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Latest Business News from the Balkans

23 Jul 14

Private Sector Eyes Role in Macedonian Freight

A new bill - which will allow domestic firms to pay for and organize the transport of their goods on the railway network - is causing alarm inside the state railway company, which fears for the loss of its monopoly.

23 Jul 14

EU to Back Croatian Gas Project on Krk

The Ukraine crisis has given new impetus to plans to build a gas terminal on the island of Krk, which Brussels has said it will help pay for.

21 Jul 14

Croatia Launches Onshore Oil and Gas Tender

Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak has opened an international tender for onshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation rights in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia.

21 Jul 14

Bosnia to Vote on Biggest Post-War Energy Project

Lawmakers of Bosnia's Federation Parliament are set to vote on a project to construct the Bloc 7 of the Tuzla power plant, described as Bosnia's most important energy investment in decades.

21 Jul 14

€500 Million Loan Raises Queries in Macedonia

Newly revealed plans to raise a record €500 million through a Eurobond have caused divisions in Macedonia, with many querying official explanations for the loan.

18 Jul 14

Macedonia Plans to Set up Tax Haven

Government plans to establish a tax haven that will encourage wealthy corporations to move their operations to Macedonia have won a mixed response.

16 Jul 14

Budget Flights Boost Air Traffic in Macedonia

Air traffic has grown exponentially in Macedonia since the arrival of low-cost, or budget, airlines, which the government has stimulated via targeted subsisidies.

16 Jul 14

Romania Raises Indirect Taxes to Fill Budget Gaps

The centre-left government is proposing hikes in indirect taxation to cover a likely budget deficit created by reductions in the levies on employers.

15 Jul 14

Macedonian Capital Steps Closer to Gasification

If the tendering procedure goes according to plan, consumers in Skopje may be be able to to start using natural gas for energy within two or three years.

14 Jul 14

Ex-Yugoslav Leaders Gather at Croatia Economic Summit

The presidents of all ex-Yugoslav countries are joining business leaders at the summit in Cavtat near Dubrovnik, aimed at boosting the economic potential of the region.

11 Jul 14

Bulgaria Scraps Commercial Bank’s License

National bank says it is to withdraw the license of one of the banks hit by a recent run on its savings - after uncovering that money is missing.

30 Jun 14

Six Arrested for Bulgaria Bank Rumours

Six people have been arrested in Bulgaria for spreading false information about the country’s banking system.

27 Jun 14

Illegal Booking Sites Threaten Montenegro’s Tourism Income

Montenegro loses hundreds of thousands of euros a year to illegal hotel reservation sites which offer accommodation without paying taxes in the country, tourism official warned.

26 Jun 14

Croatia’s Agrokor Takes Over Slovenian Rival

Agrokor, Croatia’s largest retail company, has bought a majority share in its rival Mercator, Slovenia's best-known food retail brand, in a deal reportedly worth 550 million euro.

25 Jun 14

Corruption Hinders Balkans Energy Sector Progress

Rampant corruption has raised costs, wasted opportunities for sustainable energy and distorted the market, says a new report by a group for environmental NGOs.


14 Jul 14

Serbia-US Flights Not Ready for Takeoff

Despite official talk of direct US flights by 2015, experts say Air Serbia has a way to go before it can obtain a license to fly to America, and some doubt whether such flights will ever be profitable.

Politics and Society

23 Jul 14

Romania Raises Medics' Salaries to Stem Exodus

The Romanian government is to raise the salaries of doctors and nurses by 10 per cent amid concerns about where the money will come from.

Culture and Lifestyle


Pula Film Festival Opens in Croatia

The 61st Pula Film Festival, which will see the screening of 150 movies from around the world, opened with fireworks at the coastal city’s Roman ampitheatre.