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24 Aug 16

Kosovo’s Thaci Seeks New ‘Peacemaker’ Image

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, a wartime guerrilla leader, has been embracing reconciliation by commemorating murdered Serbs, but analysts question whether he is sincere or just trying to win international approval.

24 Aug 16

Bosnian Serbs Divided over Controversial Referendum

Next month’s referendum in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska entity is seen by some Serbs as a move to defend their rights, but others claim it’s a waste of money staged only for political advantage.

23 Aug 16

Football ‘Defections’ Highlight Albania’s Kosovo Problems

When three footballers said they were switching their allegiance from the Albanian national team to Kosovo, an outburst of anger revealed Albanians’ conflicted attitude to Kosovo’s statehood.

23 Aug 16

Croatian Church Urges Right-Wing Election Win

The Croatian Catholic Church in Croatia is getting involved in the upcoming elections because it fears that the main centre-right party - the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ - could lose.

22 Aug 16

Bulgaria Pays the Price for Friendship with Turkey

Bulgaria complied with demands for extraditions of opponents of the Turkish government, hoping to prevent Ankara unleashing a new refugee influx, but Sofia is risking its relationships with Western allies, experts warn. 

22 Aug 16

Western Failures Give New Life to Old Balkan Ghosts

The EU and US’s failure to better defend democracy and human rights in Turkey, where a government crackdown on opponents is continuing, sends a dangerous message to Balkan political elites.

22 Aug 16

French and Albanian Youth Bond Over Berat’s Old Stones

French and Albanian high schools students are building friendships and learning an ancient skill at a stonemasons’ camp in the heritage city of Berat.

22 Aug 16

Bujar Nishani: Albania’s Accidental President

The surprise winner of the 2012 presidential election, Nishani’s time in office has been marked by claims of political bias and bitter disputes with the government.

19 Aug 16

Dacian Ciolos: Romania’s Technocratic PM

Designated prime minister for a one-year term only, Ciolos will struggle to meet expectations on tackling corruption and stimulating economic growth.

19 Aug 16

Sarajevo Siege Film Explores Legacy of Trauma

The crew behind ‘Sarajevo Roses’, which has just premiered in the Bosnian capital, say they hope their documentary about how people have dealt with their wartime traumas will help others.

18 Aug 16

Albania’s Alps Offer Tourists Isolated Splendour

Small villages in Albania’s isolated mountains are attracting tourists to family-run accommodation with the promise of spectacular views and a fascinating history – but modernisation could bring change.

16 Aug 16

Milosevic’s Old Allies Celebrate His ‘Innocence’

Disputed claims that the Hague Tribunal said that Slobodan Milosevic was innocent are being trumpeted by Serbian ministers, but analysts believe they are trying to whitewash the country’s wartime past.

16 Aug 16

Belgrade ‘Failing to Develop Mid-Market Tourism’

The city needs more mid-range hotels, a modernised convention centre, and innovative, accessible museums to boost tourist numbers, experts say.

15 Aug 16

Albanian Roma Find New Market for Ancient Craft

Woven baskets, a traditional product of Roma artisans in Elbasan, are becoming a must-have accessory thanks to the dedicated work of a group of activists.

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

Visiting the Balkans this summer? Get off the beaten track and visit some of the region’s lesser-known beauty spots.

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