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Latest News from the Balkans

24 Jan 15

Clashes Erupt as Thousands Protest in Kosovo

Protesters clashed with police as several thousand people rallied in Pristina for the sacking of a Serb minister and for Kosovo to take full control of the huge Trepca mine complex from Belgrade.

23 Jan 15

Kosovo Miners Suspend Strike at Trepca

Miners have announced they are suspending further strike action for a month, awaiting a decision of the Kosovo government on the mine's future.

23 Jan 15

Bosnian Serb MP Ordered Not to Leave Country

The Bosnian court told Dragomir Vasic, an ex-police chief charged with genocide soon after becoming an MP in the country’s Serb-led Republika Srpska entity parliament, not to leave the country.

23 Jan 15

NATO Chief Lauds Kosovo's Progress Since 1999

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that Kosovo had become a much safer place since peacekeeping troops first came at the end of the war in 1999.

23 Jan 15

Islamist Terror Threat Draws EU, Balkans Together

New internal security strategy for Europe will involve ever-closer links to security structures in the Western Balkans.

23 Jan 15

Fighters Charged with Massacre of 67 Bosniaks

Ten former high-ranking members of Bosnian Serb police and military units were indicted for the persecution and murder of at least 67 Bosniaks in July 1992 in the Zvornik area.

23 Jan 15

NATO Victims’ Families Condemn Charlie Hebdo Comparison

Relatives of those killed in the NATO bombing of the Serbian public broadcaster RTS in 1999 said that they resent comparisons with the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

23 Jan 15

Bosnia Minister Quits Over Arms Sales to Ukraine

Bosnia's Foreign Trade Minister has resigned, citing pressures to allow ammunition sales to Ukraine, though some see other factors at play.

23 Jan 15

Romania to Launch Receipts Lottery at Easter

New lottery is designed to get people to demand receipts for goods and services - thereby making it less easy for shops and other sellers to evade paying sales taxes.

22 Jan 15

Trepca Miners Vow to Continue Strike

Miners have pledged to continue their strike, called to protest against the government’s decision to postpone the troubled complex’s long-term transformation.

22 Jan 15

Murder Testimony Against Kosovo Serb Leader ‘Unconvincing’

The defence of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, accused of ordering paramilitary police to kill several ethnic Albanians in April 1999, said an alleged eyewitness had failed to prove his guilt.

22 Jan 15

Albanians Trade Blame Over High Petrol Prices

Albanian parties are exchanging accusations over the failure of petrol pump prices to come down much, in spite of the sharp fall in world oil prices.

22 Jan 15

Sarajevo Prosecutor Reopens Deputy PM Murder Case

The newly-appointed Sarajevo Canton chief prosecutor said she has reopened an investigation into the murder of Hakija Turajlic, wartime Deputy Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

22 Jan 15

Converting Franc Loans Will Cost Croatia, Bank Says

Converting loans connected to Swiss franc and other foreign currency loans into kuna loans would cost Croatia 73 per cent of its current foreign currency reserves, bank chief warns.

22 Jan 15

US Ambassador’s Blog Highlights Bosnia School Segregation

A call by the new US ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina for children of all ethnicities to study the same curriculum together has generated responses that reflect the country’s divisions.



Dilemma for Serbia Over Franc Borrowers’ Misery

The government is under pressure to help borrowers struggling to repay Swiss franc loans – but experts say that intervention should be minimal.