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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

22 Oct 14

No Breakthrough in Sight after Bosnia’s Elections

Weak, complex coalition governments formed after long delays are unlikely to put this fractured and decaying country back on the path to recovery.

22 Oct 14

New Recession Tests Serbia’s Resolve on Austerity

As Serbia heads again into negative growth, the challenge is to find ways to stimulate growth and production while cutting public spending.

17 Oct 14

Serbian Media Takes Freedom Fight off the Pavement

Media union says battling for press freedom ‘on the streets’ is fruitless, and the fight needs to be taken elsewhere.

16 Oct 14

Football Violence Casts Shadow Over Rama’s Serbian Trip

The chaotic scenes at the Serbia-Albania football match, which had to be called off, mark an inauspicious prologue to the Albanian Prime Minister’s visit to Belgrade.

11 Oct 14

Bosnia’s Politicians Shun the Young at Their Peril

The big parties in Sunday’s election have clearly calculated that the young do not form a crucial voting bloc – but this strategy could explode in their faces if they are not careful.

10 Oct 14

Bosnia Approaches Polls With More Fear Than Hope

Sunday’s election may bring Bosnia some new faces - but it is unlikely to bring new approaches to the country’s ever worsening economic, political and societal crisis.

08 Oct 14

Serbia’s ‘Grey’ Economy Resists Reform

Reducing the grey or shadow economy could add millions of euros to Serbia’s budget - but the results so far have not been encouraging.

04 Oct 14

Election Unlikely to End Bulgaria’s Turmoil

While the centre-right GERB is likely to win the October 5 elections, it is far from clear whether this will end the country years of political instability.

03 Oct 14

Putin Tests Russian Power on Belgrade Visit

Vladimir Putin will be using his forthcoming visit to Serbia to showcase Russia’s continuing influence in Eastern Europe, experts say.

03 Oct 14

Talk Show’s Death Raises Fears for Serbia Media

B92’s decision to ditch the iconic politics show ‘Utisak Nedelje’ will impoverish the media in Serbia, analysts believe.

01 Oct 14

Croatia Stifles Green Power’s Growth with Red Tape

While other EU countries race to meet EU renewable energy standards, Croatia is slowing its development with unrealistic quotas and bureaucratic obstacles.

26 Sep 14

Spying Rows Overshadow Romania’s Presidential Poll

Arguments about who may - or may not - have worked as an undercover intelligence agent are crowding out other political issues in the upcoming presidential election.

25 Sep 14

Kosovo Counts Cost of Political Stalemate

Four months on without a new government, delays in forming key institutions are impacting on the economy, on talks with Serbia and on progress with the European Union.

24 Sep 14

Disputes Mire Election of Serbia’s First Notaries

Serbia could pay dearly if the courts back claims by disappointed candidates that the selection process broke the law.

24 Sep 14

Economy Takes Back Seat in Bosnia Election Campaign

Although the jobless rate has hit 43.8 per cent, and budgets are on the verge of collapse, economic issues are again a low priority for the parties running in the election.