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29 Jul 15

Serbia's Tourist Mecca Keeps Dark Side Hidden

Dragan Marković – known as the 'Palm Tree' - has turned Jagodina into a real attraction, but not all locals feel they are benefiting.

27 Jul 15

Seeds of Street Art Sprout in Banja Luka

Banja Luka’s street art scene is small and under pressure, but local artists are trying to make graffiti and murals more acceptable both to the authorities and the community. 

27 Jul 15

True Cost of ‘Skopje 2014’ Revealed

From the initially announced price tag of €80 million, the cost of giving the Macedonian capital a new/old look has risen to €560 million, a BIRN investigation shows.

24 Jul 15

Music Keeps Teen Refugee in High Spirits

At Presevo railway station, on the long road from Syria to Germany via Serbia, Teyma is a typical youngster in an extraordinary situation.

24 Jul 15

Bosniak Fans Feel ‘Scapegoated’ Over PM’s Attack

Football supporters in Sandzak say the authorities are rushing to blame them for the attack on the Prime Minister in Srebrenica - when they were not even there.

24 Jul 15

Austerity Chokes Serbia’s Chances of Recovery

Without more investment and a better business climate, austerity measures will not turn around Serbia’s economy, experts say.

24 Jul 15

EU Must Hold Gruevski to Account Over Reforms

The government’s continued culture of denial when it comes to the wiretapping allegations gives little reason to hope that it will respect the July 15 agreement.

22 Jul 15

Migrant Surge Through Balkans Bypasses Kosovo

While waves of migrants course through Macedonia and Serbia, a handful trickle into Kosovo, often by mistake.

21 Jul 15

Bosnia Leaders Hope to Mend Fences in Serbia

The visit this week of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency to Serbia - shortly after the attack on the Serbian leader in Srebrenica - will test already strained relations between the two countries.

20 Jul 15

Serbia’s Broken Promises Over US Albanians’ Murders

Officials again promised to solve the killings of the Bytyqi brothers at a Serbian police centre in 1999 - but their words just echo similar unfulfilled promises over the past decade.

17 Jul 15

Kosovo MPs to Vote ‘Soon’ on Special Court

As pressure mounts on Kosovo to establish a war crimes court, the government is pushing for a new vote in parliament on the issue.

17 Jul 15

Macedonia Protesters Fold Away Tents After Deal

After months spent camping in front of the government building, anti-government campers have packed up their tents - while their pro-government opponents are staying put.

17 Jul 15

Bosnia’s Corrupt Healthcare Comes Under Spotlight

From the old tradition of giving flowers to nurses to the payment of hefty bribes to doctors, corruption is rampant among the medical profession in Bosnia.

16 Jul 15

Macedonia Peace Deal Arouses Hope and Doubt

While political leaders appear to have reached a deal on resolving the deep political crisis in Macedonia, the big question is whether the will exists to implement it.

15 Jul 15

Chaos at Srebrenica Has Defiled Memory of Genocide

The attack on the Serbian leader in Srebrenica marked the culmination of weeks of local, regional and global political games that have brought Bosnia to boiling point.

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