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26 Jun 16

Ethno Tourism Offers a Window into Traditional Serbia

A trip to one of the many new “ethno villages” springing up around the country is a great way to escape the bustle of Belgrade and encounter Serbia’s past.

26 Jun 16

Bristol’s Good Spirit Brings a New Glamour to the Old Hotel

One of Belgrade’s most-loved bartenders brings foreigners and locals alike together at Hotel Bristol with her warmth and charm.

24 Jun 16

Brexit has Brought a European ‘Ice Age’ Closer

Today is Friday, 24th June 2016. It’s a very sad day in the history of Europe.

23 Jun 16

Croatia's Ex-PM Was Doomed From Start, Experts Say

The position of Croatia's now former Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, a non-party candidate for the post, was highly problematic from the moment he took office.

23 Jun 16

Former Sandzak Mufti Mulls Joining Serbian Government

Muamer Zukorlic, the controversial former mufti, businessmen and new member of Serbia’s parliament, is considering entering a new government if it offers Bosniaks some concessions. 

22 Jun 16

Balkan Countries Brace for British Vote on EU

Experts and people across the Balkans are following the upcoming referendum in the UK on the EU, weighing its likely impact on their countries’ already troubled EU accession plans.

22 Jun 16

Census Bombshell adds to Bosnia's EU Woes

A new twist in the ongoing row over Bosnia's 2013 census has further bedevilled Bosnia's chances of meeting the conditions needed to start membership talks.

22 Jun 16

Cancer Patients Pin Hopes on Albanian ‘Petroleum Gas’

The small town of Kruja has become famous across the Balkans for its liquid “petroleum gas” – an unlicensed product that some claim can help patients battling cancer.

22 Jun 16

Serbian Satirist Says Threats Won't Silence Him

Satirical journalist Zoran Kesic says the doctored video clips of his show - designed to show him as anti-Serbian - were all part of a broader campaign aimed at blackening his name.

21 Jun 16

Report Hailing Economic Growth Questioned

A recent state agency report says Serbian businesses recorded significantly higher profits in 2015, but experts warn the figures could be misleading.

20 Jun 16

All Eyes on China in Serbian Steel Mill Town

While the government hypes a Chinese company’s purchase of Smederevo’s steel mill, many citizens of the central Serbian city are leery of grandiose promises.

20 Jun 16

'Serbia's Detroit' Faces Return to Hunger Years

The city of Kragujevac, known for its auto industry, is facing a nightmare after major employer Fiat said around a third of workers in its factory would lose their jobs after August. 

20 Jun 16

Albanian Businessman Mulls Cost of 'Gangster's Aid

Stymied by Albania’s ineffective court system for over a decade, a local businessman who turned to a reputed gangster to resolve a legal matter may have paid a steep price.

18 Jun 16

Vucic's Advisor Did Not Declare Assets

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s media advisor, Suzana Vasiljevic, has not declared her assets despite being legally required to do so as a public official, BIRN has learned. 

17 Jun 16

Croatian Education Protesters Back New Elections

A second mass protest about stalled education reforms in Croatia on Thursday turned out into a protest against the now ex-government, and into a call for immediate early elections.

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