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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

04 Mar 15

Kosovo’s Top Court Faces Prosecutor’s Probe

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution Office said Tuesday that it is investigating allegations that the Constitutional Court falsified part of a closely watched ruling.

23 Feb 15

Anti-Graft Drive Starts Hitting Home in Romania

A wave of corruption-related arrests and jail terms has sent shock waves through Romania’s political establishment, although how much it is affecting everyday life remains unclear.

20 Feb 15

Hope Runs Short For Serbian Steel Mill

Following the collapse of sale talks, the government plans to introduce ‘expert management’ to Smederevo Steel Mill – but are the options to save the troubled giant running out?

13 Feb 15

Splits Weaken Montenegro Opposition’s Fight For Power

Fresh turmoil in the ranks of the opposition is further undermining its chances of ever uniting to topple Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

13 Feb 15

Serbia Facing Grim Choices Over State Loss-Makers

The government is taking the first steps to deal with hundreds of indebted public companies, though experts warn the toughest decisions have yet to be made.

13 Feb 15

Veil of Secrecy Shrouds Macedonia’s Fifth Sector’

The Macedonian secret police may well have been misused for wiretapping purposes; no one has inspected its work for years, experts in security and intelligence issues told BIRN.

12 Feb 15

Serbia Split Over ‘Liberation War’ Memorials

A proposed law on war memorials and monuments has sparked debate about whether the Serbian state is again trying to deny its role in the 1990s conflicts in Yugoslavia.

06 Feb 15

Bosnia Protesters Brace For Difficult Anniversary

A year on from the mass protests that shook Bosnia but failed to bring about lasting change, thousands of people are planning to hit the streets once again.

06 Feb 15

Albania University Reform Divides Academics and Students

Albania plans major reforms to the way public and private universities are run - but critics say the result will be higher fees and less financial independence for universities.

06 Feb 15

Serbian Army Manipulation Worries Still Unresolved

Ombudsman’s revelations raise concerns over possible misuses of the Military Security Agency for personal and political purposes.

30 Jan 15

Campaign Against Serbian Ombudsman Takes Dangerous Turn

The failure of the parliamentary committee to uphold the Ombudsman’s powers sets a worrying precedent and will undermine the system of democratic oversight and accountability, experts say.

30 Jan 15

Wave of Fury Pushes Kosovo to the Edge

Anger over a minister’s remark and the backpedalling over Trecpa have combined to cause a perfect storm for the embattled government of Isa Mustafa.

23 Jan 15

Macedonia Court Parole Fails to End Kezarovski Row

A Macedonian court on Thursday paroled the jailed journalist Tomislav Kezarovski – but many questions about the case remain.

23 Jan 15

Bosnian Declaration Will Test Europe’s Resolve

Having run into a roadblock at its onset, the new European initiative for Bosnia requires new international commitment or the risks of further crisis in Bosnia will continue to grow.

23 Jan 15

Mine Delays Cost Serbia Millions

A variety of options to fund the de-watering of Tamnava mine were seemingly ignored - causing major loses that a later World Bank loan will only partly cover.