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03 Jul 15

Lax Precautions for Kosovo Terror Suspects

In spite of admitting terrorist activities, six Kosovars have been released from custody and placed under house arrest or ordered to check in with the police.

03 Jul 15

ISIS Cell in Italy Was a Family Affair

Five relatives of the Italian convert known as ‘Lady Jihad,’ who were all preparing to join her in Syria, have now been arrested.

02 Jul 15

Referendum Reveals Deep Divisions Among Greeks

As the bailout referendum exposes deep divides in Greek society, some fear a return to the conflicts of the postwar era.

02 Jul 15

New IMF Loan Slips out of Bosnia's Reach

Failure to obtain new arrangement from the IMF brings Bosnia closer to bankruptcy and puts new EU initiative for the troubled country in jeopardy.

02 Jul 15

Serbia Failing to Stem Exodus of Young Talent

As more and more young people leave, the government must implement rather than just discuss strategies designed to retain local talent.

02 Jul 15

'Chaos' at Austrian Giant’s Skopje Branch Uncovered

Dubious loans, suspect commissions, conflicts of interests and grossly inflated profits are among the allegations levelled at the Macedonian branch of construction titan Alpine Bau in two audits published by Balkan Investigative Reporting Network for the first time today.

29 Jun 15

Serbia’s Disabled Demand End to Invisible Lives

The disabled people in Serbia have long been shunted to the margins of society, so that they cannot be seen- but some are now demanding to be both seen and heard.

29 Jun 15

Ramadan in Sarajevo Becomes Growing Attraction

Thousands of visitors from the Gulf and other Muslim countries are coming to spend Ramadan in Sarajevo – and their arrival is prompting local Muslims to change their customs.

29 Jun 15

Enthusiasts Keep Alternative Arts in Macedonia Alive

With little money or state support, the fuel of the independent arts scene in Macedonia comes from enthusiast who connect up artists, the community and local businesses over their mutual goal –  presenting an alternative to the cultural mainstream. 

26 Jun 15

Serbia Forced to Put Media Sale on Hold

The privatisation of state-owned media in Serbia - now put on hold - divides journalists, as some welcome it while others fear it will inflict huge damage on the profession.

25 Jun 15

Balkan Economies Brace for Impact of Grexit

Balkan countries are weighing up the likely impact on trade, banks, currencies and investment if Greece is forced out of the eurozone.

25 Jun 15

EU Reforms Collide with Macedonia’s Grim Reality

Macedonia’s squabbling leaders will be hard pressed to carry out the long list of urgent reforms pressed by Brussels – assuming the good will to implement them existed, which is not the case.

23 Jun 15

Alarm Bells for Media Freedom in Croatia

The recent sacking of prominent Croatian journalist highlights renewed threats to media freedom and suggests that the country could be returning to the harsher atmosphere of the 1990s.

22 Jun 15

Bosnian Serb Leader Puts Hopes in Russian Loan

The president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity hopes a Russian loan can save Republika Srpska from an imminent liquidity crisis, but concerns have been raised over the economic and political cost.

22 Jun 15

Montenegro Hopes Crime-Busting Chief Will Satisfy EU

Podgorica is forming a special prosecution to fight organised crime – but whether it will deliver results is an open question.

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