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25 Jul 14

Time Runs Out for Montenegro's Oldest Newspaper

Seventy years since the daily newspaper Pobjeda first appeared, the only remaining state-owned daily in Montenegro faces bankruptcy as a result of its huge debts.

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Ratko Mladic Nodded At Me

Cooper Hewell
BIRN Documentary

Next screening: October 31, Belgrade, Dom Omladine, 20:00.

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Quote of the Day

"Bosnia's politicians are corrupt caste"

Hideo Yamazaki, Japanese ambassador to Bosnia

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25 Jul 14

Mystery Lingers Over Grand Waterfront Plan

While officials say the mega-development will transform Belgrade, questions remain about how the project will be financed, and whether such an upscale development will benefit local people.


Divisive Memorials Are Holding Back Bosnia

As people in Prijedor mark the anniversary of their relatives' wartime deaths, are ethnically exclusive memorials - designed to fit one narrative only - hampering reconciliation in Bosnia?


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