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Latest Business News from the Balkans

01 Apr 15

Emirates Scrap Luxury Resort Plan in Montenegro

A major UAE investor has pulled out of deal worth 300 million euro to build a luxury resort near Budva, dealing a serious blow to the Montenegrin government.

31 Mar 15

Croats Hit by Soaring Swiss Franc Call Protest

A lobby group for Croats hit by the sharp rise in the value of the franc has scheduled a street protest in April, demanding that the governor of the national bank, HNB, step down.

24 Mar 15

Croatian PM Vows to Keep Big Loss-Maker Going

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said the country must not let one of the biggest state-owned employers in the continental part of the country go under in spite of its losses.

23 Mar 15

Montenegro Plans Showpiece Cable Car Route

The Montenegrin government is seeking international backers to construct an ambitious 15-kilometre cable-car route from Kotor on the coast to the country’s old royal capital Cetinje.

20 Mar 15

Switzerland Helps Albania Build Gas Market

Switzerland has granted Albania 6.6 million euro to build up its infrastructure so that it can 'reap the benefits' of the new Trans Adriatic Pipeline running from Turkey to Italy.

18 Mar 15

Croatia Puts Adriatic Oil, Gas Probes on Hold

The start of oil and gas exploration in the Adriatic will be pushed back by several months owing to concerns raised by Croatia's maritime neighbours.

17 Mar 15

Chinese to Build Albanian Highway to Macedonia

Albania aims to fast-track procedures to give the China State Construction Company the concession to build a highway running from Tirana to Dibra/Debar in western Macedonia.

17 Mar 15

Serbia to Reveal Smederevo Steel's New Boss

Serbia on Tuesday will announce who has won the bid to manage the state-owned loss-maker Smederevo Steel - which the country has been trying without success to sell off.

16 Mar 15

Albania Seeks 550 Million Euros of Credit

The finance ministry has opened an international bid for a 250 million euro partially-guaranteed loan and is seeking to reissue about 300 million euro of sovereign bonds to tackle the budget deficit.

13 Mar 15

Albanian Oil Production Registers Peak in 2014

Revenues for the oil extraction industry in Albania soared to $583 million (€544 million) in 2014, although falling international oil prices suggest the upward trend is now over.

13 Mar 15

Serbia Backs Down in Row Over Belgrade Waterfront

The Serbian government has decided against using emergency procedures to push through development of the Belgrade Waterfront project, following criticism from a number of groups.

13 Mar 15

Romania Seeks EU Cash For Danube Delta Tourism

Romania is planning to attract 1 billion euro to develop infrastructure and tourism in the world famous but impoverished and underdeveloped delta region.

12 Mar 15

Montenegro Expects Investment Surge in Tourism

Montenegro expects at least 250 million euro of foreign investment in tourism, mainly in large projects on the coast whose construction already started in 2014.

11 Mar 15

Balkan Economies Falling Behind, IMF Warns

The Western Balkan are lagging behind other former Communist transitional countries and need to complete the transformation process that began two decades ago, an IMF report says.  

09 Mar 15

Ford Romania To Axe Staff Amid Sales Slump

Almost 500 people are to be laid off this year at Ford’s car factory in Craiova, although the redundancies are fewer than initially expected.


23 Mar 15

Smederevo Deal Contains Minefields, Experts Warn

Serbia’s decision to award the contract to manage Smederevo Steel to HPK Engineering could have adverse consequences, industry experts say.

Politics and Society

01 Apr 15

Oil Well Blast Forces Albania Villagers to Flee

Several hundred inhabitants of the village of Marinza in southern Albania were ordered to leave their homes after a natural gas explosion sent fumes high in the sky.

Culture and Lifestyle


Croatian Church Satire Draws Interest in France

A Croatian movie, “Svecenikova djeca”, which makes fun of Catholic teaching about sex and contraception, is being screened in France, supported by the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.