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01 Oct 14

Croatia Stifles Green Power’s Growth with Red Tape

While other EU countries race to meet EU renewable energy standards, Croatia is slowing its development with unrealistic quotas and bureaucratic obstacles.

01 Oct 14

Cross and Crescent Divide up Macedonia

In the last ten years, Macedonia has seen the construction of hundreds of new churches and mosques - but the race between the two great religions to ‘mark out’ their territories has disturbing consequences.

01 Oct 14

Martin Raguz: A Croat Who Looks to Bosnia

While stressing his determination to fight for Croatian rights if he wins a seat on the presidency, Martin Raguz emphasizes that Croats must look on Bosnia – not on Croatia – as their homeland.

01 Oct 14

Joy and Necessity Fill Belgrade Streets with Music

They are everywhere from the Terazije underground passage, all the way across the Knez Mihailova Street to the Kalemegdan Park, making people happy with music played both for pleasure and money.  

29 Sep 14

Drop in Remittances Hits Poor Albanians Hard

In the impoverished town of Puke, the fall in remittances sent by relatives abroad is pushing families ever deeper into debt.

26 Sep 14

Bakir Izetbegovic: Turkey’s ‘Friend’ in Bosnia

Hoping to re-win the Bosniak seat on the tripartite Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic has promised to create 100,000 new jobs - but he is often criticized for his close ties to Turkey and for radicalizing the SDA.

26 Sep 14

Spying Rows Overshadow Romania’s Presidential Poll

Arguments about who may - or may not - have worked as an undercover intelligence agent are crowding out other political issues in the upcoming presidential election.

26 Sep 14

Missing Teen’s Family Blame Macedonian Police

Relatives of a Macedonian girl who has vanished - and is believed to have joined Islamists in Syria - say police were slow to react to reports of her disappearance.

26 Sep 14

Hearts Beat in Kosovo For Islamist Warriors

As Kosovo tries to stop its sons from going off to fight in Iraq and Syria, sympathy for their cause remains strong among some hardline Muslims.

25 Sep 14

Milorad Dodik: Bosnia’s Serbian Warrior

The great battler for the Serbian cause in Bosnia has dominated the stage in his entity for years – but now faces a challenge from a new, united opposition bloc.

25 Sep 14

Dragan Covic: Crusader for ‘Real’ Croats

Running for the Croatian seat on Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, which he held a decade ago, Covic hopes to empower a community that feels increasingly marginalised.

25 Sep 14

New Atlantis Rises on Albania’s Rodon Cape

A group of green activists are successfully promoting environmentally friendly tourism on a spectacular cape that once was strewn with trash.

25 Sep 14

Zlatko Lagumdzija: Bosnia’s Great Survivor

In spite of having met none of the main pledges he made when his party won power four years ago, it would be a mistake to write off this canny political operator

25 Sep 14

Kosovo Counts Cost of Political Stalemate

Four months on without a new government, delays in forming key institutions are impacting on the economy, on talks with Serbia and on progress with the European Union.

24 Sep 14

Belgrade Pride: Between External Pressure and Internal Threats

Serbia has the strength and responsibility to enable Gay Pride march to go ahead, but the question remains whether it has will to do so.

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