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26 May 15

Belgrade Remembers Tito’s ‘Golden Age’

Thirty-five years after Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito died, his admirers, led by Belgrade’s Communist association and fuelled by nostalgia, staged their annual celebration of his rule.

25 May 15

The Balkans, Interrupted

The protests in Macedonia are only the beginning.

25 May 15

Serbian Art Purchases Leave Artists Short-Changed

The Ministry of Culture has opened a new call for the purchase of art works - but some of the artists who sold their work a year ago say they still have not been paid.

25 May 15

Migrants Pause for Breath in Belgrade Parks

More and more migrants from war-torn countries are stopping off in Belgrade en route for the wealthier countries of the West.

22 May 15

ISIS Killed Albanian Jihadist Who Wanted Out

Ervin Hasanaj, an Albanian jihadist recently executed by ISIS, was apparently killed because he was trying to go home.

22 May 15

President and Premier Pull Different Ways in Serbia

Disagreements between the head of state and the government lover key foreign policy issues are becoming ever more obvious.

22 May 15

Rivals Battle For Fate of Macedonia

A fight for Macedonia’s future takes shape as Gruevski regime slides toward authoritarianism.

22 May 15

War Crimes: Why ‘Sorry’ is Never Enough

Leading Serb politicians have apologised to Bosniaks for wartime crimes, but experts and victims say that without more concrete gestures of reconciliation, their words mean little.

21 May 15

Time to Say ‘No’ to Balkan Thugocracies

The whole region cries out for a moral reorientation of politics that will allow a new generation of leaders to emerge.

19 May 15

Wave of Women’s Murders Angers Serbian NGOs

Women's rights groups say official negligence and a culture of turning a blind eye is to blame for the rising number of killings in the home.

19 May 15

Pro-Regime Campers Bed Down in Macedonia

Supporters of Nikola Gruevski have set up their own camp in Skopje, rivaling the one established by the opposition.

18 May 15

Crunch Time Looms for Reforms in Serbia

With the toughest reforms yet to come, the risk of some key reforms being abandoned in the face of resistance is growing, experts say.

18 May 15

Mass Depopulation Threatens Bosnia’s Future

Bosnia faces bleak future as more and more citizens emigrate, leaving behind ethnic tensions and economic and social decline.

15 May 15

Kosovo Pot Smokers Grapple With Shortage

Crackdown on marijuana in Albania has had major effects in Kosovo, where users are having to cut back and find other ways to get high.

15 May 15

Bosnia Feels Hounded by Menace of Strays

The number of attacks by stray dogs is increasing as packs multiply across Bosnia – but no systematic solution to the problem is in sight.

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