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Latest Profiles from Albania

30 Mar 17

British Critics Hail Albania’s Jaho in Puccini Opera

Albanian opera singer Ermonela Jaho has cemented her star status with rave reviews from London for her role in Madam Butterfly. 

10 Jan 17

Twitter Bans 'Most Successful Albanian on Earth' Shkreli

Martin Shkreli, who once described himself as 'the most successful Albanian on earth' - and gained infamy for hiking the price of an AIDS drug - is back in hot water after being barred from Twitter for trolling a journalist.

04 Oct 16

Ilir Meta: Albanian Speaker and Surprise Kingmaker

The speaker of parliament and leader of Albania’s third-largest party previously served as prime minister aged just 30, but Meta’s rapid political ascent has been marred by controversy.

22 Aug 16

Bujar Nishani: Albania’s Accidental President

The surprise winner of the 2012 presidential election, Nishani’s time in office has been marked by claims of political bias and bitter disputes with the government.

10 Aug 16

Lulzim Basha: The Berisha Loyalist Leading Albania’s Opposition

The 2017 election will be make or break for Basha, current leader of the opposition Democratic Party and protégé of former Prime Minister Berisha.

05 Aug 16

Sali Berisha: The Comeback King of Albanian Politics

The former president and prime minister who now serves as an MP remains one of the most influential players in modern Albanian politics.

27 Jul 16

Edi Rama: The Artist Who Became PM

The current prime minister has held the most senior political roles in Albania, yet he insists he is anything but a career politician.

22 Jul 16

Eduard Selami, Albania's Rebel Democrat

The Democratic Party MP who long has a complicated relationship with the party that he once led has now broken ranks with it publicly over the vexed issue of judicial reform.

04 May 16

De Biasi Makes Albania’s Dreams Come True

Albania’s football team has qualified for a Euro championship for the first time thanks to the efforts of its remarkable Italian coach.

18 Feb 16

Finance Minister's Abrupt Removal Surprises Albania

The surprise sacking of Finance Minister Shkelqim Cani appears to be an attempt by the Prime Minister to calm jitters about Albania's economic and financial situation.

21 Jul 14

Damir Fazlic: Controversial Deal Broker

In his first interview since October 2008, Bosnian businessman Damir Fazlic tackled the rumours and criminal allegations which have beset his career, reveals how he became an influential figure in the Balkans and beyond, and speaks of his grandiose plans for the future.  

12 Sep 13

Sceptical Albania Awaits Rama’s Promise of Transformation

Artist-turned politician Edi Rama has promised to preside over Albania’s ‘Renaissance’ - but will he be able to deliver? 

03 Feb 12

Tough Prosecutor Shakes Albania’s Establishment

Ina Rama’s impressive showing on a pro-government TV show has wowed critics and has inspired talk of her a model stateswoman.

15 Apr 11

Sali Berisha: Albania’s Great Survivor

After two decades in politics, divided between the president’s and premier’s offices, Berisha is already Albania’s longest serving leader since the collapse of the Communist regime.

13 Apr 11

Edi Rama: Mayor Who Would Be Premier

Now seeking a fourth term as Tirana’s mayor, the Socialist leader is hoping that a strong showing in the May local elections will hasten the political demise of his archrival, Sali Berisha.