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Latest Business News from the Balkans

22 May 15

Romania, Bulgaria Back New Gas Pipeline

Four ex-communist countries have signed a declaration of support for the construction of a gas pipeline across all four states that will ease dependence on energy coming from Russia.

22 May 15

Serbia’s Falling Jobless Rate Queried

Official statistical data say the unemployment rate in Serbia is falling fast - but some analysts are questioning the methodology.

21 May 15

Croatia Underwrites New Loans for Indebted Highways

The government has pledged to guarantee new loans taken out by the state-owned highway company, which are needed to cover its existing loans.

20 May 15

Montenegro Work Permit Limit Worries Foreign Firms

The largest business association in Montenegro says newly adopted curbs on the employment of foreigners could deter international companies from operating in the country.

19 May 15

Grey Economy Costing Serbia Dear, Expert Says

The shadow economy remains a threat to the Serbian economy, even though the authorities tightened up the control mechanisms in 2014, a member of the Fiscal Council has warned.

15 May 15

Smugglers Evade Higher Taxes in Albania

Albania is trying to curb smuggling in cigarettes and fuel after higher taxes appear to have caused an alarming increase in smuggling rather than higher government revenue.

13 May 15

Montenegro Airlines Falls Deeper into the Red

Montenegro's national carrier recorded a loss of over 9 million euro in 2104, making it the region's least profitable airline.

13 May 15

Romania’s Economic Recovery Gathering Speed

New statistical stata appear to show that the country's economic recovery is gathering pace.

12 May 15

Montenegro Debt Level Hits New Record

Montenegro's government debt has reached a new peak over the past 12 months, rising by 25 per cent to almost 70 per cent of GDP - following regular hikes in public spending.

11 May 15

Coastal Land Grab in Montenegro Upsets Owners

Owners of valuable property on the Montenegrin coast are up in arms about about the planned adoption of special law that will allow the government to expropriate the land for the construction of a tourist complex - in which the PM's brother and sister both have roles.

11 May 15

Commission Revises up Montenegro's Growth in 2015

Latest European Commission prognosis for Montenegro's economy is more optimistic than the last - while warning that the costly new highway will add to the burden on the budget.  

06 May 15

Bosnia Searching For New Deal with IMF

Bosnia is trying to obtain new financial support from the International Monetary Fund, IMF, although an existing arrangement remains blocked because of the slow pace of reforms.

06 May 15

Romanian Bank Offers Lifeline to Franc Borrowers

Borrowers with franc loans in Volksbank may be able to convert them into cheaper loans in the national currency as of July.

05 May 15

Croatia Struggling to Exit Recession, Commission

Latest European Commission prognosis says Croatia's economy is slowly exiting recession after six years - still battling a large budget deficit and a debt mountain.

04 May 15

Albanians Work Longer for Less Pay, Survey Says

The average employee in Albania works 2,100 hours per year but is paid less than the average worker in Bulgaria and Macedonia, Europe’s next worst-paid nations, a new survey says.

Politics and Society

22 May 15

ISIS Killed Albanian Jihadist Who Wanted Out

Ervin Hasanaj, an Albanian jihadist recently executed by ISIS, was apparently killed because he was trying to go home.

Culture and Lifestyle


Czech Theme at This Year's Bucharest Book Fair

Bookfest, Romania’s largest book fair, has opened in Bucharest with a Czech flavour this year - but the fair takes place in a country where interest in reading seems to be fading.