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Latest News from the Balkans

24 Jun 17

Serbia's Parliament to Approve Two New Ministries

Serbia's parliament is set to approve opening of environmental protection and European integration ministries.

23 Jun 17

Vucic Inauguration Speech Highlights Regional Cooperation

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic pledged to improve relations with regional countries in his inauguration speech, stating that progress is “impossible without peace and stability.”

23 Jun 17

Croatia Seeks Role in Bosnian Croats’ Hague Trial

Croatia has filed an appeal to the Hague war crimes tribunal, asking to be allowed to participate in the trial of six former Bosnian Croat officials, but prosecutors have objected.

23 Jun 17

Protesters Blockade Film About Serb-Albanian Relations

Protesters carrying Serbian flags and chanting anti-Albanian slogans prevented the showing of a film about Serb-Albanian relations in the city of Nis.

23 Jun 17

Macron to Visit Romania After Vowing to Tackle Cheap Labour

President Macron’s harsh line on Eastern Europeans who work in the West - but pay less in social contributions – will impact on the Balkans, as well as on his primary target, Poland.

23 Jun 17

Serb Woman’s Case Upsets Trump Immigration Policy

A US Supreme Court verdict in the case of a Bosnian Serb deported because of her husband’s role in the Bosnian war will make it harder for the Trump administration to remove immigrants’ citizenship.

23 Jun 17

Jeremic Party May Shake up Serbia, Analysts Say

Analysts give Vuk Jeremic, former Chairman of the UN General Assembly who is starting a political party, good chances of making waves on the political scene in Serbia. 

23 Jun 17

Foreign Leaders Gather in Serbia for President's Inauguration

A phalanx of regional and other leaders - though not from Albania or Kosovo - will be present in Belgrade on Friday for Aleksandar Vucic's inauguration as Serbia's new head of state.

22 Jun 17

Serbian Official Blames Yugoslav Army for Croatia Crimes

Former Serbian security chief Jovica Stanisic’s lawyer told the Hague Tribunal that the Yugoslav People’s Army was responsible for crimes in the Serb-led Republic of Serbian Krajina wartime statelet in Croatia in 1991.

22 Jun 17

Bosnian Politics ‘Impedes Justice’, Says Hague Prosecutor

The politicisation of war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina has created obstacles to securing justice for victims, chief Hague Tribunal prosecutor Serge Brammertz said in Sarajevo.

22 Jun 17

Bosnian Serbs Consider Chinese Lessons in Schools

Ni Hao, meaning hello in Chinese, might become a more common greeting in the Bosnian Serb entity Republika Srpska if the authorities bring in language lessons for school pupils.

22 Jun 17

Kosovo Landmine Victims Demand Serbia Pay Compensation

Kosovo’s Association of Mine-Injured Civilians asked Serbia to pay compensation to people injured in landmine blasts during and after the war, and called on the Pristina government to raise the issue in Brussels.

22 Jun 17

Balkan States Face Big Population Drops, UN Warns

In several Balkans countries a drop in population of more than 15 per cent is expected by the year 2050, the latest UN report has noted.

22 Jun 17

Serbia’s Divided Gays Plan Separate Parades

Two separate 'Pride' parades, one in June and another in September, will be organised in Belgrade this year, reflecting divisions within Serbian LGBT organisations.

22 Jun 17

Romania Ruling Party Set to Name New PM

Romania’s Social Democrat Party will nominate a new Prime Minister by Monday after ousting the government, but the ruling coalition risks losing its majority in parliament. 


24 Jun 17

Albania's Election Escapades

Patronage and corruption keep voting a 'low-standard' exercise in democracy. 

23 Jun 17

Albania Enjoys Calmest Ever Election Campaign

23 Jun 17

Romanian Top Filmmakers Fight for Reform

21 Jun 17

UN Needs to Properly Compensate Kosovo Victims

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UNESCO Adds Two More Croatian Sites to Heritage List

UNESCO is about to include two more Croatian sites on its World Heritage list - the old walls of the town of Zadar and the St Nicholas Fortress in the town of Sibenik.



Agrokor Boss Vows to Tackle Problems in Bosnia

Ante Ramljak says future focus will now be on stabilising operations in Bosnia, where Agrokor’s daughter companies reportedly owe suppliers over 100 million euros.