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26 Jan 17

Albania's Old Activists Ponder New Political Revolution

Students and activists who participated in the overthrow of Albania's brutal communist regime 26 years ago are coming together to demand political changes once again.

20 Jan 17

Birth of Trump Era Divides Balkan Countries

Right-wing Serbs are euphoric while Romanians and Bosniaks are worried. All over the Balkans, governments and people are watching to see what a new era in US diplomacy brings.

20 Jan 17

Balkan States Eye Their Prospects in Trump Era

Countries in the region are pondering whether they will lose or gain from a Trump presidency – but the end results of this new era are hard to call.

17 Jan 17

Young Albanians Strike Gold in the Emirates

The Gulf states have turned into a dream destination for many young Albanians whose career paths were blocked back home.

12 Jan 17

Elections and Judicial Reforms Await Albania in 2017

New general elections and the implementation of judicial reform will determine the orientation of a new government as well as affecting the country's EU perspectives.

09 Jan 17

Balkans 2017: Economies Will Grow Despite Political Tensions

Most Balkan states will be slightly better off at the end of this year than they were at the beginning - despite the best efforts of the political class to keep tensions on the boil.

09 Jan 17

Albania’s Ruling Parties Begin Tussle Over Next President

The choice of the next president could become a power struggle within the ruling coalition, which is also expected to name a candidate without seeking opposition backing.

06 Jan 17

Albania: Funniest Moments of 2016

Albanian politics had its hilarious moments in 2016, several of them featuring Prime Minister Edi Rama.

02 Jan 17

Albania 2016: Battles Over Wild Rivers and Judicial Reforms

The year in Albania saw big green protests, fierce political disputes over judicial reform and over cannabis cultivation – while a royal wedding provided light relief and Catholics had reasons to celebrate.

28 Dec 16

Balkan Schoolbooks Offer Conflicting Versions of Kosovo’s History

Shkelzen Gashi tells BIRN that his new report reveals how differently the history of Kosovo is taught all over the Western Balkans - with worrying implications for relations between neighbouring countries.

28 Dec 16

Ringing in 2017, Balkan-style

Beer, mulled wine, fireworks, Christmas markets, street parties, classical music, trance, great singers – it’s all on hand in cities up and down the Balkans as people get ready to welcome in another year.

27 Dec 16

Crafty Ideas for Holidays Around the Region

These days, Christmas markets with wooden stalls selling the usual fare of hot drinks, gifts, cards, clothes and souvenirs can be found across the region.

23 Dec 16

Albanian Pensioner Awaits Huge Xmas Gift From Govt

Orhan Jegeni is awaiting payment of 3.3 million euros that the Strasbourg court ordered his government to pay him in compensation for long-ago lost property.

20 Dec 16

The Untold Story: Skanderbeg’s Wife’s Life and Death in Exile

After being forced to flee from wars twice in her life, Donika Castriot, the wife of Albanian national hero Skanderbeg, lived the last years of her life in Valencia, where she is still buried today.

16 Dec 16

Pioneering Macedonian MPs Shake off Ethnic Label

Two trail-blazing Macedonian Albanian MPs – who won seats in parliament for the Social Democrats, not for an ethnic party – said their community has shown it seeks change.