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27 Aug 15

Rock Climbing Obtains a Foothold in Albania

An extreme sport introduced by foreigners is gaining a new following among young people in the country.

27 Aug 15

Egypt Named as Source of Balkan Islamic Extremism

Kosovo researcher says imams promoting ISIS in Balkans studied together in Egypt before bring their militant ideas back home.

25 Aug 15

Bosnia Croats Keep Old Tattoo Tradition Alive

A Balkan tradition that dates backs millennia - which seemed close to dying out after World War Two - has inspired a new generation of fans, keen to keep up a connection to their ancestors.

21 Aug 15

Europe’s Dilemma Over Migrants Can Only Get Worse

The confusion in Macedonia over how to deal with migrants – let them in or shoo them away – reflects a broader muddle over the issue in Europe as a whole.

20 Aug 15

Restoring Trust in a Divided Kosovo Town

After the Kosovo war, activist Valdete Idrizi realised that reconciliation would only be possible if Serbs and Albanians in her ethnically-divided town of Mitrovica started talking to each other again.

19 Aug 15

Refugees in Serbia Dream of Better Tomorrow

The refugees crowding the parks of Belgrade on their way to Europe told BIRN they just want a better future, far away from their war-torn homelands.

19 Aug 15

Balkan Countries Must Take ISIS Seriously

Even if they are mostly just propaganda, Balkan governments must not dismiss any threats coming from ISIS, Middle East expert Janko Scepanovic tells BIRN.

19 Aug 15

Disappointed Asylum Seekers Head Home to Albania

At Tirana airport, relatives await the return of family members who failed to obtain asylum in Germany – who have chosen to go home or been repatriated.

18 Aug 15

Macedonian Volunteers Help Refugees on Their Way

BIRN joined some of the volunteers who wait each night on Macedonia’s border crossings, helping exhausted refugees continue their journey across Europe.

18 Aug 15

Promoting Peace in a Country at War

Croatian activist Vesna Terselic started campaigning for peace when the majority was clamouring for war - and is still doing so, more than 20 years later.

18 Aug 15

Macedonian TV’s Owner Faces Fraud Charges

The future of another independent media outlet in Macedonia is in doubt after Telma’s owners, Makpetrol, were charged with fraud.

17 Aug 15

Albania Opens up Ghost Military Island to Tourists

A derelict former cold-war military base in the island of Sazan off the coast of Albania has become the Mediterranean country’s newest tourist attraction.

13 Aug 15

Patients Suffer in Albanian Hospital Contract Row

Patients face clean linen shortage at Tirana’s Mother Teresa University Hospital as its laundry contract tender stalls following allegations that the process favoured one firm.

13 Aug 15

Belgrade Roma Families Living in Fear of Eviction

Roma families who fled the Kosovo war in 1999 are waiting nervously for a European Court of Human Rights ruling on whether the Belgrade authorities can legally evict them from their informal settlements.

12 Aug 15

Accountability Questions Dog Authors of Skopje 2014

The contracts signed with artists, published in the database for Skopje 2014 uncovered, shows that their calculations often contain rounded sums, not listing details or the meaning of the item “other minor costs” - which in some cases reached up to 5,000 euros.

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