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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

29 Jul 16

Serbia Turns Blind Eye to Rare Bird Slaughter

Once a common sight, turtle doves and quails are increasingly rare in Europe - thanks partly to illegal poaching which is also rampant in Serbia.

28 Jul 16

Failed Coup Leaves Both Turkey and Balkan Shaken

The impact of the failed coup and the huge subsequent crackdown in Turkey is having an impact that extends well beyond the country’s frontiers.

28 Jul 16

Court Deals Macedonian Lustration Knockout Blow

The highly controversial process of naming and penalizing former secret police collaborators in Macedonia is ending in farce, as the courts annul its decisions one by one.

28 Jul 16

Bosnia Struggles to Sell Its Failing Companies

Facing strong international and budgetary pressure, Bosnia's entities resume privatising public companies, but finding buyers for the mostly decrepit and overvalued firms is increasingly difficult.

27 Jul 16

Arms Exports to Middle East: A Question of Legality

Human rights and arms experts believe some of Central and Eastern Europe’s weapons trade with Saudi Arabia, the region’s principal supplier of weapons to Syria, is likely breaking international law. 

26 Jul 16

Experts Doubt Dual Education Will Work in Serbia

A number of experts say hopes that German-style vocational training will bring down youth unemployment are misplaced.

25 Jul 16

Justice Reforms Mark Radical Break With Albania’s Past

The reforms passed by parliament last Friday will radically change the way justice is administered in Albania, and hopefully curb corruption and political influence.

21 Jul 16

Serbia's ‘Lies’ Exhibition Alarms Independent Journalists

Prominent editors and media watchdogs accuse Serbia’s ruling party of adding to the pressures on a free media by showcasing so-called journalistic ‘lies’.

21 Jul 16

Serbia Braces for Brexit Fallout

If Britain's divorce from the EU triggers an economic downturn in member states, there could be serious knock-on effects for Belgrade, experts warn.

21 Jul 16

Macedonia Parties Trade Blame Over Budget Cuts

Albanian opposition parties have lined up to criticize the proposed rebalancing of budget – while the government blames the political crisis, caused by the opposition.

18 Jul 16

ISIS Recruiters Prey on Bosnia’s Forgotten Youth

With no systems in place to shield the young from Islamist radicalization, it is up to parents and NGOs to win them back.

18 Jul 16

Serbia’s Detention Camps: Invisible But Not Forgotten

All the 1990s prison camps and mass graves in Serbia are still unmarked, but as the government seeks Croatia’s backing in EU accession negotiations, it has pledged to erect the first memorial.

18 Jul 16

Albania’s Democrats Risk Testing America’s Patience

The country’s main opposition party will suffer in the long term for blocking a joint US-EU proposal designed to end the impasse on judicial reform. 

18 Jul 16

Kosovo Leaders Fight Losing Battle Over Border Deal

Leaders look increasingly isolated in their struggle to persuade MPs to back the controversial border agreement with Montenegro.

16 Jul 16

Turkey Cracks Down on Failed Coup Plotters

The Turkish president vows “traitors will pay a heavy price” as the country’s first attempted military coup in 36 years fails following a night of chaos.