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06 Oct 15

Serbian Fears About Kosovo’s ‘Army’ Are Myth

The Serbian elites are busy hyping the dangers of a Kosovo army – but a glance at Kosovo’s recent security review reveals them as fantasies.

05 Oct 15

I Am Still Proud of October 5

We achieved our main goals 15 years ago – too bad we wasted so many opportunities after that.

05 Oct 15

Years on, Old Milosevic Allies Still Run Serbia

Fifteen years after Slobodan Milosevic was ousted, many key figures of the old regime are back on the political stage and wielding power once again.

05 Oct 15

Retrials Expose Flaws in Croatia's 'War on Corruption'

Croatia’s much-vaunted ‘war on corruption’ appears to falter after Supreme Court overturns second conviction of former PM Ivo Sanader.

04 Oct 15

October 5 Means Little to Serbia’s Disappointed Youth

For youngsters in Serbia, the political changes that took place in 2000 were only symbolic, as the promise of change was never fulfilled.

02 Oct 15

Opposition Campaign Risks Destabilizing Kosovo

The opposition’s latest move to block the work of parliament could foment dangerous tensions in the unstable country, experts fear.

01 Oct 15

Dutchman Sees Serbia as Land of Opportunity

Serbia is a good place to start a business for foreigners who are not scared of the slow and cumbersome bureaucracy.

01 Oct 15

Alpine Bau Chief Probed over Albanian Highway Deal

Austrian prosecutors are reviewing evidence uncovered by BIRN about a mysterious offshore company suspected of involvement in bribing an Albanian official.

30 Sep 15

Don’t Rebury WW1 Col Apis in Serbia, Historian Urges

As Belgrade readies to bury remains of Col Dragutin Dimitrijevic Apis the historian Milivoj Beslin says it sends the wrong message to a country still troubled by political murders.

30 Sep 15

Serbia’s Disabled Artists Fight for Visibility

A handful of artists battling serious health conditions in Serbia are breaking down the stereotype that says their art belongs only in exhibitions ‘for the disabled’. 

29 Sep 15

Swallow Loses Home as Albania’s Bunkers Vanish

Most Albanians are not sorry to see the back of Enver Hoxha’s concrete bunkers, but for one rare swallow their demolition is a tragedy.

29 Sep 15

Bosnia’s Reckless Borrowing Brings Crisis Closer

Bosnia's profligate leaders have long seen borrowing as the answer to every problem – but the time is approaching when that option will no longer be on the table.

28 Sep 15

Serbia-Croatia Row Exposes Balkan Fault Lines

The border dispute between Croatia and Serbia was only solved after Brussels intervened, showing how fragile relations between the two neighbouring countries really are.

28 Sep 15

‘Kneeling to Dictators is Shameful,’ Author Says

Slavisa Lekic, the journalist whose book on the Prime Minister has been barred from major bookshops, says journalism and free speech in Serbia face hard times.

28 Sep 15

Flood-Hit Bosnian Schools Need Fresh Repairs

Bosnian schools rebuilt after the 2014 floods struggle with delays, leaks and damp, raising questions over the quality of works.

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