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Latest News from the Balkans

10 Feb 16

Turkish Organ-Trafficking Suspect Gives Statement in Pristina

Kenan Demirkol, a Turkish doctor accused of organ-harvesting by the Kosovo authorities, has given a statement in Pristina in exchange of the suspension of an Interpol warrant for his arrest.

10 Feb 16

Trust in Serbia Dialogue Tumbles in Kosovo

New poll underlines that the public in Kosovo have little confidence in the EU-led talks with Serbia.

10 Feb 16

Romania Jails Communist-Era Prison Boss

Romania has jailed a communist-era prison commander, Alexandru Visinescu, for 20 years for crimes that he commited more than 50 years ago

10 Feb 16

Lack of Transparency on Bosnia Flood Cash Slated

A report by a group of Bosnian NGOs highlights the concerning lack of hard information on how flood reconstruction money was spent.

10 Feb 16

UN Court Presses Serbia to Arrest Radicals

The Hague Tribunal accused Belgrade of failing to cooperate because it hasn’t arrested three officials from the Serbian Radical Party suspected of threatening witnesses at their leader Vojislav Seselj’s trial.

10 Feb 16

Bulgaria Names UNESCO Boss For UN Chief's Post

Bulgaria has confirmed that it is backing Irina Bokova for the post of UN Secretary General, ending months of speculation over who it wanted to replace Ban Ki-moon in 2017.  

10 Feb 16

Row Leaves Croatia Security System Unguarded

With no committee monitoring national security in place, owing to a row over the chair of the board, Croatia's security agencies are operating without parliamentary oversight.

10 Feb 16

Austria Tells Balkans to Curb Refugee Flow

Austria is advising Balkan countries to significantly reduce the flow of refugees, as it prepares to sharply limit the number of incomers it is willing to receive.

10 Feb 16

Kosovo 'on the Brink', US Ambassador Warns

Ambassador Greg Delawie has delivered a stark warning about Kosovo's future, following the failure of the latest high-level attempt to resolve the ongoing political crisis.

10 Feb 16

Romania Wants More Poor Kids at Kindergarten

Following the success of a charity cofounded by Hollywood star Ethan Hawke's mother, Romania is launching a drive to get more poor families to send their children to kindergarten.

09 Feb 16

NATO Chief Urges Montenegro to Tackle Corruption

Ahead of accession talks with Montenegro, due to start next week, NATO chief says alliance seeks more results in establishing rule of law and pursuing fight against corruption.

09 Feb 16

Killing People 'Pained' Enver Hoxha, Widow Says

Late Albanian dictator's 95-year-old widow, Nexhmije Hoxha - giving her farewell interview - said her husband was a sensitive soul who regretted executing people.

09 Feb 16

Radovan Karadzic’s Former Adviser Arrested

Jovan Tintor, a high-ranking wartime politician and former adviser to Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic was arrested on suspicion of taking part in war crimes in Vogosca near Sarajevo.

09 Feb 16

Bosnian Serb Genocide Convict Dies in The Hague

The former intelligence chief of the Bosnian Serb Army’s Main Headquarters, Zdravko Tolimir, who was convicted of the genocide of Bosniaks from Srebrenica, died in the Hague Tribunal’s detention unit.

09 Feb 16

Bosnian Serb Leader Postpones Controversial Referendum

Facing growing criticism, the president of Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska postponed a planned referendum which was intended to challenge the authority of the state judiciary.


10 Feb 16

A Scandal Untold: The Near Collapse of a Kosovo Lending Giant

A microfinance charity created to help Kosovo’s poorest is facing legal battles, a backdated tax bill and a criminal investigation following its near collapse in 2011, BIRN can reveal.

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