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02 Dec 16

Ratko Mladic’s Trial Moves Closer to Final Judgment

After accusations of genocide, ethnic cleansing, brutal detentions and a punishing siege, lawyers in the four-year trial of Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic begin to present their closing arguments next week.

02 Dec 16

Vucic Picks His Runner for Presidential Race

The popular Prime Minister faces a dilemma over who to back in the 2017 presidential contest – the sitting candidate Nikolic, Seselj – or go for the post himself.

01 Dec 16

Sarajevo Siege Novel Celebrates Decency Under Fire

Wartime Sarajevo-based correspondent Kevin Sullivan’s new novel The Longest Winter tries to reflect the humanity and courage of people living in the Bosnian capital during the 1992-95 siege.

01 Dec 16

Undecided Voters Hold Key to Macedonia Election

Swing voters and habitual abstainers together make up a whopping 30 to 40 per cent of Macedonia’s electorate, so whoever can mobilize them will win in December, experts believe.

30 Nov 16

Lavrov Puts Russia-Serbia Relations Into Sharp Focus

Russia’s Foreign Minister will be seeking to clarify Moscow’s increasingly complex relations with Serbia on his upcoming visit to Belgrade, explains Bosko Jaksic, a Belgrade-based foreign policy expert.

30 Nov 16

Kosovo Town Feels Pre-Election Tensions

Tensions are growing ahead of local elections in Drenica, the birthplace of Kosovo’s revolution, as the ruling Democratic Party fights to keep power in its stronghold.

30 Nov 16

Austria’s Top Diplomat Betrayed Democracy in Macedonia

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz’s endorsement of the ruling VMRO DPMNE party before the upcoming elections horrified freedom-seeking Macedonians and contradicted the EU’s democratic values.

30 Nov 16

Davor Bernardic: Social Democrat Leader Unlikely to Turn Left

Davor Bernardic, the new leader of the main opposition Social Democratic Party, has promised a more left-wing agenda, but analysts say the party isn’t likely to veer off its moderate course.

30 Nov 16

Abortion Rights Under Fire in Croatia

Croatian women struggle to exercise their right to abortion, driven into the shadows and illegality by the rise of a hostile conservatism.

29 Nov 16

War Tourism Flourishes in Bosnian Capital

As official figures show tourist numbers rising in Bosnia and Herzegovina, conflict-themed attractions in Sarajevo like the War Hostel and Tunnel of Hope show that the 1992-95 siege continues to fascinate visitors.

29 Nov 16

Ethnic Battle Turns Toxic Over Southern Bosnian Town

The bitter struggle between Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats to control the southern town of Stolac holds echoes of the worsening relations between the two communities and their leaders in the country at large.

28 Nov 16

Job-Seeking Romanians End as “Slaves’ in West

Large numbers of Romanians seeking work in the rich western half of the EU find themselves as the mercy of unscrupulous traffickers.

28 Nov 16

‘Black Book’ Threat Alarms Bosnian Serb Free Thinkers

Critics of the ruling party in Republika Srpska fear the President’s threat to publish a blacklist of its enemies marks the start of a witch hunt.

28 Nov 16

Battle Over Trepca Strains Kosovo-Serbia Relations

The dispute over the Trepca complex is becoming one of the biggest stumbling blocks in Kosovo-Serbia relations - but the issue has been smouldering for decades.

25 Nov 16

Puhalo: Bosnian Salafists’ Terror Tag is ‘Malicious’

After spending two months with members of the Salafi movement in Bosnia, social psychologist Srdjan Puhalo says it is time to stop demonizing the community as terrorists.

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