/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/Places/Bulgaria/mohammad daleel lead.jpg Fraud Left Ansbach Bomber Homeless in Bulgaria

Syrian Mohammad Daleel, who blew himself up near a music festival in Germany, complained of living on the streets with no money as a refugee in Bulgaria on national television in 2013.

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/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/Places/Croatia/Hungarian soldiers setting a temporary fence in Beremend, on the border with Croatia 660. Photo by Beta MTI via AP Tamas Soki.jpg

Hungary Shuts Down Border with Croatia

Follow live latest developments as Hungary has decided to close the border with Croatia to prevent further influx of refugees


27 Jul 16

Serbian Govt Delays Blamed on Conflicting Pressures

Serbia's Prime Minister-Designate is having difficulty reconciling opposing pressures from both East and West to put their candidates in the new government, analysts and members of the old government say.

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27 Jul 16

Edi Rama: The Artist Who Became PM

The current prime minister has held the most senior political roles in Albania, yet he insists he is anything but a career politician.

26 Jul 16

Changing Belgrade Street Names: A Sign of the Times

Most eastern European cities have renamed their streets since the fall of communism, but in Belgrade the process has been especially radical.

25 Jul 16

Legendary Yugoslav Car Firm Fades Into History


The Balkans and the Outskirts of Europe

The Balkans today are caught between Brexit and bloody showdown in Turkey. These are the new European geo-strategic coordinates that we need to be aware of.

experts-doubt-dual-education-will-work-in-serbia-07-22-2016 26 Jul 16 Experts Doubt Dual Education Will Work in Serbia

A number of experts say hopes that German-style vocational training will bring down youth unemployment are misplaced.

26 Jul 16 New Power Line to Link Albania to Macedonia
25 Jul 16 Bosnia Failing to Exploit Biomass Potential
25 Jul 16 Legendary Yugoslav Car Firm Fades Into History
21 Jul 16 Kosovo Eyes 3.7 Per Cent Growth in 2016
News 27 Jul 16

Macedonia Lustration Chief Accuses Court of Sabotage

Feature 26 Jul 16

Changing Belgrade Street Names: A Sign of the Times

news 26 Jul 16

Seselj's Radicals to Run in Montenegrin Elections

Comment 25 Jul 16

It is Time to Let go of Cardinal Stepinac

News 25 Jul 16

Nazi-Hunter Condemns Quashed Stepinac Conviction

Feature 25 Jul 16

Bosnia’s Diaspora: Untapped Resource for State-Building


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