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/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/Places/FSA_rebels_cleaning_their_AK47s 660.jpg Balkan Arms Exports ‘Diverted to ISIS’: Report

Balkan governments need to ask the US and Saudi Arabia more questions following revelations that their arms deliveries are routinely diverted to Syria and into the hands of ISIS, a report says.

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/en/file/show//Images/Images.New/Places/Croatia/Hungarian soldiers setting a temporary fence in Beremend, on the border with Croatia 660. Photo by Beta MTI via AP Tamas Soki.jpg

Hungary Shuts Down Border with Croatia

Follow live latest developments as Hungary has decided to close the border with Croatia to prevent further influx of refugees


15 Dec 17

Romanians Anxious After New Metro Station Threat

Romanians expressed concern after police responded to an alleged death threat on the Bucharest metro three days after a woman murdered one passenger and attempted to kill another.

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15 Dec 17

Kosovo Serb Minister: Learning Albanian is Necessary

Kosovo government minister Dalibor Jevtic says Serbs and Albanians need to build trust - and that Kosovo Serb children should learn the Albanian language to ensure better communication for the future.

14 Dec 17

Youth Olympics Kindle Hopes of Unity for Sarajevo

The Bosnian capital Sarajevo became divided from the mostly Serb-populated East Sarajevo because of the war, but they are now preparing to hold the 2019 European Youth Olympics Festival together.

08 Dec 17

Skiing Serbia: The Highs and the Lows


Rising Balkan Risks Demand Action Home and Abroad

Heightened tensions and potential violence have been predicted for the Balkans in 2018, so people in the region must find the courage to seek solutions themselves, with help from Washington and Brussels.

coca-cola-plans-buying-banja-luka-beverage-company-11-29-2017 29 Nov 17 Coca-Cola to Acquire Banja Luka Drinks Company

As Coca-Cola announces plans to buy Banja Luka beverages company MB Impex, the Bosnian authorities are checking the likely impact on the local alcoholic drinks market.

20 Nov 17 Serbia’s IMF Arrangement Ends on High Note
10 Nov 17 Romania Bank Chief Warns of High Trade Deficit
bosnian-piano-students-break-guiness-world-record-12-12-2017 Bosnians Break World Record for Simultaneous Piano-Playing

A multi-ethnic group of music students from Sarajevo and Eastern Sarajevo set a new Guinness world record as 20 of them played the same piece on the same piano simultaneously.

a-belgrade-hanukkah-celebrating-the-jewish-festival-of-light-12-04-2017 A Belgrade Hanukkah - Celebrating the Jewish Festival of Light

Every year a small but passionate community comes together in Belgrade for the eight-day holiday to rekindle their spirituality and foster Jewish heritage.



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