election.

25 Sep 14

Kosovo Counts Cost of Political Stalemate

Four months on without a new government, delays in forming key institutions are impacting on the economy, on talks with Serbia and on progress with the European Union.

24 Sep 14

Disputes Mire Election of Serbia’s First Notaries

Serbia could pay dearly if the courts back claims by disappointed candidates that the selection process broke the law.

24 Sep 14

Economy Takes Back Seat in Bosnia Election Campaign

Although the jobless rate has hit 43.8 per cent, and budgets are on the verge of collapse, economic issues are again a low priority for the parties running in the election.

23 Sep 14

Extremists Stir Up Tensions in Serbia’s Sandzak

Calls for the formation of an Islamic army and threats of violence by Serb nationalists have fostered feelings of unease in Serbia’s ethnically-mixed Sandzak region.

22 Sep 14

Serbia Forgets Pledge to Leave State Firms to Professionals

In spite of promising to introduce professional management to public companies - instead of politically appointed executives – Serbia’s ruling parties have yet to deliver.

22 Sep 14

Bosnian Election Campaign Sparks Outrage and Despair

The pretentious slogans of the parties competing in the October elections contrast sharply with the wretched mood of a country in crisis.

19 Sep 14

Hope Rises for Parents of Serbia's Missing Babies

As a government working group readies to publishing its long-awaited report on missing babies, thousands of parents hope to discover what happened to their lost children.

18 Sep 14

EU Enlargement Pause Leaves Balkans in Limbo

The announced pause in the European Union enlargement process has obvious consequences for the Balkan region, where several countries are anxiously knocking at the door.

17 Sep 14

Romanian Election Raises Kosovo’s Hope of Recognition

If Victor Ponta wins the presidential poll in Romania, Kosovo will be waiting to see if he acts on his pledge to rethink Romania’s opposition to Kosovo’s independence.

12 Sep 14

Court Rulings Deepen Kosovo’s Political Crisis

Two Constitutional Court decisions have worsened Kosovo’s post-elections stalemate, and there’s no end in sight.

05 Sep 14

Ukraine Conflict Escalation Threatens Serbia’s Neutrality

Serbia’s attempts to maintain friendly relations with Russia while moving towards EU membership could come to an end if the fighting in Ukraine intensifies.


03 Sep 14

Serbia Teaching Unions Raise Strike Threat Over Pay Cuts

Serbian Education unions are threatening strikes if they are not exempted from planned public sector pay cuts - but few expect them to force the government’s hand.

02 Sep 14

Macedonians Still Split Over Ohrid Deal’s Success

Thirteen years after the Ohrid Accord ended the fighting between Macedonians and ethnic Albanians, they remain far apart on whether it has worked or not.

28 Aug 14

Balkans’ Democratic Decline Leaves Europe Unperturbed

Growing authoritarianism in some Western Balkan countries is not likely to feature high on the agenda of this week’s Berlin summit.