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Latest Analysis from the Balkans

25 Mar 15

Albania Counts Cost of UK Tax Consultants

The UK firm Crown Agents is hoping Albania will extend its €4.1 million annual contract - even though the expected rise in customs revenues has yet to materialize.

23 Mar 15

Bosnia Must Reform Ethnic Quota System, Experts Urge

Complex system of post-election ethnic quotas is seen as playing into the hands of parties who have learned how to manipulate the rules.

23 Mar 15

Smederevo Deal Contains Minefields, Experts Warn

Serbia’s decision to award the contract to manage Smederevo Steel to HPK Engineering could have adverse consequences, industry experts say.

20 Mar 15

IMF Deadlines Pose Challenge for Serbia

While trying to meet its obligations to the IMF, Serbia will struggle to comply with the given time frame, experts say.

17 Mar 15

Russia in the Balkans: Perceptions and Realities

The pragmatic interests of the Balkan states – which lie in the direction of Europe - are imposing limits on the Kremlin’s drive to regain influence in the region.

11 Mar 15

Serbia’s Weakened Democrats Woo Their Lost Voters

Three years after losing power, opposition Democratic Party is trying to reboot itself by setting up a ‘shadow government’ – but experts say a clearer brand identity is needed if the party is to become a major force once again.

10 Mar 15

Dissenters Challenge Gruevski’s Grip in Macedonia

Critics inside Macedonia's ruling centre-right VMRO DPMNE are starting to make themselves heard - but whether they can effect change within the authoritarian party remains to be seen.

09 Mar 15

Serbia Urged to Focus on Growth Strategy

Austerity measures may win praise from Serbia’s foreign lenders but without real growth, the economy will remain stuck in the doldrums, experts agree.

04 Mar 15

Kosovo’s Top Court Faces Prosecutor’s Probe

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution Office said Tuesday that it is investigating allegations that the Constitutional Court falsified part of a closely watched ruling.

23 Feb 15

Anti-Graft Drive Starts Hitting Home in Romania

A wave of corruption-related arrests and jail terms has sent shock waves through Romania’s political establishment, although how much it is affecting everyday life remains unclear.

20 Feb 15

Hope Runs Short For Serbian Steel Mill

Following the collapse of sale talks, the government plans to introduce ‘expert management’ to Smederevo Steel Mill – but are the options to save the troubled giant running out?

13 Feb 15

Splits Weaken Montenegro Opposition’s Fight For Power

Fresh turmoil in the ranks of the opposition is further undermining its chances of ever uniting to topple Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

13 Feb 15

Serbia Facing Grim Choices Over State Loss-Makers

The government is taking the first steps to deal with hundreds of indebted public companies, though experts warn the toughest decisions have yet to be made.

13 Feb 15

Veil of Secrecy Shrouds Macedonia’s Fifth Sector’

The Macedonian secret police may well have been misused for wiretapping purposes; no one has inspected its work for years, experts in security and intelligence issues told BIRN.

12 Feb 15

Serbia Split Over ‘Liberation War’ Memorials

A proposed law on war memorials and monuments has sparked debate about whether the Serbian state is again trying to deny its role in the 1990s conflicts in Yugoslavia.