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Latest News from the Balkans

29 Jun 16

Kosovo Jails Serbian Citizen for Terrorist Plot

A Kosovo court has jailed a Serbian citizen, Slobodan Gavric, who was arrested in Pristina with a vehicle packed with explosive material in an area near the US embassy.

29 Jun 16

Prijedor’s Serbs Reject Memorial to Killed Children

The local assembly in the Serb-majority town of Prijedor in north-western Bosnia failed to back an initiative to build a memorial to 102 children who were killed or are still missing from the war.

29 Jun 16

Rendition Victims Challenge Romania, Lithuania, in Court

Hearings on Wednesday at the European Court of Human Rights in cases against Romania and Lithuania for alleged complicity in the CIA-led rendition and secret detention programmes represent a milestone, Amnesty International said.

29 Jun 16

EU Balkan States Call for Change in Light of Brexit

As European leaders mulled the conditions for Britain to leave the EU at their Brussels meeting on June 28, EU Balkan states used the 'Brexit' drama as an opportunity to call for change in the way the EU works. 

29 Jun 16

Serbian MPs Call for Srebrenica Genocide Resolution

Two Serbian parliamentary factions have called on the national assembly to urgently adopt a resolution on the genocide of Bosniaks from Srebrenica ahead of the 21st anniversary next month.

29 Jun 16

Bosnian Serb Soldier Goes on Trial in Belgrade

The war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb soldier Dalibor Maksimovic, who is accused of killings and rapes near the Bosnian town of Bratunac in 1992, opened at a Serbian court.

29 Jun 16

Political Feuds Leave Bosnia Without UN Candidate

Ongoing disputes with in the Bosnian Presidency have made an agreement on a Bosnian candidate for the position of UN Secretary General impossible.

29 Jun 16

'Special Court' Gathers Momentum in Macedonia

There are no legal obstacles to forming a special court department that would handle cases instigated by the Special Prosecution, legal experts say, as the idea gains support in Macedonia.

29 Jun 16

Putin’s Party Signs ‘Military Neutrality’ Agreements with Balkan Parties

Pro-Russian, anti-NATO parties across the Balkans sign a non-binding declaration with the ruling Russian party outlining a neutral zone in the region in the face of NATO expansion.

28 Jun 16

Serbs Celebrate Vidovdan and the Battle of Kosovo Amid Tight Security

Serb pilgrims, clergymen and politicians peacefully marked significant religious and historic events in Kosovo under heightened security measures.

28 Jun 16

"Republic of Kosovo" Plaque Sparks Anger in Montenegro

Police removed a plaque reading "Republic of Kosovo" set on the territory of Montenegro by the Kosovo opposition and announced they will use "diplomatic channels" to resolve the violation of the state border.

28 Jun 16

Bosnian Army Commander Oric Trial Stopped

The trial of Bosniak wartime commander Naser Oric for crimes against Serb prisoners of war in the areas of Srebrenica and Bratunac was stopped because of the unacceptable behaviour of a prosecution witness.

28 Jun 16

Macedonian Protesters Predict 'Hot' Summer

Anti-government protests and guerilla actions will continue during the hot summer months, supporters of the 'Colourful Revolution' say, as politicians mull a fresh election date.

28 Jun 16

Bosnians Shocked as Mujica Accepts RS Award

Many Bosnians say Jose Mujica, the popular and humble former president of Uruguay,  should not have accepted the highest decoration from the Bosnian Serb entity.

27 Jun 16

Croatia, Britain, Stop Serbia Opening Chapter

Serbia will not be able to open Chapter 23 in its EU membership talks, as it had hoped to do, following objections from Croatia and Britain.


29 Jun 16

Lazarat Raid Fails to Deter Albania’s Cannabis Growers

Two years after the high-profile Albanian police raid on the southern outlaw village of Lazarat, the crackdown on cannabis cultivation remains an unfinished business.

28 Jun 16

Politics Keeps Water Toxic Across Vojvodina