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27 May 16

Macedonia President Part-Withdraws Pardons

President Gjorge Ivanov on Friday said he had partially retracted his controversial pardons of 56 persons, which has sparked mass protests and worsened Macedonia's political crisis.

27 May 16

Kosovo Broadcaster Ignores Eviction Deadline

While Kosovo's public broadcaster, RTK, has ignored an ultimatum to leave its premises or face forced eviction, no action has taken place as yet.

27 May 16

Bosnia War Victims Slate Call to Release Karadzic

Representatives of Bosnian victims' associations have condemned reports that the Hague tribunal is considering temporarily releasing the former Bosnian Serb leader.

27 May 16

Croatia's MOST Backs Vice-PM's Impeachment

The Bridge of the Independent Lists, MOST, said it will vote to impeach Vice-Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko, bringing the prospect of early elections nearer.

27 May 16

Clock Ticks For Albania to Pass EU Reforms

June is the last month when Albania's squabbling parties can pass judicial reforms needed to open the way for EU accession talks - and fears are growing that the deadline will be missed.

27 May 16

Macedonia PM Mocked For Calling Foes 'Brainwashed Sect'

Macedonia’s ruling party leader has been ridiculed on social media after accusing his critics of performing “sect-like” rituals that involved group chanting and stamping on his party logo.

26 May 16

Kosovo Albanians Protest Against Court Ruling on Decani

Several hundred locals in the west of Kosovo protested against a court ruling that confirmed the rights of the Serbian Orthodox monastery at Decani to 24 hectares of disputed land.

26 May 16

Kosovo Families Accuse Serbian Army Chief of Massacre

Families of victims from the village of Rezala accuse Serbian army chief Ljubisa Dikovic of killing 41 villagers during the war of the 1990s – and demand that Kosovo’s judicial organs investigate.

26 May 16

Serbia Waterfront Protesters Push for Resignations

Official silence about Belgrade Waterfront demolitions - and the mystery death of one of the eyewitnesses to this event - draw some 10,000 Serbs to fresh protest rally on Wednesday.

26 May 16

Popovic Link to Summit Sparks Protest in Montenegro

Montenegrin women's rights groups protested against a women's summit, which started in the capital, Podgorica, alleging that the controversial Serbian figure Vladimir Beba Popovic has organised it.

26 May 16

Macedonian President Defiant Over Pardons

After Macedonia's President flatly rejected calls to withdraw his contoversial pardons of top politicians, some experts say parliament must pronounce the pardons void on its own.

26 May 16

Croatia's MOST Likely to Back Vice-PM's Impeachment

Croatia's junior government party, the Bridge of the Independent Lists, MOST, will most likely vote to impeach the vice-prime minister and HDZ leader, Tomislav Karamarko.

25 May 16

Tito’s Admirers Celebrate His Birthday Across Ex-Yugoslavia

Thirty-six years after the death of Josip Broz Tito, his nostalgic admirers in many of the former Yugoslav states still commemorate his birthday despite criticism of his undemocratic regime.

25 May 16

Kosovo Broadcaster Faces Threat of Eviction

The Kosovo Privatisation Agency has given the country’s public broadcaster, RTK, an ultimatum to leave the building it is using by Wednesday, alleging it is using the site illegally.

25 May 16

Serbian Activists Plan Fresh Waterfront Protest

The campaigning group 'Let’s Not Drown Belgrade' scheduled a rally in front of the Belgrade City Assembly for Wednesday, protesting over the recent demolition of sites presumably intended to make way for the Waterfront development.


27 May 16

Bulgaria Drags its Feet Over ‘Cocaine King’

Evelin Banev has received big jail sentences for drug trafficking in Romania and Italy - but back home in Bulgaria the courts appear curiously reluctant to act.

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More to Mostar than a Bridge

There is much more to the Mostar area than the old bridge - starting with the mysterious Dervish house at Blagaj, the waterfalls at Kravice and the turreted castle of Ostrozac.



Serbia to Get Fourth Mobile Phone Operator

Serbia will have a fourth mobile operator from September this year, the UK-based firm Mundio, which should cut the price of mobile calls and increase competition in the market.