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Latest Interviews from Albania

23 Aug 17

Albania's Xhixha Strikes Gold With Steel Sculptures

Durres-born sculptor Helidon Xhixha - who has achieved international acclaim for his abstract steel art - tells BIRN in an interview that while he remains proud to be an Albanian, true art transcends national barriers.

16 Jun 17

China’s ‘New Silk Road’ Poses Questions for Balkans

China's ambitious ‘Belt and Road’ initiative could deliver much-needed investments and infrastructure improvements to the Balkans, but it could also bring environmentally-harmful industrial projects, expert Guido Broekhoven told BIRN.

16 Feb 17

Albanian Anti-Communist Leader’s Daughter Enters Politics

Rudina Hajdari has returned to Albania from the US in a bid to help revive the party her father co-founded and restore its former glory, tainted by allegations of past corruption and bad governance.

28 Dec 16

Balkan Schoolbooks Offer Conflicting Versions of Kosovo’s History

Shkelzen Gashi tells BIRN that his new report reveals how differently the history of Kosovo is taught all over the Western Balkans - with worrying implications for relations between neighbouring countries.

13 Dec 16

EU Integration Won’t Stop Authoritarianism in Balkans

European integration will not stop Balkan governments from cracking down on independent voices unless societies have built up strong means of resistance, Kiril Koroteev, of the Moscow-based human rights centre Memorial told BIRN.

22 Nov 16

America’s Eisenhower Inspires Albania’s First Woman General

Manushaqe Shehu, the first woman in the Balkans to become a General, says she owes her success to her family’s support - while also leaning on a motto of America’s wartime hero.

06 Oct 16

EU’s Crisis Will Slow Balkan Accession, Expert Says

Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, says the EU is likely to slow accession talks with the Balkan countries in the context of ‘huge resistance’ to enlargement.

11 Aug 16

Drop in Albanian ISIS Fighters Reflects 'Low Demand'

A senior researcher on terrorism says the fall in the number of Albanians fighting in Syria has more to do with the situation in the Middle East than with any measures taken by Albanian and Kosovo governments.

29 Mar 16

Albania's Ex-Landowners Struggle to Regain Lost Property

A landmark ruling from Strasbourg has given some of Albania's former landowners hope that they will finally get compensation for assets nationalized in communist times.

17 Feb 16

Albania Seeks More Big Name Investors

Medium-sized Italian and Turkish companies are showing most interest in investing in Albania - with tourism and energy seen as the most attractive sectors.

27 Jan 16

OSCE Calls For Impartial Albanian Public Broadcaster

The OSCE ambassador to Tirana, Florian Raunig, told BIRN that the public broadcaster must be transformed into a reliable, impartial station which can truly serve the public interest.

20 Jan 16

Peace Corps Under Pressure Over Albania Sex Scandal

Two volunteers are demanding changes to the way the organization responds to sexual harassment charges following the firing of a whistleblower in Albania.

06 Jan 16

US Diplomat Urges Albania to End Judicial Corruption

The US ambassador to Tirana told BIRN that a proposed overhaul of Albania’s corruption-riddled justice system was the most important reform since the fall of Communism.

17 Dec 15

Peace Corps Whistleblower Pays Price in Albania

Bonnie Scott believes she lost her job because she reported sexual harassment allegations against the former country director to Washington HQ.

19 Aug 15

Balkan Countries Must Take ISIS Seriously

Even if they are mostly just propaganda, Balkan governments must not dismiss any threats coming from ISIS, Middle East expert Janko Scepanovic tells BIRN.