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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

02 Oct 15

Opposition Campaign Risks Destabilizing Kosovo

The opposition’s latest move to block the work of parliament could foment dangerous tensions in the unstable country, experts fear.

01 Oct 15

Dutchman Sees Serbia as Land of Opportunity

Serbia is a good place to start a business for foreigners who are not scared of the slow and cumbersome bureaucracy.

29 Sep 15

Bosnia’s Reckless Borrowing Brings Crisis Closer

Bosnia's profligate leaders have long seen borrowing as the answer to every problem – but the time is approaching when that option will no longer be on the table.

25 Sep 15

Refugee Crisis Reopens Old Wounds in Balkans

Old conflicts are re-emerging and new ones are appearing in the Balkans as a result of the refugee crisis – with the EU looking on helplessly.

25 Sep 15

Bosnian Serbs Start Election Campaign Early

Local elections in Bosnia are not till next year, but both the ruling and opposition blocs in Republika Srpska are already gearing up for battle whose outcome is hard to call.

24 Sep 15

Albanians See Red About Tirana’s New Bunker

Mysterious decision to erect a new bunker in Tirana prompts claims that the left-wing government feels nostalgic for Albania’s old dictator.

18 Sep 15

Ridding Albanian Politics of Criminals Won’t be Easy

A new plan to tackle the ‘criminalization’ of political life in Albania sounds hopeful – but delivery will be another matter.

17 Sep 15

Macedonia's Special Prosecutor Faces Tough Challenge

The new prosecutor in charge of probing the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken the government must flex her muscles against a constricting law and a tight timetable.

11 Sep 15

Serbia's Divided Opposition Faces Election Disaster

While opposition parties say they are ready to challenge the Progressives in an early election,their quarreling leaders are far from uniting to combat the ruling coalition.

11 Sep 15

Europe’s Refugee Quota Plan Dismays Romania

Romania’s leaders oppose the plan to impose mandatory quotas of migrantson member states – and many ordinary people seem to agree with them.

10 Sep 15

Brussels Package Leaves Kosovo Full of Foreboding

While most Kosovo Serbs show skeptical optimism on governance deal, many Kosovo Albanians fear they have signed away some of their country’s sovereignty.

10 Sep 15

Serb Referendum Threat Again Looms over Bosnia

Diplomatic moves are being plotted after the Constitutional Court in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity cleared the path for a controversial and potentially destabilising referendum.

03 Sep 15

Surge in Refugees Leaves Macedonia Struggling

As Macedonia braces for another wave of arrivals, local relief organizations say that while capacities are improving, they will have to be stepped up.

02 Sep 15

Serb Minority Rights Scripted Out in Croatia

The muted response to the Croatian town of Vukovar’s decision to scrap controversial bilingual signs in Latin and Serb Cyrillic script suggests the EU has lost focus on minority rights, analysts claimed.

01 Sep 15

Greece Hurries Towards Fateful Elections

The outcome after September 20 could lead to a beneficial reset in relations with Europe - or fresh divisions and dangerous populism.