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24 Apr 14

Russia’s Putin is No ‘New Milosevic’

The language used about Russian meddling in Ukraine is grossly disproportionate and an insult to the victims of the wars in ex-Yugoslavia.

24 Apr 14

Let’s Finally Reform Funding of Albanian Civil Society

Doubts have been expressed for years over whether the state agency for supporting CSOs was responding to civil society’s true needs. It’s time for less talk, more action

23 Apr 14

Crimea is not Kosovo

Western leaders should decisively reject claims that US and NATO intervention in Kosovo set a pattern and a precedent for Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

23 Apr 14

Balkan Gems Surface in British Video Archive

Among the rare old video clips published recently by British Pathé are many recording key moments in Balkan 20th-century history.

23 Apr 14

Albania-Kosovo Highway Costs Soar To 2 Billion Euros

Cache of official documents detail for first time how lobbying, poor-planning, “uncompetitive tenders”, failure to set cost caps and “inflated” prices left Albanian and Kosovan taxpayers with a two billion euro bill for just 137km of road.

23 Apr 14

Pupils Freeze as Funds Rerouted to Highway

Children at the Shaban Spahija School in the western Kosovo town of Peja huddle together in the winter months, placing their bags in front of broken windows to block the chill wind.

22 Apr 14

Ruling Party Aiming For Absolute Majority in Macedonia

On an uneven playing field - and with Albanians boycotting the presidential race - the ruling VMRO DPMNE party is likely to romp home in Sundays presidential and general elections.

18 Apr 14

Nightmare Dilemma for Serbia Over Failed Companies

If Serbia does not postpone enforcement of a court ruling ordering companies in restructuring to repay debts, the results will be socially devastating, experts say.

18 Apr 14

Critics Claim Macedonia’s ‘Smooth’ Election Was Rigged

Government critics say that while Sunday’s presidential vote proceeded calmly, a range of tools was deployed to ensure the right outcome.

18 Apr 14

Why Bosnia’s Protest Movement Ran out of Steam

Months after a wave of protests had Bosnia’s political establishment running scared, the energy has faded away, leaving some wondering what legacy – if any – the movement has left behind.

17 Apr 14

Austerity Threatens Serbia With Worse Recession

Slashing public sector wages will hit consumption and reduce growth, and the savings effect could be less than expected, the leading economist Vladimir Gligorov warns.

17 Apr 14

Albanian Agency Turns NGO Funding Into Family Affair

Former board members and staff of the state agency established to support the civil society sector funded their own NGOs, or those headed by relatives, an investigation can reveal.

16 Apr 14

Russia’s New Assertiveness Awakens Old Fears in Romania

Russia’s drive to restore itself as a great power touches a raw nerve in Romania, where for historical reasons many regard Russia with deep suspicion.

14 Apr 14

US Ambassador to Kosovo Hired by Construction Firm He Lobbied For

EU diplomat criticises way Christopher Dell pushed through deal for Bechtel Corporation to build controversial highway to Albania.

11 Apr 14

Why Macedonia’s Albanian Party Barons Dread Pendarovski

The DUI is not boycotting the presidental election because no ‘consensual’ candidate has appeared, but because Stevo Pendarovski poses a threat to the DUI-VMRO’s divide-and-rule strategy.

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