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Latest News from the Balkans

29 Jul 16

Meeting in Serbia Calls for Bosniak Unity

Members of the Party of Democratic Action, SDA, and the Bosniak Party of Montenegro met in the Serbian town of Novi Pazar on Friday to foster unity between Bosniaks from all over the Balkan region.

29 Jul 16

Kosovo 'Mass Grave' Fails to Yield Bodies

The search for human remains at a suspected mass grave in the Kosovo capital, Pristina, has drawn a blank.

29 Jul 16

Montenegro PM Faces Grilling for Attacking Prosecutors

The opposition wants to question Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic over a leaked security report which accused the Special Prosecution Office for organized crime of acting too independently.

29 Jul 16

Bosnian Serbs Oppose New Anti-Terror Body

A proposal to establish a new coordination group against terrorism in Bosnia is drawing criticism from authorities in Republika Srpska who say it will break the law.

29 Jul 16

Re-trial for Glavas as Conviction is Quashed

Branimir Glavas faces a re-trial after Croatia's Supreme Court annulled his first-degree conviction for war crimes against Serbs in Osijek - a decision that has caused outrage in Serbia.

29 Jul 16

Latest Check on Macedonia's Electoral Roll Queried

Observers say the latest check-up of Macedonia’s electoral roll - agreed between the political parties ahead of snap polls due this autumn - will not remedy the many inconsistencies in it.

29 Jul 16

Croatian Youth NGO Apologizes to 'Storm' Victims

A Zagreb-based NGO has started an online letter calling for an apology to the Serb victims of the victorious 1995 'Operation Storm’, which terminated a Serb rebellion in the Krajina region.

29 Jul 16

Bulgaria Adopts Controversial Anti-Terror Bill

An overwhelming majority of Bulgarian MPs backed government-proposed anti-terror legislation on Thursday, despite protests by human rights groups and some MPs who fear it will curb civil liberties.

29 Jul 16

Balkans Failing to Counter ISIS’s Appeal to Women

Belgrade think tank says Balkan states must understand the reality of Islamic State’s appeal to Muslim women - if they want to stem to outflow of women there.

28 Jul 16

Study Shows Young Serbs Turning Against EU

Research conducted by the Institute for European Affairs shows that while most Serbs still want to join the EU, a majority of the young would prefer to see Serbia team up with Russia.

28 Jul 16

Dodik Pledges New Probe into Sarajevo, Tuzla Massacres

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said international experts will investigate the massacres at the Markale market and in Vase Miskina Street in Sarajevo, as well as in Kapija in Tuzla, to determine whether the crimes were investigated properly.

28 Jul 16

Montenegro Urges Kosovo to Ratify Border Agreement

Dusko Markovic, the Montenegrin Vice Prime Minister, said Kosovo should ratify the border demarcation agreement reached between the countries without delay.

28 Jul 16

Bosniaks Urge Inzko to Block Serb Referendum

Bosniak representatives in the Bosnian Serb entity Republika Srpska are calling on the High Representative to stop a referendum there on the entity's national holiday.

28 Jul 16

Serbia's Tougher Line on Migrants Worries Experts

Rights activists say Serbia's stricter policies towards refugees on the borders are creating fresh dilemmas that will be hard to address.

27 Jul 16

Kosovo Snubs Turkish Demand to Punish Journalist

Kosovo's officials have rejected a demand from the Turkish embassy for Kosovo to punish a journalist for making satirical comments on Facebook about the failed coup.


29 Jul 16

Croatia-Serbia Tensions Escalate Into Diplomatic War

As the two neighbours exchange verbal missiles, unresolved tensions dating back to World War II are once again coming to the surface.

29 Jul 16

Serbia Turns Blind Eye to Rare Bird Slaughter

27 Jul 16

Peace and Justice Remain Elusive in Macedonia

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Craze For Foreign Names Alarms Albanian Patriots

Statistics showing that none of 20 most popular names in Albania for newborn children are Albanian have some experts worried about a steady erosion of the national identity.



Bosnia Struggles to Sell Its Failing Companies

Facing strong international and budgetary pressure, Bosnia's entities resume privatising public companies, but finding buyers for the mostly decrepit and overvalued firms is increasingly difficult.