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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

05 May 15

Investors Doubtful About Success of Serbia's Reforms

A survey of German companies in Serbia shows that foreign investors are unconvinced that the latest economic reforms will deliver results.

04 May 15

Macedonia Opposition Braces for May Showdown

With the announcement of mass protests in the capital in May, the crisis in Macedonia appears to be approaching its climax.

29 Apr 15

Vucic Lags Behind in Keeping His Promises

In its first year, Aleksandar Vucic’s cabinet has kept some of its promises about the economy – but many other pledges have been parked, BIRN Serbia research shows.

24 Apr 15

Bosnian Spring Brings Flurry of Party Elections

Bosnia’s top five parties in April and May will all elect new leaders or re-elect old ones - and these events will have a major influence on Bosnia’s immediate future.

17 Apr 15

Bosnian Serbs Challenge Constitutional Court Over Holiday

Bosnian Serb ruling and opposition blocs have joined forces to challenge the right of Bosnia’s constitutional court to rule on Republika Srpska’s annual holiday - a move that could spark a crisis.

17 Apr 15

Pay and Pension Increase Unlikely Despite Deficit Cut

Serbia’s surprise deficit reduction has led to optimistic talk of raising pensions and public sector pay to pre-austerity levels, but experts warn the economy remains far too fragile for that.

13 Apr 15

Romanians Start to Question Jailbirds’ Literary Skills

Many Romanians jailed for corruption write books in prison in order to get their sentences reduced - but their sudden enthusiasm for penmanship is drawing scrutiny.

13 Apr 15

Montenegro Faces Hard Choices Over Sports Violence

Humiliated by the antics of football fans at the March qualifier, calls are growing for Montenegro to deal harshly with violence that is undermining both the sport and the national image.  

10 Apr 15

Macedonia Crisis Reaches Point of No Return

Options are running out for Nikola Gruevski, as the crisis sparked by opposition revelations leaves him with two choices: crack down hard or throw in the towel.

09 Apr 15

Josipovic’s Election Chances Seen as Slim in Croatia

Experts doubt the former Croatian president will be able to re-launch his political career though the means of a new party.

03 Apr 15

Import Flood Leaves Serbia’s Farmers Reeling

Serbian agriculture fears it cannot compete with the cut-price imported food products flowing in from the European Union and undercutting it.

03 Apr 15

Serbia Feels the Heat Over Seselj Extradition

Pressure on the Serbian government to send war crimes suspect Vojislav Seselj back to detention in The Hague is likely to prove insurmountable in the end.

30 Mar 15

Cantonal Feuds Spell Trouble for Bosnia’s Federation Govt

The future of the coalition government in the Federation entity looks highly uncertain, given the wrangling between the three parties at the level of the entity’s ten cantons.

25 Mar 15

Albania Counts Cost of UK Tax Consultants

The UK firm Crown Agents is hoping Albania will extend its €4.1 million annual contract - even though the expected rise in customs revenues has yet to materialize.

23 Mar 15

Bosnia Must Reform Ethnic Quota System, Experts Urge

Complex system of post-election ethnic quotas is seen as playing into the hands of parties who have learned how to manipulate the rules.