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26 Dec 14

Serbia’s ‘Austerity’ Budget Saves Country Nothing

While ministers claim the 2015 budget will get Serbia’s economy back on track, a look at the figures shows that both spending and the deficit remain as out of control as ever.

26 Dec 14

A Small Step to Reclaim Kosovo’s Streets

Take Back the Night campaign takes on the harassment women endure every day.

26 Dec 14

Capital Ideas for the Last of 2014

With New Year’s Eve only week away, several of the region’s finest cities are planning to tempt visitors with the promise of a wild night’s fun.

26 Dec 14

Montenegro: Bumps on Road to Brussels

Growing friction with the EU, arguments over an expensive highway and the controversial reports of a newspaper dominated the agenda in 2014.

25 Dec 14

Holy Creates Stir on Croatia's Stale Political Stage

Mirela Holy, leader of the new green ‘Walnut’ party, has given Croatian politics a good shake – and looks set to play a key role in the country’s affairs in 2015.

25 Dec 14

Toxic Mountain Shames Albania’s ‘Green’ Government

It came to power pledging to end trash imports – but the government of Prime Minister Edi Rama seems to be doing little to stop a company from piling up hazardous imported junk near Elbasan.

25 Dec 14

Albania: Struggles Over Rule of Law

The centre-left government won praise but also criticism from its drive to reconfirm the authority of the state and combat lawlessness.

24 Dec 14

Bosnia: Political and Natural Disasters

Starting with the mass protests amid a political and economic crisis, 2014 saw catastrophic floods and complicated elections, which brought no hope of significant change.

23 Dec 14

Odds Still Favour Josipovic in Croatia

The incumbent president may struggle to win in the first round – but polls suggests that votes cast on the left will outnumber those on the right in the decisive second round.

23 Dec 14

Bulgaria: Fragile Stability Restored

Return of Boiko Borisov brought some sense of political stability back to the country – but the new government was undermined by a bank crisis and growing tension between East and West

22 Dec 14

Romania: Surprise Election Win Brings Hope

A new president as well as solid results in fighting corruption were the main achievements in 2014. Otherwise, it was business as usual in politics and the economy.

22 Dec 14

Croatia: Economic Crisis Here to Stay

Continuing gloom about the country’s economic prospects marked the year, which also saw a dip in relations with Serbia and a number of new pushes to call referendums.

19 Dec 14

The Improbable Rise of Isa Mustafa in Kosovo

The new Prime Minister has taken a winding path from his time as a Communist youth leader to the top office in government, where his free-market vision for Kosovo will now be tested.

19 Dec 14

Euthanasia Call Stirs Passions in Serbia

Ahead of a public debate on proposals to legalise euthanasia, doctors and experts have criticised the idea, saying the time is not ripe to allow ‘mercy killing’.

17 Dec 14

Ivo Josipovic: Acting and Future president?

Josipovic is still the favourite to win the presidential election and so gain a second term - but he is dogged by the sharply declining fortunes of the party backing him.

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