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24 Jan 17

Macedonia Ex-PM’s Luxury Limo Purchase Probed

Macedonia’s Special Prosecution suspects two former government officials of abusing their positions over the purchase of a 575,000 euro luxury limousine for former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

24 Jan 17

Montenegro Police Launch Raids Against Drug Gangs

Montenegrin police have launched night-time raids and stepped up patrols in the capital Podgorica in a bid to tackle drug gangs they say are responsible for much of the recent violence in the city.

24 Jan 17

Croatia Ex-President Shown Downplaying WWII Crimes

Croatian far-right media published videos shot in 1992 of former President Stjepan Mesic downplaying the crimes committed at the World War II fascist concentration camp at Jasenovac.

24 Jan 17

New Bulgarian President Faces First Political Test

Days after assuming office, President Rumen Radev must dissolve parliament and set up a caretaker government, posing a tough test of his political skills and independence.

24 Jan 17

Albanian Parties Hunt For MPs On Internet

The main opposition Democratic Party and the new Libra party are both inviting people to submit the names of people they want to see in parliament on the internet ahead of the June 18 elections. 

24 Jan 17

Kosovo, Serbia Presidents Meet to Ease Tensions

The two Presidents and Prime Ministers are to meet in Brussels after growing tensions put on hold the implementation of key Belgrade-Pristina agreements.

24 Jan 17

Turkey Scraps Diploma Deal With Macedonia

Turkey has scrapped a bilateral diploma acceptance deal with Macedonia after the authorities in Skopje failed to close schools and organisations suspected of links to alleged coup plotter Fethullah Gulen.

24 Jan 17

Records Show Yugoslavia's Dramas Kept CIA Busy

Newly available CIA documents show that America's top spy agency had its hands full following Yugoslavia's turbulent existence and eventual bloody collapse.

23 Jan 17

Serbian Activists Accuse Official of Making Threats

A member of the Let’s not Drown Belgrade movement said a newly-employed staffer in the government’s Kosovo office was one of many people to have threatened them on social networks.

23 Jan 17

Croatian Jews Boycott State-Run Holocaust Commemoration

The Croatian Jewish community will boycott the state commemoration of the Holocaust, claiming that the government is not tackling attempts by right-wingers to distort the country’s WWII history.

21 Jan 17

Businessman Bonded Croatia President to Trump Team

US businessman Jeffory Blackard says fruitful meetings he arranged in the US for Croatia's President gave her a head start on most world leaders when it comes to Team Trump.

21 Jan 17

Balkan Feminists Rally in Solidarity With US Women

Activists in Belgrade, Pristina and Sofia will hold rallies in solidarity with the huge women's march planned for Washington, one day after Donald Trump's inauguration.

20 Jan 17

Bosnian Serb Invites to Trump Gala Disputed

Although the Republika Srpska's government website claimed the Prime Minister of the Bosnian entity was attending Donald Trump's inauguration, a US embassy statement suggested she was not the official invitee.

20 Jan 17

‘Nationalist’ Train Stuns Serbian Rail Passengers

The train that sparked tensions with Kosovo with its nationalist slogans and pictures surprised passengers commuting from Kraljevo to Pozega when it turned up instead of their standard carrier.

20 Jan 17

Bosnian Serb Students Send Trump Inaugural Gift

Reflecting Serb enthusiasm about the Trump era, Bosnian Serb students have sent an inaugural gift to the new US President and his Slovenian-born wife, Melania, wishing them success.


24 Jan 17

MPs Nudge Turkey Closer to ‘One-Man’ Rule

After MPs backed constitutional amendments radically extending the President’s powers, fears are growing that Recep Tayyip Erdogan could soon enjoy almost limitless control.

23 Jan 17

Redrawing Balkan Borders Would Shock Europe

20 Jan 17

Birth of Trump Era Divides Balkan Countries

20 Jan 17

Balkan States Eye Their Prospects in Trump Era

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Photographers Document Bosnia’s ‘War of Memories’

An exhibition of pictures by two Bosnian photographers offers stark images of memorials to people of all ethnic groups who were killed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.