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Latest Business News from the Balkans

03 Aug 15

IMF Mulls Suspending Agreement with Albania

IMF representative Jens Reinke said Albanian state budget revenues are well below target and suggested further tax hikes, while the government promised a crackdown on tax evasion.

31 Jul 15

Serbia Warned Against Abandoning Austerity

Although Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced increased public sector pensions and salaries by the end of the year, the Serbian Fiscal Council warned it is too early to abandon austerity measures.

30 Jul 15

Belgrade Plans 'Free Economic Zone' for Investors

The City Assembly decided to establish a 'free economic zone' which the local authorities hope will bring in foreign investors and boost the Serbian capital's economy.

30 Jul 15

Croatia Launches New Oil and Gas Tenders

The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency said that new tenders for gas and oil exploration and exploitation in the Adriatic Sea and onshore in the Slavonia region will open in September.

29 Jul 15

Business Conditions in Serbia 'Difficult', Experts Say

The economy minister promised that the government will prioritise developing small and medium-sized enterprises, but business experts warned that conditions remain tough.

24 Jul 15

Private Electricity Production Booms in Albania

The annual report from the regulator shows that private electricity production reached a peak over the past year, with private companies now producing a fifth of the country's electricity.

23 Jul 15

Macedonia Govt Proposes Biggest Ever Budget

With opposition MPs still absent, the government has proposed a budget rebalance which will result in Macedonia's biggest ever national budget in 25 years of independence.

22 Jul 15

Macedonia Again Plans to Sell Postal Service

After several failed attempts to sell the state owned postal service in the past, Macedonia is again considering privatization.

22 Jul 15

Croatia Opens Tender to Build Krk Gas Terminal

The state company LNG Croatia on Tuesday launched a tender to attract potential investors to build a gas terminal on Krk, an island on the northern Croatian coast.

21 Jul 15

US Trade Deal Gives Boost to Serbian Exports

Serbia has regained the status of 'privileged nation' in trade with the US but experts believe that businessmen will have to work hard to exploit the opportunity.

20 Jul 15

Croatian Tourism Season Gets Off to Hot Start

Croatia’s peak season for tourism has started with mid-July with suitably scorching temperatures and healthy figures in terms of visitors.

17 Jul 15

Croatia Gives Krk Gas Terminal 'Strategic' Status

Croatia on Thursday declared the planned gas terminal on Krk - important for diversifying the region's energy supply - a 'strategic investment project' - meaning that work on it will be expedited and given priority status.

17 Jul 15

Russian Tourists Start Returning to Montenegro

Montenegro is likely to see more Russian tourists this summer, after a 40-per-cent drop last year, caused by the devaluation of the ruble and impaired relations between the countries.

17 Jul 15

Vucic Derides Report of Serbia's Near-Bankruptcy

Serbian leader insists that despite the large size of the external debt, Serbia is in no danger of bankruptcy and dismisses London Guardian report as 'stupidity'.

15 Jul 15

Air Traffic Strike Grounds Bucharest Airport

First ever strike of Romanian air traffic controllers blocked all flights to and from Bucharest for two hours on Wednesday.


31 Jul 15

Bosnia’s Salt Lakes City Becomes Tourist Magnet

As its traditional industries contract and poverty and unemployment rises, Tuzla hopes that more revenue can be raised from tourism, attracting visitors with its unique complex of salt lakes.

Politics and Society

03 Aug 15

Kosovo Parliament Votes for New War Crimes Court

Lawmakers backed constitutional changes to set up a new war crimes court to try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters despite strong resistance from opposition politicians and ex-guerrillas.

Culture and Lifestyle


Serbia’s Brass Band Festival Kicks off in Guca

The Guca Brass Band Festival, Serbia's wildest traditional music event, is expecting 500,000 visitors to be attracted this year by its combination of blaring trumpets, grilled meat and local brandy.