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Latest Business News from the Balkans

27 Feb 15

Uber Arrives to Mixed Fanfare in Romania

The US mobile-app-based transportation network Uber has launched its first ridesharing service in Romania - but while many potential users are delighted, taxi drivers are less happy.

26 Feb 15

Hotel Plan for Fort Offends Some in Montenegro

NGOs, opposition politicians and some locals in the Bay of Kotor are up in arms about plans to turn a 19th-century Habsburg fortress into a five-star hotel.

25 Feb 15

Serbian Bank Eases Plight Over Franc Loans

The National Bank of Serbia has told commercial banks they must let clients with loans in Swiss francs repay housing loans on easier terms.

25 Feb 15

Montenegro Hails Increase in Tourist Numbers

More tourists visited Montenegro in 2014 than the previous year - and Russians and Serbs were most frequent visitors to the country's resorts, the latest report reveals.

24 Feb 15

Montenegro Plans Rescue for Swiss Franc Borrowers

Concerned by the plight of people who took out loans in Swiss francs, Montenegro plans to adopt a law to help them convert their franc loans into more affordable euro loans.

24 Feb 15

Oil Probe Draws Blank in Bosnian Serb Entity

Oil has been found in the north of Republika Srpska - but not enough to justify exploitation, a minister has warned, adding that the search would go on.

23 Feb 15

IMF Releases 53 million Euro Loan to Albania

The Ministry of Finance says that the IMF has approved the release of the loan after several months of difficult negotiations and increases in tax and electricity prices.

23 Feb 15

Bosnia Eyes WTO Membership in 2015

Bosnia expects to sign an agreement with the World Trade Organization by the end of this year, which it hopes will result in more foreign investment as well as more trade.

20 Feb 15

Austria to Fly Back Illegal Kosovo Migrants

The Austrian Interior Minister in Pristina on Friday said the country will return migrants by plane every two weeks and that asylum requests will be expedited.

20 Feb 15

Italy's Enel Freezes Sale of Romanian Assets

The Italian energy group Enel has put on hold the sale of its assets in Romania after reducing its debts.

19 Feb 15

Bosnia Federation To Raise Cash From Privatization

The government of Bosnia's mainly Bosniak and Croat Federation entity plans to sell its remaining shares in several large companies to ease its financial problems.

19 Feb 15

Croatia Mulls Bids for Slavonia Oilfields

A committee headed by the economy minister will review seven bids for on-shore oil and gas tenders in eastern Croatia in the coming two months.

19 Feb 15

Russian Interest Wanes in Montenegro Real Estate

Significant falls in property prices on the coast are being blamed on declining interest among buyers from Russia - the biggest spenders and highest-profile investors for years.

18 Feb 15

Croats Bag Deals at Moscow Trade Forum

The business forum on Tuesday in Moscow brought significant results for Croatian companies, which plan to expand their ties to Russia in spite of Western sanctions

17 Feb 15

Bosnian Serbs Take Last Bite of Big Mac

Fast food giant McDonald's is closing its doors in Banja Luka - another victim of the deteriorating business climate that is hitting shops and firms across the country.


20 Feb 15

Hope Runs Short For Serbian Steel Mill

Following the collapse of sale talks, the government plans to introduce ‘expert management’ to Smederevo Steel Mill – but are the options to save the troubled giant running out?

Politics and Society

02 Mar 15

Macedonia Opposition: Covert Tapes Reveal 'Economic Chaos'

Macedonia's opposition leader said covertly-recorded conversations between senior officials proved the government was concealing its economic mismanagement, wild spending and soaring debt.

Culture and Lifestyle


FEST to Champion Serbian Movies

The country’s most popular film festival, FEST, will put more emphasis on domestic productions this year as well as showing the best new movies from around the world.