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08 Oct 13

Romanian Deputy PM Faces Vote Fraud Trial

Deputy prime minister Liviu Dragnea is to go on trial over alleged fraud during last year’s referendum to decide whether to impeach the country’s president.


Latest News from the Balkans

30 Oct 14

Bosnians Punished Parties in Power, Panel Says

The recent elections showed that Bosnians voted against the incumbent political parties rather than for the ones that won, a panel discussion organised by psychologists has heard.

30 Oct 14

Half a Million Croats Petition Against Highway Sale

Campaigners against privatisation of the nation's highways have collected half-a-million signatures, and are now pressing for a nationwide referendum.

30 Oct 14

Protesting Croatian Veterans Take Demands to Parliament

The former soldiers, who are in their second week of non-stop protests, went to the Croatian parliament to repeat their demand for the sacking of the war veterans minister.

30 Oct 14

Radovan Karadzic Demands Secret Diplomatic Cables

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Karadzic wants the Hague Tribunal to reopen his defence case to admit confidential cables from Western ambassadors he believes will help prove his innocence.

30 Oct 14

EU Kosovo Mission ‘Probing Internal Corruption Claims’

The head of the EU’s Kosovo rule-of-law mission rejected one of its prosecutor’s claims that it ignored internal corruption allegations and insisted it was investigating the alleged graft.

30 Oct 14

Hundreds Still Homeless After Bosnia Floods

Around 250 of the around 2,000 families that were rendered homeless by the May floods in Bosnia are still without a roof over their heads today, experts estimate.

30 Oct 14

Montenegro Mulls Banning Tabloid Attacks on Activist

State Prosecutor seeks a court ban on the Belgrade newspaper that has resumed its highly controversial campaign against the rights activist and MANS head, Vanja Calovic.

30 Oct 14

Bosnian Serbs to Remove Controversial Sarajevo Cross

The makeshift cross installed above the Bosnian capital to commemorate Serb victims of the 1990s conflict will be removed after it sparked angry reactions from Bosniak war victims.

30 Oct 14

Croatian PM's Wife Likened to Marie Antoinette

The wife of the Croatian Prime Minister has taken a right royal battering as a result of her ill-fated attempts to sell the virtue of pricey black bread as a healthy diet choice.

29 Oct 14

Montenegro Pays Milllions For Unlawful Detention

Montenegro has paid out more than 5 million euros in compensation over the last four years to people who were wrongly detained, the Ministry of Justice revealed.

29 Oct 14

‘Projectiles’ Hit HQ of Macedonian Government

Two projectiles, most probably grenades, hit the roof and walls of the government building in Skopje at around 10pm on Tuesday night, the police said.

29 Oct 14

Albania Charges Ex-MP With Concealing Wealth

The High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests, HIDAA, has charged a former Socialist Party MP, Andis Harasani, with failing to disclose his assets.

29 Oct 14

Croatia PM Rejects Protesting Veterans’ Demands

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said he would not submit to ‘ultimatums’ from the former soldiers who have been protesting for 10 days, demanding the war veterans minister’s dismissal.

29 Oct 14

Djukanovic Denies Giving Loans to Criminals

Montenegro's Prime Minister said no law was broken when the government some years ago loaned 2 millon euro to Safet Kalic, the alleged boss of the so-called 'Rozaj Clan' drugs smuggling ring.

29 Oct 14

Kosovo President Ponders Invite to Serbia

The Kosovo President is mulling whether to attend the Trilateral Commission in Belgrade, amid arguments that she should not attend a conference in a country that does not recognise her own.