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08 Oct 13

Romanian Deputy PM Faces Vote Fraud Trial

Deputy prime minister Liviu Dragnea is to go on trial over alleged fraud during last year’s referendum to decide whether to impeach the country’s president.


Latest News from the Balkans

29 Jul 14

Serbia Welcomes EU’s Kosovo Crimes Report

The Serbian government welcomed an EU task force announcement about indictments for alleged Kosovo Liberation Army crimes against Serbs, but said justice will only be done when perpetrators are convicted.

29 Jul 14

New Kosovo Prosecutions ‘Offer Justice for Abducted Serbs’

An EU task force report announcing prosecutions of senior Kosovo Liberation Army members for crimes against humanity after the 1999 war could end impunity, said human rights group Amnesty International.

29 Jul 14

Religious Tolerance Patchy in Balkans, State Department Says

Discrimination against smaller religious communities continues in most Balkan countries, even though governments and laws in general respect religious freedoms, a new US report says.

29 Jul 14

Hackers Deface Albania Ministerial Websites

A previously unknown computer pirates group defaced several official websites on Monday, attacking reforms that allegedly restrict freedom and slating the government for doing too little to fight corruption.

29 Jul 14

Serbian Ministers See Bright Side of War Centenary

Serbian ministers had a good time on a bus to a commemorative event in the southern city of Nis, where they marked the centenary of the outbreak of war with Austria-Hungary in 1914.

29 Jul 14

Senior Kosovo Guerrillas Face Crimes Against Humanity Cases

An EU report said top Kosovo Liberation Army officials will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity including murders and abductions but there was not enough evidence yet for organ-trafficking indictments.

29 Jul 14

UN Mediator Arrives Empty Handed in Macedonia

After the UN mediator in the dispute with Greece over Macedonia's name reached Skopje on Monday, he admitted that he had not come with any fresh proposals for a solution.

29 Jul 14

Serbia Purges Chiefs of Public Companies

The Prime Minister announced that seven heads of state-owned enterprises were being fired, adding that the heads of many more managers would roll in August.

28 Jul 14

Serbia Marks ‘Heroic’ WWI Centenary

The Serbian premier praised the fight to liberate the country from Austro-Hungarian rule during World War I, but plans to unveil a monument to Sarajevo assassin Gavrilo Princip were shelved.

28 Jul 14

Russian Sanctions on Moldova Worry Romania

Romania expressed concern after Moscow banned imports of fruit from Moldova, the latest Russian sanction after Chisinau signed a deal making closer ties with the European Union.

28 Jul 14

Belgrade Urges Kosovo Serb Politician’s ‘Immediate’ Release

The Serbian government said that local politician Oliver Ivanovic, who has been in custody since January on suspicion of involvement in war crimes and murders in Kosovo, should be bailed.

28 Jul 14

Bulgarian Socialists Elect New Leader Before Polls

The crisis-hit Bulgarian Socialist Party elected Mihail Mikov as its new chief in a bid to revive its fortunes ahead of general elections in October.

28 Jul 14

Croatia’s Adriatic Islands Get Seaplane Service

The first Croatian seaplane operator opens its routes along the country’s coast and to its islands in the Adriatic Sea in the middle of August.

28 Jul 14

Montenegro Tourists Rescued as Heavy Storm Hits

Rescue services have saved dozens of tourists from Adriatic Sea beaches after a powerful storm hit the Montenegrin coast.

28 Jul 14

Serbia Introduces Tax for Public Service Broadcaster

Under pressure from Brussels, the Serbian government will bring back a compulsory monthly payment for the two state-owned television channels in a bid to preserve their independence.


28 Jul 14

Bosnia Prime Minister Bemoans Donors’ Mistrust

Vjekoslav Bevanda told Balkan Insight that he is disappointed that many donors will be bypassing Bosnia's own institutions when it comes to disbursing flood aid because they don’t trust them.

Culture and Lifestyle


Actors and Sports Stars Mingle on Croatian Coast

Keira Knightley, Ellen DeGeneres and Man United’s Juan Mata are just some of the stars who have been soaking up the sun on the Adriatic this year.



IKEA Opens its Doors in Croatia

New furniture megastore is expected to serve as a regional hub, drawing customers from Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as Croatia.