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Latest Business News from the Balkans

01 Sep 14

New Bulgaria Bank Crisis Threatens Confidence

Failure to resolve the fate of the country’s fourth-largest lender could undermine recently strengthened investor trust and turn Bulgaria into ‘Europe’s Argentina’, experts warn.

01 Sep 14

Sky-High Roaming Charges to Go in Balkans

Regulatory agencies in the Balkans have finally agreed to phase out mobile phone roaming charges, which are much higher than those in Western Europe.

29 Aug 14

Croatia to Slap Taxes on Savings and Property

Croatia's centre-left government has decided to tax people's savings and property in the latest measure aimed at cutting the yawning budget deficit.

28 Aug 14

Balkan Leaders in Berlin Pledge to Work Together

Balkan economy and finance ministers meeting in Berlin have agreed that their countries must jointly resolve economic issues that trouble the region.

28 Aug 14

Luxury Hotel Adds to Montenegrin Marina's Lustre

The Canadian-owned yacht marina, Porto Montenegro, has received a further boost with the opening of a new luxury hotel - the Regent.

28 Aug 14

Qatar Scraps Luxury Resort Plan in Montenegro

A Qatari company has pulled out of deal worth 350 million euro to build a luxry resort nesr Tivat, dealing a blow to the Montenegrin government's investment plans.

28 Aug 14

Croatia Cuts Civil Servants' Pay Supplements

Citing the need to cut expenditure, the government is cutting the supplements given to salaries in the public sector - though some economists say more comprehensive cuts are needed.

27 Aug 14

Russians Lose Interest in Bulgarian Property

Sales of seaside property in Bulgaria to Russians have slumped by 30 per cent since the end of July - a fall-off ascribed in part to frayed political relations between the two countries.

27 Aug 14

Outlook For Bosnian Job-seekers Remains Grim

Tens of thousands Bosnians lost their jobs since this year began, and the latest employment figures show that the labour market remains stagnant.

27 Aug 14

Montenegro Mulls Writing Off Debts of Poor

Following the example of Macedonia, Montenegro is considering writing off the debts of its poorest citizens - though some critics dismiss the plan as blatant populism.

26 Aug 14

Bosnia's Embattled Dairy Farmers Seek New Markets

Shut out of Croatia since Zagreb joined the European Union last July, hard-pressed Bosnian dairy farmers are eying alternative markets as far away as Russia.

25 Aug 14

Bosnia Opens New Stretch of Pan-European Corridor

The opening on Monday of a stretch of highway and a major tunnel between Sarajevo and Zenica marks a new stage in the construction of a European traffic corridor running from Croatia in the north to the Adriatic coast in the south.

18 Aug 14

EU Tells Serbia Not to Exploit Russian Embargo

Brussels has warned EU candidate countries against exploiting the Russian embargo on EU food imports to their own advantage.

15 Aug 14

Albanian Bank Chief Wins Board’s Confidence

The board of the Central Bank has supported the governor, following calls that he should resign over the recently discovered bank theft.

15 Aug 14

Bosnia Looks to Serbia to Boost Russian Exports

As Serbia eyes the business opportunities in Russia’s ban on EU food imports, Bosnia is also hoping to boost exports there, with its neighbour's help.


12 Aug 14

Montenegro Pins Tourism Hopes on August Surge

Tourist chiefs and hoteliers hope an extra-busy August and September will save a poor tourism year – but some say the emphasis on packing in the numbers is wrong.

Politics and Society

02 Sep 14

Macedonia PM ‘Emotionally Hurt’ by Bribe Claims

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski told a court in Skopje on Tuesday he had suffered emotional pain after the opposition leader accused him of taking bribes to expedite the illegal sale of a bank.

Culture and Lifestyle


Killer Fish Meets Its Match Among Albania’s Fishermen

Zander - predatory invasive fish that have been decimating local stocks in recent years - appear to have met their equal, at last.